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Young Adult Paranormal Book Giveaway, Courtesy of WordsnStuff.net!

Have you heard of a little book called Twilight? It’s written by an unknown author by the name of Stephenie Meyer, I think there are a few books in the series and they’ve been moderately successful...

Ahh, who am I kidding I devoured all four right along with the masses. But love or hate those sparkly vampires, one thing is certain, young adult paranormal romance is hot hot hot right now and does not appear to be cooling off any time soon. Throw teenagers, first love, a quest for an impossible dream and werewolves/vampires/fairies/witches/zombies (one, all or any combination of) together and voila you have a recipe that has proven successful again and again and...well you get the point.

Now, I am a self-proclaimed young adult literature aficionado (I have a wall plaque and everything) and haven’t been a teenager for almost 10 years. Yet, I spend my free time scouring bookstores and blogs for the next epic YA novel. I’m not the only one, most of my friends/colleagues read at least one young adult book for every three or four grown up novels. My point being, a well-written enchanting story transcends demographics.

(Warning: shameless plug alert) I am lucky enough to work in publishing and have the chance to share some amazing young adult debuts with you although I would be talking about them no matter what I did for a living.

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel—Rebecca has created a complex heroine in Lenah Beaudonte, a 500 year old vampire suddenly turned 16 year old girl. This book has it all; sexy ruthless vampires, true love, sacrifice and a new twist on blood sucking eternity.

13 to Life by Shannon Delany—Shannon wrote a great post on Tor.com about the thrall of the new kid at school. And boy does she deliver! Pietr is sexy, mysterious…and hiding something. The closer Jessie Gillmansen gets to him the closer she gets to his dangerous secret.

Glimmerglass by Jenna Black—Jenna is no stranger to the paranormal romance world but Glimmerglass is her first young adult novel. I’m a sucker for books about magic and Jenna weaves a special brand of magic in Avalon, a mysterious fairy realm, and Dana, a human girl that can walk between the human and fairy.

I know what you are thinking. Eileen, these books sound great I want to read more. Well, look no further! Click here to read free original stories by these authors and stop by wordsnstuff.net for more young adult greatness.

And to celebrate, I’ll be giving away some fabulous books in a young adult grab bag!

The Rules: To enter the giveaway, leave one comment—duplicates won’t count—on this post between now and noon EST Friday, August 6. Six winners will be chosen randomly. The giveaway is open to everyone everywhere. Please check your email Friday or Monday; if we don’t hear back from you by noon on Tuesday, your prize will go to someone else.

Eileen Rothschild works in the Marketing department at St. Martin’s Press. She works on all types of books but has a special place in her heart for paranormal young adult novels. Find her at wordsnstuff.net!

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2. hrkelly
Ever the optimist ...
Hubert Cheng
6. Timesink
I have daughters who would be ecstatic.
7. meganlynae
These books look awesome!
8. PRT
ooooh, shiny books...
12. Speradigm
The hope the hope
amie friedrich
17. moonshower
I love book giveways. Even when I don't win.
18. MidnightRaven
Would love some new books.
Rammy Meyerowitz
19. m5rammy
Friday? That's my lucky day!
(think positive)

20. scrubber
How exciting -- I was just reading about Infinite Days....
Frank Nagy
21. fjnagy
Books! One can never have too many books (to read or give away)!
25. Karoline
ooo! pls enter me! these books look awesome! I've been wanting to read Infinite Days I've heard so much about it!
27. Sunie
It's hard not to be addicted to young adult paranormal stories! ^_^
30. Rylie
Enter me, please!
31. dwndrgn
You had me at books.
33. Mr. Paddock
Awesome giveaway! I share a house with two young adults, who also happen to be my offspring.
35. AE Rought
Ohhh I've been dying to get my hands on some of these!
39. Jarza_Quinntes
This would be a really great prize to win for my 13 year old niece who really loved the Twilight series.
40. Purplesmudge
I love books. :)
41. bookbabe76
I can dream right?
Dru O'Higgins
42. bellman
Excellent! I really love me some young adult books.
43. photon
i'd like to read these
44. GloriaY
I love YA books, and I definitely love free :D
45. PhoebeEating
Well, why not? I'm dying to read Infinite Days.
Paul Weimer
46. PrinceJvstin
Infinite Days is definitely the most interesting out of this set.
47. DeirdreT
Ooh that looks like a good bundle of books!
49. J.A. Beard
I would like to save money, so pick me!
50. Dawn the Glass Beadmaker
with me it would be a twofer...I've got a 17 year old ya paranormal fiction fan :)

