Aug 24 2010 3:02pm

Get ready for The Walking Dead: Official trailer and release date

Welcome to the mini-Zombiepocalypse: the official trailer for The Walking Dead just hit the Web. Based on Robert Kirkman’s monthly comic and adapted by Oscar-nominated director Frank Darabont, the series also has a brand new official release date—the 90-minute premiere is now officially scheduled for Sunday, October 31st as part of AMC’s annual Fearfest. The show has been receiving an amazing amount of buzz, especially after this trailer premiered at San Diego Comic Con; check it out for yourself and see if you can resist the lure of the undead hordes...

Roland of Gilead
1. pKp
"The video your are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your country or location".

Guess the zombies already got to the French servers. I'll start packing my katana and shotgun.
Mitchell Downs
2. Beamish
I can resist it with ease since I have read the books it is based on...and that story rapidly becomes HORRENDOUS. It is little more than torture porn with zombies.

So, unless they divert from the books very very quickly it will be unwatchable garbage before the first season is over.

Easy to resist.
3. cranscape
I found Dexter nearly unreadable but the show fixed all of my problems with it and is much better than the source material. So it can happen. I am a sucker for zombies so I'll check it out. A little too 28 Days Later in the opening setup. Guess we'll have to see how it goes.
4. vidhujain
Its looks fantastic...can't wait more..
5. Ozzie Steele
A couple of things...

1. The Walking Dead came before 28 Days Later, so it wasn't ripped off.

2. Beamish is talking out of his/her ass. You obviously haven't read all of the issues. You are on of the FEW who says they dislike this comic. I could care less if you watch it. Why comment on an article about something that you don't like?

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