Mike Scott
1. drplokta
If you're doing this as a PR exercise, then fine, but if your goal is actually to give iPad users the best possible experience, then you'd do better to put the same amount of effort into improving your layout, HTML5 coding and RSS feeds. I don't want an app for every website I visit; I want them to work well in Safari and in my RSS reader.
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
Drplokta: Stay tuned for not-much-later-in-the-day. We'd love to hear all your thoughts.
some guy
3. NateTheGreat
Why an iPad app? I have no objection to apps; it's just that with the iPad you don't need one. The browsing experience is quite good.

I'd focus on the iPhone, and I'd be looking for an Adobe Air developer. That way I could also offer an Android app without too much extra effort.
Marcus W
4. toryx
I'm inclined to agree with NateTheGreat @ 3: An iPod Touch and iPhone app would make a lot more sense than an iPad one.
5. Solidmercury
Completely agree with other comments. I would love to see an iphone app, or at least an app built for both ipad and iphone.

However, I'd rather see a killer web app mobile version of the site.

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