Jul 21 2010 11:14am

Beating Caprica Withdrawal 2: Electric Boogaloo

The first article that bore this title came when Caprica had taken a week off early in its run. Now, higher ratings and an interminable mid-season hiatus later, I thought it appropriate to offer material to help us all beat our I Miss Caprica Blues!


Caprica at SDCC

You frakkers lucky enough to have snagged tickets to San Diego Comic Con this year have a chance to meet some of Caprica’s stars and creators in person! Caprica fans, REPRESENT! Little Cylons, stand UP!

I would love to post some Caprica fan moments and photos here at Tor after the con! If you’d like to tell the story of how you bested Alessandra Torresani at a karaoke dive in San Diego, or show off that picture of you and Sasha Roiz sporting matching fedoras, follow me on Twitter and send me a tweet/DM!

Want Caprica Season 2? Now Is the Time to Tell SyFy!

Word on the street is that we’ll be hearing soon whether or not Caprica will live to see a second season, but a decision hasn’t been made yet. If the thought of Caprica not being renewed makes you want to lose your s@#t like a Graystone at a memorial event, now is the time to make your voice heard!

Join the Facebook group!

Yes, SyFy actually looks at these things. So if you want Caprica back, add to the growing number of fans in this group! Check out Caprica for Season 2 over at good ol’ FB.

Sign the Petition!

There’s also an official fan petition for you to sign, which you can do here.

Write to SyFy Directly!

If you’re going to send an email or write a short note (handwritten notes are awesome!), make sure you’re polite and to the point. Don’t overdo it on fannish squee…just let them know that you love the show and why, and let them know that it would be well worth it to them to bring Caprica back for a second season. Because we’ll all be watching right? Right?!

General feedback e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mark Stern– EVP of Original Programming on SyFy

NBC Universal – SyFy
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 1400, 14th Floor
Universal City, CA 91608

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

And Mr. Stern is also on Twitter – @stern3000 – as is Craig Engler, who’s VP of Digital Media at SyFy and also frakking rad – @syfy

Interact With the Cast and Crew!

If you’re missing the show, there are plenty of ways to keep tabs on and connect with the actors and creators who bring it to you. This is a really approachable and fan-friendly bunch of folks!

Caprica’s Little Miss Sunshine, Alessandra Torresani, is quite the active Twitterer (@bambolabambina), and she’s got a great website over at, you guessed it, Caprica’s Badass, Sasha Roiz, can be found on Twitter under the very creative handle, @sasharoiz. Both Torresani and Roiz are great with their fans on Twitter! Caprica’s Gentleman Mob Lawyer, Esai Morales is very active on Facebook, and participates on his page, which can be ogled here! Caprica’s Screenwriting Dear Abby, co-executive producer, Jane Espenson, is another active Twitterer. She can be found with a handle that rivals Roiz’s for originality: @janeespenson. She also has a great blog at! Caprica’s Composer of Operatic Epicness, Bear McCreary, can be found both on Twitter (@bearmccreary) as well as at his popular and fascinating music blog at!

Connect With Other Fans!

There’s nothing like banding together to weather Caprica Drought. Caprica TV is a really quality, thorough fansite for the show that tends to be my source for Caprica news in addition to the SyFy website itself. Then, from the makers of BSGCast comes CapricaCast, a great video podcast about the show that’s a lot of fun. If you’re a Sasha Roiz fan (and really, who doesn’t love Gay Uncle Hitman?), there’s a great Facebook fan page for him that features the latest news, nerdily obscure Roiz film stills/clips, and a welcoming bunch of people. It’s Fan-Tested and Roiz-Approved.

Be Really Excited About the Technical Categories at the Emmys This Year!

While Caprica’s brilliant writing and acting didn’t get nods this year, the Academy got SOMETHING right when it nominated the episode “There Is Another Sky” for its fabulous visual effects! Congratulations to Team Caprica: Gary Hutzel, Michael Gibson, Doug Drexler, Jesse Toves, Kyle Toucher, Pierre Drolet, Heather McAuliff, Derek Leadbetter and Dave Morton.

Cheer really loudly for the Visual Effects category when the Emmys air on August 29th on NBC and cheer really loudly for this category. Watch as your friends are really confused. (For bonus points, cheer even MORE loudly for the accountants when they’re brought on. Then go to bed before they announce the Best Dramatic Series.) Congratulations, too, to Bear McCreary who, while he didn’t get nominated for his stunning work on Caprica, got his first-ever Emmy nomination for his work on Human Target!

That should keep you busy for a while, Little Cylons! But I’ll be back with more Caprica-related awesome soon! Stay tuned.

Teresa Jusino was born on the same day that Skylab fell. Coincidence? She doesn’t think so. Her “feminist brown person” take on pop culture has been featured on websites like,, and (edited by Kevin Smokler). She is currently working on several fiction projects, including a web series for Pareidolia Films called The Pack, which she hopes to debut by the end of the year! Get Twitterpated with Teresa, Follow The Pack or visit her at The Teresa Jusino Experience.

Jason Kuhlmann
1. BrowncoatJayson
And your hopes have been answered!


"New York, New York – July 21, 2010 – Syfy has announced the highly-anticipated return of critically-acclaimed series Caprica. The second half of season one premieres in January 2011 (date TBA), and kicks off with a thrilling pace as the citizens of Caprica deal with the chaotic aftermath of the mid-season finale’s harrowing events."
M Shikibot
2. Shikibot
Thanks for publishing this, Teresa! I've been wondering what I could do to make sure this excellent show isn't cancelled!
M Shikibot
3. Shikibot
Wait...we have to wait until January for 1.5? Frak...
Ralph Feldhake
4. feldhake
Ten month hiatus? Not a good sign, methinks...
rick gregory
5. rickg
Eh. I just get tired of the 'let's do a few episodes, then take 6, 7, 10 months off' thing. It was boring with BSG and it's no better here. If a series is doing well enough to continue, there really isn't anything wrong with the traditional formula of launching a series in the fall, having it run for fall/winter/spring and doing reruns in there along with replacement series in the summer. By time January comes around I'll need to rewatch most of Caprica S 1.0. Will they have a marathon? I'm sure they will. But... meh. This kind of thing just feels like a way to stretch the life of a series out over more time than the episodes warrant

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