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A is for Artist: F

There’s a peculiar syndrome among artists that parallels the discussions of many a record store clerk, except amongst artists “have you heard” becomes “have you seen.” Depending on whose chin is wagging, you might come away with the names of a couple of Argentinian comic artists, a slew of nineteenth century naturalist painters, or someone’s favorite Japanese printmaker.

In no particular order, other than alphabetical, we present to you this weekly feature about artists who help power our pencils.







Luis Ricardo Falero
Luis probably would’ve been the greatest heavy metal album cover artist who ever lived, unfortunately he was born a century too soon.

Nicolai Fechin
Toward the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth, Russia was producing some incredible artists. Nicolai Fechin was a prime example. His uncanny drawing ability might be explained by his tutelage under Ilya Repin but the more likely explanation was that he was bitten by a radioactive charcoal stick.

Paul Felix
Animation studios seem to have some of the best artists squirreled away in the development end of their studios. Like some sort of uranium art core that then powers the rest of the team. A master of light and composition, Paul Felix is pure unadulterated uranium and his beautiful graphite drawings are truly awe-inspiring.

William Russell Flint
Artist Laureate to Queen Victoria at the end of her reign. Classical themes. Highly inspired by the pre-raphealites. His illustrations are incredible for their formal design sense, while his later watercolors are almost hyper real.

Nathan Fowkes
Yet another animation veteran and definitely not the last. Along with a deep understanding of color, Nathan has an unfair ability with watercolor and charcoal. His landscape sketches are incredible displays of virtuoso brushwork and refined simplicity.

Emile Friant
His incredible multifigure paintings with their beautiful glowing light are, sadly, practically forgotten. He was another academically trained painter who became enchanted by the impressionistic palette and by the immediacy of photographs.

This week in type: Some weights of the grotesque sans serif Univers by Swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger (1957), and Fournier italic, based on the work of French printer and typographer Pierre Simon Fournier. Fournier is credited with inventing the beginnings of the point system of type sizing in the mid 1700s.

We are Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon. We live in a pocket-sized apartment in Brooklyn where we collect neat, weird things. Our home is abundant with books, old furniture, mismatching tea cups, and a cat named Cipher. We both illustrate stuff for money so we can continue to invent stories, buy shoelaces, watch puppet shows, and eat sandwiches.

1. odaiwai
I always liked the Chris Foss book covers, which tended to feature large and complicated space ships, usually blowing up.

The classic Skylark Three cover :

(Image copyright Chris Foss at All of his rights reserved. I hope it's ok to show a small sample of his art here.)
2. Oscar Baechler


I'll give you a few moments, so you can find something to hit yourself with.




3. Kurt and Zelda
Hi Oscar,

Thank you for your comment. Frazetta deserves a lot of credit, and we all love him very much. However, these lists are a more intimate inventory of those that we specifically are inspired by. We also try to bring attention to those that may not be that well known.
eli minaya
4. eminaya
I look forward to this article every week! thanks for sharing!
5. a-j
Reading SF in '70s Britain meant the great Chris Foss.
Fuseli (check spelling) anyone? A couple of years back the 'Sunday Times' art critic, Waldemar Januscek blamed him for everything that's wrong with the modern world. Now that's influential.
Irene Gallo
6. Irene
It wasn't until a recent tweet from Neil Gaiman that I realized Chris Foss was the artist on Joy of Sex.

Kurt and Zelda: Once again, a great hit of inspiration. I'll be super sad to see you guys get to Z.
7. Craig Elliott
The best part of these is discovering new people, I can't believe how many new great artists I find in every installment!

Thanks for all the hard work~
8. bcarman
Wonderful. Always love to have my eyes opened wider.

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