Jun 29 2010 5:25pm

Johnny Depp Starring in Big Screen Doctor Who Adaptation?

To steal a phrase from the Tenth Doctor...


Sources are reporting that a big screen version of Doctor Who, written by former showrunner Russell T. Davies, is slated for release in 2012. Those same sources are also reporting that Johnny Depp has been confirmed in the iconic role of The Doctor.

The rumor of an American movie adaptation of the classic British sci-fi series was originally raised when Russell T. Davies and show producer Julie Gardner announced their departure from the BBC revival of the show for Los Angeles in 2008 in order to develop projects for BBC America. Though both were mum on the idea of adapting Doctor Who for American audiences, it was eventually revealed that Torchwood was undergoing that very process. The idea of a Torchwood television series was originally pitched to Fox before eventually landing at Starz. (Fox Television itself is no stranger to Doctor Who, having been the distributor behind an attempted American revival of the show in 1996.)

Earlier this week, the news of Johnny Depp starring in Doctor Who appeared on article mill PubArticles (Update: Looks like the article was moved here then later removed from the site. What follows is a quote from that piece):

Long-time producer of the television series Russell T. Davies reported that the reason he moved on from the show was due to the opportunity to transform the Doctor to the big screen. “Bringing the Who franchise to the theaters is a regeneration for the character beyond the usual one. A theatrical release has a greater range and can reach millions of more people than just the fans. There will be brand new concepts and the film will be just as adventurous, scary and humorous as the television programme. But none of us working the film will forget what makes the character great and interesting and the long-time fans will not be disappointed because yes, the Daleks make an appearance.”

The article goes on to say that the story will involve the Doctor going “on a journey through time and space with a crew of volunteers treating humanity’s illnesses brought on by invading aliens. He cures the bubonic plague and then goes to Africa to fight Ebola.”

The grain-of-salt quotient on this idea is MASSIVE, but it’s not like Russell T. Davies hasn’t introduced huge, odd-sounding concepts to Doctor Who before. He’s also admitted in his book The Writer’s Tale to routinely lying to press about story elements.

So it was with even greater surprise that movie studio sources confirmed with Tor.com today that, while it can’t comment on possible story elements, the casting of Johnny Depp as the Doctor for a 2012 film is confirmed.

If this bears out to be true, it introduces an enormous amount of excitement and uncertainty to the franchise. A movie version could make the Doctor a household name here in America but alienate old fans in the process. And what of Johnny Depp’s involvement? It is, obviously, too soon to decide on how any of this will play out. If it plays out.

I personally know one thing for sure: I certainly won’t mind seeing the TARDIS plastered on billboards all around the country.

Chris Greenland may or may not have gotten all of his friends Weeping Angel toys for Christmas.

Jason Henninger
1. jasonhenninger
A friend of mine likes to add “in Johnny Depp’s pants” to the title of any film he’s in. “Secret Window in Johnny Depp’s pants” and “The Astronaut’s Wife in Johnny Depp’s pants” and so forth. Now we may have “Doctor Who in Johnny Depp’s pants” to look forward to...

I can’t help but feel concerned. It’s not a question of Davies as a writer or Depp’s skill as an actor. They’re both very talented. My concern is twofold. First, IMDB lists nineteen Johnny Depp films in development or production. Nineteen! And Doctor Who isn’t even on the list yet. It’s the reverse of the Matt Smith situation. Smith was an unknown. Hollywood is reaching Depp critical mass. Serious saturation. Second, yes, he can be quirky. And the Doctor is all up in the quirk. But I’m kind of tired of all the quirks in Depp’s pants. It’s all starting to blur into Captain Mad Hatter Sparrow Scissor Wood.

Why not Crispin Glover? Few pull off quirktastic the way he can. Or for that matter, why not Matt Smith? Well, obviously because they aren’t supernaturally famous box office guarantees. But there’s a long list of great actors who could do the job without bringing with them the massive backlog of fame that may detract from the Doctor as a character.

OK, I have one other concern. The Eighth Doctor. The feature-film length one-off Doctor Who for Americans has been tried before and the results—no offense to Paul McGann, who did a great job in later audio work—were less than great.

I’d be happy to be wrong, though. Like I said, Davies and Depp are immensely skilled. If they can play this at the top of their game, it’ll rock. But any less than that and it’ll just be one more “Johnny Depp playing a weirdo” role.
Noneo Yourbusiness
2. Longtimefan
while I would like a Dr. Who Movie (yay) and I like a Johnny Depp Movie (yay) I do not know if it is appropriate to cast an American actor in such a British film.

One of the "rules" I appreciate in the Harry Potter films is that it is a British story so it must have British actors.

Even if the production company making a Dr. Who Movie insists on a "famous" actor there are many actors from Great Britian who are well known.

I personally think they should just go with the actor who is the current doctor when they finally make the movie.
3. wandering-dreamer
Ahem, still freaking out over the live-action Avatar movie over here so the idea that Doctor Who gets a movie (okay, good so far) but by Johnny Deep? For the love of cake, I'm sure he's a good actor but I can't see the difference between half the roles he's played. He just doesn't seem like a good match, ahhhhh, please let that detail be false, please let that detail be false...
Alex Brown
4. AlexBrown
What? No. No, no, no, no, no. No. Abso-fraking-lutely no.
Chris Greenland
5. greenland
Best comment I've yet received (from a loved one, no less!):

sounds like one of those Onion editorials. Titled, "This Movie Deal With Johnny Depp is Definitely Happening."

Is it too late to change the title of the article?
6. SarahNF
I breathed a sigh of release when I read these comments because I thought the whole world was too enamored with Johnny Depp. I don't particularly care for him (and I get hateful comments when I say this normally) because all his "weird" roles blend together into, like Jason said, a "Captain Mad Hatter Sparrow Scissor Wood" character.

I know the point is to make an "american" adaptation, but I wouldn't mind a British actor in the role.
7. PhoebeWho
I used to be a fan of Johnny Depp, but in recent roles he's too much a parody of himself. I think he'd be all wrong in this part--hammy and muggy with no charm.

But more importantly: this would be awful. I imagine it would be airing simultaneously with Matt Smith's Doctor? I know there's precedent for having multiple Who continuities, but this just seems like a cruddy trick to play on Moffat or something.
8. zenspinner
The thing is, every other actor has had enough time to do things like audio books and plays and generally invest themselves into the Who-verse. I can't picture Johnny Depp having the time or the interest. It'd be a reprise of those 1960s Peter Cushing movies all over again. At best it would interest more Americans in the show...at worst it would encourage the dilution of everything that makes the show special in England. So I'm worried about this (worried about a possible RTD script as well - I've had it up to here with emo Dr. God stories, but then one might translate well on the big screen). I almost hope it doesn't happen, but in addition to the concern I'm also really curious as to what would happen. So...maybe?
9. ChuckEye
…movie studio sources confirmed…
Just curious, but which movie studio? To my knowledge, BBC doesn’t have any specific relationships with the Hollywood engine, so a project like this would have to be shopped around, wouldn’t it?
10. sofrina
1. no

2. no

3. david tennant! david tennant! david tennant!

