Aug 6 2010 11:03am

She Loves Hot Reads Paranormal Book Giveaway!

Eileen and Brittney here! We have been having so much fun reading all the posts and stories for Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Month, and we wanted to let you know about some of the free short stories we have available on!

“Fear The Darkness” by Sherrilyn Kenyon—Experience how the sexy world of the Dark-Hunters and Dream-Hunters intersect in “Fear The Darkness.” Click here to sign up and receive the free Dark-Hunter story.

“Definitely, Maybe” by Heather Webber—Heather has created a loveable and relatable heroine in Lucy Valentine, a psychic matchmaker. Click here to read “Definitely, Maybe” an original Lucy Valentine prequel.

“Heart of the Sea” by Christine Warren—What do you get when you cross vampires and shapeshifters with fabulously fun and sizzling stories? The world of the Others. Don’t take my word for it click here to sign up and receive a free Others story.

For more original stories plus giveaways, videos and interviews visit

Also we wanted to do something to celebrate Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Month so we are going to giveaway some hot books! Each winner will receive 3 different books in an exciting grab bag.

The Rules: To enter the giveaway, leave one comment—duplicates won’t count—on this post between now and noon EST, Saturday, August 7. Six winners will be chosen randomly. The giveaway is open to everyone everywhere. Please check your email Monday or Tuesday; if we don’t hear back from you by noon on Wednesday, your prize will go to someone else.

Eileen Rothschild and Brittney Kleinfelter work in the Marketing  department at St. Martin’s Press, follow them on Twitter.

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Sharla Long
1. Sharla Long
Awesome contest! I used to read mainly historical romance but over the last few years I have gotten very interested in UF and is just so much fun to read about "things that go bump in the night" as both heroes and villians!

Thanks for the free short stories! I will be reading them this weekend!
Sharla Long
2. Amanda80
Yay, more authors to read!
Sharla Long
3. amtw
Always a fan of free reading material :)
Sharla Long
4. Dovile
Awesome! I'm in!
Frank Nagy
5. fjnagy
More Books! Google says I have many, many more to go!
Sharla Long
7. wenat
These are great contests -- thanks!
Bill Fisk
8. NCBill
Free books, is this a great country or what!
Sharla Long
9. SaraC56
Thank you - bring on the books!
Corey McKinnon
11. CMcKinnon
I never win, but I'll keep entering anyway. Free books are the best kind.
Sharla Long
12. rubydog
Great contest!
Count me in.
Sharla Long
13. Donna Kim
Giveaways featuring PNR and UF are the absolute best! Thanks for the generosity. :)
Sharla Long
18. boookwirm
I'm just starting to get into this genre. Very fun to explore new authors!
Sharla Long
20. beket
My two favorite genres, speculative fiction and romance, finally got together and had offspring- paranormal romance. Isn't it romantic, in a creepy sort of way.:-)
Sharla Long
21. t0kengirl
Yay! More books!
Sharla Long
24. liesel
free books :D
Sharla Long
26. Beth Cato
I'm always up for free books, though my to-read pile may eventually topple and crush me to death.
Doug Browne
27. dejaffa
freeeeee booooookkssssssss..............
Sharla Long
28. Jacqueline C.
Thanks for the contest and the heads-up about the free shorts!
Lena Moore
31. Katalia138
Love these contests. I love trying to add to my library.
Sharla Long
32. D. Sullivan
What is not to like about this contest? Adding GREAT authors to my TBR stack is a given. Free adds...SO much better!
Sharla Long
33. Rylie
Enter me, please!
Sharla Long
35. wandering-dreamer
Wohoo, more books!
Sharla Long
36. Will Heus
I want; obz
A. Gilroy
37. arisha
I love hot reads on hot summer nights!!
Sharla Long
39. Fred Coulter
A present for my wife; our 22nd anniversary is coming up.
Ilona Fenton
40. felinewyvern
Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy - my favourite kind of stories :D
Sharla Long
41. Steph.Ellis
I would love to win some free books!
Sharla Long
42. terenewen
Hook me up~
Sharla Long
43. cathy M MacDonald
More great reads, thanks for the contest.
sonsia atkinson
44. sukyatk
Sharla Long
48. Speradigm
To dream and perchance to read...
Sharla Long
Still optimistic after all this time ...
Sharla Long
52. meaghan k
i started reading paranormal romance about three or so years ago and i am hooked! i would love to win a prize pack!
Sharla Long
53. butterflywings243
I love Christine Warren's books. Books are great but free books are better. Please let me win.
Andrew Barton
55. MadLogician
My name is MadLogician, and I am a bookaholic.
Sharla Long
56. Derek J. Goodman
Never pass up a chance at free books.
Sharla Long
58. MinnChica
YAY! Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy are my two favorite genres right now. I couldn't live without them!!
Sharla Long
59. Gabrielleirbag
Sharla Long
66. leprechaun
I smell some new authors, and I like the smell of it!
Autumn Theriault
68. twofistededitor
Nice free stories - makes me hope extra hard that I win the giveaway!
Sharla Long
70. jim162065
love books
Sharla Long
71. lcwchan
I love free books!!!
Sharla Long
72. sarah Kozlowski
I would love to win .

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