Apr 23 2010 5:07pm

Tor Books B-Day Giveaway: Wheel of Time Posters

“Hey,” I hear you say with my magic internet-hearing powers, “I know those images. Those are the new Wheel of Time ebook covers. But why are they so tiny? That’s terrible! I can’t see how awesome they are when they’re so tiny!”

Well, they’re tiny because if I broke our three-column layout, designer Jamie Stafford-Hill would have my head on an ashandarei. But I can fix this, and here’s where the Tor Books birthday comes in: for twenty years of Tor’s thirty, the Wheel of Time has been there for us, and now we’d like the Wheel of Time ebook covers to be there for you, in lovely poster form.

Which is to say, one person will win a set of 14 x 16 posters of all the covers published so far, up through Crown of Swords.

The Rules: All you have to to do be entered is comment on this post—once; duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Wednesday, April 28th. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please check your email on Wednesday or Thursday; if I don’t hear back from you in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

Barry T
2. blindillusion
You know. I could really use those. They'd look excellent on my wall....
janet vaughn
4. geochic1
Hello there,

These book covers look so much better then the hardback covers! They would make lovely posters.

Can't wait to see who wins!
Ron Garrison
6. Man-0-Manetheran
Oh yes oh yes oh yes! Thanks TOR for listening to us fans. So many have expressed interest in this new artwork as alternate book covers, calendars and posters. Yippee! Pick me. Pick me. Pick me.
Brett Michie
7. bchurch
Please???!!!!! I would so so so love to have these!
A.B. Fenner
11. A.B. Fenner
Yes please! They are so beautiful and would look awesome in my office!
Jeremy Bruce
15. superjer
Nice... the 29th is my birthday. Pick me!
A.B. Fenner
18. Mario Slaughter
I am a guy who likes contests, especially with the Wheel of Time!
A.B. Fenner
These covers are inspired. I am not usually into updated covers, but then again they are not always as nice as these either.
A.B. Fenner
20. Protonone
It could be a graduation present for me!
A.B. Fenner
21. Jay R. / Signe
A.B. Fenner
22. Zxarien
Posters, exciting!
Josh Davis
23. YoSoyElJosh
Oh man. Fingers are crossed. Those would look great on these bare apartment walls of mine.

Tell you what, you send me the posters, I'll take care of the frames ;)

Good luck to all, though :)
Dave Thompson
24. DKT
It's your birthday, it's your birthday!
Jennifer Fiddes
25. junefaramore
Uh, I really need them for inspiration. Yes. Please.
Ivan Jovanovich
26. nightflier
Hi, I'm Serbian translator of the WoT. I'm currently working on Winter's Heart and my goal is to finish the translation of books 9-11 till the end of this year. I've started my career with Eye of the World ten years ago, so this would be great present. Hope you choose me.
A.B. Fenner
27. kelarg
I would appreciate these so much!
A.B. Fenner
28. ChaosDragon13
A.B. Fenner
29. KelVor
These posters would be great giveaways or even hung on my classroom wall. I would love to have a set of these!

A.B. Fenner
30. Arithmos
Awesome posters and Happy Birthday to Tor.
A.B. Fenner
31. SeiShonagon
I've been a WoT fan for most of those 20 years...

Cool posters, btw.
A.B. Fenner
32. cchong
OoooOOooo want!
A.B. Fenner
33. syncap8
Sweet! I'd love them.
A.B. Fenner
34. Keslynn
Love the artwork and the posts about creating them were awesome!
David Bishop
35. teancom
If I win, I'll give the posters to my 12-year old son (who is reading through the series for the first time right now), but I'll wish that I could hang them on the walls of *my* bedroom instead...
A.B. Fenner
36. Darren A. Jones
I would love to have these posters.

Happy birthday, Tor!
Scott Sherris
37. ssherris
Oooh - My son doesn't know it yet, but these will look great in his room. They will replace the Elmo and Mickey Mouse posters!
Antoni Ivanov
42. tonka
Just one comment and that's all ?
A.B. Fenner
43. quickreaver
Holy crow, I'd give my eyeteeth for any one of those posters. Come on, Lady Luck, hit me!
A.B. Fenner
45. webbers
Gorgeous posters!
A.B. Fenner
47. rjbman
I've just picked up the WOT in the past year or so, and I'm all the way to book 9. So far, I've loved them all. Seredipitously, the ebook covers come out about the same time I read the book, which is really cool. And I need some posters.
Andrew Blackburn
48. ajbcool

