Jul 23 2010 3:39pm

Ménage à Paranormal Romance Grab Bag Giveaway Trois

Look at those books! They’re so happy together! And, if you’re a consenting adult, they can come live with you and make you happy, too! Again, it’s a fairly random assortment of Tor and St. Martin’s Press paranormal romance and urban fantasy titles; this time, one of the prizes will be a complete set of L.A. Banks’s Vampire Huntress Legends books in trade paperback.

The Rules: To enter the giveaway, leave one comment—duplicates won’t count—on this post between now and noon EST, Tuesday, July 27. Six winners will be chosen randomly. The giveaway is open to everyone everywhere. Please check your email Tuesday or Wednesday; if we don’t hear back from you by noon on Thursday, your prize will go to someone else.

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amie friedrich
1. moonshower
Yay free books. And thanks for running the contest.
Von Berry
2. Von Berry
My wife would love these.
Von Berry
3. KCoop
I'll keep my fingers crossed...
John Koempel
4. physicser
One of these days I'll win one of these contests...
Von Berry
5. SaraC56
I love random books! :)
Daniel Goss
9. Beren
Random books to feed my bookshelf!
Von Berry
11. Donna Kim
My favorite two genres!!! I would be over-the-top happy to be one of the winners. :)

Von Berry
12. Amanda80
Yay Books!!!
Von Berry
14. drmeow
Fingers crossed.
Von Berry
15. Sandra Morgan
I do love me some paranormal romance!
Von Berry
16. SabrinaH
Awesome Giveaway! Thanks!
Von Berry
17. Shell C
Ohh, those are some shine-y looking books. :-)
Von Berry
18. webbers
Books! Thanks for offering them!
Jason Lyman
20. jlyman
Cool! I could use some different reading material.
Von Berry
21. Elias@Rangel
Let's give this a try!
Von Berry
22. Cass Buscher
cant beat free books
Abigail Springborn
23. cryaegm
Yay! I love me some free books, especially the paranormal romance kind. ;)

:3 Om nom nom nom.
Von Berry
26. tinhearts
Von Berry
29. Hobbes_Kat
Thanks for the chance to get free books!
April Vrugtman
30. dwndrgn
Put me in the hat please!

Hey, have winners for the previous two 'grab bag giveaways' been announced?
John Cater
31. katre
Who doesn't like a chance to get (more) books?
Von Berry
32. EM42
I hope I win, my girlfriend would like the books
Von Berry
33. Anassa
More free books? Hee! I'm going to keep trying these things until I actually win something.
Von Berry
34. partyof1
Luv this contest :)
Von Berry
35. missing lady
Mmmm...books. :)
Von Berry
37. wandering-dreamer
Huzzah for giveaways!
Lexie Cenni
40. LexieGirl
Awesome thank you for another great contest!!
Zed Lopez
41. ZedLopez
Books and free are two of my favorite things.
Von Berry
42. Dr Jones 72
Sounds like a great contest!
Von Berry
43. Franticcat
Bill Fisk
45. NCBill
The word free is almost always a good thing!
Von Berry
46. Deborah Busby
what could be be better than free books on a Friday afternoon!
Von Berry
47. Ketherian
Wow. What a great contest, and so timely too. With all but my current comics and books still in boxes after my move, I'm quickly running out of reading material.

Help me Tor Books, you're my only hope. ;)
Von Berry
48. SlySionnach
Who doesn't love free books?
Von Berry
49. Ava Darke
Count me in! Fantasy? Romance? You've got me pegged. ;-)
Von Berry
50. iokijo
Oh Wow.. my favorite kinds of books, and Banks is fantastic.. I was able to read part of this series, but unfortunately have not been able to read all of them.
Thank you so much for giving everyone a chance to win some great books.
Good luck everyone, but I'm hoping I'm one of the winners :)
Von Berry
51. Higley Browne
Awesome books. Found this contest on twitter. Thanks.
Von Berry
54. HonorGod
Thanks for tweeting about your contests!
Von Berry
55. Dara Young
Great giveaway! Thank you!
Von Berry
56. Angelique Davis
They would make me VERY happy!!
Von Berry
58. JeanneM
Also found from Twitter. That would be a lot of wonderful reading. And research for my own writing. Thanks for the chance.
Von Berry
59. Ros J.
I love the title of this giveaway. And those books look pretty scrummy too.
Von Berry
60. Beth Cato
I came here through Tor's Facebook. Great offer!
Tina A
61. Tinaa
oooh, free books! I love free books. Actually, love any kind of books...
Von Berry
63. Kat Tortuga
Menage! And Paranormal!

