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Reread All 40 Books in the Oz Series

Today, where once there was a reread of the Oz books by Mari Ness there is instead silence. To celebrate Mari’s completion of the reread of the “famous forty” series of Oz books, we’re grouping them together into a handy index for your reading convenience.

Book 1—Fabulous Journeys: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Book 2—Oz Revolts!: The Marvelous Land of Oz
 Book 3— Following Your Inner Chicken: Ozma of Oz
 Book 4—Hating Fairyland: Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
 Book 5—Partying in a Utopian Fairyland: The Road to Oz
 Book 6—Invading Utopia: The Emerald City of Oz
 Book 7—Fairness and Foolishness: The Patchwork Girl of Oz
 Book 8—Falling Though Plots: Tik-Tok of Oz
 Book 9—Adventuring into Fairyland: The Scarecrow of Oz
 Book 10—Sailing Through Magical Seas: Rinkitink in Oz
 Book 11—Wandering in Fairyland: The Lost Princess of Oz
 Book 12—Transformations in Fairyland: The Tin Woodman of Oz
 Book 13—Boredom in Fairyland: The Magic of Oz
 Book 14—Sinking in Fairyland: Glinda of Oz
 Book 15—Reimagining Fairyland: The Royal Book of Oz
 Book 16—An Elegant Elephant in Fairyland: Kabumpo in Oz
 Book 17—Clowning in Fairyland: The Cowardly Lion of Oz
 Book 18—Poverty in Fairyland: Grampa in Oz
 Book 19—Mysteries in Oz: The Lost King of Oz
 Book 20—Gender in Fairyland: The Hungry Tiger of Oz
 Book 21—How Not to Use a Magic Belt: The Gnome King of Oz
 Book 22—Youth and Aging in Fairyland: The Giant Horse of Oz
 Book 23—Acceptance in Fairyland: Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz
 Book 24—Rockets in Fairyland: The Yellow Knight of Oz
 Book 25—Pirates in Fairyland! Pirates in Oz
 Book 26—Private Armies in Fairyland: The Purple Prince of Oz
 Book 27—Outsiders in Fairyland: Ojo of Oz
 Book 28—Dinosaurs in Fairyland: Speedy in Oz
 Book 29—Taxation in Fairyland: The Wishing Horse of Oz
 Book 30—Colonialization in Fairyland: Captain Salt in Oz
 Book 31—Looking different in Fairyland: Handy Mandy in Oz
 Book 32—Racism in Fairyland: The Silver Princess in Oz
 Book 33—Flying away from Fairyland: Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz
 Book 34—Confusion in Fairyland: The Wonder City of Oz
 Book 35—Lacking Purpose in Fairyland: The Scalawagons of Oz
 Book 36—Gliding By in Fairyland: Lucky Bucky in Oz
 Book 37—The Fifth Column in Fairyland: The Magical Mimics of Oz
 Book 38—Performing in Fairyland: The Shaggy Man of Oz
 Book 39—Repetition in Fairyland: Hidden Valley in Oz
 Book 40—Spinning round in Fairyland: Merry Go Round in Oz
James C. Wallace II
1. James C. Wallace II
I would point out to you that the map you are using at the top of this page is backwards and incorrect.

The original Baum map from Tik-Tok of Oz shows Munchkin Country on the left and Winkie Country on the right. In addition, the compass legend shows east on tghe left and west on the right.

The map you are using is from a later publication and was meant to appease those people who were too unimaginative and unable to consider the possibility that east could be west and west could be east.

Considering how much time and effort has been invested in this series of reviews, I'm surprised you chose an incorrect map.
James C. Wallace II
2. Morbus Iff
Will you be reading any of the NON-canon Oz books?
James C. Wallace II
3. Eric Gjovaag
I'd like to say that the views on Oz maps expressed by Mr. Wallace are in the minority among Oz fans. That map is a publication of the International Wizard of Oz Club, and is the result of much research and discussion, as well as updating. It is both an amazing piece of research and a work of art.

