Aug 5 2010 1:29pm

Star Trek Re-Watch Season 2 Wrap-Up

Before we embark on the third and final season of Star Trek, we thought it would be a good time to look back and reflect on the past year of the re-watch and talk about some of the things we have to look forward to (for better or worse...) in the months to come.

Here is a breakdown of our respective ratings.


Ep. #




Eugene’s Rating

Torie’s Rating




Amok Time







Who Mourns for Adonais?







The Changeling







Mirror, Mirror







The Apple







The Doomsday Machine














I, Mudd














Journey to Babel







Friday’s Child







The Deadly Years














Wolf in the Fold







The Trouble With Tribbles







The Gamesters of Triskelion







A Piece of the Action







The Immunity Syndrome







A Private Little War







Return to Tomorrow







Patterns of Force







By Any Other Name







The Omega Glory







The Ultimate Computer







Bread and Circuses







Assignment: Earth




Are there any ratings you would change?

Eugene: I may have been too enthusiastic about “A Piece of the Action.” I wanted to give it a 6 because I held it in such high regard, but my first instinct was to make it a 5 and I think that’s probably a more appropriate rating for it. I don’t know what I was thinking giving “Friday’s Child” a 3; perhaps I was too stunned to think clearly immediately after watching it, but it’s obviously no better than a 1. Similarly, in retrospect I really need to knock “The Omega Glory” down to a 1—it’s just too much of a mess despite it’s incredible teaser. Finally, Torie’s thoughtful analysis of “The Deadly Years” has persuaded me that it is one of the best episodes of the season, and thus I’m nudging my rating up to warp factor 5.

Torie: I’ll knock “The Immunity Syndrome” down a point, to a 4, because just a few months later I have to struggle to remember what it was about and what I liked so much. Clearly not as exemplary as I had thought at the time. The rest I’m pretty comfortable with.

Best episode? Favorite episode?

Eugene: “Amok Time” is without question the best of the season. Star Trek put its best foot forward leading with it, and it’s a classic in every sense of the word. My favorite is also a classic: “The Trouble With Tribbles.” (Is anyone surprised?) It’s such a fun episode I can watch it over and over again, with or without the DS9 crew. However, I was surprised by how much I loved “The Doomsday Machine” and “Return to Tomorrow” (even though I can’t remember the episode just by that title), if I can award them honorable mentions.

Torie: The best episode, hands-down, was “The Trouble With Tribbles,” which is as close to perfection as Star Trek ever gets. “Amok Time” is a close second. But my favorite is probably “Return to Tomorrow,” an episode I had never even heard of, that moves me every time I recall it.

Strangely, I think the episode that stayed with the most from this season was “The Changeling.” It wasn’t the best, or my favorite, but it’s the one I keep returning to in my thoughts about Star Trek. (I had a similar response to “A Taste of Armageddon” in the first season.)

Most disappointing episode?

Eugene: I’m calling it a tie between “The Gamesters of Triskelion” and “Bread and Circuses,” which I remembered as being much better than they are. As a result of my faulty memory, I inadvertently misrepresented “Triskelion” as one of the best episodes to Torie, and I’ll never live that down. It’s memorable, sure, but for all the wrong reasons. “Bread and Circuses” simply lacked the excitement and creativity I was expecting. I mean, how do you make gladiatorial combat boring?

Torie: There were more of these than I anticipated! In terms of expectation, “Gamesters of Triskelion” and “A Piece of the Action” were ones I had been greatly looking forward to that just failed to impress. Both had been drummed up (EUGEEEENE!) far more than they deserved. Then there were episodes like “Friday’s Child,” “A Private Little War,” and “The Omega Glory” that felt kind of like punches in the face (a feeling that always disappoints).


As much as we occasionally re-invent the wheel, Eugene and I aren’t the first fans to tackle Star Trek (academically or otherwise). We make use of a number of resources when compiling our posts, and we wanted to be sure to share them with you.

First, the dead tree stuff. Allan Asherman’s The Star Trek Compendium is a great source of trivia, background information, and all around cool tidbits. Though each episode’s coverage is brief, the book contains insightful and useful information. It’s also packed with over a hundred screencaps and photos. Most of our information about script and show development comes from this book.

