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Winter’s Heart ebook cover by Scott M. Fischer

Winter’s Heart ebook cover by Scott Fischer

Winter’s Heart, volume nine in Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, will be available in ebook form June 22nd. In celebration of Jordan’s work, we have commissioned fourteen artists to interpret one of the Wheel of Time books in their own style. (Previous editions can be seen here. The first seven ebooks can be purchased here.)

For Winter’s Heart, we asked Scott Fischer to tackle one of the most momentous scenes of the series, “the cleansing.”  For the uninitiated, this post contains spoilers. For these that do not mind such portrays Rand attempting to harness an incredible power, one that can literally crack the world in half.

As Jason Denzel from Dragonmount told me,

The cleansing of saidin is one of the most iconic moments in The 
Wheel of Time. For 3,000 years nothing has been more feared than a man 
who can channel. The taint upon saidin led not only to the devastation 
of an entire Age, but very nearly at times to the extinction of 
humankind itself.  To say that Rand’s action here is significant is a 
gross understatement. By removing the taint, he is allowing an entire 
future generation of male channelers an opportunity to exist. He's 
giving the world some hope. Perhaps he's even giving himself a fighting chance to survive long enough to make it to the Last Battle, where, if he fails, it may not matter one way or the other in the end.

I wanted to see Rand again; it had been a while since he made an appearance on the ebook covers and we had yet to see him in full hero mode. On the other hand, I knew it would be impossible to portray that much power without it becoming a caricature. In the end I asked Scott if he could help us out with the cover, knowing he could create a fantastic character study of Rand, one that fans would immediately connect with their knowledge of the story and newcomers would see simply as the heroic-but-tested noble lead.

The essential elements—Rand, statue, and a hint of the city Shadar Logoth—were fairly easy to establish. All the work came down to refining the portrait and the balance between how much power we could show before it became too chaotic and distracting.

Last night, during the week-long Illustration Master Class, Scott presented a step-by-step lecture of Winter’s Heart. He works fluidly between digital and traditional media. He is the master of bending reference material to his will: scanning in shapes, images, and textures, altering them, layering and evenetually arriving at a cohesive, beautifuly rendered piece. Scott turns into handsome Rand, the bottom of a plastic soda bottle becomes the starting point of a magical glowing orb, gun holster leather becomes embroidery. The secret, it turns out, is constantly layering good drawing skills on top of all that shapeshifting. For the artists in the audience, let me repeat the important part: the secret is layering good drawing skills on top of all the reference. 

Scott Fischer, Rand, Winters Heart

Scott Fischer, Rand, Winters Heart


Scott, never shy and always a sweetheart, agreed to let us show some of his slides from last night’s lecture. These are screenshots from his computer as he was working. 

Scott as Rand in red hoodie.

Winters Heart, reference


Drawing on top, maybe a bit too “Flock of Seagulls” but starting to take shape.

Winter’s Heart, reference


Reworking the face.

Winters Heart, progress


Details starting to take shape. We liked the glowing blue eyes, but in the end, we decided that it looked a little too Dune. Winters heart, progress


To keep up with all of our Wheel of Time posts, including information on the ebook releases, check out our Wheel of Time Index.

For the full-sized cover image, check out Dragonmount’s Winter’s Heart feature.

To see more of Scott Fischer’s illustration and children’s books, please visit his website.

James Hogan
1. Sonofthunder

Rand looks so young, yet you can tell how hard he has already become. Absolutely awesome. And the aura of power around him is unmistakeable. I like the stars in the in-progress image and wish they had remained in the final, but ah well. Masterful cover for a masterful scene. Now everytime I read this section, I have the feeling I'll be seeing this. Good work!!!
Sam Mickel
2. Samadai
Another great new cover. I sure am hoping for a calendar or book of art out of this.
3. ghenjei
This is one of the better ones. Really solid work and captures the pivotal scene in the book. So much better than DKS's Christmas Carolling Crew. I've been 50/50 on the new covers, but this is one of my favorites.
Leigh Butler
4. leighdb
Wonderful cover, and a perfect choice for WH in my opinion.