And I second the question of Mr. Iff, per my suggestions at the end of the "Merry Go Round in Oz" post.
James C. Wallace II
4. James C. Wallace II
I would agree with Mr. Gjovaag on one point. The artwork of the IWOC map is quite good and worthy of reprinting. However, despite being in the minority, Mr. Gjovaag doesn't say we're wrong because he can't. No amount of research or consensus can change the fact that L. Frank Baum, in his novel; Tik-Tok of Oz, placed Muchnkin Country on the left (east) and Winkie Country on the right (west) and verified that with a compass legend that has east on the left and west on the right.
Perhaps Mr. Gjovaag is suggesting that L. Frank Baum, the founding author, was wrong? Such hubris...

You know, I've never liked the order of the Bill of Rights. I know, let's change the order so the 1st amendment is now the 5th and the 4th is now the 1st.

Yea... That's the ticket!
Chris Lough
5. TorChris
The choice of image to top out the post was my doing, and while I was aware that it was technically incorrect, I felt that it was the slightly more proper choice for a reread whose overall intent was propelled by nostalgia for the Oz series. i.e. someone recalling the series would most likely remember the detailed map.

I'd love to know more about the decision to switch the original out and detail a new one, though. James or Eric, would you be able to link us to an article that would suffice? I found this article, but can't vouch for its accuracy or detail.
James C. Wallace II
6. James C. Wallace II
My overall knowledge of Oz doesn't even come close to that of Eric Gjovaag. He would be the ideal choice to enlighten your readers about the decision to swap out Baum's map for one more in line with what most people expect. I too would be interested in what he has to say and what justifications were made to make this decision.
I'm still smarting from the IAU decision to demote Pluto, which I didn't vote for. It was done while we were out to lunch, literally. A small group overode the wishes of a bigger group, but did so surreptitiously. I hope that wasn't the case with Oz.
Julia Rios
8. Skogkatt
I've really enjoyed this series, and would welcome more Oz book analysis whether the famous forty, or derivative works.
James C. Wallace II
9. Eric Gjovaag
There is absolutely no need for me or anyone else to justify why the Oz Club's map is different from the original Tik-Tok of Oz endpaper maps, because the new mapmakers have already done so. When you buy a copy of the maps from the Oz Club, an explanatory leaflet is included. The article which ChrisTor found and linked to is pretty accurate as well.

And as for the idea that L. Frank Baum is somehow infallible and could do no wrong, one has only to read the Oz books and find all of the errors that crept in to see that this is not the case. The whole confusion between east and west started with Baum, as he tended to swap the locations of the Munchkin and Winkie countries around in the later books. Other little inconsistencies crept in — were the nine tiny piglets a gift to the Wizard from a sailor, or the children of Professor and Mrs. Swyne in the Munchkin Country, to give only one example — which just show that Baum was a human being who made mistakes. So why can't further research improve on what Baum started?

The beauty of being an Oz fan is that there is no one overarching authority who can say "This is so" and "This is not so". If any Oz fans want to accept some Oz books and not others as true Oz, they are free to do so. If some Oz fans wish to consider one map better than the other, they are free to do so. But with that freedom comes to responsibility to respect the different views of others. Because until we can figure out a way for us all to go visit Oz and ask the hard questions, who's to say who really is right?

This will be my final word here, as I don't think anything further I have to say will be of any benefit. But I invite Oz fans, and the plain curious, to visit my website,, to delve more deeply into the whole Oz phenomenon.
James C. Wallace II
10. James C. Wallace II
I too will respect this conversation by making this my last posting on this particular subject.

To begin with, Eric's website; is probably one of the best informational websites about Oz anywhere on the Internet machine. I would also encourage anyone to visit his website and learn more about this wonderful place we call Oz. Perhaps they might even consider joining the International Wizard of Oz Club. One of the primary benefits of this wonderful organization are three issues per year of the Baum Bugle, an outstanding magazine featuring both historical and current articles on Oz and all things Ozian. Book reviews, convention reports, music and film updates all can be found in this outstanding publication.