Then there’s Phil Farrand’s The Nitpicker’s Guide For Classic Trekkers, which aside from being a ridiculous amount of fun, has (much to our relief) laboriously cataloged every syndication edit and wardrobe malfunction. In addition to the episode-by-episode guide it also includes essays on topics ranging from militarism to the treatment of women in the show. But mostly, it’s got some great trivia and a few really nerdy and fun games. Try the Captaincy Aptitude Test sometime.

Both books are now, sadly, out of print, but you can find them on the used book market very cheap.

Lastly, the Star Trek Encyclopedia, by Michael and Denise Okuda. This book is huge, but the full-color pages make it worthwhile. There’s even an updated edition that includes most of Voyager, though sadly they didn’t bother to integrate the additions and just stuck them in the back. Its out-of-dateness doesn’t mar the usefulness of having something to point to for “SEE! I TOLD YOU SO” moments.

On the web: this re-watch would be a sorry shadow of itself without Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki devoted to canon works in the ST universe. For all those times you need a list of who likes plomeek soup, there’s Memory Alpha. It also adds a lot of background and trivia to the episodes, and those of you following along with the re-watch are encouraged to read the MA pages on each episode, if you aren’t already.

We are also deeply indebted to Chrissie, whose transcript archive is an indispensable resource. I can’t properly express how grateful we are that she’s out there, and how much we appreciate the staggering amount of work she’s surely put into the project.

And then there’s Trek Core, where we get our screencaps and the occasional publicity photo. I often go there to refresh my memory about an action scene, and then, looking at what is essentially a storyboard to the show, realize something illuminating or interesting.

So that’s our bag of secrets! Go forth and enjoy!

Some background on seasons 2 and 3:

Season 2 of Star Trek certainly had its ups and downs, as much as any weekly show, but it was consistently better than its fledgling year and delivered some of the most memorable episodes of the series. Many of them are undisputed classics to fans, and several attain the same notoriety as the best episodes of Twilight Zone among non-fans; even people who don’t watch Star Trek are probably familiar with “Amok Time,” “Mirror, Mirror,” and “The Trouble With Tribbles.”

Despite the overwhelming support of devoted viewers and their legendary letter-writing campaign to save the show from premature cancellation, NBC was not impressed by the show’s ratings. In typical network fashion, they renewed the show for a third season but kept it on Friday nights; worse still, they moved it from 8:30pm to 10:00pm—essentially a death sentence. In the pre-VHS era, it was difficult for the show to reach its intended young audience that late in the evening.

Gene Roddenberry was so adamant that the show be broadcast earlier in the night that he actually offered to resume his first-season role as producer if they changed the time slot, but unfortunately the network didn’t go for it. He remained an executive producer, even less involved with the show than in season 2, and Fred Freiberger (best known as writer/producer of the cult film The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms) was brought in to produce. (Interestingly, he had been offered the job in the show’s first season but turned it down.) Freiberger, aka “the Series Killer,” also supervised the final seasons of other SF shows like Space: 1999 and The Six Million Dollar Man, and ended his television career penning episodes of the ludicrous live-action The Adventures of Superboy series.

Freiberger is often maligned as the man who destroyed Star Trek, but he may have been its last champion, doing the best he could with very little. Without NBC’s support, the show’s budget was cut, and it showed in everything from the sets and costumes to the drastically reduced quality of the scripts and acting. In its third season, the show seemed dumbed-down, perhaps to appeal more to the kids who couldn’t stay up to watch it. With few exceptions, episodes were less intelligent and creative than it was capable of; the season premiere, “Spock’s Brain,” established a goofier tone that was almost unrecognizable from the Star Trek that preceded it—although arguably the last several episodes of season 2 were already heading on this disastrous course.

For all the clunkers the show would turn out in its final year, there were also some gems, many considered classics in their own right: “The Enterprise Incident,” “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky,” “The Tholian Web,” and “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.” If the highs didn’t quite reach the lofty levels  of “Amok Time,” the lows set devastating new records, such as “The Paradise Syndrome” and “The Way to Eden.” (*shudder*) It’s a mixed bag, to be sure, and your warp mileage may vary.