The detail of the herons on his palms is an especially nice touch.
Daniel Goss
5. Beren
@3 ghenjei
Wot Christmas Carolers . . .

Here we come a channelling among the leaves so brown.
Here we come a chann'ling and tearing up the ground.
Rolling rings, earth and fire,
Make you sure to soon expire.
So light bless you and blast you
Into the Seventh age
Yes we'll blast you into the Seventh age.
j p
6. sps49
Very nice, Rand looks suitably like someone to be reckoned with.

I imagined the light being brighter, but that would wash out anything else in an illustration.

inb4 Where's Nynaeve?
7. kristenlee
is this from Nynaeve's POV?
8. AlfredTungstan
A little off topic but does anyone know if there is a chance that the audio book of Winter's Heart can or will be re-released. It's nearly impossible to find at a reasonable price (less than $100.00) and then only in the Library editions.

On topic, awesome cover. Still wish the US hardback covers where this good.
Sharon E.
9. Sulin
Wow. Beautiful work! I was really hoping it would be Rand and the Cleansing on this cover. Fantastic job on Rand- his youth is depicted as well as his power and arrogance. I love the detail in his coat, the herons on his palms.

I'm really hoping ^hint hint^ this artwork is available as a calendar, print, something! Pretty please?
Joseph Blaidd
10. SteelBlaidd
Nice. Very nice.

My only quible is that I would have Rand's eyes focused on the statue not the viewer, but powerfuly done.
Tricia Irish
11. Tektonica
Beautiful! The best Rand I've seen depicted. You can see his youth and yet he appears dangerous. Wonderful. Love the glowing light and the herons...nice touch.

I too would love a calendar or posters or audio covers or new book jackets for my hardcovers. Pretty please!

Beren@5: LOL...very funny!
Tess Laird
12. thewindrose
Yay, new cover - looks great. The Herons on his hands, hardened icy blue stare, outfit looks fantastic, and Nynaeve and him are not holding hands. It seemed a bit off when the girls where holding hands in the circle around the bowl, so I was happy to see that not happening here.

Now TOR, we know you had that give away of these new covers, so 'fess up' - will they be available to buy in some form when this project is completed?

Barry T
13. blindillusion

Of course, as I'm searching for a Coffee Table, a nice Coffee Table Book...namely with these wonderful covers...would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


edit: What's that, I snagged 13 again? Awesome.
Jordan Dennis
14. jddennis
This is probably one of my favorite of the covers. It's been a treat pick these up for the e-book reader.

@8 AlfredTungstan

Do you specifically want a CD edition? has all of the WoT audiobooks for a decent price, especially if you sign up for a subscription.
zac d
15. Asio
I agree wholeheartedly with Tektonica, I believe that this is the best image of Rand that I have ever seen. Not to knock Sweet, but this puts every Rand on the original US books to shame.
Rikka Cordin
16. Rikka
the calendar/coffeetable book request is thirded.
Miffy Whinge
17. miffyWhinge
Awesome cover. Like so many others, getting a huge thrill out of the new artwork. I'm secretly hoping for hardback re-releases with the new artwork :D

The Dragonmount article on Scott's Winter's Heart eBook cover can be found here.

At the time of writing this, the article was linking to last month's Path of Daggers cover.
Ian Jackson
18. porus
Amazing. This is how I always imagined Rand would look. The architecture of the access key is also astoundingly cool. Way better than the clunky thing I always pictured.
19. Ghenjei
@5 Beren: outstanding
*my own pathetic attempt*
"Tingle Bells, Tingle Bells, Tingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to be a woman feeling an Ashaman channelling away!"