*hearts aflutter*
Von Berry
64. freakingmuse
ooooooh books :D
Von Berry
67. ejmiller
I Love Books
Von Berry
68. MStrohm
Who doesn't want free books
Von Berry
71. sabrina_il
EEE! OMG this looks really awesome!
Von Berry
72. Michelle Greathouse
What a wonderful opportunity. :) Thanks!!
Von Berry
73. Claudia Miller
Thanks for the opportunity.
Von Berry
74. sparkatito
i love me some books, especially free ones.
Von Berry
76. Mona Martinez
Oh pick me, pick me please!
Von Berry
77. Speradigm
*crosses fingers*

I've been wanting to try these authors.
Lisa Spangenberg
78. Medievalist
I confess to curiosity regarding the fine line that separates urban fantasy from paranormal romance.
Joe Tortuga
79. JoeTortuga
Well, that's me. These'll match the other books on the shelf:)
Von Berry
80. J.A. Beard
I'm bound to win a contest one of these days. :)
Von Berry
81. Katy CM
Bookies! Me want free bookies! (Me talking like Cookie Monster for no reason).
adrian bellis
82. Nilrem
A chance of free books you say?

Good luck everyone :)
Jody Crocker
83. Jei
I keep entering. I've won books before, just not here. Pick me! Pick me!
Von Berry
85. Amber Lovvorn
Love Love Love to read! Free books would make it so much sweeter!!!!!!!
Von Berry
86. ilovebooks
Von Berry
87. Laryssa polika
Would love to win...i need some escapism
Von Berry
89. wenat
Woo hoo, I love this contest!
Von Berry
90. lightkeeper
Count me in!
Von Berry
91. Berinn
Ooh, the mecca of books. Pick me, pick me!
Von Berry
93. Brookie Monster
Von Berry
94. smbass
I love giveaways. Free books, even better
Kristen Menichelli
95. Kindlekat
So keeping my fingers crossed! I love for some of the best giveaways!!!
Von Berry
96. Nicole D.
Books, especially Tor/St. Martin's picks, are awesome. Great giveaway. Thanks!
Von Berry
97. melemolly
Oh, look at the shineys
Von Berry
99. Rword
Books are always cool!
Von Berry
100. LAJG
I'm a consenting adult! They can come live with me and make me happy!
Cathie Morton
101. Caffey
Sizzling reads, love them! I'm way over 18, LOL
Count me in, thanks

