Aug 11 2010 3:29pm

Way of Kings ARC and audio giveaway on Facebook

Psst! Head over to the Facebook page and comment on our wall for another chance to win an Advance Reading Copy AND (edited to add, sorry!) an audio copy of Brandon Sanderson's Way of Kings! That's a whole lotta audiobook, guys, so many thanks to Macmillan Audio.

(And as long as you're on our Facebook page, you can “like” us and you'll see each new post in your update stream. Just sayin'.)

The Rules: All wall comments between now and noon EST, Friday August 13th, will be entered; commenting more than once does not increase your chance of winning. The winner will be selected randomly and contacted via a response on the Facebook wall; please check back, because if we don't hear back by Tuesday, a new winner will be selected.

NB: Comments on this post will not be entered in the giveaway.

1. Er1c
when is Friday the 13th going to happen?
Andrea Fornero
2. Inanna
Friday the 13th? How nicely epic. Its a good day, I think, to win an ARC.
Josh Matthews
4. jdm
And that will teach me not to read the whole post.
5. Michael Finn
Any chance for fans who are not Facebook members? I'm guessing there are alot of us ;)
Jeff P
6. Fiver
I put my headphones on the wrong way
And when I clicked the button marked play
Every word and each verse
Was intoned in reverse
?way that it prefer you don't Say,
7. Matt B.
Yay!! I love giveaways of things I would actually love to get. Tag Me! I'm It!
Irene Gallo
10. Irene
Hi Guys,

Just reminder - you need to comment on the Facebook page linked above. Don't miss out!
11. DonShanghai
Count me in.

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