Jun 18 2010 6:44pm

Do Not Adjust Your Monitor

A blast from the past, via Blake Charlton: using wood or plastic cubes and paint, artist Shawn Smith is creating pixelated sculptures like this one: animals, birds, water, and fire are all given the real-life MS Paint treatment. As trippy as it is to see on the screen (my brain and I have gone back and forth several times about what exactly I'm looking at), it must be even better in person, like those times where you do something stupid and you actually move your hand to hit the “undo” button:

“It’s actually there, dude.”
“Maybe if I hit myself in the side of the head....”
“No, you’re seeing it right. That peacock is made of a bunch of indiviually-painted wooden blocks.”
“You don’t have to explain pixels to me with stupid metaphors, Steve.”
“ know, maybe hitting yourself will help!”

Check out Shawn’s site for more of his work, including an installation piece with pixelated vultures trashing outdated office equipment.

Megan Messinger still uses Microsoft Paint sometimes.

René Walling
2. cybernetic_nomad
Cool site, especially like the "Vicious Venue" installation

BTW, 3D pixels are also called voxels

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