Jul 30 2010 5:46pm

The Boys are Back

Families come in all shapes and sizes, but in the Hunter Kiss series, family takes on a whole different meaning for our heroine, Maxine, whose skin is covered with tattoos that peel off her body at night to form a small demonic army. Five demons, bound to her blood, destined to protect her life—and end it.

Over the course of the series, these demons—or, as Maxine calls them, “the Boys”—have proven themselves to be more than just otherworldly creatures bent on destruction. They are, in fact, little devils with hearts of gold, who eat teddy bears and listen to Bon Jovi, who play baseball and read Playboy, and who love Maxine and would do anything for her. And not just because they have to.

But these demons weren’t always forces for good. In A Wild Light, the third book in the Hunter Kiss series, readers learn not only the truth of Maxine’s ancestry, but that of the Boys, as well. A dark truth: full of war and mystery.

In the first two books, The Iron Hunt and Darkness Calls, readers learned that the Boys are capable of great compassion—and acts of terrible, incomprehensible violence. But what they are, and who they were before being bound to Maxine’s bloodline, has never been answered. Until now.

To celebrate the release of A Wild Light, I’ve commissioned some exclusive artwork that will serve as visual excerpts from the novel.  Illustrated by acclaimed comic book artist Kalman Andrasofszky (NYX: No Way Home, Dazzler, R.E.B.E.L.S.), these three pivotal scenes from the novel will hit the web over the next several weeks.

Here’s a glimpse of Kalman’s design sketches:

Marjorie M. Liu is an attorney and a New York Times bestselling author of short stories, novellas, and two ongoing series—the Dirk & Steele novels of paranormal romance and the Hunter Kiss urban fantasy series. She wrote NYX: No Way Home, X-23, and Black Widow for Marvel Comics, and is co-writing the bestselling Dark Wolverine series. Liu divides her time between the beautiful state of Indiana, and Beijing/Shanghai, China.

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Teresa Jusino
1. TeresaJusino
I'm normally not into fantasy/paranormal romance, as I'm more of a sci-fi girl...but I've been loving your comics work at Marvel, and the way you describe this novel here sounds so interesting! I might just have to make an exception for you! :)
Gabe Karl
2. Kaim82
i am not into romance novels but i like ur work on NYX, I never paid attention to the writer, now that I know, I am going to check out more of your work .... all the best!

PS: you have a pretty smile

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