Jul 12 2010 11:37am

Resident Ghost

My boyfriend’s flat is haunted.

He begs to differ, but I’m positive there’s a ghost living with him. The doors creak open and closed, and sometimes I hear footsteps in the hallway, only there’s no one there when I go to investigate.

The problem: I can’t tell whether the ghost likes me or not. I’m not sure whether the doors rattle because it’s expressing disapproval at me being in the apartment, or if it’s rushing to come join us because it’s a peeping tom and hopes to catch some action.

Normally, I wouldn’t care. I’d shrug and say, “Whatever. Bring it, ghoulie.” But my boyfriend’s asked me to move in with him. Do I want to move into a haunted house?

Yeah—total dilemma. Because, the thing is, I don’t like ghosts. I don’t even like to read about them. Is there a ghostly character that isn’t annoying in some way?

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not judging. I totally understand why they’re irritating. It goes with the territory. You’ve been killed unjustly or violently enough that your spirit is tied to the earthly world. Of course you’re going to be cranky—it makes sense. But who wants that around all the time?

Would you voluntarily move into a house that’s haunted, even if the ghost was mostly benign?

Or is there another paranormal creature you wouldn’t want to live with? Because for me, frankly, even a werewolf would be preferable. Well, maybe except for the shower drain getting clogged by hair all the time.

As a little girl, Kate Perry dreamt of many things. Like becoming a ninja. Dressing up in black and carrying a big sword? Seemed like a no brainer. However, Fate had other plans for her, and she studied Kung Fu San Soo instead. A Kung Fu Master, Kate now has more weapons than she ever imagined—including several swords.

She lives in San Francisco. Voted by her friends as the woman they’d most want to stroll with down a dark alley, Kate’s as likely to be spotted at the opera as she is doing tai chi in Golden Gate Park. Usually wearing black—in both cases. You can also find her at her website or on Twitter.

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Marcus W
1. toryx
I've actually got more than one ghost in my house. They turns on faucets, lights and scares the crap out of the cats on a regular basis. We've got an understanding, though; they stay out of the bedroom and my partner's office and we don't mess with them.

So far, it's been working pretty well, and I even got the one that kept turning on the bedroom light (evidently it doesn't like the dark) to stop.

Or maybe she's careful to turn it off again before I go back into the room. :)

Give me a ghost over a vampire any day and twice on Sundays.
Richard Fife
2. R.Fife
As far as a "ghostly" character that isn't creepy, only one I can think of was Auron in Final Fantasy X. Dude was killed unjustly, so ended up just refusing to die and kept on being a mean pseudo samurai (and one of your main characters in the game).

As for moving into a haunted house, I do it only in the case of a mildly annoying but otherwise benign spirit. Anything that has a grudge to pick with the living, F that.
JS Bangs
3. jaspax
That is one creepy, creepy picture. Where did you find it?
4. Anassa
I don't think I'd mind a benign ghost. I'd probably end up treating it like an incorporeal roommate. A malignant ghost, on the other hand, would get me running in the opposite direction or calling an exorcist.

I'm another person who'd avoid vampires at all costs.
Marc Houle
5. MightyMarc
@jaspax: That picture is freaking me out too.
Karen L
6. changisme
I'd ask the ghost whether she wants you there or not. Maybe ask them to close the door and turn off the faucet if they like you, and close the window and rearrange the cookies if they don't? If they do neither, maybe they don't care about you at all... for now...
7. msphd
Actually I'm thinking of the ghost who haunted Cordelia's apartment on Angel. He was okay.

But no, I wouldn't want to move into a haunted house. One of my friends bought an old place that I think has a lot of bad juju - angry spirits. I'm baffled that she seems totally oblivious to it. It's one of those places where the rooms are mostly okay, but god forbid you have to get up to pee and walk down the hallway in the middle of the night. Yeesh.
Kate Perry
8. Kate_Perry
You guys are right--that picture *is* creepy. Web elves picked it out. It's definitely not the ghost in my boyfriend's flat--I think his must be a man. The doors open and close a lot when I'm getting dressed. ;)

I may prefer living with a vampire over a ghost. It's a known quantity. Think about it: you'd know exactly when to expect him roaming about, and he would never steal your food.

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