@7 Kristenlee:
it must be, Rand and Nyn were sitting face to face for the cleansing. Definitely captures the awesome terrifying/boyish nature of Rand at this point.

all: This has to be the best depiction of Rand hands down, though I will accept the new EoTW cover as well.
Lucas Huntington
20. L.P.Huntington
these ebook covers never cease to amaze me.
I want to repeat my request again to publish these covers on print books, whether hardcover or paperback I don't care.
I am not kidding when I say I will repurchase every book in this series to have them. amazing work to honor my favorite saga ever.
Julia Nepper
21. andoran_g33k
Absolutely LOVE the cover! Definitely my favorite so far, and I have to add my voice to the chorus of those wishing for a poster of this. I didn't notice the herons til I zoomed in close, I thought that was a nice touch. Why is it the ebook covers are so awesome and the physical covers are so crap? I like my books to be real :(
Irene Gallo
22. Irene
Thanks for the kind words, guys.

I'll get to some of the questions as soon as I can.

Scott and I are at Amherst college teaching for a week in Rebecca Guay's Illustration Master Class. We're having a blast. Scott grew up reading these books. The two of us are super excited to see it go live together.
23. Freelancer
Outstanding. Very well done, Scott. And thanks again, Irene.

The blue-grey eyes are perfect, as is his overall countenance. Much WoT art gives him aged, excessively hardened facial features. Here, Rand's expression is intense and hard, but his face is that of a young man.

On the statue, in the pleated cloak fanning out with the upstretched arm, are those little ancient Aes Sedai symbols? Can't quite see enough detail in these pics to be sure, but I hope so, and if so, excellent.

Again on the statue, and this is the tiniest possible quibble. The base seems a bit large for something that Rand carries in an inside coat pocket later in the series. Then again, it doesn't appear in the working crop.

It looks to me as if Rand isn't looking at me, but simply staring straight ahead. Seems like I read that in the chapter description at one point.

Can I has?
Steven Pattingale
24. Pattingale
I'd say this cover looks SWEET ... but some may take that as insult! :)

Awesome work!

-edited for typo
25. mazza3
those are not eyebrows a maiden would dream over....
Sharon E.
26. Sulin
I echo blind's request for a coffee-table book! As well as original-sized prints. I would buy the entire HC series again to have these covers.

Irene@22- Great picture, and I'm seeing the LoC cover in the background. Yay! That is another one I'd pay money to have in it's original size. It would look perfect over my big-screen. ;)
Tricia Irish
27. Tektonica

What about the eyes...and the cheek bones....and the jawline...and the chin...and ....oh, never mind.
Lannis .
29. Lannis
Excellent! Easily the best depiction of Rand thus far as far as I'm concerned. Love it!
James Jones
30. jamesedjones
Wow. Just, WOW.

Great moment in the book, and great depiction of Rand. I've got to say, it is so clear that this, and the cover to The Shadow Rising were created by true fans of the work RJ brought to life. What makes me smile, though, is the fact that both authors posed for the art, themselves.

Not to say that the other covers aren't incredible, or that the artists weren't fans, but there's just something about these two that really fit with my own mental image of the characters.
Roger Powell
31. forkroot
Agree totally with jamesedjones. All of the covers are excellent, but this one and my peraonal favorite (TSR) have that extra je ne sais quoi that resonates somehow.

Yes, yes I'm begging for hardback re-release with these covers!
Rob Munnelly
32. RobMRobM
Rand, Mat (among others), Rand, Mat, Dumai Wells, Moiraine, Nynaeve/Lan, Nyn/Avi/Elayne, Rand....

So let's play guessing game for covers 10, 11, 12.

10 - overdue time for a Perrin cover (the small detail on book 6 shouldn't count). Either throwing away the axe or going into So Harbor (or something else). A Mat-Tuon cover also could work or Egwene working on the harbor chain.

11 - If not in CoT, absolutely needs to be Perrin in battle or setting up for battle (such as the meeting in the field with Berelain and Seanchan officers). Mat going after all the fighters after the Hell could work too as could Rand and Semirhage.

