Jun 8 2010 6:18pm

A Farewell to Atlantis: Spacewalks & Touchdown

“Three spacewalks were conducted while Atlantis was docked to the orbiting laboratory...” STS-132 Mission Information.

“After seven days of docked operations, Atlantis undocked... With the final inspection of Atlantis’ heatshield complete, STS-132 was cleared for landing in Florida on May 26, 2010 at 8:48 a.m. EDT. This was the 34th space shuttle mission to the International Space Station.”

Farewell Atlantis: Part 2 (of 2).

Long live Atlantis!

Some readers have asked where they might procure the photos in this and the earlier A Farewell to Atlantis post. NASA! Google “STS-132” and you’ll be off and running. NASA provides wonderful high resolution downloads galore. Almost makes you feel good about paying taxes!

Dr. Kirtland C. Peterson—“Cat” to friends and colleagues—remains in shock at the end of the shuttle era...

1. mike87263578634756
Thanks for the post. I appreciated it
Tricia Irish
2. Tektonica
So beautiful. I hope we find some space missions to fill the Shuttle void. Our collective imagination needs this kind of Grand Vision.

I would so love to see our beautiful blue planet from space. Awesome pix.

Thank you.

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