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Tor Books Events at DragonCon: Wheel of Time, Sanderson, and more

The Wheel of Time, Tor Books, and Brandon Sanderson will figure heavily into this year’s Dragon*Con, with readings, panels, RAFOs, and activities galore. (There are also, less officially, some Magic: The Gathering battles to be waged.) We’ve gathered the schedules together into one post for your catch-all convenience.

The Wheel of Time

For the Wheel of Time track, Jennifer Liang has arranged the Wheel of Time events into a superbly handy spreadsheet here. All event lengths are one hour.

Highlights include a book trailer for Towers of Midnight, created by Dragonmount’s own Jason Denzel, as well as the reveal of the ebook cover art by Todd Lockwood for The Gathering Storm at the 2:30 Saturday cover panel!

Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is also at Dragon*Con and will be weaving in and out of Wheel of Time events along with signings and Way of Kings panels. (Again, all events are one hour.) His schedule is below:

1:30 AM
“The Physics of Your Magic” panel
Room: Centennial I – Hyatt

2:30 PM
Reading: Brandon Sanderson
Room: Roswell – Hyatt

4:00 PM
Autographs: Brandon Sanderson
Note: This is the only scheduled book signing for Brandon at Dragon*Con
Room: M301 – M304 – Marriott

1:00 PM
Towers of Midnight, with Brandon Sanderson
This is an exclusive preview of the next Wheel of Time novel and will be followed by an author Q&A
Room: Hanover C - E - Hyatt

Decatur Book Festival
Brandon will be swinging by the Decatur Book Festival on Saturday afternoon. But will return to Dragon*Con in time for...

10:00 PM
An Evening at the Winespring Inn
The Wheel of Time track’s annual gathering for merriment, games and music!
Room: Regency V - Hyatt

4:00 PM
Wheel of Time Costume Contest
Come twitch your shawl, smooth your skirts, rattle your spear or roll the dice for awesome prizes! Brandon will be a judge.
Room: A601 - A602 - Marriott

11:30 AM (1.5 hours)
The Art of the Way of Kings
Brandon Sanderson’s new work involves art as an integral part of the storytelling. Join Brandon and the artists to talk about putting this together, and give them your thoughts on the book!
Room: Fairlie - Hyatt

1:00 PM
Graphic Novels and Books for Boys
Come get a list of book recommendations for the young men in your life.
Room: A707 - Marriott

Tor Books

In addition to these activities, Tor Books will be hosting a panel detailing more of its future releases!

Tor to Come
Meet editors from Tor Publishing as they let us in on what they have in store for us in the next months. Info on new releases from: Brandon Sanderson, Vernor Vinge, Cherie Priest, Richard Matheson, Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, and more!
Room: International North - Hyatt

Also attending Dragon*Con are Kevin Anderson, Carole Nelson Douglas, A.J. Hartley, Mary Robinette Kowal, Mercedes Lackey, Jody Lynn Nye, Cherie Priest, Robert J. Sawyer, Susan Sizemore, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and more!

Ray Radlein
1. RayRadlein
I'm in full-blown "Aaaack! There's no way I'll be ready in time!" mode right now about Dragon*Con.
Logan Neufeld
2. Exgamer
I wish there were awesome 'Cons in Salt Lake City that I could go hang out with Brandon at. Playing Magic with him sounds like it would be a lot of fun. At least I get to attend the midnight releases here.
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
I'm looking forward to my first DrgaonCon...I heard some wild stories.
Richard Fife
4. R.Fife
@3, If they came from Pablo, I disavow all knowledge. Just saying....

Still waiting to hear of we are having a TorDotCom meetup like last year. That was awesomely fun.
Sam Mickel
6. Samadai
Atlanta, they have all the good stuff.
Heidi Byrd
7. sweetlilflower
Yeah, I am so stoked to attend again this year. My birthday is around that time so I get let off on all mommy duties and get to hang out downtown for the whole weekend! Yeah! Actual adult conversation! And its all about SF/F! Woo and Hoo!

I think I will wait to get WoK signed until ToM comes out, though. The lines for signings are always really long and I don't want to take a chance on my book getting messed up from being carried around all day.

I love living in the ATL

John Massey
8. subwoofer
Where in the nine hells is DragonCon???

Exactly!!! You wanna talk about coming out of left field people! No countdown, no massive "hey BS is gonna be at this little thing coming up"...

Atlanta? Again? What is this a teamster thing? Atlanta has a lock on this schtuff for the next 10 years? Does it come up for tender? Can I bid on it? Can we pick a more central location? Why not Vegas? Why not Huston? Does the mafia have a lock down on Atlanta??? Grrrrrrrr.

Jennifer Liang
9. JenniferL
The reason it all happens in Atlanta is simple. I live in Atlanta and I'm the principal organizer of WoT convention events. If you'd like something in your area, you have several choices: A) contact your local science fiction convention and tell them you'd like to see WoT programming (that's how I ended up working for Dragon*Con), B) start something yourself (which is how I started JordanCon) or C)pay my expenses to come to your local convention and do it for you. I happen to be unemployed this school year, so you don't even have to pay enough to quit my job. It's a real bargain. =)
Rand Al'Todd
10. Rand Al'Todd
And if you don't know that DragonCon has LOTs of WOT action, you just haven't been paying attention.

For example, that was where they first handed out advanced copies of tGS prologue.

I met Maria there last year and RJ was there several times in the past.

It has been known for MONTHS that BS intended on coming.

And he will be just one of HUNDREDS of SciFi/Fantasy authors, series stars, etc. to attend.

Mixed in with about 40K crazy Con-victs.
See you all there next Friday!!!!
John Massey
11. subwoofer
@JenL- I didn't know the mob laid people off... sorry;)

Yeah sure I'd hire you, or perhaps you'd consider moving to Beautiful Canada... I'd settle for New York- ah crap, if I have to fly half way round the universe, I might as well fly the other half...


John Massey
12. subwoofer
@Rand- well, pretend I have no use for twitter or facethingy and stuff( the later because it is a huge timewaster and it sends me up the wall when I catch employees screwing around on it. How the hell does the economy chug along when no one is working?!- steps off soap box)- why can't we go old skool and send up a bat signal or something? I'm not totally an insider so 'scuse me.

And pretend for instance that some people do live, I dunno, say outside the USA- shocker- would be nice if there was something central- aka cheaper. Flights to Vegas and NY are wayyyyyy cheaper than Atlanta. Don't ask me why, they just are. Maybe cause more folks go to these other places.

Just putting the idea out there.

Rand Al'Todd
14. A.J. Hartley
I'll be reading, signing and doing panels at Dragon Con, so please drop by and say hello. In these film/TV driven cons, writers can feel lost and lonely :)

A.J. Hartley

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