Jun 30 2010 11:34am

What is Love Without Life?

Scott Brundage, gothic romance

The latest Twilight film, Eclipse, comes out today. Do you hunger for more? Or do you take your vampire/werewolf/miscellaneous romance a little differently? Whatever the case, check out on July 6th, as we kick off a month-long celebration of Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy!

Teresa Jusino
1. TeresaJusino
But, do you believe in life after love?

Sorry, I had to. :)
Marcus W
2. toryx
Ugh. I'm afraid the light from a theatric showing of a Twilight movie might have the effect on me that sunlight would on the vamps if they forgot to put on their glitter.

Or maybe I'd just be zombified. Clearly either option are risks too great to be taken.
Jason Ramboz
3. jramboz
A month of Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy?

Ugh. See you in August.
Juan Moller
4. meinung
Unfortunately, we here in Germany have to wait a bit longer. It starts here at the 15th of July =(
Irene Gallo
6. Irene
Teresa: Oh great, now I'll have that stuck in me head all day. ;-p

Pablo: Yeah, leave it to Scotty to combine Herman, MJ, and Sparkleman.

Jramboz: Don't worry, theme months are additive! Regular programming will continue between the full moons.
YouDont NeedToKnow
7. necrosage2005
I can't belive that people are still into these dumb emopires (emotional vampires)! Ann Rice's crap was bad enough, but these Pixies actually SPARKLE! How can anybody actually even LIKE any of Meyer's trash? Let me sum up the plot for everybody: an undead emopire that is a few hundred years old is either too dumb to graduate HIGH SCHOOL or just enjoys praying on CHILDREN, falls in love with a minor and then has a love triangle with a werepuppy. So, Ed is committing pedophelia, (not so) Bella is doing necrophilia (Ed) and has an interest in bestiality (Jake). Meanwhile, in real life, all of the "adult" women drooling over Taylor Lautner should, themselves, be going to prison. He just turned 18 on February 11 since he was born in 1992.

Wow, what sipmly awesome books. I can't belive that more people were upset over Harry Potter than these! At least Potter was written better.

If you want to read good vampire books about EVIL vamps, read the Necoscope series by Brian Lumley. He has been compared to Bram Stoker more than once.
Sven Hesse
8. DrMcCoy
Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy, all well and good.

But if it includes that mess Twilight? What's next, My Immortal?
Yeah, I'll take the month off reading this blog...
Alex Brown
9. AlexBrown
Teresa: You go to hell. You go to hell and you die. ;)

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