A.B. Fenner
49. GenEric Poster
Yes please. I have the perfect spot in my library for them
John Fitzingo
50. Xandar01
These would be great to display in our school library!
A.B. Fenner
51. robbadler
Comment? I can do that!
Happy Birthday, Tor!
A.B. Fenner
52. RobertStorm
Let the dice roll!
A.B. Fenner
54. zep243
Just so you know, I would pay actual money for these. But free would be better, I guess. Enter me!
A.B. Fenner
56. Travs
I would love to win this!
Agnes Kormendi
58. tapsi
Oh I want them!!! I really do!

And Happy Birthday, Tor!
A.B. Fenner
60. Beldrag
In an hour I have a birthday! It will be awesome present if I can hang those posters on my wall ;)
Amanda Hayes
61. Kisanthe
The covers are so beautiful! Resistance is futile! Must try to win covers!

I dream of decorating my whole apartment with fantasy cover art. These would make a wonderful beginning.
Dragomir Krastev
62. beldrag
In an hour I have a birthday! It will be awesome present if I can hang those posters on my wall ;)
A.B. Fenner
63. saffiremoon21
wow, those are gorgeous. Give me one please??
A.B. Fenner
65. aikodude
i doubt i'll win, but the wheel weaves as the wheel wills so Dovie'andi se tovya sagain!
A.B. Fenner
66. Anj413
W00t for WoT! :o) Happy Birthday TOR! Thank you for helping all of us spend countless hours in wonderfully creative and beautiful worlds.
A.B. Fenner
67. trench
i like wot, i like posters, i like winning stuff, its a triple treat
Steven Roesch
68. jeenyusguuy
Happy Birthday Tor! Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time!!
A.B. Fenner
68. Eli M.
I love all these! I'm crossing my fingers!
Michael McCammond
69. McCaemlyn
I can definitely make room for these posters!
Michael McCammond
69. McCaemlyn
I can definitely make room for these posters!
A.B. Fenner
70. jrutherchevy
Happy Birthday TOR!
A.B. Fenner
71. Little Miss
Ohwwwww I so want one!! My favorite books of all time!!
A.B. Fenner
74. etruscangirl
wow, this would be amazing to win. I've been reading wot since I was in 4th grade. XD
Happy birthday TOR!! You are amazing!
A.B. Fenner
75. jmpgray
Good luck to me!
A.B. Fenner
76. adelaidejewel
those are all sweet looking
A.B. Fenner
77. QueenUsagichan
I wanna win!
A.B. Fenner
78. Stupidusernames
May you always find water and shade comrade.
A.B. Fenner
79. tstone11067
Time to roll the dice.
A.B. Fenner
80. yugure
Love the e-book covers so far!
A.B. Fenner
81. Silverleaf
Happy Birthday TOR!
A.B. Fenner
83. RoyaltyGT
Just one comment? Easy! Happy birthday!
A.B. Fenner
84. Mrcus Aurelius
Happy birthday Tor & Thank you RJ!
A.B. Fenner
87. Zanbabe
Happy Birthday TOR!
A.B. Fenner
90. Mike Heller
Happy Birthday Tor!
Hugh Arai
91. HArai
Yes please! Posters would be wonderful. Good luck to everyone (and especially me!)
Lannis .
92. Lannis
ACK! ::splutter:: SQUEE!

Erm, I mean, Happy Birthday Tor! :)
A.B. Fenner
93. Jaedda
Sweet. This sounds awesome.
A.B. Fenner
94. grey-gryphon
Ohhhh, sweeeeet! Wheel pf Time poseters would make my room complete. :)
A.B. Fenner
95. sojourn83
Awesome! Happy Bday!
Michael Henthorn
96. Digger21
Happy Birthday! If the wheel wills the posters will be mine!
A.B. Fenner
97. Grizzly Sigma
Those covers are amazing, I really want that covers!!!
A.B. Fenner
98. Fordy
I've been wanting to get posters of these new covers! Love them!
Myra Binnicker
101. myrab51
These are very nice. Thank you for the chance.
A.B. Fenner
102. cn750fbomb
I wants me some posters!!
A.B. Fenner
103. Tomer G.
Looks great, good luck everyone!
A.B. Fenner
104. Sloemode
Someone saying they've been reading WOT since they were in 4th grade makes me feel old.
Brian Vrolyk
105. vyskol
If you don't pick me I'll feed you to the trollics.
A.B. Fenner
106. Mike Passino
I'm in!
A.B. Fenner
107. Roy McMillion
I comment all over this place
A.B. Fenner
108. Adam Keummenacher
The Wheel of Time, the books that taught me to enjoy reading.
Doug Bailey
109. CadetBailey
I definitely need something cool like these to put on the walls of my room. Happy birthday Tor!
A.B. Fenner
110. TalonSpiritCat
Those would look so sweet on my office wall.
A.B. Fenner
111. merlynn1
These images are so sweet. I would love these as posters!!!!
someone else
112. Naraoia
Ooooh, yes yes yes!

