Jun 8 2010 11:14am

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Now free on the US version of Apple’s “iBooks” store: Tor.com’s four major award finalists from 2009, nicely done up as elegant ePub files for your iPad (and, once iOS 4 ships on June 21, your iPhone).

  • “Eros, Philia, Agape” by Rachel Swirsky, Hugo and Locus Award finalist
  • “A Memory of Wind” by Rachel Swirsky, Nebula Award finalist
  • “First Flight” by Mary Robinette Kowal, Locus Award finalist
  • “Overtime” by Charles Stross, Hugo Award finalist

All four are also available for free in Amazon’s Kindle Store and the Sony Reader store; they’ll appear soon in some other channels as well. They’ll stay free until after the Hugo Awards are announced at Aussiecon 4 in Melbourne, Australia, over Labor Day Weekend.

Joshua Starr
1. JStarr
Hey, thanks! Already read "Eros..." and the Stross and enjoyed, looking forward to checking out the other two during some upcoming would-be-boring commute. And as a newly converted e-reader user, I always appreciate free or cheap well-formatted e-books and stories.
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
As the art director for Tor.com I would like to state that these are officially deemed the cutest versions of these stories you can get.
3. hks
thanks. i love e-books.
Lonnie Rivenbark
4. fuddster
Please keep Barnes & Noble Nook owners in mind!
Joshua Starr
5. JStarr
@Irene: It's true. After checking them out, I was only barely able to restrain myself from wolf-whistling*.

*(by virtue of the fact that I can't whistle)
Matthew Schmeer
6. mwschmeer
Hey, what about those of us who don't use eReaders? How about some PDF love?
Nick Eden
7. NickPheas
Some nice plain ePub files would be great.
8. Morticah
"they’ll appear soon in some other channels as well"
maybe at webscriptions.net?
Irene Gallo
9. Irene
6: mwschmeer:

Almost all of our stories are available as PDF on the site:
(Or click on "stories" above.)

Morticah and fuddster: They should start populating other channels throughout the day.
10. MorganH
I Tor! Going to get these right now.
For those without readers, the Sony store books are in ePub format and you can download the software and read them right on your computer without hooking up a reader.
Matthew Schmeer
11. mwschmeer
@9: Irene


I thought these were NEW stories, not previously released ones. Sorry for my ignorance!
12. Morticah
@10: MorganH sadly not for my systems

@9: Irene thanks
Normally I love hardcover but from time to time I read one on my phone with fbreader. Thats why I asked for webscriptions :)
John Chu
13. JohnChu
@7: NickPheas, if you go to the pages for those stories at this web site and hover your mouse pointer over "DOWNLOAD," you get your choice of PDF, Mobi, HTML, or ePub to download.
15. Noam Rathaus
Thank you for these, downloaded them for my Kindle.. please make more available for Kindle.. even paid ones :)
Mitch Wagner
16. MitchWagner
Downloaded and stored to my iPad, ready for my reading enjoyment. Thanks, guys!

I already read the Stross, loved it. Filled with the Christmas spirit. The EVIL Christmas spirit! Hohoho-muahahahahahaha!

People looking for ePub versions can download the PDF versions and run them through the versatile Calibre software, available for multiple desktop platforms just a Google search away. It does e-book format conversions and manages your library on the desktop.

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