please enter me/us

51. Jordana_F
I'm going to agree with the posts above mine - Infinite Days looks good. Though I have to say, I do love names that sound like familiar ones but aren't written that way. Peeta/Peitr anyone?
54. SarahW
Ohh...My daughter would love these for her birthday that's coming up! :)
55. blodeuedd
wow, wow, wow :D
yeah I am in
59. freakingmuse
Lots of books I still want to read :)
60. Steph.Ellis
Yay, I'd love to win these books!
61. jicesce
thanks for the giveaway!
63. LorenaNR
Very cool giveaway! And, I agree, I read about one YA book for every "grown-up" novel, even if I am 10 years past my teen years...
64. jim162065
love books :)
65. Michelle Greathouse
What a wonderful giveaway. I have a whole bookcase devoted to YA books and when I'm getting burned out on my usual PNR & UF - I head straight for that bookcase. YA has come a long way since I was a young adult. :)
Corey McKinnon
66. CMcKinnon
My wife loves YA books, so I would love to win these for her.
68. Aeriim
I've got a niece that would love these.
69. Will Heus
As a future Tor YA paranormal romance fiction and as a current young adult reader of paranormal lit, these are a must have!!!! /please!
73. RosInSF
Thanks for the offer!
75. Autumnsflame
I'm well past the teenage mark myself, but there is just something about unwinding with a well written YA novel. :)

Please enter me in the giveaway too.
76. Anouk Moser
Would love to win any of those books!
Elizabeth Adams
78. ehadams
Great contest! I really want to read Infinite Days!
79. HavelockDT
Oooh, give-away-o-rama!
80. Alopex
I'd love to read these!
82. S.S. White
Oh, please enter me! :)
83. Kimberly B.
What a great giveaway! Thank you for hosting it!
Nonny Morgan
85. Nonny
This sounds awesome. (And some of those books have been on my to-buy list!)
Von Xiong
86. Kethry86
I'm not a teenager anymore at 24, but love YA books. Pick me!
Lena Moore
88. Katalia138
Several of these books I have looked at and have yet been able to buy. I would love to add them to the library.
89. beket
Woo hoo! Books!
90. Jennifer C Kelley
These all sound wonderful! What a great giveaway, thanks so much for spreading the world about the wonderful YA books on the market these days!
91. CarolynS
My teens are so far behind me I need a telescope to see them, but I still love reading YA books. Thanks for the recommendations.
92. cambria
Ooo...I've been wanting read a few of those for a while now.
94. Rowanmdm
One of the reasons I read YA fiction is b/c I get my SF/F fix without having to worry about excessive sex, blood, swearing, etc. Plus there are just some amazing YA writers out there!
95. donnas
Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance!
97. Caitrin
*fingers crossed!*
98. graceful_lamb
Enter please.
99. SaraC56
Love the covers on some of those books!
100. Princess Vera
I love YA romances--bring them on!
101. wenat
Awesome contest, thanks!
102. rubydog
Great giveaway!
Please count me in.
104. butterflywings243
I need more books!
106. JessicaLoved
It's my birthday on the 11th, so here's hoping for some new books to read. : )
107. Saritonin
Add one to the "looking forward to reading Infinite Days" tally...
Anne Hecker
108. AnnibalH
Cool selection! Many titles I've been meaning to add to my "to-read" list. :)
109. Barbed1951
Even though I'm no "young adult," I'd still like to read these books. I think even though they're written for young adults, the stories are of interest to many of us that aren't so young.
Eugene Myers
110. ecmyers
Many of those were already on my to-read list, so I'd love to check them out.
Deborah Chen
111. starsong
Ahh, more books for my guilty pleasures reading list...
Tomas Andersson
113. Tirpen
Sure, why not? I know just whom to give them to.
116. Pau Funa
Book giveaways! :D
121. Anneke Moser
Hope to win!
122. mkl204
I'm always open to new books, especially free ones
123. Clairificus Rex
Me please!
Andrea Chettle
125. Pagecrawler
Fantastic giveaway with some fantastic books from a fantastic site (how many more times can I use the words fantastic to describe this comp?) Please pick me!