12 - Gotta be Egwene fighting Seanchan or forging a new AS sword.
Bobby Stubbs
33. Valan
This is my favorite cover so far, completely, irrevocably, and awesomely badass. This makes up for me not getting Moridin and the Sha'rah game on Path of Daggers :)

I would like a poster, a HC book and wallpaper. It better happen Tor or I won't buy any more books from you!

(yeah right, Way of Kings, Towers of Midnight...)

Just pretend like I meant that.
Sharon E.
34. Sulin
RobM- for tGS, I was thinking Rand and Tam (even though he's had more covers), Rand/Tuon, Rand/Ebou Dar or Dragonmount. Or maybe Mat and the Band at Hinderstap? There's so many awesome moments to choose from, I'm glad I'm not having to decide!
35. Zemaille
Like the rest of the series, the art is really great.

Unlike most of the previous ones, the concept generally fails, IMO.

This wasn't just Rand being heroic, and there's many better scenes in the series to show him in heroic solo moments.

A great deal of the interest of that scene, thematically and also in the epic sense, comes from the fact a woman and a man were working together again, saidar and saidin, probably using the greatest amount of the OP ever used, and pitting two opposed evils against one another to cleanse saidin. This is the beginning of the resolution of the man/woman conflict in the series.

Not including Nynaeve deprives the scene of much of its interest, also of its relevance to the book (where a lot of male/female conflicts are shown, a lot of it is even set in a city where women treat men like carpets). A lot of Rand's heroism came from the fact he dared trust Nynaeve, and he dared used saidar though her, and she trusted him back. There's really no sense of that, not even of the duality of the powers he was using.

So, a great illustration (awesome depiction of Rand, with great attention to details, nice composition and very tasteful art direction - it's overall very nice, really), but at the conceptual level, it's not quite as good as what you came up with for the previous e-books.
36. Ajahlina

How could you not even mention Egwene, when she was the most prominent character (next to Rand...) in all of TGS?? Of course Dragonmount would be cool, but how could it NOT be the image of Egwene hurtling lightning bolts from the White Tower at flying Seanchan? It's a must, and hopefully I didn't just jinx it.
Rob Munnelly
37. RobMRobM
Z@35. That is a really thoughtful post. Thanks. R
Scott Terrio
38. Renegade248
All of the e-book covers have been fantastic, but I also agree this is the Rand I picture in my mind and is one of the best Rand pictures I have ever seen. Awesome job.

Also agree that TGS has to be Egwene hurling fireballs out of the white tower surrounded by novices. That has to be the scene for TGS. If it is not I will be disappointed.

I think we are forgetting some novels. I believe Tor is doing these in publication order, so we will also have New Spring and the 2 split books that was Eye of the world for teens. Any ideas for those covers?
39. MarciaJ
Completely agree with Zemaille @35 on this. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous artwork. And I echo all those who see this depiction of Rand as being about as close as the collective WoT fandom could envision - like in the shared dreams of Rand with the Wot populous at certain points in the story.

But I would, however, love to see Scott do a complementary version of this with Nynaeve and Rand sitting face to face with the female and male Choedan Kal between them. It was Rand's crazy and impossible idea to somehow cleanse Saidin. But he could not have possibly done it without the help of a woman and Saidar, specifically Nynaeve in that time and place. An illustration and the actual realization of one of RJ's main themes (if not THE main theme): Men and women melding themselves together in perfect balance and symbiosis to bring about perfect health and balance in the world and all aspects of it. A perfect balance on the imposibly narrow edge of a perfectly sharpened sword, perhaps, but that's what the struggle is all about afterall.

Anyway, I'd love to see Scott do a larger version of this from a side or angled perspective with Nynaeve...double awesome it would be!!
40. Zemaille


I also wanted to add I realize if Mrs. Gallo had opted to show both Rand & Nynaeve, it would pretty much have ruined the concept she had for TPOD (which is really awesome) - the two images would have been way too similar, and it's probably one of the main reasons they didn't consider/choose a concept showing both Rand and Nyaneve. They had the same problem if they tried to show a large shot of the scene. Big channelling is big channelling...