But only one? :(((
A.B. Fenner
113. Deadwampa
Oh, yeah!! Awesome
A.B. Fenner
114. Mithrandir
Long live the dragon reborn!
Jon Szewczak
115. szewczakj
I'm in! These are some magnificent pieces of art work.
Shawn Rasmussen
116. mrshawn
I would love these; my wife would hate these!
A.B. Fenner
117. Bill Fisk
Sounds like a deal to me, my library needs some new artwork!
Michael Reagor
120. mreagor
I just realized I've been reading the Wheel of Time for half my life.
A.B. Fenner
121. TrumanS
Happy Birthday Tor :)
A.B. Fenner
122. taryntula
Awesome! Now to pick out a wall...
A.B. Fenner
123. Jarno87
Posters look awesome. Congratulations Tor.
A.B. Fenner
125. ARKTK421
woohoo, memememe!
Pritesh Patil
126. MatHornsounder
The Hornsounders Luck will work again and the posters will be mine
(please, please Luck.....stay with me....Pleaseeeeeee)

erm...I hope that there are no delivery restrictions

ahem....meaning Overseas
*grins sheepishly
A.B. Fenner
128. CoriAnn
These are lovely, I bet the posters will look amazing!
A.B. Fenner
129. lightkeeper
I just cleared a space on my wall for these. Send them on!
Bobby Stubbs
130. Valan
Hmmm. Don't comment or win awesome art, don't comment or win awesome... huh. Yeah comment. *click*
Sharon E.
131. Sulin
Count me in! I especially love the Lord or Chaos cover.
Todd Johansen
132. Gher06
Nifty. I'm not a true geek until I have epic fantasy posters on my walls right?
Beverly F.
133. Rhapsody_Angela
These would look so awesome on my dorm room walls next year...
A.B. Fenner
134. ThreeCheersForTheForsaken
I would like those covers please. If not, I will be forced to turn you to the shadow.
A.B. Fenner
136. sbents
A comment! For posters! Because everyone loves Tor.
Byron Bakker
138. byronba
Yes, yes, YES!!!
Please sign me up.
Tricia Irish
139. Tektonica
Well, who would be stupid enough to not register for this?! Bring on the awesome art! My birthday was yesterday...this would be a great present! Pretty please.

Happy Birthday Tor!

PS: For those of us who don't win....will these be For Sale?
A.B. Fenner
140. Nevermind_stylee
A.B. Fenner
141. Kalista
Damn those covers as posters would be epic
Rikka Cordin
142. Rikka
my apartment is begging to be plastered in these...
A.B. Fenner
143. ldraconus
Must ... Have ... Posters!


Sol Diaz de Leon
145. Elennor
I want the posters!!! pretty please?!?!?!
Happy B-day TOR :)
A.B. Fenner
147. Charles A Martin
A.B. Fenner
148. WinchesterRouger
A.B. Fenner
149. DrakkheN
i wish i had a poster, a poster in the morning, a poster in the evening, all over the day....
A.B. Fenner
150. Scotty B
Love the series and can't wait for the last two books!
A.B. Fenner
151. Takara
Super, da steht ja nichtmal, dass man auf englisch antworten muss :D

Anyways, I think most of the covers are really awesome and I'd love to have them on my wall =)

Come on guys, don't keep it away from the rest of the world as with book signings and conventions ;)
A.B. Fenner
153. Katrina P
:D *crosses fingers* they look awesome.
A.B. Fenner
154. Jessica Burris
I can't wait! I am so excited and anxiously awaiting the next book!
A.B. Fenner
155. efrost
I'd be pleased to get one of these lovely posters.
A.B. Fenner
157. NickAR
These are some great book covers. It's good to see Jordan's vision living on.
Michael Cummings
158. mcummings
This is perfect! I have walls; you all have posters. And getting posters for my walls is so much more convenient than giving you my walls for your posters!
A.B. Fenner
159. Jacob Smothers
...Sene sovya caba'donde ain dovienya.
Bryan Cogswell
160. shmoo

my office SOOO needs one of those!!!

