Aug 5 2010 5:34pm

Chicago Museum of Science is Looking for a Subletter

Hey! So, who wants to live in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry? No, like, literally live there. From their site:

We’re looking for someone to take on a once-in-a-lifetime assignment: spend a Month at the Museum, to live and breathe science 24/7 for 30 days. From October 20 to November 18, 2010, this person’s mission will be to experience all the fun and education that fits in this historic 14-acre building, living here full-time and reporting your findings to the outside world.

Also they give you $10,000 at the end, a lifetime membership to the museum, and probably a bunch of stuff from their gift shop. (I always want to buy something at science museum gift shops, but I never know what I’ll do with it.)

Interested? (Actually, a more revealing question would probably be to ask who isn’t interested in doing this and why do they hate science so much?) You better hurry, as the deadline for applications is on August 11th.

Good luck!

One time Chris Greenland thought he lived in a museum but it turned out he was just a character in a children's picture book.

Binyamin Weinreich
1. Imitorar
Does this make anyone else think of "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler"?
YouDont NeedToKnow
3. necrosage2005
Nope, it makes me think of Night at the Museum. I'd love to do this, though.
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
Damn, Chicago is so far away....and potentialy cold.
If this was the AMNH.....I'd just die, I'd be so excited.
Melissa Ann Singer
5. masinger
Oh, man, I wish I lived in Chicago! I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Sven Hesse
6. DrMcCoy
Have you looked at the terms?

"I irrevocable give MSI and its agents and contractors the rights and permission to use, copy, alter, distribute, publish, broadcast, and display (i) the video that I have submitted with my Entry Application (the Video), (ii) the essay that I have submitted with my Entry Application (the Essay), (iii) photographs and images of me, (iv) my voice and likeness, (v) my name, city, state or province, and contry where I live, and (vi) the other information and materials included in my Entry Application
the copyright in them are owned by MSI

I release and waive, and agree to hold MSI, its agents and contractors harmless from claims for violation of privacy rights claims based on moral rights, claims for intrusion, claims for defamation, claims of fraud "

I.e. they own all your material and can use it anyway they like, including making fun of you, painting you in a bad light, destroying your reputation, etc..

I'm not saying that they plan on doing that, but alone that they could do that based on their waiver is a complete deal-breaker for me.

(As a disclaimer of sorts, I couldn't enter anyway, I have other obligations during that time. So of course, I am sort of biased.)
7. Nic612
What do you eat? You literally have to be there 24/7. Hope there's a good cafe.

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