4. johnny depp is not an american. he's a canadian. who lives in france.

5. thank you, but no
11. HeatherWhovian
Oh Hell no! I am so sick of Johnny Depp. I don't even think he's a good actor. Of course how would we know if he is or not as he plays basically the same roles over and over again. Jason's right. "Captain Mad Hatter Sparrow Scissor Wood". I think that he and Davies combined would turn it into such a convoluted mess of obvious, over-the-top humor with no subtlety that it would be barely recognizable as Doctor Who. And believe me, I'm all for the eradication of disease in the world, but I just don't think it makes for a good plot.
I also think it's kind of a blow to Matt Smith and Steven Moffat. It's their turn to create Doctor Who now and they've been doing a great job (with the possible exception of Victory of the Daleks). and that's another thing. The Daleks. I'd say that the majority of fans that I've talked to are getting really sick of the Daleks and think that they need to go on vacation for a while. They are no longer terrifying and now they look like Power Rangers. They're over-used. And wasn't an American TV show of the Daleks already pitched and failed or am I confusing that with something else?
Anyway. I love Russell, I really do. He brought the best TV show in the world back. But I am American, and he is not. And let me tell you, the majority of the people over here just don't get it. I just don't think it would work.
julia galia
12. jules4975
Love Doctor Who, love Johnny Depp. The two together, I just can't see it... I would like to see David Tennent return to Doctor Who on the big screen!!
13. Sheryl Gwyther
What can't North Americans learn to understand and appreciate movies and books produced in the countries of their origins - like the UK and Australia, for example?

Why do you have to have everything 'adapted' to suit your markets? Surely the American people have the capacity to appreciate and understand other countries' accents, stories, issues etc? It's really not that difficult to 'get it'.

In Australia, American movies aren't adapted to suit our tastes and understanding, we just take the good with the bad and make our choices about what to see. (Recent US movie, 'City Island' is an example - brilliant acting, lovely setting near New York, excellent story about real people).

Even books published by Australian children's authors and re-issued in America get Australian place names taken out, Australian humour is changed, spelling and grammar changed too, of course (that is never done for American books we get here, I might add) - by this being done, you miss out on the chance to learn about another culture other than your own.

The worse thing of all - and this happened in an American-adapted picture book written by an Aussie writer - I saw the two versions.
The American publishers had taken out all the subtly of a fine story - it had lost its soul. What a shame for young American children to not have experienced the original version.

PS David Tennant was the best!!
14. Maac
Oh... oh please no.

I love Johnny Depp and have since childhood, and I love Who and also have done that since childhood, but... no. I also love chocolate and tuna, but do not plan any sandwiches on that variation any time soon.

Can we not put together something that isn't an adaptation-slash-complete-overhaul of something else already popular? We DO as a society have the ability to create new stuff (without killing the spirit of stuff we already have). We've done it before. C'mon!
15. disgusted
You're kidding right? this is a shameless bid for hits to your article.

Despite the fact you changed the url for the article I found what was published, by a guy probably you, and posted the same day he joined.

It's crap. The Doctor will have a romance? The Doctor will have a name? The Doctor will be more like an actual Doctor?

The movie producers are going to talk to tor.com a month before comicon the year's biggest showcase for SF and fantasy material?
I'd rather see Robert Carlyle in the role. Make an interesting doctor.
Samantha Brandt
17. Talia
Sheryl, don't blame us. Its something the studios decide to do for reasons I can't possibly fathom. Seriously, these silly changes are not something the American public has any hand in at all.

Now, I like Johnny Depp, and I must admit I'd be curious to see how this came out, if only to watch angry Dr. Who fans explode into boiling puddles of rage. Heh. :p
18. wilhalen
Okay, I love Johnny Depp. And I love Doctor Who. But... what? WHY?

Which Doctor is he supposed to be?? A previously existing one? Or 'Twelve'? I'm so confused as to how this would work PROPERLY. But obviously RTD doesn't care about that. I agree with 'Longtimefan' when they say: 'I personally think they should just go with the actor who is the current doctor when they finally make the movie.'

Either way:

No. Just... no. You left, RTD. Stay away.
Jacy Clark
19. Amalisa
@Talia... Are you implying that we Whovians can be extreme? *lol*

Look, I like Johnny Depp. Man's a fine actor, has an impressive body of work. I agree with that, really. But I also agree with previous posters that he's almost become a caricature of himself and could - could - be a distraction.

My biggest concern, however, is with the description in the article (which seems to have disappeared, btw) - the one that implies that the Doctor will be (wait for it) a doctor?? Seriously??? He will be
on a journey through time and space with a crew of volunteers treating humanity’s illnesses brought on by invading aliens. He cures the bubonic plague and then goes to Africa to fight Ebola?
So this is going to turn everyone's favorite blue police box into St. TARDIS?? Really?? No. Just, no.

Yeah. Did I just date myself or what...

I know that there is no way that a movie can hope to accurately "snapshot" the Doctor Who universe - and I mean the actual canonical one, not the fluff and crossover and other stuff cluttering cyberspace. I'm a WoT fan, for crying out loud, dealing with the possibility of a WoT movie at some point and scared to death of how that's going to be chopped up. So, yeah, I get it.

But, imho, the only way to make a true and worthy DW movie would be to start with the reboot, deal with the things that have been central to the series: Time Lord, Time War, Gallifrey, faithful Companion(s), Daleks or one of the other bigtime baddies. Build from that.

Oh, and @disgusted... What's wrong with a little romance?

(The Doctor curing ebola... Not saying he couldn't but... *shakes head and laughs*)
20. SandraL
Please tell me this is somebody's idea of a joke.

I like Johnny Depp quite a bit, but no American actor should ever play the Doctor, IMO.

On the bright side, that ebola storyline is clearly "rubbish" (as the Brits would say), and that Russell T. Davies quote rings false. He knows as well as anyone that Doctor Who fans - those over the age of 10, anyway - aren't going to roll over and squee just because "the Daleks make an appearance".

Given that those two elements from the original source of this "news" are so questionable, I don't think there's much to worry about.
21. MarianMoore
I don't see any reason to do this--unless you are abandoning the TV show. How can you have two different Doctors at the same time? And what a cut to the extant actor to say that he isn't good to carry a movie.

