Aug 5 2010 3:22pm

I Believe I Can Fly

Thanks to The Rocketry Blog for giving me wings!

Rocketry Blog, Stubby the rocket

Or, more accurately, giving me a 1/2 A-4T motor to launch me into the air. And check out all the others that made me who I am.

Stefan Jones
2. Stefan Jones
Not an easy adaption to flight. Stubby rockets tend to wobble.

I'd like to suggest another way to make Stubby fly. Build it with a carefully trimmed piece of narrow soda straw inside, or better yet a pair of little wire hooks.

Rig a line of kite string or fishing monofilament between Point A (high) and Point B (low) and make it taut. Then slide Stubby down it while humming Les Preludes.
YouDont NeedToKnow
3. necrosage2005
I just noticed something that should be pretty embarrassing for everybody at TOR. Take a look at the last link that you gave us.

Now, do you find anything misspelled? I did, and I’m a horrible speller.

Hint: If you’re unable to tell your “your” from your “you’re” I’m going to come over there and take not just the pc away from you, but your job, too!
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
Necrosage: All the embarrassment is mine, I'm afraid. If it's misspelled, typo-ed, or grammatically challenged, it's likely to be my post -- not my colleagues.

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