cathiecaffey @
Von Berry
102. suzyq
always love a free book. The more the merrier!
Von Berry
103. ailurophile
You can never have too many books :)
Von Berry
104. PRT
Can't hurt to enter every single one of these contests!
Von Berry
105. Emma Katz
I've got free time, if only I had free books....
Von Berry
106. Linda Leszczuk
Paranormal romance and urban fantasy - count me in!
Von Berry
108. Simon Halliday
Oooh tasty urban fantasy in the shape of 6-book shaped people. Yummy.
Von Berry
109. Barbed1951
Who can't use some free books? I'd love to win, sign me up.
Von Berry
110. Em Miller
I am loving the theme, it's my favorite genre.
Theodosia Albion
111. Theodosia21
Oh, nice! I'd love to get these books. ^_^
Karina Odde
113. avendesora
Wouldn't these look good in my bookshelf...
Von Berry
114. Dawn the glass bead maker
This would make me a happy camper :)
Von Berry
115. YawnyRonny
My wife would love it if I won. :)
Von Berry
116. WhitK
Yes, please ...
Von Berry
118. Caitrin
Paranormal Romance! \o/
Von Berry
119. Roch73
I love books!
Pat Knuth
121. Laina
I haven't read Banks, so this would be a good opportunity.
Von Berry
124. Jennythereader
More free books? Wonderful idea!
Von Berry
125. beket
Books, glorious books!!
Andrew Barton
126. MadLogician
My name is MadLogician, and I am a bookaholic.
Frank Nagy
127. fjnagy
One can never have too many books!
Sarah Hale
128. rocketshale
Always willing to open my home to books looking for somewhere to live.
Von Berry
129. Rylie
Enter me, please!
Jeff Domer
130. jqueasy
I got Crabs, and hopefully free books.
Erinn Kao
132. Nympeg23
I miss Diana Marcellas! Is there ever going to be the next book in her Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea series? By the way, I love to read, so free books are well appreciated here!
Von Berry
133. Stefan Llewellyn Smith
Do I have space on my bookshelves? I can make some...
Glennis LeBlanc
135. Glennis
I promise to share with at least one friend.
136. maa83
So many books, so little time!!!
Von Berry
137. rubyredgoddess
In my non-book-reading time, I do animal rescue. Sooooo, if I win these books, it's like the gods rescued a kitten in your honor. (Heh heh)
Von Berry
138. barefeather
Gotta love free books!!!!!!!!
Von Berry
140. Scribofelidae
One can never have enough books. Impossible! Count me in. :)
Von Berry
142. Sue Red
Oh! I want. :D
Von Berry
143. GabrielStardust
Go Free books!!
Von Berry
145. CassR
Have I already mentioned the Free Book Roulette thing? Count me in!
Von Berry
146. Aladygma
Please Tor! Make my day! *o* I really like them.
Von Berry
147. elaing8
Great giveaway.please count me in
Von Berry
150. Monika H.
Thank you, please count me in.
Von Berry
151. mona12345
Whoever thought of this givaway I blow many kisses. How did you know I needed a set of the vampire huntress books? I love them and promise to treat them and the others well if they come live with me.
Rick franz
152. savazar
My birthday is on Sunday. It could be your late birthday gift to me.
Von Berry
153. DrDan
Free books are always worth a word or two or ten thousand.
Thanks people.
Von Berry
155. Trilliumgrl
Yay books! I can always use more of those.
Von Berry
164. tabor330
How many tramp stamp tattoos on the covers? Just curious to see for myself. Here's hoping.
Von Berry
167. Derek J. Goodman
Oooh, books!
Von Berry
168. Laskaris Panagiotis
Thanx TOR!!! Meawww! Meawww!
Von Berry
169. abbabbahrk
Yes please!
Joel Tone
170. jtone
I could give those books a good home.
Von Berry
171. actpic07
Von Berry
172. Jessie123
They look tasty.
Von Berry
173. rubydog
I would love to win.
Please enter me!
ed t
174. edt
free books!
thanks for the contest!!
Von Berry
176. tldaisy
I would love some random books.
Von Berry
177. Dovile
I'm definitely in!
Von Berry
178. Ramenth
Oh no it's a comment!
Von Berry
179. JWittek
Love the web site design/the web content and would definitely enjoy some random books frm an avid book lover
Von Berry
181. monkeymonk
Please, please. I could really use an adult book right about now....
Von Berry
182. A-Buddy
Oooooh... books... how novel!
Von Berry
184. Anne Scarola
Free books! I'm in.
Von Berry
185. Eden Wagner
I want them. So make sure the random winners include me ;)
Dru O'Higgins
187. bellman
Excellent! Send me some free books please!
Von Berry
189. shel99
Yay! free books! :)
Ilona Fenton
190. felinewyvern
I love paranormal so I'm in to try and win :D
Von Berry
191. cronan275pep
There's no such thing as too many books!
Von Berry
193. van p.
Omg this is awesome, please enter me :)
Von Berry
194. laura ee
Thank you so much for a chance to win!
Von Berry
195. Lucy L.
Books, glorious books!
Von Berry
196. mectech
Hmm, time to see what all of this (non-de Lint) urban fantasy/paranormal romance is all about. Thanks for running this contest!
Stacy Fort
197. stacylynn79
OMG! I LOVE paranormal romance...well, anything that has to do with romance.
Von Berry
198. Dr. Tuka
This is my official lucky comment.
Von Berry
199. Alden Ash
I don't think this is a second comment for me, but I can't find another one ...
John Massey
200. subwoofer
Edit- It's 2 hunny!