We hope the last stretch of our re-watch will prompt lively discussion of the merits and failures of the third season.  Look for something special in a couple of weeks to start things off with our coverage of “Spock’s Brain.” In the meantime, which episodes are you most looking forward to or dreading in the coming months?

Season 3 reviews will resume shortly with “Spock’s Brain.” US residents can watch it for free at the CBS website.

Check the Star Trek Re-Watch Index for a complete list of posts in this series.

If you enjoy what you read here, do please leave a comment, tell your friends, and spread the word.

Eugene Myers writes fiction as E.C. Myers. When he isn’t watching Star Trek, he’s probably working on one of his young adult novels.

Torie Atkinson is perhaps most excited for Season 3. Forgive her?

Andrew Belmont
1. rosetintdworld
Yay! I don't comment much, but I had really been missing this. You guys are a lot of fun. As a hardcore (really, really hardcore) Trekkie in my early youth, I stopped watching as a teenager. So the mix of familiarity and discovery on this blog has been helping me to reconnect with things I loved 15 years ago. Thanks to both of you.
rick gregory
2. rickg
Of course, after S3 is done you need to rewatch all of the movies...
Marcus W
3. toryx
Awesome season recap!

I'm definitely dreading "Spock's Brain" the most, with "The Way to Eden" as a close runner-up.

I'm really curious about what could be a something special to lead in to "Spock's Brain." Color me intrigued.

Season 3 is such a conundrum for me. On the one hand, as I believe Eugene has already mentioned more than once, if it hadn't been for a third season there would have been no syndication and therefore the 30 years of Star Trek movies, TV shows and conventions we all got to enjoy would probably never have happened.

On the other, Star Trek serves as the first clear example of why a tv show should be ended before it's time is passed. X-Files went and underscored that whole point back in the late 90's (Holy mackerel that was, like, ten years ago!).

Then again, I simply can't imagine a world without Star Trek as we've known it. It had a huge impact on me as a pre-teen and teenager and though my fannish side has diminished considerably the ideals and characters of the show will always be a part of me.

And heck, at least there are some good episodes in Season 3. I hope. It's been a long time since I've looked at all the episodes.

I guess we'll find out! Looking forward to it.
4. Lemnoc
I'll be surprised if, when you re-watch "The Paradise Syndrome" you don't modify your dour evaluation upwards a notch. I re-watched it recently and came away feeling somewhat favorable towards it.

Sure, there's lots cheesy and awful in there, but the episode covers a longer timespan than any episode of Trek of any flavor I can think of. Where most episodes span--at most--a week, this episode encompasses a not insignificant portion of their five-year mission. This isn't handled with particular skill in the Enterprise segments (where Spock is command for something like *months* ), but the planet segments really give Shatner a chance to break out of his Kirk-in-Command mode and do some very different acting and extension for the character.

The fact that Kirk can so easily settle in to a life of primitive domesticity without complaint--essentially *not missing* his command--is at least as remarkable as Picard's similar experience in TNG's acclaimed "Inner Light."

And there's some real tenderness in the end somewhat reminiscent of "City on the Edge of Forevcer" that redeems a lot of what is terrible here. Not saying it is a 5, but it actually held up as an adult drama a little better than others from Season 3.
5. Lemnoc
Oh, and I predict you'll find "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" *DOES NOT* hold up well!
Mike Conley
6. NomadUK
It's easy to beat up on 'Spock's Brain' and 'The Way to Eden', but, hey, without them you wouldn't have 'You are not morg, you are not imorg!', or the immortal 'Clap my hands and jump for joy, I got a clean bill of health from Doctor McCoy!'

And 'Let That Be Your Last Battlefield' features some of the finest scenery-chewing on film, masticated by the utterly inimitable Frank Gorshin.

No, I think you'll find new depths of horror to be plumbed in such classics as 'The Empath', 'And the Children Shall Lead', 'Whom Gods Destroy', 'All Our Yesterdays', and 'The Savage Curtain'.

But nothing, really nothing, can match the sheer stupidity of 'That Which Survives'.

Those are a few of my favourite things!

