Jul 17 2010 12:16pm

Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man

Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man by Brandon McCormick is a charming and chilling short film from Whitestone Motion Pictures. As the name states, it is the story of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.  Specifically, it imagines the Tin Man’s origins and the life he lived before he became, as the title states, “heartless.” In brief, and without giving away any spoilers, the film takes the premise of a young woodcutter and his beloved fiancée, and adds resentful mother, a cursed ax, a brilliant inventor, and a wagon load of beautifully constructed steampunk props and imagery.

Heartless is both quick and enjoyable. While the short length does leave one wishing it were longer, the quality of the story, acting and staging more than makes up for its brevity. It is well worth the watching.


G. D. Falksen’s only complaint about Heartless is that it was too short and would have made a magnificent full-length film. More information can be found at on his Twitter and Facebook.

James C. Wallace II
1. James C. Wallace II
Now, let's see if I have this straight. won't consider reviewing my two Oz books, Magician of Oz and Shadow Demon of Oz (Family of Oz comes out in early 2011) because their not Baum or Thompson, Neill or Snow, yet they will review a short film that is less than a year old and is not Baum or Thompson, Neill or Snow.

That seems biased and unfair.
James Goetsch
2. Jedikalos
Thanks for letting me know about the film!
Paul Arzooman
3. parzooman
That was quite enjoyable and I would love to see Oz prequels done in this style as full length features.

Secondly, is this really the place for personal gripes?
Joe Romano
4. Drunes
That film was really well done. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Laura McIntyre
5. Adele2099
Oh, that was really neat! Thank you for sharing.
Jesse Galdston
6. itshissong
Can't check this out until later but I wondered if any of you have seen this fantastic take on the Tin Man? It was the thesis film of a guy in my year in college. I love it and I believe it was accepted as a short at Sundance that year (2006). Anyway, it seemed like the kind of thing people here might like.

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