Aug 26 2010 2:33pm

Donato exhibits “Water: A Parallel Universe”

Donato Kinuko Craft and Donato GiancolaDonato’s first solo exhibit, “Water: Parallel Universes” just concluded at the Richard J. Demato Gallery in Long Island’s Sag Harbor. The show is focused on a new body of work based on ocean and shoreline settings. The dragons and robots may be gone, but the dramatic narratives and epic scale that so many SF/F fans love are in attendance. Here, turbulent waves, as unrelenting as the rocks they are hitting, become the main characters.

SF purists can take heart—Donato included a small sample of his genre work. (And if you ask me, Hampton galleries could use a little more Iron Man in their diets.)


More photos from the opening on’s Facebook page.

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Patrick Garson
1. patrickg
Oooooo. Sometimes, living in Australia is the pits!

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