Lay on, MacDuff, and damn'd be him that first cries, 'Hold, enough!'
David Levinson
7. DemetriosX
I was going to say pretty much everything Nomad said about what's coming up. I also agree with Lemnoc that "Paradise Syndrome" is better than you might think. Not great, but probably a 3.

I've been as hard on "Spock's Brain" as anyone during this rewatch, but it's so cheesy, you can almost enjoy it. (If you watch it and take a drink every time someone says "brain", you could probably get pretty hammered.) "The Savage Curtain" is probably really the worst; I mean, Abe Lincoln versus a rock monster, what more can you say.

On the looking forward to front, "The Enterprise Incident" of course. For somewhat different reasons, I'm really looking forward to Torie's take on "Turnabout Intruder".
Torie Atkinson
8. Torie
@ 1 rosetintdworld

Thank you so much! We do look forward to when you comment. I like the mix of discovery and familiarity myself. I grew up immersed in Star Trek, just not _this_ ST, so even the ones I haven't seen feel familiar in their ideals and values.

@ 2 rickg

We will! We'll probably also do much less in-depth coverage of the animated series.

@ 3 toryx

It's Very Special. Trust us.

And your X-Files mention makes me feel old. XF is easily one of my favorite shows of all time (the first five seasons, anyway...), and if I learned anything from that show it was this: never love anything. The nosedive the series took, coupled with the unspeakably awful final film, are important reminders to me never to get too attached.

(Though I keep doing it anyway.)

I can't imagine the SF television landscape without Star Trek, though.

@ 4 Lemnoc

I'll be looking forward to it! "Inner Light" is one of those episodes I disliked immediately but kept returning to, and now enjoy immensely.

@ 6 NomadUK

...I'm starting to get terrifying visions of my future.

But I am super excited.

@ 7 DemetriosX

Oooh, now there's an idea! "Brain and brain! What is brain?" *passes out* Maybe not so good an idea...

Abe Lincoln? Really? How have I not heard of this one?

Re: Turnabout Intruder, remember you said that when it comes around! Just for you I promise I will give you a feminist rant to remember. :)
j p
9. sps49
"And the Children Shall Lead". Bad. "Turnabout Intruder". Worse than it should be.

I have Farrand's books somewhere. They reflect the great amount of effort that went into them, but I remember being annoyed at some nits that were not accidental mistakes but just cost saving measures, which made me feel superior at the nits I remembered that weren't covered. Still, they are worth the purchase.
10. trekkiechick
Yay for more Star Trek Rewatch coming up! This is definitely one of the highlights of my week. You guys are so funny and insightful, it definitely makes me think about the episodes in a whole new way.

Season 3 is...well, it's there. My favorites are The Enterprise Incident, The Tholian Web, and Requiem for Methuselah. I also have a soft spot for All Our Yesterdays, but I think that is mostly because it provides the background for two books that I particularly like (Yesterday's Son and Time for Yesterday, by AC Crispin). Other than that, not a lot of bright spots for me. But DemetriosX @7 is right, you can make a great drinking game out of some of them to make the stupidity go down smoother.

But hey, I would rather watch bad Star Trek than 90% of the crap that's on TV now. So, onward!
David Levinson
11. DemetriosX
Torie @8, re Turnabout Intruder: I'm expecting it. In fact, I've been expecting it for a long time now. Way back in the first season, when you had your first mini-rant about the role of women in TOS, I think it was Nomad and I and maybe Church who all looked at each other knowingly and warned you about Shatner "getting in touch with his feminine side".
Mike Conley
12. NomadUK
Torie@8, DemetriosX@11: Truly, having Torie be super excited is all I could wish for, but I do have to admit, guiltily, to looking forward to the conflagration that will be her review of 'Turnabout Intruder'.

(I will hasten to point out that I will likely not disagree with her at all on many of the substantive points — but no dissin' the Shatner!)
David Levinson
13. DemetriosX
NomadUK @12: It will be glorious (and some small recompense for the fact that we have come to the end of the TV episodes). Like you, I will probably agree with her, mitigated only by a slightly more internalized understanding of the mores and beliefs of the time. But you have to let her dis on the Shat a little. It really is one of his more over the top performances.
Church Tucker
14. Church
Oh, I can't wait for Torie's take on Turnabout Intruder. Let That be Your Last Battlefield might be interesting, too.