(randomly) pick me! Pick me!
A.B. Fenner
160. Virin
Even if I don't get ones for my wall, Matt and the Ravens are looking pretty sweet on my desktop.
A.B. Fenner
161. katiekat641
Awesome. I'd love to have these.
Karen Fox
162. thepupxpert
Thanks for giving us an opportunity to obtain the posters! Much better than my hardcovers!
A.B. Fenner
163. jbdake
I like this.
A.B. Fenner
164. J.R. Scally
A.B. Fenner
165. mdg039
Posters please
A.B. Fenner
166. Tim Harding
it would be freaking awesome to have those on my wall.
A.B. Fenner
167. Petronator
Pickle Juice.
A.B. Fenner
169. PBWilliams
Stellar! Happy B-day TOR!
A.B. Fenner
170. V. Goshorn
I love the Wheel of Time! I'm on my sixth time through the series....I have entirely too much time!
A.B. Fenner
171. L Aylward
Good idea, they will look nice on my wall!
A.B. Fenner
172. Vioarr
These covers are so much better.
A.B. Fenner
173. EdwardC
I would love to see these covers on the regular books.

Happy Birthday Tor!
A.B. Fenner
174. jefff
These are great! I especially like Nynaeve
A.B. Fenner
175. Moshiah
Those are some awesome posters.
A.B. Fenner
176. Fenric25
Happy 30th Birthday to Tor, and, in fine hobbit tradition, it seems you'll be giving some fine gift to one lucky person. And such lovely posters, too, all of the new Wheel of Time covers just look so wonderful...and they'd look even better on the bland white walls of our tiny apartment, if we were lucky enough to win! Thank you all for commissioning these cool covers, which really need to wind up on the books...and congrats to anyone who does win!
A.B. Fenner
177. Zacktaculer
I'm 18 years old and when I was younger I remember seeing my dad always reading the dragon reborn. And my dad and his two older brothers would always talk about wot. So when I was 12 I decided to read the series. Up until that time I never ever liked reading but when I got to chapter 5 of eye of the world I have become a gigantic book worm and I think the wheel of time is awesome and toe is my favorite publishing book company. :)
Eric Smith
178. rangersblades
This is some great artwork I would love to have.
A.B. Fenner
179. Tottakai
Time to roll the dice...
Teresa Allen
183. Tavarenallen
Happy Birthday Tor! The artwork is wonderful!
A.B. Fenner
184. Myopic Sniper
Here's hoping! that would be awesome...
A.B. Fenner
185. Mitsuko48
I, too, enjoy these covers. Good job!
A.B. Fenner
186. Confusador
Oooooohhh, shiny!
A.B. Fenner
187. Helen Sharkey
Amy Roberts
188. AmyS
I never win these things. It's worth a shot though!
Sharon E.
189. Sulin
As someone else asked, are they going to be for sale at some point? If I don't win, I'd be more than happy to buy a set. :)
Brian Dishaw
190. dishawbr
These are awesome posters! Can't wait to see who wins!
A.B. Fenner
191. Jonathon Frisby
Pssst. Don't tell your friends. It betters our odds!
Matt Wright
192. matty42
I would give my left hand for these, and even if I don't win, I am willing to part with my money, so please please please TOR, put the set together and start selling!
Angel Banchev
193. Tiranas
Hapy B-Day Tor ! Prety Posters, Please ?

Also since there really is a LOT of buzz and interest about the covers, will there be a whole set of posters for all the books including the volumes of aMoL ? I too, would be more than happy to buy the posters, even if i don't win.
A.B. Fenner
194. Kathy Petty
Those are Awesome!
A.B. Fenner
195. RachelG3

This is a great idea! As far as I know, everyone that has seen these images is BEGGING to get their hands on them. To have them poster-sized is too good an opportunity to pass up - COUNT ME IN!

As for Tor - Happy birthday!