They probably should have come up with another idea for one of the two books, though.

The two scenes are meant to be complementary, such as it is. The Bowl was the women's large channelling feat (and the first reunion of Kin, AS, Windfinders and "WO"), but it was undermind by the lack of men to control saidin being used (because there was no man in the circle, the leader couldn't weave saidin too - the bowl drew saidin and did what it wanted with it) and the fact the bowl was overused.

The Cleansing was the great male feat - the counterpart of the fixing of the weather - but impossible without a woman, and this time the reunion of the two halves happened. It was also much grander and impressive, very fitting for the first deed performed by a mixed gender circle.

But oh well... I'm not impressed by the concept for WH, but it's still great cover art. I really love the direction taken for the whole project. The illustrations, the layout, it all does a terrific job conveying the feeling of "old-fashioned adventure" of WOT without being old fashioned, and without falling into the tacky and pulp-ish. It achieves what they seem to have aimed for but failed with the original DKS covers (the kindest thing to be said about those is that achieved a strong recognizable branding... even though it makes you wince, you know immediately it's WOT).
41. MarciaJ
Zemaille @40

Ah have to disagree about WH ruining the concept of TOPD or vice versa with depictions of linked channelling. I think just as you say the two concepts are very appropriately complementary, and in the hands of consummate artists - Scott Fischer for WH in this case - it could be pulled off extraordinairely well and with total clarity. Not easy, but very conceivable for such as Scott.

WH ramps it down (so to speak) to just two channellers, one male one female, which shows the progression necessary for this age if the WoT world is to survive, and that's totally appropriate for the book covers. If a panorama such as Dumai's Wells is possible to depict with all its channeling, then a very tranquilly intense (is that an oxymoron or what!) scene such as the cleansing of Saidin is possible to depict as well.

And Dumai's Wells was the big male show and tell and rip to hell. The Bowl of the Winds was the big female mend and tend and put together again. The cleansing of Saidin was something of both.
Ian Jackson
42. porus
To all the above who think Nyn should have had a feature on this cover: you seem to be forgetting that Nyn did no so much 'work with' Rand as get dragged along semi-consciously. The book makes it clear that Nyn passed out fairly early into the whole thing, and that Rand pretty much used her as an access key to Saidar. She really had little do with the cleansing. IMO Cadsuane played a more important role in the cleansing than Nyn, but we don't see her on a cover do we?

That's right, because everyone hates Cadsuane.

Nyn's MoA was the bowl of winds and her fight with Moggy. She already got a cover for the former.

I understand the desire for equal gender representation here, but the Cleansing is really not the ideal choice in the context of a cover for this role. The only male/female channelers who worked together in the cleansing were the circles who went forsaken hunting, but they they are tertiary characters and don't make a good cover.

While it makes sense to put Rand and Nyn together on the cover, do you really want a picture of Nyn slumped over on the ground as Rand pulls Saidar through her? That's not exactly the heroic image of Nyn you seem to want.

No, I think the cover is the best the way it is.
43. Freelancer

The only response I have for your comment, which is completely valid and with which I don't disagree in substance, is that then Nynaeve would be featured in three consecutive covers. However much some readers consider her their favorite character of the series, that would be out of bounds.

For CoT, I think Mat gets the nod with three different scene choices.

1) Leaving the Tarasin Palace with Tuon wrapped in a bundle across his saddle, Egeanin/Domon, Teslyn, Joline and Edesina as Damane, Renna, Seta, and Bethamin as sul'dam, Selucia, Vanin, and Joline's Warders.

2) Mat and Tuon playing stones in the wagon, with a cluster of silk rosebuds beside the board, an incredulous and suspicious Selucia in the background, and perhaps a stern yet slightly amused Setalle Anan.

3) Mat riding Pips, staring nervously at Tuon and Selucia riding in the front of one of the wagons, while they pass dozens of Seanchan troops.