Spock's Brain is actually kind of fun. There's an interesting story regarding it. I'll wait and see if Eugene brings it up.

But the thought of watching The Empath again chills my blood.
15. Mercurio2
Thanks for the great Season 2 recap. My own favorites were (1) "The Trouble with Tribbles," (2) "The Doomsday Machine" and (3) "Amok Time."

I wish I could say you had something to look forward to in Season 3. :) I mean, I don't think "Spock's Brain" is even *fun.* The "Gamesters of Triskelion," for example, was bad, but cheesy fun. The Abe Lincoln versus rock-monster episode is likewise an entertaining hoot.

Thanks for these posts! Keep 'em coming!
Torie Atkinson
16. Torie
@ 9 sps49

They're not always strictly nits, but generally it's a lot of fun. The first nitpicker's guide I ever had was actually for the X-Files, and I worked backward from there.

@ 10 trekkiechick

Yay! So glad to hear it.

But hey, I would rather watch bad Star Trek than 90% of the crap that's on TV now. So, onward!

QFT. I haven't seen a good contemporary TV show in... I don't even know how long.

@ 11 DemetriosX

I've been looking forward to it, too. :)

@ 12 NomadUK

The Shat may get dissed. I'm just sayin'.

@ 13 DemetriosX

Now now, it's not a lack of understanding. Let's be fair.

@ 14 Church

Fun and fun? What is fun?

@ 15 Mercurio2

All good choices. :)

Poor Abe Lincoln. If only he knew.
17. Lemnoc
@6 lumped "The Empath" in with S3's worst dreck. I actually found it one of the better S3 offerings, effectively eerie and weird, with a strong message of humanity that is essential to the core of Trek. That (effective) commentary on the human condition is probably what is most poorly played in S3.

A little slow, but a lot of episodes in S3 are a slow-going slog (**cough** Last Battlefield **cough**).
Church Tucker
18. Church
@17 Lemnoc

One word. Mime.

@Torrie & Eugene

Tell me you guys are going to do TAS next. Everyone rewatches the live shows, but currently the top hit on google for "TAS Rewatch" is to your one Tribble Week TAS show (that I somehow missed.)
David Levinson
19. DemetriosX
"The Empath" is really just "The Cage" with some slightly different window-dressing. It will also allow Torie to dig out the half-naked man whipping tag again.

Torie@16: I never said you didn't understand, just that you can only really understand it on an intellectual level or through a certain filter of time/distance. Imagine having a discussion 40 years from now with someone who isn't even born yet about a current show that dealt with something like gay rights. They'll understand that people thought differently today, but they won't quite get it.

(Speaking of which, I saw something at io9 where Takei tentatively broached the idea of dealing with homosexuality to Roddenberry towards the end of season 2. Apparently, he would have liked to do so, but knew it would give the network an excuse to shut him down completely.)
Church Tucker
20. Church
@19 DemetriosX

"Imagine having a discussion 40 years from now with someone who isn't even born yet about a current show that dealt with something like gay rights."

Excellent framework. I can see Torrie junior getting incensed over "Will and Grace" or somesuch.

Speaking of which, did Gerrold's "gay script" get rejected while GR was with TNG or afterward?
Russ Van Winkle
21. rvanwinkle
Having not seen any of season 3 for many, many years, I remember "For The World Is Hollow..." as being a standout.

Then again, I had fond memories of "Gamesters of Triskelion" and look how that turned out.
Michael Burke
22. Ludon
"The Paradise Syndrome" and "For the World Is Hollow..." are the two episodes from Season 3 I've found myself thinking about the most over the years. I'm looking forward to the re-watch and comments on each of these shows. And, I have to say that "For the World Is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky" is one of my favorite titles - not just in Star Trek but among everything.

