May 14 2010 4:42pm



Thanks to NASA for making it possible for a bunch of SF writers and editors, here in Florida for the Nebula Awards weekend, to watch a rocketship take off. Also: woo.

Bridget McGovern
1. BMcGovern
Wow. I can't even imagine what it must have been like to see the launch in person, but I watched it live via NASA--it was truly awe-inspiring. You can see footage here...
Tricia Irish
2. Tektonica
I saw it from the beach and I am 250 or so miles away. It always gives me chills. Truly awe inspiring. The night time launches are really something...even far away. I'd love to see and hear one up close.

My son got to see a shuttle land once when he was at "Space Camp". If you don't know about that, google it, because it is awesome for kids. They do camps in Florida at Cape Canaveral (Kennedy) and in Texas. By age group. My son highly recommends it!
James C. Wallace II
3. James C. Wallace II
I had the honor of watching STS-1 (Columbia) with the white tank. I wish they'd bring it back for the final launch.
Jacy Clark
4. Amalisa
I will never, never tire of watching lift-offs from Cape Canaveral. Beyond just the sheer force and power, the courage and dedication of those involve thrill my heart. As long as humankind exists, there will be - there must be! - exploration. To be satisfied with only what we know is to take many steps back down the evolutionary ladder.

@James C. Wallace II

I'm assuming you mean you would like to bring back the white tank. Columbia, tragically, is beyond recall.
Irene Gallo
6. Irene
Great shot, Patrick. perfect timing.
Pablo Defendini
7. pablodefendini
It must be amazing to see (and hear!) up close and personal.
Jason Denzel
8. JasonDenzel
Thanks for sharing this photo. :)

I'm making tentative plans to take my family to Florida in November to see the launch of STS-134, the final shuttle launch. Hopefully those plans work out and we'll be able to see it.
James C. Wallace II
9. RonCollins
I watched a night launch of a Delta rocket from Canaveral some years back. The word awesome is not big enough.
Sean Dampier
10. seanxian
I live in Orlando and our high rise condo faces directly east. I can tell you in all truthfulness that the sight of the shuttle taking off is nothing less than a chariot of the sun god Apollo streaking through the sky - it literally looked like that. I watched through my binoculars for about a minute, this blaze of fire, before it disappeared beyond the curve of the earth, and felt a tinge of sadness knowing we witness to the last days of something truly remarkable.

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