Now if the plans are to go to a purely movie format (ala Star Trek, god help us) then this makes sense. Is Doctor Who too expensive to make on the small screen now?
22. Kazza
This is a financial fiasco in the making, if it is true.
The Doctor curing diseases? Bubonic plague and Ebola? RTD, if you really thought of that, are you ON something? The Doctor could do that, sure, but why would he?

The continuity of this movie wouldn't even make sense if they grabbed any actor that wasn't David or Matt, I hope they know. Considering that Matt is going to be the Doctor for what I believe to be a few more years, and they want to have this movie for 2012? Yeah, no. Anyone who is both a fan of Depp and Doctor Who (which isn't me; I only like DW!) can see themselves that this wouldn't work :P
It takes a special kind of fellow to play someone like the Doctor, and he, well, you know. Kind of has to be British of some sort.

Also there will most likely be romance, considering that Depp is so "good looking" or whatever. I like when the show has overtones of affection but everyone knows that the Doctor is incapable of being involved with anyone who is human. Sad but true fact. Ugh if they gave him a name, if they Americanized this film... They'd use the Daleks, like HeatherWhovian said, and they reeeally aren't the only enemy the Doctor has. I agree that it is unfair to Moffat and Matt Smith to do this. You know, if Americans really cared about Doctor Who, more would tune in to watch it on BBCAmerica. I am American and I watch it there, but just about everyone I know just doesn't understand the humour or appeal. If a movie is to be made, keep it over there, use the proper actors (the Doctor only gets 13 actors as far as we know, let's not waste one on Depp!), and let the current head writer have the honour (sorry RTD!).
23. Shannon87
Oh, please no! No Doctor Who movie unless Tennant is involved. Just no. And I agree on the whole "Captain Mad Hatter Sparrow Scissor Wood" thing.

@Sheryl Gwyther I'm a 23yr old American female that HATES when books/movies/tv shows from other counties are "adapted" for us. The whole reason I love reading books & watching tv shows/movies from other counties is because they're different from what we have here. I'm always really annoyed when I find out things have been changed. And I'm not alone. My younger sister and her friends are the same way as are all of my friends. So there's hope for us American's yet! XD
24. jeni blank
Speaking as a North American, I prefer BBC products to anything we have here.
I love Johnny Depp, but this is just wrong.
Matt Smith, Tennant, Eccleston- any of them or any other quality actor from the UK should be doing this part. The last thing this world needs is another Hollywood makeover-does-it with crappy, fake British accents.
40 years of Who goes up in flames...
Chris Meadows
25. Robotech_Master
Honestly, I don't see any reason to believe this.

The sole source for the story is, as the original post says, an "article mill". It's not being reported on any more reputable news sources. What does that say to me? Someone made it up. Honestly, I wouldn't make a story out of such an non-credible piece, at least until someplace real confirmed it.

Interestingly, a cursory Google search indicated that there seems to have been a minor "Johnny Depp as Doctor Who" meme going around well in advance of this news story. There are videos posted of a "regeneration sequence" into Johnny Depp (and the "related" sidebar is full of Johnny Depp Doctor Who trailers).

Here's a DeviantArt photo mockup of a Depp Doctor from 2009. There was also apparently a Johnny Depp Doctor Who movie poster in this Fark photoshop thread from 2005, but it's not there anymore—since half the images there are linkrotted it's probably one of them.

It's not hard to imagine someone posting that piece as a wish fulfillment fake-out. In fact, given the evidence for a Depp-the-Doctor meme I've dug up, it seems all the more likely that it's a fake—since when do showrunners ever do exactly what the fans want them to?
26. Pertwee6
Gah! Just ... no.

How insulting to Matt Smith, David Tennant and Chris Eccleston, not to mention Seven Moffat. DW needs Johnny Depp like Daleks need doilies. I hope this is one of those 'floater' stories that turns out to be a scouting expedition, or has the BBC already forgotten the last US movie fiasco?

Why doesn't RTD concentrate on getting Torchwood US off the ground before setting his sights back on Doctor Who?

The Doctor curing Ebola - Oh, dear God, just don't.
Ashe Armstrong
27. AsheSaoirse
Deep critical mass is right. God DAMN, people. Too much Depp. Not enough difference in character for Depp. Less Depp, please. Even if someone else is cast, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mostly feel pretty awful.
Chris Meadows
28. Robotech_Master
Again: there is no reason to believe this story.

I'd suggest not getting angry until you know whether this is actually true. It's wasted energy.

Given that the only sites I see reporting this story are reporting "Tor.com says…" I very much doubt it has any truth at all.
29. timeywimey
I'm going to assume this is not going to happen and go along with my happy little life...but if it does...I say us as fans through the worlds biggest temper tantrum and see if that knocks some sense into these idiots. Jesus Christ, NO. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.
30. exterminate-regenerate
NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I WILL SLAUGHTER PEOPLE! Freaking dalek the fuck out of everyone. Stick to tim burton, depp.
31. wtf
I am raging and I hate you all

32. Bad Wolf
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOO NOOOOOOO!!!! As an oldschool geek and a fan of Johnny Depp for 20+ years, all I can say is GODDAMN IT HOLLYWOOD GO DIE IN A FUCKING FIRE!!!

1 - I do NOT want to see a big screen adaptation of Who because part of it's appeal is the "wait and see what happens next week to continue the story". Even with the specials, there are interlacings of "come back to find out more ("He will knock 4 times" "Your song is ending" etc...)

2 - Johnny Depp is a fine actor, but he is NOT THE DOCTOR!!! He's NOT BRITISH!! and he's NOT RIGHT FOR THE ROLE!!

3 - If you're really going through with this TRAVESTY, then get Eccelston or Tennant or even Matt Smith to play the role! We all know them as The Doctor already, and it wouldn't mess with any continuity if we saw them again, provided it still fits within their storylines.

4 - You know what? Nevermind. Keep this OUT of the hands of Hollywood and let The Doctor continue his reign on the small screen. If you really REALLY need to make a feature, let them take care of it.
Are you kidding me?
Johnny Depp can't do a good English accent to save his life!

In 1970 Albert Broccoli had Adam West come over to his house to discuss possibly replacing Sean Connery as James Bond! Thank God West had the sense to decline the role stating; "the role belongs to a proper Englishman"

Depp should employ the same amount of sense.
35. Nyssa
if this was meant to be american, the tardis wouldn't be the blue police box, because we don't have them. the closest thing we have to it is a johnny on the spot. which sums up my feelings of an american doctor who film.
Arachne Jericho
36. arachnejericho
Can Johnny Depp be in a movie these days without being Johnny Depp?

If he can, it'll be fine. If he can't... it may or may not work out, depending on how well the story can adapt.
37. illukar
I'll believe it if and when I see an official announcement. If it does happen, I hope he avoids the current riff of "a bit mad".