For Knife of Dreams, I can think of nothing better than Perrin waiting to greet Tam as he walks through Neald's gateway in the hills above Malden. Two Rivers men with their longbows through the gateway, and perhaps a peek of the Winespring Inn.

For The Gathering Storm, I understand the sentiment for showcasing Egwene and her novice battalion hammering the Seanchan invaders from a hole in the White Tower. But Veins of Gold is a seminal point of the story, and Rand sitting there with the Choedan Kal access key between his feet, smiling, the sun shining on him through a break in the clouds, cannot be denied.
Sharon E.
44. Sulin
Ajahlina@36- I didn't mention Egwene since RobM had already suggested her for the cover. :) And sorry, no offense, but without Rand's Epiphany at DM in Veins of Gold, Egwene hurling fireballs at morat'raken wouldn't have meant a thing in the long run.

Edit for: Freelancer said it better, above. :)
45. MarciaJ

I understand what you're saying, but as Eddie Vedder says, uh huh.
Rob Munnelly
46. RobMRobM
Porus - Nyn wasn't out during the cleansing. Struggling to keep focus and in need of Cads' washing away of fatigue, yes; unconscious no. She was working darned hard to keep focus and allow the cleansing to happen. R
47. rand206
Wow. Color me impressed. These works of art are very, very good. You can always nitpick with different interpretations on book covers and fan art, but these new e-book covers are the most true to form in my opinion that I have ever seen. Bravo.
Andrew Belmont
48. rosetintdworld
I agree with those who say that Rand's moment on Dragonmount is technically more important than Egwene's battle. However, while I think this WH cover is excellent, I can't say I would be excited to have TWO covers of Rand sitting on the ground and staring at a Choedan Kal. However different the composition might be, a TGS cover of "Veins of Gold" would be too repetitive of this (again, excellent) piece.

Plus, we've now had four Rand covers, one Mat, one Perrin (at a distance), one Moiraine, two Nynaeve, one Lan, one Elayne... Egwene needs one. And because I doubt she'll get COT (Perrin has the most moving and intense scene in that book,) TGS it is.
49. Ajahlina
I agree with 48, rosetintdworld, and Sulin, yes, of course his epiphany is perhaps more important in defeating the Shadow at the end of this story but I think some more action shots are needed on the covers. All we really haave is Dumai's Wells, and who wouldn't want to see an Aes Sedai battling the Seanchan, when we already have Rand staring at an access key? I know it's hard to fit a battle on a small cover but we haven't even seen the White Tower depicted on a cover yet!
A Hood
50. Cyrrha
Beautiful artwork. And Rand's expression is perfect- is it just me, or does it seem you can actually see madness lurking in that icy stare? Along with pain, determination, power...really amazing job.
Kurt Lorey
51. Shimrod
Another hit, Irene. Great piece, Scott.
52. Duncan Long
I can never get enough of these "behind the scenes" looks at the process of creating the illustration for a book cover. Thanks so much for (once again) sharing this with us.

Freelance illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, Asimov's Science Fiction, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. See my cover illustrations at:
53. JKlein
This is my absolute favorite in the new series, so far. Kudos, Scott!!
54. raz311
WOW!!!! Like other posters have already mentioned, "THIS" is the Rand I had always envisioned whilst reading the WOT series. Young and powerful, with this hint of madness showing in the eyes. Perfect, well done!!!
55. mollymolo
Wow! I really love these new covers so much more than the old ones. So much more evocative of the actual characters and stories. I always feel such a disconnect between the old ones and what I'm reading. Well done.
Nice one

But Rand looks really too naive in this as compared to how he is depicted in the books

Make it a bit darker

A bit of pain visible on the face wouldnt hurt!!
Abdel Masdoua
58. TheDarkOne
O.K, just two words:




Pretty Please!
Jacy Clark
59. Amalisa
I like this cover a lot! I do agree with those who wish that it had included Nynaeve - although, I'm just going to look at it and pretend that I'm Nynaeve looking at Rand and he's looking at me. Yeah, that'll work! *lol*

No, honestly, to me including Nynaeve in the picture would have been important because it was the first time since before the Breaking that the One Power had been used as it was intended - by men and women working together, saidin and saidar combined. That's pretty significant, don't you think?