126. Amanda80
Yay books!!
127. Derek J. Goodman
Always got to jump at the chance for free books!
129. Dovile
Awesome! Count me in!
131. Drlindz
I'm always up for more books!
132. AMTW
pick me! pick me!
133. bkobsessed17
So cool! I want those books!!!!
Ilona Fenton
134. felinewyvern
my daughter is a YA afficianado and I would love to win these for her :D
Kate Keith-Fitzgerald
135. ceitfianna
I adore young adult books and I'm training to be a children's librarian. Hopefully I'll strike it lucky finally.
136. Mcota
Where can one finds these wall plaques? :-)
138. SandyG265
This is a great giveaway. Please enter me.
139. elcastillo
Oh! Do like some of that!
141. wandering-dreamer
Hey, I'm a YA, this would work out perfectly!
145. CassR
Sure, I'm up for that.
Autumn Theriault
148. twofistededitor
Good for me, and good for anybody getting a gift from me in the near future.
149. Alicia Hall
I have to say that I love all of these authors!! This is a great grab bag of goodness!! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!
150. Airfern
These books all sound great to me
Elizabeth Fee
152. ElizabethFee
Looks great. My daughter and I would both love these.
Tony Warren
154. AdrianConquest
Squeaking in under the wire, but my daughters would really love to read these. Maybe even my wife-when nobody's looking. :-)
155. firesinger
I hope i made it on time. Count me in, please!
Tom Hill
156. thill2
More books! And YA books at that! Please, please, share these with my teens!
158. Travis Stinnett
I love young adult fiction especially dealing with vampires and werewolves. I read every book in this genre that I can get my hands on. I am actually writing a YA book myself and working with a coach to get it published. I enjoy reading and discussing the books with my daughter. It gives alot of bonding time!!
159. Elissaai
Hahaha Ok I'm In!!!
160. zenny
This books are really owesom & real things.

161. Pamela Pornel
nice books.

162. sjm
would really like to read 13 to life by shannon delaney
163. VaporFlower
YAY! I LOVE books! My favorites are ones with witches, werewolves, and angel. However, I'm game for any book!
164. LOR
I really like this Idea i am a big reader but My family never has time to go to book stores anymore we stay home but I think this is great I think that we should do something like this for underprivilaged children because every bit helps and Im sure they need it more then I do Good luck every one I hope that someone gets this who really wants who knows maybe it will be me!! Best of Luck
165. NicoTheAwesome
I'm in! Awesome giveaway by the way, thanks! :)
166. Audris
This giveaway is seriously awesome!!! Thank you for taking the time to create this giveaway :) I have been wanting to read all of these books!! YAY!!
167. Averie McComber
I love books! (:
168. Luce
Great! I'm trying to win the top reader prize @ my library and stock up my bookshelves with awesome books....YAY
169. heatherk
All of these books look fantastic!
171. Kayleah
Wouldnt miss this!!
172. maddy d
hi you are so funny i loved twilight too, i would love infinity i've alreay read all the other book most of them were good
173. Niki
Oh..this seems so good! Haha, this eally beats the usual drabness xD
174. JustineY
OMG those books look AMAZING!! & knowing me; COUNT ME IN ON THIS ! >:D -pumped-
175. googlyeyes
Pick me, Pick me! :) One could try right?!
176. elsie johnson
ive laready read three of them but i dont own any and would like to. please pick me
177. najla
i hope i win!!!!!!!!!!!
178. Suzanne Kastens
Wow! I wish i could work in publishing to get all the new it books. I am going to be so sad when i am no longer a young adult, but you can bet i will still be reading these books in the middle of a peaceful night. Can't wait to read Glimmerglass!!!!!
179. Ezri
Oh ! I'v read Marked and the immortal series
180. Airah
Oh ! I love those kind of books!
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