I would prefer Rowan Atkinson's Who (or Joanna Lumley's for that matter), but this isn't something that seems worth being explodey about. It's just a movie.

Alex Brown
38. AlexBrown
Nyssa @ 35: What the frak is a "johhny on the spot"? I'm fairly certain I'm still American (despite what the Conservatives claim) and I've never heard of it. Are those like the rape poles they put up near college campuses?
Jacy Clark
39. Amalisa
@Milo1313 - A "johnny on the spot" is an outdoor toilet. You've seen them, I'm sure, at construction sites, big public gatherings and the like. They are usually blue. (And I'm guessing that Nyssa feels like this whole Depp-as-Doctor thing would be in the crapper...)

No, I agree with Robotech_Master... Someone may have let the line between wish-fantasy and reality get a little blurred. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that this is either a deliberate hoax (Oooh... let's see if we can whip the Who-folk up into a frenzy! My God. What a sad, sad person that must be... *lol*) or someone who just wants a DW movie very, very badly and is hoping to jump-start something, à la Betty White for SNL or something.

Honestly, I'm not worried about this anymore. So, chill pills all around... :D
40. the doctor
no f***ing way
42. british girl.
no thanks. doctor who is one of our best tv shows, & even moffat said that the reason so many americans like it is BECAUSE it's so british, like sherlock holmes. get matt to do the film, or tennant, or even someone unknown. johnny depp as the doctor = nonononono.
Ian Gazzotti
43. Atrus
My TARDIS must be broken, because I thought this was June 30 and I suddenly find I'm on April 1st instead.
44. Paul NYC
I hope this doesn't happen because it would be like taking a show like The Office and trying to make an American vers...hmm, that seemed to work out rather well.

All kidding aside, I just don't see a big screen version of Doctor Who generating interest in the states no matter who the lead is. Perhaps it works as niche programming for SF fans in the U.S. especially among those who are Anglophiles (and lord knows we've got a few too many of those wannabes) but a big screen adaptation for the masses? I don't see it.
45. Frightly
This obviously isn't true.
Chloe Healy
46. ChloeH
I envisage a Doctor Who in a top hat with monocle, cravat, crimson velvet overkill and scissors for hands. No, no, no.
Iain Coleman
47. Iain_Coleman
"Bringing the Who franchise to the theaters..."

Not cinemas, as we British people say? I smell a made-up quote.

(Also, I cannot recall Davies ever using the phrase "the Who franchise".)
48. Stevo
Article is here http://pubarticles.com/article-who-is-johnny-depp-find-out-in-summer-2012--1277437398.html
Jacy Clark
49. Amalisa
Stevo, thanks for the link.

One thing - okay, a couple of things jump out at me right away. First, anyone - anyone - can join that site. Credentials of any kind (especially journalistic) not required. It's like any number of websites out there that allow all of us to just express ourselves. (Another reason why, in some ways, the internet gets scarier every day. But this isn't the time or place for me to go into that particular rant. *mutters about mob rule and truth, then kicks the stupid soapbox and sighs*)

The second thing that strikes me is that the "author" of the piece is identified by a member name only - bbcusco. It seems to me that any journalist worth his or her salt, breaking a story involving Johnny Depp and Doctor Who, would certainly want to claim credit, yes? Especially when claiming - or strongly inferring - a "phone interview".

Nah... it's a hoax. Gotta be. Still chillin'...

Edit because I can't spell before caffeine.
50. Saerwen
I think this is pure speculation, at least that's what the Whovian in me is hoping. I am a Johnny Depp fan, and I am a Doctor Who fan, but I never thought DW needed to be a movie, especially one made by an American studio (anyone remember the last time that happened and the travesty that was?) The actor playing the Doctor should ALWAYS be British, and should never be a huge star, because then he wouldn't be the Doctor, he'd be "insert name of star." This is exactly what would happen should Depp take the part...it would be a Johnny Depp movie. It would be Americanized, with a romance and all the British charm erased. WE DON'T WANT THIS...there is no reason why Doctor Who can't continue doing great being what it is, a quirky, long-running, British sci-fi show.
51. marc74
What a complete load of codswallop!!! It amazes me that people get paid tons for reporting complete lies amd made-up nonsense!
I would love a big screen Dr Who and im surprised we have not had one since the 60's but please god don't let Russell T Davies be involved. He ruined modern Dr Who with his childish, non-sense, poorly written crap stories and shoe-horned in 'gay-agenda', so should just leave it well alone now. Doesn't need to ruin a great concept/show any further!
52. Evil Tom
America is the center of the Universe. it must be done. We will change the actor from British to American, we will change the Tardis from a Police Box to a porta-potty, the sonic screwdriver will become a .357 Magnum and the doctors companion will be Lady Gaga.
all hail Americanism
if it aint broke send it to America it soon will be.
53. misterjackson
@Shannon87: So who on earth made the decision for your nation that you (as a people) are not capable of accepting books/movies/TV shows/what-ever, that have been created in foreign lands. Why do they have to be re-written and re-cast to suit the American people?
Just today I have read an article that says the UK show "Being Human" is getting the American make over, I've also seen 10 minutes of the American version of "The IT Crowd", the list goes on ... It's really bizarre.
If, for the movie, they need a big name actor to pull in an American audience then write a great supporting role or a villain and put him/her in there. Let Matt Smith be the actor, he has been immense this season, even carrying the show when the has been a little below par.
Did "District 9" have to use a big name actor? No. and yet is was a great film ... RTD needs to get his head out of his arse, I'm grateful he brought the Doctor back, but he's not a great writer, he made a sentimental mess of David Tennants Dr.
As mentioned previously in the comments, if it is to be unrelated to the current time-line of Dr's then let it be a re-boot, then the American people can see it develop from it origins ... don't try jumping in and expecting people to get it.

I'm not against there being a movie, I'm not entirely against JD being the Dr (if it was a re-boot story) I am totally against RTD writing it. I want dark and edgy with black humour ... please?
54. slanagat
This hoax may be too elegant for the 4chan crowd, but it made me think of them.
Teresa Jusino
55. TeresaJusino
This whole thing sounds like an article from The Onion, so I don't think it's true.

If it is true, I still won't worry, becuase the idea is so obviously bad that it will go the way of the horrible adaptation of "Spaced" McG was going to try to do.

"The Office" worked because the original show had a very basic, non-UK specific premise - horribly awkward boss and his small company - that was then made wholly American. They didn't try to continue to set it in the UK and have Americans doing British accents. They set it in Scranton, and all the humor and story is completely American. Adaptations don't work for UK stuff like Spaced or Doctor Who, because the entire POINT of those shows is that the sensibility is British. They won't work another way, because Britishness is part of the story.

