Jun 24 2010 9:47am

Gandalf Goes to the World Cup

Don’t pretend you don’t know what’s coming.

by YouTube user PistolShrimps

via Blake Charlton

Megan Messinger isn't a fan of soccer or The Lord of the Rings, but somehow this works.

Chris Greenland
1. greenland
I've managed to avoid discovering what exactly a vuvu...something sounds like until now...
some guy
2. NateTheGreat
Do you know what's even worse? Youtube have added a Vuvuzela button. Now you can here that horrid sound with every video.
Richard Fife
3. R.Fife
Megan, that made me die a little on the inside. I'm going to go into a dark corner and cry now.
Heidi Byrd
4. sweetlilflower
I agree with R.Fife, that was just wrong on so many levels.
5. NancyM
Maybe it only works if you're not a fan of LOTR or soccer.
6. slanagat
Pfff. South African tradition my Anglo-Slavic ass. I had one of those horns at New England Patriots games in 1979. (I had an excuse - I was 11.)
Church Tucker
7. Church
The weird thing is that I really like the song in this. Have they cleared the rights yet?

@6 slanagat

Right?! I was starting to think I was crazy. There used to be a cardboard box full of these things in every Dairy Mart. Of course, I think pretty much every culture managed to come up with a 'horn.'
James Hogan
8. Sonofthunder
Church@7, where DID that song come from?? I know I've heard it and it's really nagging me that I can't remember where from.
Velma deSelby-Bowen
9. VelmadSB
That made me oddly happy. Which says something about me that I don't want to think about right now.
Church Tucker
11. Church
@8 Sonofthunder et al.

Here it is! (minus the vuvuzelas, sadly.)

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