Also, is it just me or is there a hint of pathos in Rand's eyes? A look that says "if this doesn't work, what then?" I see it in the closeup more than in the full view.

As for future covers... CoT and KoD could easily go to either Mat or Perrin. It will be very interesting to see how that works out.

As for TGS... a friend of mine on suggested a scene that seriously floored me when I thought about it. It was one that answered one of the biggest questions debated by fandom throughout the series: was Verin Black Ajah? His suggestion - and I can just see it! - was a picture of Egwene and Verin and a cup of tea...

That one gets my vote!
60. lordofsoup
its a great cover, wish it was the regular book cover. Only thing i wish for is that his sleeves could be rolled up, so we could see the dragons.
61. Kraeven
I like it, a lot. I think most people expected this scene to make the cover, but I must admit I expected Nynaeve in there as well. However, with her on the last two covers, focusing on Rand alone seems like the smart route in my opinion. It's not exactly how I picture Rand, but it's far far better than the various weird looking Rands seen on the DK Sweet covers.

My only comment or concern would be that the painting must be seen in its entirety to be fully appreciated. Something is with the title covering even that relatively small portion on the bottom. The complete picture is really quite stunning.
62. RoyanRannedos
This cover is great. On the subject of new covers, Perrin needs a closeup in COT. the new LOC cover was most awesome, but the flying flame hair doesn't do Perrin much justice.

For Knife of Dreams, I thought it would be cool to do a scene with all of the captive queens looking up from the ruined basement at a piece of red cloth fluttering in the breeze. It would be in a view like the new TGH, and get some of the other characters some cover time.

Now a vertical scrolling piece of the White Tower battle, starting at the bottom with Siuan and Gareth under the tree and up past Egwene hurling fireballs to Elaida getting carried away...well, that makes me wish I was an artist rather than a would-be writer.
63. BetherSpoon
I don't know why...but Rand looks very emo in this picture. Doesn't he?! He's got the haircut and the black eyeliner. Okay, not really but it sure LOOKS like it! It took me off guard for a second there...
I like that he's practically staring us down, it looks rightly menacing. But I had always pictured Rand closing his eyes in this scene.
Anyway, all that aside, I'm loving these new ebook covers and despite the emo-ishness of it, I really do love this one!

um...I want a calendar too! and a coffeetable book!
64. Planeswalker
Great work! Congrats Irene! and Scott! :)
65. alreadymadwithherons
I just noticed the herons on his palms. Cool.

Though, I admit, I expected any rendition of this scene to be incomplete without Nynaeve in it. And wasn't he supposed to be holding the statuette with both hands at the time? Just nitpicking.
Susan Greger
66. Seosanna
One of the things that intrigues me about this cover is the slight asymmetry of his face. The right side (left for viewer) looks youthful, more open...the left looks harsher and older. I think it is seeing both sides together that makes one wonder about his sanity. Quite ably illustrating Rand and LTT as the two personalities in one soul/body. I love it!
67. akaakasha26
Where's Nynaeve? The cleansing of saidin is a very important seen and so is Nynaeve. Because of everyone he could have chosen to help him; he chose Nynaeve. This was also a turning point for Nynaeve in the use of her power. So, if I was to see this scene depicted, I would expect to see her.
68. mandarb
Great art and the most pivotal point in the series. WH is one of my favorites because of this one scene. What I have realized and hope that the characters in this epic will find out is that saidin and saidar need each other. Has anyone noticed that when a stilled Aes Sedai is "healed" by a man, she retains her former level (Sashalle) but when healed by another woman she drops. ( Siuan and Leane ).

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