You know I gotta:)


Von Berry
202. William Heuss
I'd like one tall glass of juice ex machina please!
Von Berry
203. Kristie E.
I need more books, Please!
Von Berry
206. digitalcherry
Wow! This is such a great chance to snag free books! :) Good luck to everyone!
Von Berry
209. sunshoe
Awesome giveaway! Thanks!
Von Berry
210. sillystarlight
I can give these books a good home :)
Von Berry
212. Maggie Lloyd
I want to read all of these books. Please enter me. Thanks
Von Berry
213. TerriZ
One of my favorite genres and L.A. Banks is one of my favorite paranormal authors!

Thanks for the great giveaway!
Von Berry
214. macnuts
Thanks for the giveaway.
Von Berry
217. Judi S
Awesome giveaway! :) Please throw my name in the hat. Thanks!!
Von Berry
218. Tocks Nedlog
Anthropomorphic books! Kinda resembles the AOL instant messenger icon.
Kelly Mayberry
219. Keslynn
Oooh! Books!

(Yeah, that's the best I could come up with. It's early.) ;^)
Von Berry
220. Astaryth
w00t!!!! Books! :)
Von Berry
223. EsmeBlue
Free books oh yeah sign me up!!
Von Berry
224. Steph.Ellis
I love paranormal romance!
Brian McCullogh
225. webmccullogh
Thanks for the opportunity, these giveaways are great!
Von Berry
226. Bethynyc
No such thing as too many books! YAY
Von Berry
227. starliss
Love how they form little block people. They look like they could just stroll right into your home!
Von Berry
228. Kitrisha Rasmussen
Paranormal romance is like a sloppy joe: messy, and hot, and oh-so satisfying!!!
José Schenkel
229. Joosche
I want that. Count me.
Von Berry
231. Wang Zeep
using awesome psychic powers to twist odds in my favor. Also, to construct more bookshelves.
Von Berry
232. Bourgeon
Books... fantasy books... urban fantasy... FREE!!!

What more is there to love!
Tom Hill
233. thill2
Ooh! Ooh! Urban Fantasy! Yes, please!
Allana Schneidmuller
234. blutnocheinmal
Watching Justice League Unlimited right now. Though, I could always use some new reading material.
Von Berry
235. salander
I haven't read a Tor published author I didn't like yet. Sign me up!
Von Berry
236. Laura Heron
Oooh, lovely books!
Von Berry
238. Flibbertygibbet
Eh, it's better odds than the lottery (and more books is never a bad thing)!
George Grivas
239. Unuldur
Books just before my summer vacations sounds delicious!
Von Berry
240. Matthew Darragh
I'll cross my fingers.
Von Berry
241. Steve Mortimer
My one comment, I know someone who would really enjoy these.
Ian Gazzotti
242. Atrus
Free books are always more than welcome!
Wesley Parish
243. Aladdin_Sane
Urban fantasy, yes; urbane fantasy, yes; paranormal romance ... umm, not so sure ...
YouDont NeedToKnow
246. necrosage2005
Love how you have them set up like little stick figures.
Von Berry
249. sync-oz
The shoes!! I mean - the books!! ;)
Von Berry
252. kristinmac
i heart giveaways. and tor.
Von Berry
253. Jenny Schreiber
Excellent! Giveaways ROCK!
Von Berry
256. rcutshaw
Would love to have the books!
Craig Duffield
258. Fansik
Never one to scoff at free reading material!
Von Berry
259. Amber White
I need these! My husband took my credit card away because I spend too much on books....
Von Berry
261. LadyDarbanville
In my world the importance of books equals the importance of food - necessary for survival!
Von Berry
262. Magentawolf
Third time is the charm... maybe.
Von Berry
263. Joselle40
I would love to win these!
Von Berry
266. lori32309
2 weeks of free reading, yea!! (If i don't leave my house or cook or clean or....!)
Elizabeth Adams
267. ehadams
I always need more books! (Note: husband does not necessarily agree).
Von Berry
269. wolfspfad
Wow, so much potentially awesome reading stuff for the next weeks/months!
Von Berry
270. Gorbag
paranormal romance? it's that time of the falan, again!

Von Berry
271. elfgrl2115
More books for all!
Von Berry
272. AllyNiamut
This looks like an awesome read for whoever win.
Von Berry
275. Blend
Entering! Hope I win!
Megan Messinger
276. thumbelinablues
Thanks for entering, everyone! Comments are now closed -- check your email later today/tomorrow to find out if you're a winner.
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