Maybe we could watch for lines from this season that became comments on MST-3K. I'm sure "I am Ke-rok!" and "Help me Spock." are in there.
David Levinson
23. DemetriosX
Church @20: Near as I can tell, he submitted the script in 87, so Roddenberry would still have been involved. It was axed by studio execs higher up, though. From what Takei says, GR would have been for it. Apparently, it also got filmed within the last couple of years on one of those fan projects.
Sally Mahoney
24. smahoney
For season 2, my favorite is The Trouble With Tribbles.

For season 3, I look forward to The Tholian Web.

I really enjoy this reread series.
Church Tucker
25. Church
@23 DemetriosX

Yeah, it was re-worked by Gerrold and turned into a two-part episode for Phase II (neé New Voyages) as "Blood and Fire." It's one of their better ones, and probably worth checking out.

Hrm. After TAS it might be interesting to do some of the fanfilms.
26. slanagat
I've enjoyed following along with you guys so much that I actually went and watched Spock's Brain. I might forgive you.

One small administrivial suggestion: It would help with the following along if you could include a link to the episode currently under review in the header information at the top of the post. If I don't have time to watch the next episode when I read the current week's post, I often won't get to it until the new post reminds me, and having the CBS link right there so I don't have to rummage in the archive would be a nice thing. Thanks.
Jason Ramboz
27. jramboz
I'm simultaneously looking forward to and dreading "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield." I remember that episode as being very powerful and moving, with a strong moral lesson well made. Then again, though, I was at just the right age when I first saw it to be receptive to that kind of allegory. I haven't seen it as an adult, though, and I fear that now it'll just seem overwrought and heavy-handed.

I'm also, strangely enough, looking forward to the commentary on "Spock's Brain," if only to see if you'll be able to transcribe 45 minutes of agonized screaming into a blog post.
Torie Atkinson
28. Torie
@ 18 Church

We will do TAS, though probably at an accelerated pace.

@ 19 DemetriosX

Half-naked man-whipping! That'll be a first! Usually it's just wrestling. Woohoo!

@ 21 rvanwinkle

I had fond memories of Temple of Doom. Funny how that works out...

@ 22 Ludon

I love love love Star Trek episode titles, especially in Season 3. Something that annoyed me when I watched DS9 recently was how bland or seemingly arbitrary the titles were.

@ 24 smahoney

Thank you very much! :)

@ 25 Church

I reviewed one of the fan films, Of Gods and Men, a long while ago. It was pretty good!

@ 26 slanagat

Noooo! Don't watch it yet! You poor thing. We have a Secret Plan in the works to help people cope with that episode.

That's a great idea re: linking to the episode. We'll be sure to do that from now on. Thanks!

@ 27 jramboz

We rise to challenges.
David Levinson
29. DemetriosX

I could have sworn you used half-naked man whipping once before, maybe for "Bread and Circuses"? Or maybe I was just thinking you should have, because I knew it would come up again.
Eugene Myers
30. ecmyers
@4 Lemnoc
I'll be surprised if, when you re-watch "The Paradise Syndrome" you don't modify your dour evaluation upwards a notch.

I hope so, Lemnoc. I hope so. (And I'm afraid you'll be right about "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.")

@6 NomadUK

I'm drawing a blank on a lot of these titles (as evocative as they are), but "And the Children Shall Lead" seems to have incited a strange eye twitch...

@16 Torie

Most of the good contemporary shows aren't genre. Have you tried Friday Night Lights?


Re-watches are trickier when most of your audience can't follow along without buying or renting the DVDs, but I've never actually seen all of TAS yet so I'd love to cover them.

I don't think anyone has mentioned "Wink of an Eye" yet. Yay or nay? I tend to remember it as more bad than good, but the idea was always fun, even if the basic premise is ludicrous.
Mike Conley
31. NomadUK
ecmyers@30: I'm drawing a blank on a lot of these titles (as evocative as they are)

As Torie implies at 28 — and, I'm sure, in some earlier post — Star Trek titles are, by and large, the best there ever were. You should have someone look at that twitch, though...

Re-watches are trickier when most of your audience can't follow along without buying or renting the DVDs

Then there are those of us whose childhoods were pathetic enough that we have virtually every scene of every episode indelibly etched upon our memories, obviating the need for anything so crude as DVD...