Lastly, Americans don't need these adaptations. We have them forced on us. I would give anything if the studios would stop it. I always give the example of this really cute British film called Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel, and Lawrence that stars Joseph Fiennes and Rufus Sewell. Cute romantic comedy that got released here in the States after Fiennes made waves in Shakespeare in Love. They changed the title to "The Very Thought of You." All I could think was, "do the distributors think that our tiny, American brains can't handle more than one name in a title?" Granted, it's an unruly title. But if that's the title in the UK, why change it? It's not like you're translating a title from a foreign language. Sheesh.

Plenty of Americans already LOVE Doctor Who AS IT IS. We also love Harry Potter. If a studio thinks they have to use American talent to win us over they're crazy, and will alienate us more than entice us.
56. Evan Jakes
no disrespect, but I always imagined that Edward Norton would make the best doctor.
57. whofan1138
BOOOOOOOO ! get David Tennant & Matt Smith !

the fans will hate this !!!!!

ps:nicely put Teresa Jusino...
Ursula L
58. Ursula
Is it April 1? This idea makes me want to look for stray umlauts...
59. Hatsworth
This, I imagine, is because Depp would bring more money to the project than Tennant who was originally rumoured by RT Davies himself to be the choice - after all he is "his" Doctor whereas Matt Smith is Moffat's Doctor.

Having said that, I don't see Depp being a good fit - he is a fine actor, but no.

Also, having being completely overwhelmed by the newest series with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, I am afraid having gone back and watched some of David Tennant's outings under RTD I see a much simpler storyline which in most cases is really old style Dr Who story lines with a slightly modern setting.

I dislike them intensely in comparison, yet at the time I enjoyed them for what they were - although with hindsight I do feel it was David Tennant and the supporting cast that made it a great series - not RTD.

The story's under Steven Moffat's helm have a depth and style that belay's the initial viewing. Matt is a very good Doctor, and Karen an excellent assistant and long may they travel together!

I shall forever be grateful to RTD for re-launching the series when all others had given up on it or tried and failed miserably, but, his style is not new or exciting, it's old and 'homage-y' and frankly, I would worry for a film version with him at the helm no matter who fills the Tardis.
F Shelley
60. FSS
next up - keanu reeves as bond. james bond, dude.

61. The Real Mcfeely
Some things should just stay British, Doctor Who is one of them. While things like the Office has been successfully transplanted more often the "american remakes" are horrible.
Paul Howard
62. DrakBibliophile
Well, I know who the Doctor is but who is this "Johnny Depp"?
63. Fan_Since_The_70s
"Why do you have to have everything 'adapted' to suit your markets? Surely the American people have the capacity to appreciate and understand other countries' accents, stories, issues etc? It's really not that difficult to 'get it'."

Sadly, everything gets adapted because the average American is so very... Well, *average*. We few who appreciate that a world exists beyond our boarders are usually well educated, which sets us apart from the vast majority.

Collect twenty random people and let them watch a British comedy. Any british comedy, doesn't matter which one. Ninteen of them will get up after a few minutes and say "I dunt geddit. Yew think this crap is funny?" They will then scratch their backside, blow their nose into their hand, and sashay out, thinking that they didn't get it because thay are TOO SMART for such things.

Dr. Who will not fare will on the big screen in America, regardless of who (pun intended) plays him.
64. What?What?What?
Can't see Depp as The Doctor, simply because he'd be too expensive these days.

Remember, this is BBC America that'd be doing the film, not one of the big American studios.

More likely, you'd wind up with production values matching the original series. ;)

But personally, I'd think that any big budget Who movie should be a multi-Doctor story, and with RTD doing it, I don't think you'd get Eccleston these days. Moffet probably could, but I don't think that RTD would. And if the subject of the movie was The Time War.. then you'd have to have McGann and Eccleston both, along with Tennant, Simms and Dalton. Would be way too pricey for BBC America to do in a global recession/depression.
Jacy Clark
65. Amalisa

I would love to see the Time War seriously explored. Seriously. The potential for special effects, cgi, all that stuff - the sheer drama and tragedy of the destruction of Gallifrey in a desperate and ultimately failed attempt to end the Dalek threat... yeah, what true Whovian wouldn't want to see that story?

Failing that, something straightforward, related to this reboot.

Anything but ebola... *lol*
66. JohnWho
What a stupid idea!

I don't want to see an Americanized Dr. Who. I also don't want see a dumbed down, changed for mass audiences version of this or any other franchise. The franchise has existed as long as it has because it doesn't need to be changed!

This is right up there with BBC America showing Star Trek NG and "Brit" movies that are no more Brit than Johnny Depp!

BBC America seems like such a fantastic idea when it first started. Now I fear it's an organization ran by idiots.
67. Wiredwizard
If they're going to make a DW movie, for the love of Cthulhu, CAST SOMEONE BRITISH!

You know what I'd like to see: Hugh Laurie as the Doctor. It'll knock all the people who only know him as House for a loop.

(Nothing against Johnny Depp, but since POTC1, every time I've seen him in a movie I've been expecting to break into the wobbling swagger & start talking like Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow's one of the last people I'd want driving a TARDIS.)
Daniel Brown
68. I_Slap_Raptors
Let me say right off the bat, I think the original quoted article is pure, speculative, B.S., possibly even a wish fulfillment submission from a bored fanboy/girl with overlapping New Who/Depp tastes... But I do have one or two things to say about this discussion generally.

First of all, I'd like everyone to get off the xenophobic high horse, if that's alright. I'm a Brit and proud to be so, but I don't think our accent or mannerisms are so intrinsically unique that an American, Canadian or Australian actor couldn't do them justice. If a star name is needed to raise finance for a film, then that's fine and dandy. Harry Potter was a star name franchise in its own right, while Doctor Who most certainly isn't and the fact it spent so long off the air in our own country proves that quite emphatically. It's a modestly successful, mid-budget (by U.S. standards), niche show, aimed at children and families. Not exactly box office gold, when you look at it objectively, is it? We Brits love to complain about our things being Americanised, and we love to attack our cousins across the Atlantic for liking to adapt things for their own culture, but hate to think of ourselves as the xenophobic snobs we are, demanding that America stops making our creations relevant to their culture and insisting that things are getting altogether too American here, while shamelessly adapting the work of other cultures to suit British tastes. I don't see hoards of internet complainers moaning about the Beeb making a British version of Wallander, rather than giving the money to a Swedish company to make it, with a Swedish cast and crew, or else showing the Swedish version on the BBC One. After all, huge numbers of Swedish actors speak excellent English, so I'm sure a dubbed version could be perfectly watchable...

