Jun 21 2010 5:24pm

Do You Still Have Your Old Laptron 64?

Digital artist Alex Varanese recently spent some time thinking about what he would do if he could go back in time. What would be the easiest thing to do that would result in the most gain? The answer here was simple. Recase modern electronics, resell them, and never have to worry about money again.

Towards that end, Varanese designed a 14-part art series titled “Alt/1977: We Are Not Time Travellers,” revealed this past Wednesday, that takes our familiar gadgets from modern day (iPods, laptops, handhelds) and reimagines them with the design aesthetics prevalent in the 1970s.

Visit Varenese’s site to see the full project. If his site is down (killed by traffic), you can also see them courtesy of io9.

Chris Greenland insists that a 1977 internet, obsessed with oil crises, a Democratic president, and Star Wars, would be nothing like today’s internet.

1. Booksandhorses
Absolute genius, amazingly awesome, and a little too much free time? Made me lol.
JS Bangs
2. jaspax
But... how would you use a cell phone in 1977? There'd be no cellphone towers!
Ian Tregillis
3. ITregillis
This just made my day. What a wonderful idea.

"And seriously, just to reiterate, we know it's 1977 and are in no way surprised by that fact."

Barry T
4. blindillusion
Ah. That 70’s Technology. A Blast from the Past Coming to a Store Near YOU!

-Amusing post.
5. Freelancer
The disclaimers about time travel are oddly reminiscent of Portal.
"When this test exercise is complete, you will be ... ::static:: ... missed"
The cake is a lie.

Very cool artwork. Retro-kitsch indeed, and extremely amusing.

So, am I to understand that the hi-tech would be built in the present, then "shipped" to 1977? That would have to be the case. It isn't like Scotty diagramming a futuristic alloy from onboard a late-twnetieth century aircraft carrier and expecting a foundry to produce it in a few hours. The tech required to create circuit elements on silicon at a sub-200nm node couldn't just be "introduced" to the world of 33 years ago and made to work without a massive investment of time and money, eating into those billions of dollars in profit.
6. Teka Lynn
Ahahaha, I love it. We'll handwave the fact there are no cell phone towers. Perhaps the idea is that you shift the merchandise and run?

Ooooh, woodgrain! And those big buttons! *sniff*
Paul Andinach
8. anobium
The small print in the mobile phone ad explains why the lack of cell phone towers isn't a problem. Of course, it's an answer that just raises more questions...

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