As for Baum' infallibility and inconsistency, there certainly was a lack of consistency in his writings from time to time. However, try writing a story about Oz and doing something like, oh.. I don't know... maybe putting wings on Polychrome, or killing off the Wizard and some Oz purists go ape-@#% over that inconsistency.

But Eric is right and I do respect others opinions about Oz, be it maps, magic belts or poppies.
My original point was that the reviews were of original Baum works and the map was non-original IWOC work.
Nonetheless, it brought out a conversation that deserved to be heard and was worth the bandwidth. I hope many others reading this will look into Oz and see what Oz has to offer them.

They might very well like what they read...
James C. Wallace II
11. Gili Bar-Hillel
YAAAAY OZ! The IWOC map is beautiful, and an impressive piece of fictional research. The Oz series was in numerous respects a pioneering work of fiction, not least of which was the fan culture that evolved around the books. Oz "fan-fics" were being written as early as the teens of the previous century, the first Oz "cons" were held in the 1950's, and yes also Oz Cos-play and filking and and every shade and variety of Oz fan activity - often preceding any other example of which I can think for similar fan activity surrounding other books. Unfortunately there have also been the occasional Oz-fan contention and Oz-fanatic purists insisting that ONLY their version of the HOztory is correct (sometimes citing details of their own unpublished fanfics - several individuals have done this). Luckily most of fandom is much more lighthearted!
Andrew Mason
12. AnotherAndrew
Strangely enough, without ever knowing about this map, I have always thought of the Wicked Witch of the East as living on the left (viewed from the south) and the Wicked Witch of the West on the right. I've no idea why; I know what 'east' and 'west' mean; it just seems more natural to me this way.
Mari Ness
13. MariCats
Hey everybody - sorry for weighing in a bit late here, but I've been at Gen Con, and I had no idea this post had gone up until I got back. (The good news is that Oz continues to draw in young fans - I ran into the most adorable little six year old Wicked Witch of the West, ever.)

I'm no expert on the history of Oz maps, but I love this one (the Dick Martin one), largely because it was reprinted in the Del Rey editions and was the first map of Oz I ever saw. I was enthralled. I had no idea anyone - even Baum - had made maps of Oz; my hardcover of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and British Penguin editions of Marvelous Land and Ozma and Tik-Tok didn't have any maps. I also love this map because it includes so many of the little sidejourneys in Oz.

I always thought that the Winkie Country lies in the West, as in this map, because, after all, the Tin Woodman ruled the Winkies, who had been subjects of the Wicked Witch of the West, even if some of the maps of Oz, including those authorized by Baum, dispute this point. But I will agree that looking for consistency in Baum's writings or in Oz maps is an exercise in futility. Besides, Oz is a fairyland. For all we know, East and West switch places on a regular basis. Hey, maybe it's part of Glinda's plan to beef up Ozma's non-existent security systems.

But I digress.

As far as future posts go, I haven't had the opportunity to speak to anyone at about this yet (the last couple of weeks have been hectic and this week is not looking much better), so I'm not sure what if anything I will be doing in the future.
James C. Wallace II
14. gorbag
We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz ... who'd thunk it? Take me to the Emerald City, Wizards will give us lemonade .... Forty books and counting?

I certainly didn't. I've only ever read the first one, and I thought that was enough for a lifetime.

How many are in the Public Domain?
Betty Brook
15. Betty
wow so many books recommand! Love!
Karen Frederickson
16. chazzbee
Based on a map of Minnesota - ha! On the right, a combination of Wisconsin and Lake Superior. No one else seems to have noticed....
Karen Frederickson
17. chazzbee
Based on a map of Minnesota - ha! On the right, a combination of Wisconsin and Lake Superior. No one else seems to have noticed....

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