Secondly, why would a film ruin the show, which so many posts here seem to be implying? Poor film adaptations don't ruin books or stage plays. Many of the Doctor Who novels, spin off series, comics, web originals and animations suck like a drain, but the show continues merrily on its way, so why would a film be any different? The original work is unaltered by the adaptation and continues to stand up well in the initial format. If the film stinks, keep watching and enjoying the telly show and ignore the film completely. In the unlikely event of the article used for the above post turning out to be the truth, then the far more likely subsequent event of that film being a bit rubbish, that's exactly what I'll do. I manage to still enjoy reading LotR, despite hating the films (nothing to do with plot changes, mind you. I just can't abide Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom or Hugo Weaving. Different strokes, and all that). I still enjoy watching Tremors on DVD, despite the woeful television spin off. Doctor Who will be no different, in the final outcome. A poor adaptation doesn't destroy an enjoyable original; heck, sometimes the adaptation goes a different way entirely and becomes a good thing in its own right, while the original remains perfectly enjoyable, too. Just look at Stargate or Highlander. A separate Doctor Who film franchise, with the same premise doesn't automatically suck by dint of mere existence, although I'll gladly admit that the plot elements mentioned above sound like the shoddiest kind of fanfic. ;-)

Edited to smite a rogue typo
69. ohhellno
What a TERRIBLE pick. Johnny Depp is a great actor, but as the Doctor? GOD no.
Jacy Clark
70. Amalisa
@I_Slap_Raptors - Well said on all counts! Well, I wouldn't call anyone a "xenophobic snob", but that's just me.

I'm an American - obviously - but you Brits have pretty much owned me since the Beatles. :) Reinforced by "The Avengers", "The Prisoner", "The Saint", "Monty Python" and, of course, "Doctor Who". (Someone upstream said something about "Anglophiles" like it was a bad thing. Never have understood that. *lol*)
Iain Coleman
71. Iain_Coleman
I don't see hoards of internet complainers moaning about the Beeb making a British version of Wallander

Don't get me started...
72. Thomas Lord
If there's to be an American doctor -- Chrisopher Walken, please.
73. Emma Woods
I don't see why there needs to be an Americanized version of Doctor Who. Americans are so full of themselves and need everything to be remade to match their culture. Shouldn't they explore other cultures? Like the remake of the movie Brothers, which was an amazing Danish movie. The remake SUCKED.
Americans should just go and watch the originals. Also, RTD is just starting to get on my nerves. The episode written by him were never as good as those by Moffat and others.

(before anyone gets mad at me for saying bad things about Americans, I'll ass that I am one. But I am certainly not proud of most aspects of American culture.
74. iheartjacksparrow
@#10 Sofrina

Kentucky is now part of Canada? Who knew.

Johnny is a collector of Doctor Who memorabilia and a big fan of Tom Baker. I can see him wearing a striped scarf as a homage to Baker. And Johnny has done lots of British accents. Ever since I heard he was a fan of the show I've been hoping he'd be the Doctor in a movie version. I think he'd be perfect.
75. Hoping for a better plot
That's a terrible plot! Doctor Who does not take "groups" on a field trip. He takes people along when it suits him but not groups. Plus I love Johnny Depp and all, but no, this is British without the accent and the normal British behavoiur and quirk, it's not the same. Being britsh adds to the Doctor's suavyness and sex appeal. The actor needs to be subtle in making jokes or insulting. Depp is not really right for this. The only. People who should be the actor for the Doctor should be past doctors or someone BBC had in mind for the role. While the idea of the movie is maybe hollywood, Doctor Who itself is not and should be left to BBC. On top of that, who cares about the Daleks anymore??? I agree with the person above "power rangers" is right. They look like little toys I'd give to a dog to pee on. Or chew. Or first thinG I'd throw when angry if they were small. I'm over them. Now alien species or time travel To famous historic people is a much better idea.

Now that I'm finished my rant, I apologize for spelling or wrong words as I'm typing on my iPod.
76. CassR
As a further note after reading others' comments, I have to say that if they're gonna bring an actor back to do the Doctor on the Big Screen, could it please be Christopher Eccleston? I loved 9 with all my brand-new fangirl heart and would love to see more of him. Maybe some of his pre-Rose adventures? He seemed to have a few of them.
77. Oddball
No, just no. 'Doctor Who' works in the format that it is in, leave it alone.
78. dana1974
#13: I'm American and I've noticed this too, the way everything from overseas is watered down and dumbed down for American consumption. It was really obvious with Harry Potter; I got a UK version of Order of the Phoenix at a fundraiser and was appalled. The UK version was so much better. Is that what they think of American kids?

Shoot... We're getting into old Doctor Who around my house and even there, I'm remembering that this was supposed to be a kid's show back in the 60s and 70s, but it's a hell of a lot smarter than shows aimed at the same age group today in the U.S.

I just hope the people who are making stuff dumber for Americans to watch and read are not the same people who are complaining that Americans are dumb. Bad form. Very bad form.

Oh, and I would like to think Johnny Depp could pull off the Doctor... but maybe he can't. I agree, I don't see why Matt Smith can't do it. Or, as the commenter above me says, Christopher Eccleston. I loved him too. (I suppose it's too much to ask for David Tennant, even though... he's in the United States also, or will be soon... working... on... an American TV show. WTF? HMMMM.)
79. Allonsy
Guess I'm in the minority in thinking Depp would be brilliant as The Doctor. He's a fantastic actor. Ok, chuckle at describing him as "Captain Mad Hatter Sparrow Scissor Wood" but methinks that describes the viewers' lack of discernment rather than Depp's work. Maybe it's just Depp fatigue? But that's not Depp's fault.

I just know that Dr Who is one of my favorite shows, which I'd love to see come to the big screen if done well; and Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors, who can play the ehll out of a smart, eccentric character. Plus he has the required charisma and sex appeal, as well as the acting experience.

They should definitely leave it as steeped in Britishness, however; that's part of its charm. But if Davies and Gardner are involved, I've no doubt they know that.
80. DerekT
Well first of all anyone with some talent can bring something new to Doctor Who and Johnny Depp has a lot of that. However Russel T. Davies has given up on the Doctor and moved on to other things. And I think bringing David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston, or Matt Smith would be a better idea and also a little less expensive, also they can slip it into the series without another regeneration taking place. ( Now I could imagine Johnny Depp playing an awesome Master and he could still have top billing.)
And to be honest, I think it needs to wait until 2013 anyway, that way it could tied into the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.
81. T-one
I think the fact that the article quoted here was conveniently removed from the website it was on may be an indication that this isn't gonna happen?
Stephen H. Segal
82. earthling
In a development that will shock absolutely nobody who was paying attention, io9 has now reported that the BBC categorically denies the whole ridiculous story.
83. aztraph
one of the key features of Dr. Who as a series, is it's continuity, it's ability to not just be about one event/crisis/climax; everything was connected and you could see something coming on the horizon. The formula of the two part, 45 minute per part episode was a was to keep audiences salivating for the next one, but kept them wanting more after that. making a movie out of them has been tried so many times in the past, even in the sixties, Dr. Who and the Daleks with Peter Cushing (a young Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars) was a remake of the first episodes of the series. Dr. Who is best suited for television, the big screen just doesn't fit.
84. Johnny Depp
NO (...)

