Apr 30 2010 1:19pm Tribble Contest Winners!

Eugene and I are pleased to announce the winners of’s Tribble Contests.

The Next Tribble-ation Contest

# 10 toryx, with his winning entry very much in the spirit of TNG. We especially liked the collective noun of tribbles and the incorporation of both TOS and TAS continuity. Congratulations!


# 3 scifantasy, with “Triple Tribble Trouble
We really loved this one and it was a close call! I particularly like the idea of the Khitomer Accord having a loophole for vendettas—specifically to protect Captain Kirk.

# 11 Cyvarwydd, with “If You Love Tribble...
The idea of a mirror tribble will delight me for years. Hurrah!

# 12 RuthX, with “The Imperfect Pet
Of course Wesley would bring one onboard.

#13 LAR1975, with “Never Quibble With a Tribble
Spot gets to be a star, and a Ro Laren pun. What’s not to love?

The Tribbles and Altos Contest

#5 Lorindol, with her fantastic pastiche of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Major-General’s Song” from Pirates of Penzance. I can absolutely imagine the punk kids of the Klingon Empire rejecting their parents stodgy opera in favor of G&S-style light opera. Not comic, of course. Very. Serious. Business.

And just to show it pays to be brave and give it a shot, every other eligible entry in the TNG contest is also getting a tribble:

#4 JWezy with “Quibble
# 5 aethercowboy with “Post Tribble-ation Rapture
#6 JeffR with “Tribbunal

Thank you all so much for taking the time to be creative and enter our contest, and we hope you had as much as we did. And for those of you who weren’t able to come up with something or were not eligible, keep your eyes peeled for a how-to post and a giveaway.

Torie Atkinson is now on a Gilbert & Sullivan kick.

Ruth X
2. RuthX
Congrats, Toryx! I'm so excited about my upcoming pair of for home & one for work, I think. :)

Looking forward to the how-to post too, in case mine want to reproduce.
Marcus W
3. toryx
I am pleased, surprised and humbled to accept this award. I'd like to thank the Academy who...wait, that's the wrong speech.

Anyway, thanks a lot, Eugene and Torie. There were an awful lot of great submissions and I'm genuinely honored to have won. These contests were a lot of fun to take part in.

Congrats to Lorindol who did a terrific job with her song, and to the Runners-Up.

Thanks, Pattingale @1 and RuthX @2! Congrats to you also, Ruth...I got a real kick out of the Wesley angle in your submission.
Diane Mullen
4. Lorindol
Woo-Hoo!! Thank you everyone!!!!

Congrats to everyone else ... I loved all of the TNG episodes you wrote.

Once again, I do want to say, my apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan. And it's all John The Irish Mongol's fault!!

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