I don't think anyone has mentioned "Wink of an Eye" yet

For Season 3, yea, I should think. Yes, ludicrous — but so what? Major comments saved for the actual review, but Deela (the late Kathie Browne) was utterly lovely (those little pouts and smiles — sigh). And we get to see Kirk pull his boots back on afterwards!
David Levinson
32. DemetriosX
Looking ahead again, I see that the "space douche" tag is going to make a real comeback. If you're generous with it and let it include "planet-bound douches", you get dangerously close to half the episodes.

I also notice that a good 4 or 5 episodes are essentially remakes of earlier episodes. I just read that Freiberger declared that "And the Children Shall Lead" would be "Miri done right". Apparently, that was something of a theme for him (though I must say that one of the remakes IS better than its predecessor).

And yet, I can't wait to get going on the season!
Eugene Myers
33. ecmyers
@32 DemetriosX

though I must say that one of the remakes IS better than its predecessor

I am intrigued. I can't imagine which you mean, but I can't wait to get there. I'm used to them recycling ideas and stories from other episodes, but I had no idea they intentionally remade some of them. Unless "remake" really means "steal."
David Levinson
34. DemetriosX
Eugene @33: Of course, remake means steal. But look at what Freiberger said about "And the Children Shall Lead". It's more than just reusing ideas like "There is a space douche" or "A world developed parallel to Earth". It's deliberately using the exact same thing.

And to cut the suspense a little, I'll just say that the original was "The Alternative Factor" (so being better isn't that big a step) and they gave it a moral sledgehammer.
Church Tucker
35. Church
@28 Torrie

OGAM was actually middling fanfilm trek (despite all the Hollywood love.) You need to check out the first Exeter, and the latter Intrepid productions.

Also, I can't wait for "Elan of Troyius". Just saying.

(How does Safari know to capitalize "Trekkie" but doesn't recognize TOS episode titles?)
Torie Atkinson
36. Torie
@ 29 DemetriosX

I hadn't used it, but oh now I must! *rubs hands together*

@ 35 Church

Both of those are on my to-watch list, but that's a very long list. (And btw, it's really just Torie, with one "r".)

I had to teach Firefox all kinds of neat words, mostly thanks to this re-watch.
Church Tucker
37. Church
@36 Tory

Oh come on. You know that I know that it's Torie-as-in-Tor. My fingers apparently are sticklers for regularized English, however.

(Start with Exeter. It's the closest to the real deal that I've seen yet.)
38. Kebster
I'm looking forward to commentary on "The Empath." Part of me really likes it for the interaction between Spock, Kirk, and McCoy... And part of me is just weirded out by the empath herself.

The Enterprise Incident is an excellent episode, in my opinion.

Of course, secretly I really want to read the commentary on the really bad ones, like Spock's Brain and the hippie one (Way to Eden?) and Paradise Syndrome, and that awful one with that girl Droxine--The Cloud Minders?
Eugene Myers
39. ecmyers
Due to some unavoidable circumstances, we likely won't resume reviews before mid-September. Apologies for the unfortunately extended hiatus, but the wait will be worth it! In the meantime, please keep the conversation going and prepare yourselves for season 3...
40. CaitieCat
Good time to catch up with this, it seems, right between Season 2 and the dreaded Season 3! Been enjoying these posts for the last couple of weeks, getting caught up, now looking forward eagerly to the mid-September hoped-for carry-on! W00t!

Even if that means (DUH-DUH-DUNNNNNNN) Spock's Brain is coming.

Brain and brain! What is brain?
David Levinson
41. DemetriosX
It will be a real pity if you guys don't get season 3 started this week. "Spock's Brain" would fit so well with Zombie Week.
Eugene Myers
42. ecmyers
That's true, it would have been perfect! *sigh* Missed opportunities.
Robert Evans
43. bobsandiego
ummm did the third season plans die? The whole thirs season listing is none gone.
Eugene Myers
44. ecmyers
@38 Kebster @41 DemestriosX @43 bobsandiego

Sorry to keep everyone waiting for so long, but we just posted our review and commentary of "Spock's Brain" at the new home of the Star Trek Re-Watch: And Torie and I are still working on that special something we promised in celebration of the third and final season, so please stay tuned to the new site!

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