86. Common Sense

Read that and learn people.
87. MiHi1
Not so much of an "enormous amount of excitement" as an "enormous amount of excrement".
88. Bubba_H
I hope you aren’t all lumping us Canadians in with the Americans.
Anyway...I definitely think that Christopher Eccleston should get a big screen movie because he only got something like a dozen episodes and regenerated just as I was getting to like his Doctor. Plus wasn't he the Doctor who survived the Last Great Time War, and wouldn't it be great to see that adapted to the big screen?
89. Jerry Hayes
As long as Russell T Davies in in control I'm inclined to trust him. The yanks are so thick they would probably think it was another ER series unless unless they have a Hollywood star fronting it.
90. Freddie Kingsmill
This is a fucking terrible idea. Doctor Who is NOT for the big screen. Though it would be with Russell T. Davies and probably Julie Gardner (which is great), the casting of Johnny Depp would be ridiculous. He is French/American. Does he even understand Doctor Who? It would ruin it. Matt Smith obviously couldn't do the role because he is contracted to the series and a film is a totally different project. He wouldn't be allowed to do it.

It's a bad idea. Depp would kill it. Big screen would kill it. I will fucking protest if it happens. If Matt Smith or Tennant did do it, I would be okay with the idea as Russell T. Davies would write it. Whatever happens, the writing will be great, but I don't think the big screen would help Doctor Who and casting Johnny Depp would be ridiculous. Imagine the Americans watching; they wouldn't get it! 'Oh yeah it was a funny movie' they would say. It's not a fucking movie. It's a British Television classic. It's (hands down) the greatest programme ever. Don't fucking kill it.
91. ScubaStimpy
"Plus wasn't he the Doctor who survived the Last Great Time War, and wouldn't it be great to see that adapted to the big screen?"

not exactly, the last great time war wiped out all the time lords exept him and the master, any doctor after the forth was involved in some way in the time war (after the reboot an episode that didn't seem to fit in with the forths storyline was explained to have taken place during the time war, the doctor was sent by the time lords to try and prevent the daleks creation, look up the episode genesis of the daleks from 1975.
James Kehr
92. Jammrock

If you're going to make an out of band movie ... get David Tennant to come back! Johnny Depp would be be a horrible choice.

Though if you can't get Tennant to come back for a movie you could always get Frederick Weller. Who? I know this will sound off the wall, but he's an American actor who plays the roll of Marshall Marshall Mann on the USA Network show "In Plain Sight".

He can play an intelligent character, he's a good actor, he has the right look and age, and as long as his northern UK accent doesn't suck he would be an awesome fit for the part. Or so I think, but I'm sure the Time Lord loyalist would scoff at anyone non-British playing the part.
93. Dr Who?
Don't believe the Johnny Depp thing for a minute but the idea of a film prequel wouldn't surprise me - especially given the Hollywood prequel fad at the moment.
Give Gallifrey the budget it deserves and do an origins-style movie for how The Doctor came to leave his homeworld in the Tardis in the first place - but for God's sake don't give it to JJ Abrams to shit all over like he did with Star Trek. Yes it was a decent film - but was it Star Trek? No!
At least doing a prequel would allow the chance to get a quality British actor in the role on the basis that he would eventually grow into William Hartnell over several centuries.
94. Think again
About the Depp thing with the Americans doing a Dr Who movie; It really hasn't been thought through has it.
If the Britts are that passionate about such a foolish idea I suggest a boycott, either by a collaborative partition of objection to the BBC from all official British fan sites or, simply film the movie in Australia (British Commonwealth), at a fraction of the price (as was The Matrix and many others), and yes, cast an established English actor definitely. For crying out loud what on earth were they thinking? Certainly Mr Depp is an entertaining actor but come on please, in all fairness to so many, both fans and actors alike. It isn't like he needs the attention.
95. Edward Khil
@88 Bubba_H:

The Great Time War would be a great movie. Or trilogy.

RTD teased out so many plot threads during his run that it's obvious he has a great interest in the story. For chrissake, in order to destroy the Daleks, The Doctor personally destroyed Gallifrey and killed all the Time Lords (except for The Master). How would that not make a good movie?

No, I don't believe for a second that The Doctor is going to become Hawkeye Pierce and take his mobile M*A*S*H unit all over spacetime. But I do think Johnny Depp could play The Doctor. All of you who think that he couldn't possibly understand The Doctor in the same deep, beautiful way that you do because he's French-Canadian need to grow up. As long as he doesn't laugh like The Mad Hatter, he'll be fine. But, yes, there are a dozen other perfectly good options.

But the only (best) option for a movie is one about The Great Time War. And it's been in place since the reboot.

The question is, do you tell the story in its entirety as it happened? Or do you have "today's" Doctor go back in time to try to change the events that occurred? (Gotta go with the latter.) Yes, the Time War was "time-locked," so conceivably no time traveler could go back and change the events. But Dalek Caan went back and rescued Davros. And this is scifi, so some perfectly reasonable explanation could be devised to explain how the time lock could be broken.

All that being said, I agree: David Tennant would be the ideal movie Doctor. He's a great actor, can bring the emotional heft along with the zaniness, and would rally the existing fanbase. Cast Johnny Depp as The Master--that would be interesting.
96. semtex
Twenty-one 21 twenty one 21 jump street.
97. Blackadder69
I disagree they made 2 films in the 60's 1965 and 1966 when the show was in it's early seasons and the 1st one did quite well from what I read .

I disagree again on the subject of Matt Smith, here is my list of favourite Doctors
1.David Tennant
2.Tom Baker
3.Chris Eccleston
4.Paul McGann
5.Sylvester McCoy
6.Rowan Atkinson
7.Peter Cushing
8.Jon Pertwee
9.Matt Smith
10.Peter Davison
11.Patrick Traughton
12. Colin Baker
13.William Hartnell

Depp would be an excellent Doctor given the wide range of characters he has played, from George Jung in Blow to Sands in Once Upon a Time in Mexico and of course on the other end Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.

And I for one could readily accept Depp as The Doctor with a proper premise and a crackin' good script-so far the abovementioned one sounds like carp, I would prefer a Time War film m'self, an "origin" film would be nice, an end of the Doctor-13th incarnation yarn or a proper Shada as well.

