Jun 14 2010 12:05pm

First Preview of Game of Thrones

The first preview of the upcoming Game of Thrones TV show premiered on HBO last night, leading up to the season premiere of True Blood. It’s more atmospheric than informative: sunlight breaking through a forest, a raven taking off, swords clanging and horses running through snow. Still, it looks impressive, and you get to hear Sean Bean’s voice saying, “Winter is coming.”

You can watch the 30-second video at HBO’s series site (plus, a picture of Sean Bean in costume as Eddard Stark!).

Ellen B. Wright lives in New York, where she works in publishing and takes an excessive number of pictures.

1. deviousjen
Sean Bean's voice is mesmerizing; I would probably pay to listen to him read from the phone book...

I can't wait for this series to start. If it's half as good as HBO's other fare, it'll be good enough for me.
Marcus W
2. toryx
I was hoping for a little more in the teaser, but it's still exciting to see it! Sean Bean will likely be excellent but I'm still having a hard time with his hair being so light, nitpicker that I am.

I really hope they're able to pull this thing off.
Rob Munnelly
3. RobMRobM
One of the comments to the post re the preview on Martin's Not a Blog site links to a frame by frame breakdown of the teaser - it includes a messenger Raven arriving at Winterfell, Ned drawing Ice, Tyrion with women of questionable virtue, Dothraki warriors, and the knight up in the north that opens the book. And all I can see is blurry but cool images....
Mitch Wagner
4. MitchWagner
I'll have to watch this again more carefully -- all I saw last night was the sword and the name.

I have to say I was not a fan of the books. I read I think the first 3-1/2 volumes, and then I gave up in mid-book when I realized the only characters I cared about were Tyrion (of course) and Jaime Lannister, and I hadn't seen much of them recently.

However, I am looking forward to this series, in part because it just plain looks cool and in part because I'm a fan of Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage -- Dinklage is a dwarf but that's almost intellectual, he's just plain a fine character actor period.
Elio García
5. Egarcia
Brilliant stuff. It's a proper teaser, because it reveals practically nothing! That said, over at Westeros we've posted a breakdown of the teaser which includes images grabbed by one of our forum members. Slightly spoilerish material therein if you've not read the first novel.
Ellen B. Wright
6. ellenw
Egarcia @5: That's a fantastic breakdown, thanks! I couldn't even make out the individual faces while watching. I'm sad that more of the major characters didn't make it in, but neat to catch our first glimpse of Theon.
Rikka Cordin
7. Rikka
just enough to get our blood pumping I guess because there isn't a lot else in there :P
8. Lsana
My one complaint here is that it is too dark. Not the story, the lighting. I've usually found that light levels like this don't show up on my TV well, and I spend half the episode trying to find some way to cut down the glare so I can see even part of what's going on. I hope the actual series is a bit brighter.

Other than that...awesome! It's excellent to realize that this is really going to happen.
9. cranscape
This is obviously just a stylized teaser (and teaser in the strongest sense) but at this point I'll get excited about anything. Can't believe we don't have a good photoshoot to drool over yet, but as they are still nailing down final casting that is expected I guess.

I am so hoping it is up to the same quality of ROME and so far I have no reason to think otherwise. I just started book four and I am still loving it. I was warned early on to learn to like a lot of the characters instead of just picking one or two to like since there is a high body count (No different than ROME in that sense) and so far it has worked for me. The author has a way of making all of the characters likable to me somehow.
Ellen B. Wright
10. ellenw
cranscape @9: I still remember the day I reluctantly began to sympathize with Jaime Lannister. (I still don't like Cersei, though.)
11. cranscape
I understand how most of his characters think which goes a long way for me as far as liking them. Cersei has moments of clarity as a character (when she wishes she were born a boy instead of a girl, giving advice to Sansa that is not to far off the lessons young Cersei probably had to learn herself, being married off and the possibility of that again etc) where it is hard not to appreciate who she is.

Now that I've gotten back stories for other female characters and seen how some of them are growing up even as the story is progressing a lot about her makes more sense. She is royally screwed over just like everyone else, but unlike everyone else responded in the way she did which you can't ignore really. So yeah, if I drew lines she still wouldn't be on the "good guys" side, but I get why she is the way she is for the most part and like her as a character. Being "good" is never a requirement for me as far as like goes. Watch Rome or Deadwood and you get the same qualities.
Tricia Irish
12. Tektonica
Oh boy, oh boy....can't wait, but I must say I couldn't see much in this "tease". It's nice to know it's REAL though!

If it's as good as Rome, I'm in. Love Sean Bean. (always thought he should've been the next James Bond, but I do like Daniel Craig.)

Going over to the breakdown now....Thanks for this post!

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