Aug 3 2010 11:05am

True Blood “Hitting the Ground” episode review

Apologies for the lack of review last week. Things got a bit hectic after San Diego Comic-Con and I never quite got caught up on everything. While I was there, however, I did see James Frain (Franklin) posing for fan pics outside of the Hard Rock Hotel and am happy to report he was quite handsome in person, especially considering the last time I saw him.

This week’s episode continued the fun and spilled even more blood. And there were bonus coma dreams. But sadly, Alcide did not get naked again.

So, wow. Lorena gets staked by Sookie before the opening credits. Do vamps die a bit differently depending on age or are the FX people different this season? Longshadow and Eddie seemed more...stringy. But anyway, I’m glad that loopy bitch is gone. What kind of repercussions will Sookie face for killing her? At episode’s end, I’m not entirely sure anyone official will punish her.

I love this new Tara. Two episodes in a row of Tara not being stupid and powerless! This was the girl I liked in the pilot episode. Using Sookie’s telepathy in a fight is smart; I hate to think how that standoff with Debbie could’ve ended if Tara wasn’t quick-thinking and still high on V. It’s so easy for Sookie to tell Tara that two wrongs don’t make a right when Tara was the one Bill left to die and then become a vampire. I don’t blame Tara one bit for kicking Bill into the sun. I suspect their already shaky relationship will be even more tense, but Bill will understand why.

And what about werewolf law? Alcide shot Cooter, but Cooter wasn’t part of Alcide’s pack. Werewolves don’t seem to have as much organization as vampires, but I believe Debbie when she says she’s going to do her best to hunt Alcide down. Great delivery in that scene. Also interesting to learn that Alcide doesn’t want to make more werewolf puppies. Are there any “good guy” supernaturals on this show who don’t hate themselves and their own kind?

Sam might be the only one to embrace what he is. Maybe not fully or openly, but he had pride in himself when he rescued Tommy from the indignities of a dog-fighting ring and told Joe Lee and Mindy to basically fuck off. Where do the half-brothers go from here? Please let it be someplace far, far away from the sight of seeing Joe Lee in his saggy underwear.

Lots of vampire court stuff with Russell and Sophie-Anne. And Eric being all bad and turning Sookie’s cousin Hadley. And now Russell and Sophie-Ann are married and the King of Mississippi and Louisiana is ready to start his campaign for total vampire dominance. This is so much better than Mary-Ann’s Big Bad from last season.

And lastly, Sookie. I am not a fan of coma dreams as a plot device on TV shows. It looked like Sookie had wandered into the musical number at the end of The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Are those dancing, prancing, light-drinking hippies...fairies? Sure, why not? But dear Oberon, if that’s so, please less frolicking. I hated all that stuff when Mary-Ann did it last season, too. And fairies appear to be anti-vampire. And if Sookie and Jason’s parents didn’t die in a flood, what killed them? So we have some good mysteries set up.

But no new episode again next week!

Some highlights:

  • Jason’s best line: “I never thought I was smart enough to be depressed, but, well, here I am.” Followed close by Jason casting a vote for Hoyt’s new “girlfriend” Summer and her biscuits.
  • Pam telling the Magister he could pierce her eyelids with silver Tiffany earrings. Pam is so hardcore.
  • Sookie to Lorena: “You wouldn’t know love if it kicked you in the fangs!” [stake]
  • Lafayette’s “WHAT?” when Jason said he was looking to score meth, not V. Also enjoyed his recitation of an Inuit prayer over Sookie’s hospital bed.
  • Sam talking to a Rottweiller.

Share your opinions and favorite moments in the comments below. Are you pro-fairy dancing? How would you make a living as an unemployed shapeshifter?

Theresa DeLucci does not prance. Ever. Anywhere.

Andrew Belmont
1. rosetintdworld
This may make me a terrible person, but I thought True Blood's cast was bloated, and was worried that they were never actually going to kill any of them. Maybe I should have seen Lorena coming, but her opening credits billing had me fooled. It's great to be wrong sometimes. Three (three!) major character deaths, and all of them were people I wanted to see die. How cathartic. I will add that though I hate Lorena as a character, I thought Mariana Klaveno really stepped up her performance in the past two episodes. The torture scene last time was chilling. I hope she finds work in meatier roles in the future.

Anyway, this was far and away my favorite episode of this season. Nerdy gushing:

Dennis O'Hare is wonderful, and the closing scene was amazing. I'm liking Evan Rachel Wood's deadpan more too. (But unlike you I loved Maryanne just as much. Michelle Forbes may have been the best actress in genre TV last season.) Tara is suddenly cool again (I really wish we could have gotten your thoughts on last episode, when she kicked even more ass.) I also was struck at a character being smart and using Sookie's telepathy tactically.

(And after worrying about the women torturing going overboard, how great to see all the women kick ass this episode. Even (maybe, especially) Sookie.)

I found Debbie really boring for a long time, but I thought her scene in this episode was fantastic. The actress knocked her line "I. Will. Hunt. You. Down." out of the park.

Sookie's trip to fairyland didn't bother me so much, because I think they struck a fine balance between treating fairies seriously and also implicitly acknowledging how totally ridiculous the whole idea is. Which, come to think of it, is really the point of the entire show. I cracked at "Can we dance?" "You can always dance!!" Beautiful.

I also loved Sookie waking up, cue her "Theme of Love" for a moment...and then cue shrieking in Bill's face. Totally understandable.

Thanks, again and again, for doing these. I love reading them, and am officially obsessed.
Amanda M.
2. Amanda M.
For once I'm actually preferring something in the books over the tv show, mainly those fairies. In the books they're beautiful, but they sure as hell don't prance.