And personally I think that Series 31 up to the Silurian epsiodes were ok at best-the 2 Dr. Song episodes stick out as particularly good, but the Van Gogh one got better-still haven't seen the rest yet.

As an acknowledged Anglophile: fav singer Bowie, Python, Roxy Music, T-Rex, The Rocky Horror Show, Shock Treatment, Top Gear, Madness, H2G2, Graham Norton, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, the Floyd, Are You Being Served , The Young Ones.
I can see the disdain with which U all look @ us 4 our "adaptaions"-most of which I agree-can't stand the failed Fawlty Towers attempt , the abomniations that are the AbFab/Torchwood/Top Gear/Being Human thoughts, but there have been a few U.S. "adaptations" that have done well-Steptoe and Son became Sanford and Son, Till Death Do Us Part became All in the Family-both by Norman Lear and althought it was a "semi-adaptation" I quite like the big-screen H2G2 and the 2 Red Dwarf pilots .
98. Michelle aka Pink Tardis
No one can play the Doctor in a film other than David Tennant and if Russell is stupid enough to screw that up, then this DW die-hard will *NOT* go see it. Plain and simple.

David Tennant ****IS**** the Doctor!

and bring back Rose while you are at it, but I know that is asking a lot. ?
101. 51stcenturyplumber
ok.... I LOVE THE DOCTOR (especially the 8th and 10th doctors) but...... Johnny Depp? I'm sorrrry, but please. I love him. I love Davies-Who, and I love the British. This is just a bad combo. Like onion and banana juice. It just sounds bad... And although I do admire Depp, no one can ever live up to the standards of the real Who series. Ick. I'm disgusted. My friend mentioned this to me a while ago, but i didn't believe it til now......... maybe the whole "the world is going to end in 2012" thing will turn out to be a result of this!
102. adorkable
RTD, what have you done?
This is hands down and by far the worst idea I've ever heard.
Doctor Who is British. BRITISH. They can't cast an American actor! It's wrong! It's awful! Besides, to have someone in the role who isn't any of the actors who has played the Doctor before is completely wrong and violates canon left, right and center.
And sure, the franchise might gain some new fans in America but you can guarantee it would lose a lot in Britain and other places.
In short, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. A world of no. For the love of everything Whovian, Rusty, please don't do this.
103. Steven38
Yeah, we're the ones who bailed you out during WW2, I think you should sit down and watch how the pros do it.
104. Skully
Now I could see Depp as the Doctor I would rather see David Tennant but I do think Simon Pegg could do a great job as well
105. Ginger Crawford
I've thought this over carefully. I'm an American who watches as much British TV and movies as I can. Quite frankly Hollyweird is just sucking on ice lately, IMO. I watch Being Human and have compared it to the American version. Sorry, America, the British version is better because it just *is*, okay?
So, even though I do love Depp, if they can't get Tennant? I just don't know. Not that I dislike Matt Smith...it's just that there are some plot holes in the tenth doctor's storyline that would work so well in a movie, a lot of it having to do with Rose's messing with the energy in the TARDIS. There is that Doctor 10 duplicate, y'know. Also, the good Doctor absorbed radiation in the Smith and Jones episode. He shook it into his shoe and ran around barefoot for the rest of the show. And then he's offed by (as Ten would say, WHAT?) radiation. I'm all for re-regenerating Tennant as Ten. Coming back would be bound to be interesting because honestly? I don't think we've seen the last of the Master, and no one could deal with that character like Tennant. Period. Also? No to any American actor doing the Doctor. The idea just squicks me. Sorry, fellow Americans. It just does.
106. Dr. Thanatos
Sorry to rain on people's parades, but there is no law that says the Doctor in a movie has to be a TV Doctor first . I agree that the Doctor should at least appear British, but I would argue that if you didn't know Depp was American you could be fooled.

The most important thing is to get an actor that can pull off the part. I don't know too many British actors except the ones that have been on DW; but it's like casting an actress to play Hilary Clinton based on physical resemblance rather than the ability to act her way out of a paper bag. Let's get priorities straight.

And for the record, the REAL Doctor is:

William Hartnel
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker
Etc Etc Etc all the way down to the current occupant
107. Peggy Trentini
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Teresa Nielsen Hayden
108. tnh
Peggy, we don't do that here.

109. gemsong
?*sings* One of these things is not like the other, One of these things just doesn't belong
111. twohlf
I dont believe it is true .Doctor Who is a british icon and would not survive w/ Johhny Depp and very likely end, and turn into a Disney ride!
112. Smartwho
Well I noticed something quite funny. Everyone on here is going on about how we Americans can't stand other cultures and how we require if anything enter our country it be changed and "dumbed down" if I read correctly. Does this mean we are stupid? Further more I think it's hypocritical that almost everyone on here has a seething hatred of anything Doctor Who being Americanized. Why not? If it works it will make money. If it doesn't, then who cares? Atleast they tried. Which may I point out is more than any of you did.

Also I particularly like the idea of an American doctor (though not particularly johnny depp.) and I think the whovians in Britian are just afraid of losing something to the americans, when really they wouldnt lose anything, they would just need to learn to share. Is that too much to ask for?
113. Cassidy
yay!!! I can't wait to see him as the Doctor, I was a little skeptic when i saw this on facebook about there being a full length movie but NOW oh boy i will definetly be seeing this :)
116. DoctorKyle
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just NO! I am an american, and I love doctor, but I believe this would just simply not work! I think Johnny Depp is an okay actor, But seeing him play the Doctor... to me it just ruins the whole concept. Even an americanized movie or tv series of Doctor Who just makes me sick! There are way too many cheap american knock offs of british, austrailian, and etc.. tv shows! Except for the Office, I love the american Office. But it's not just that. Doctor Who is old... REALLY OLD! So old it even surpasses Star Trek! And since then it has remained a BRITISH ICON! I love Steven Moffat and Matt Smith, I think Smith is one of the best doctors. I also love Russell T. Davies and David Tennant; but if Davies abandoned Doctor Who just to make a Doctor Who movie... let me tell you, it was not worth it! He should either have stayed with the show or left it alone... but now he should just LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE! This is like spitting in the face of Moffat and Smith at the same time! A lot of americans are already devoted to Doctor Who just by watching it on BBC America! So please take my advice and end the production of this Doctor Who movie starring an American/Canadian/French actor, who is NOTHING compared to this AMAZING tv show. Doctor Who is STRICTLY BRITISH, that's the way it should be. And if you really want a Doctor Who movie, have the current Doctor being casted for the role of the CURRENT DOCTOR. So if you want to make it bigger and better than ever before, just advertise it so that the whole world knows about it! This show deserves that much.

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