Also, Claudine should be much MUCH prettier. Sorry, actress playing Claudine, but the she's supposed to be tall and drop-dead gorgeous. Like so gorgeous straight girls would go gay for her type of gorgeous.
Amanda M.
3. sofrina
i'll miss lorena. although, she could always do flashbacks. she had a certain point of view that helps me keep these vampires in perspective. they aren't just criminals or magic. they're evil.

dogfighting is more than just an indignity. mama mickens used to do it for at least eighteen years. what kind of person has the killer instinct to survive a dogfight - let alone *decades* of fights? they aren't exhibition matches. the dogs fight until one of them can't go on. then the loser is put down. clearly, this woman is to be feared above all others.

tara's troubles are not over. i think franklin will heal in short order and zip right to her. swallowing his blood means she can never hide from him. also, i predict a v addiction.
Stacy Hague-Hill
4. shh
I think I'm going to miss Lorena. She was nuts, but I would have loved to see her blossom into full on madness now that she’d taken her hatelove relationship with Bill to a new low. She could have become something like True Blood's devastatingly fashionable version of Drusilla. Franklin could be her Spike.

The show hasn't really convinced me that Debbie and Alcide could have once seriously been together, never mind that Alcide could have been so completely in love with her that he's still hung up. She's so awful that I don't see what attracted him. But she has convinced me that she will. hunt. him. down.

I thought Sam and Tommy were full brothers, not half-brothers? I heart Sam. Him driving up and thinking he could just talk his way into the dog fighting ring was kind of adorable, and him actually infiltrating it and everything he did after was awesome.

I suspect Eric did turn Hadley, but do we know for sure, yet?

I did not love the fairy land; unless they meant it to be hilariously bad? Like, since we were I think in her head, this is Sookie's idea of where faries live, and she formed it mostly from Fern Gully and old Stevie Nicks videos?

Also, Bill the Light-Stealer, Harbinger of Darkness? Where did that come from?

I might be alone in this one, but I actually liked Mary Anne as a villain.
Richard Boye
5. sarcastro
Regarding Sookie's dream sequence:

To quote the estimable and witty Meredith Woerner over on i09.com, "When Sookie falls into a coma, she wakes up in what can only be described as a Fern Gully porno."

-- classic.
Theresa DeLucci
6. theresa_delucci
I loved to hate Lorena because of the way she tried to get her claws in Bill. The actress was great and I'll miss her sophisticated style.

Michelle Forbes is a fantastic actress, too, I just hated how repetitive and dragged-out the storyline of her taking over Bon Temps became. Maryann was a really fascinating character and a cool supernatural element.

We all know a character as wild as Franklin isn't dead. Thankfully, I love him! For some reason his silk pajamas last week cracked me up. It's one of those horror tropes I never understand, like the end of Halloween or Wolf Creek. Always make sure they're dead! The guy is immobilized -- it's gross, but just cut his freaking head off! Is it not common knowledge how vampires can be killed in the TB universe? I'm sure he'll sniff her out even better than Debbie will Alcide. But please, Tara's been through enough. No V addiction!

You bring up a good point about Mama Mickens. She must be really tough, tougher than we give her credit for. I bet we haven't seen the last of her either. (Just her husband's tighty not-so-whities, please.)

Yeah, I can't imagine how Debbie and Alcide were together either. Alcide's told us she was good once. Did her V addiction come first or did she join Cooter's pack first? And Sookie heard her talking about sleeping with a ton of other guys in their house. Where did they fall in the timeline? Is Alcide a doormat? Could you imagine Debbie as a mother now? Egads.

@Amanda M.
Not reading the books, I don't know what Claudine should look like. I guess if she's supposed to be some young beauty, then, no, the actress doesn't fit. But I saw her as kind of a wise mother-figure or something. (Not that mothers can't be wise, young, and beautiful!) Just that she's written here as someone more experienced to give guidance. A fairy that's been around the block a few times, if you will.

Thanks again for the nice comments. Very appreciated. I'm glad they thinned out the cast a little, too. And as much as I love Jessica, I was okay with not seeing her or Arlene this week. Ditto on the King Russell love. He's got charisma! I'm not a huge fan of Evan Rachel Wood's acting, but I think I was more okay with her take on the Queen because I never had any preconceived notions of how she should behave from the books. She certainly looks the part, too. Girl makes me look positively tan.
Amanda M.
7. sofrina
another point: tara's franklin-enduced dreams. she is light years from the end of this nightmare. she'll probably beg him to turn her just to make it stop.

i think they've made a strong case for debbie as an addict. she's sort of the portrait of a crackwhore right down to the outfit. she's a ruined version of the person alcide loves, but she can be restored.

mama mickens is not so much tough as she is vicious and cruel. she's a champion dogfighter.
Ashe Armstrong
8. AsheSaoirse
Sam talkin to the rottie was freakin hilarious. I sincerely hope Tommy doesn't lose his balls and run back to the Mickens.

My first thought upon seeing fairie world was, "This is gayer than Lafayette. Goddamn." And I didn't know that fairies were pond dwellers, I think I missed something there.
Greg Barron
9. Lambertia

You didn't mention Eric learning (some) of the reasons the Queen is so interested in Sookie.

I thought we got a clue when Bill was pushed from the van. To me he seemed surprised that he was not burning up. We learn later that Sookie has no blood type known to medicine. I wonder if her blood can give Vampires immunity to the sun? That would certainly help them to take over the world...

Or is that just a really crazy idea?

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