P.S: Can't wait for the next images to make an appearance!
A.B. Fenner
196. SithLibrarian
Hey, those are pretty cool. Those would really tie the room together!
A.B. Fenner
198. Giada M.
If this contest is international, please enter me. These posters are great! Thank you for this chance!^O^

Giada M.

fabgiada @
A.B. Fenner
199. dgro
Happy Birthday! Great posters.
A.B. Fenner
200. Ellen In NL
These would look awesome on the walls of my game room - WoT rocks!!
A.B. Fenner
201. KenEnglandJr
I LOVE the Wheel of Time which is the greatest epic fantasy series of ALL TIME. I started reading EoTW in December 1991, and the WOT has been my most favorite fantasy series ever since I finished EoTW. The artwork for these e-books is superb! I wish that I could by these posters, but I will gladly settle for a win in this contest.
A.B. Fenner
203. Darth Touma
If I win these posters.. I'll have a reason to live.. LOL
Michelle Mulford
204. DervishJ
Happy Birthday, Tor! The new covers look beautiful!
A.B. Fenner
205. JessicaH
I need art for my rental shanty!! :)
A.B. Fenner
206. Megaduck
Art would be cool!
A.B. Fenner
207. Estare38
The new covers look great!
A.B. Fenner
208. moachaen
Only my favorite books series EVER! And I love seeing various interpretations of the characters and events in the richly detailed settings!
A.B. Fenner
209. Ryan Conner
This is awsome! Happy B-day and I wish everyone luck in the contest!
Sarah Litchfield
210. sklitch
These posters would look amazing on my wall! xx
Christopher Taylor
211. vortex101
Woot. I love wheel of Time. Also I love art.
A.B. Fenner
212. Sherwin Chua
Awesomesauce :D
A.B. Fenner
213. Jonny Chen
Happy 30th!
I love the artwork, they're faantastic!
A.B. Fenner
214. Matt Richman
Wow... those would great on my dorm wall!
A.B. Fenner
215. Jenna Nylund
I'd love to have even one of those posters!
A.B. Fenner
216. DomePerrin
Oooh I've just started getting into the WOT books (from visiting this website and seeing your re-reads) and I would looove one of those posters!
A.B. Fenner
217. jho67
It'd be cool if I won one. They look great! I'm also a new fan of wheel of time. I started and I'm hooked!
A.B. Fenner
218. Toast
Oh, I really want one :)
Samuel Walker
219. lambada
I'm in the UK - so count me in if i'm allowed!
A.B. Fenner
221. AyRon
Comment! (Happy b-day Tor!)
A.B. Fenner
222. tarrant
I have to say that these posters would be awesome in our house, if only I can convince the wife to hang them somewhere.
A.B. Fenner
223. GunnrSide
Happy Birthday, love both the Wheel of time books and Tor as publishers
A.B. Fenner
225. MarkD
Happy B-Day Tor! Those posters would be so awesome!!! I'm more than happy to pay the postage to Australia if necessary!!!
A.B. Fenner
226. Rachel Erickson
Freakin' AWESOME!
I've been reading WoT since I was 11, which means it'll be 16 years this summer. I can't believe how often on a re-read that I find some clue that I never knew was there before.
A.B. Fenner
228. sporksoma
Definitely want to win this one. My husband and 12 yr old love WOT almost as much as I do :-)
A.B. Fenner
229. NZCandace
Happy Birthday Tor! Wheel of Time is Amazing... Its my birthday on May 18th these would be the best pressie ever! Please, please pick me :-)
Joe Terrenzio
230. Terren
Wonderful! I'll take these now and finish the set later.
A.B. Fenner
231. Dan Scanndal
Very cool giveaway! Whoever wins is VERY lucky indeed! Thanks for being great publishers, Tor. PICK ME, PICK ME!
Jeff Bice
232. Elthebull
Happy Birthday Tor.
I love the new covers for the books.
A.B. Fenner
233. damandred7
Ooo oo oooooh! Maybe the panoramic of Lord of Chaos too?!
A.B. Fenner
234. whiteknight83
these covers are universally better than the originals and would look great on a wall at home and so please pick me
A.B. Fenner
236. Ken-Richardt Blix
Oooh, awesome contest :) I'd really like to brighten up my place with some posters :D
A.B. Fenner
240. Theotrek
These are marvelous...thanks for the chance to win!
A.B. Fenner
241. Brownie
Hope Aussies can enter too!
242. cytherea
Ohmigosh. I would absolutely LOVE one of these!!

Tbh, I'd love to buy prints of a lot of them, too.

? Thanks, Tor!
244. cytherea
(Aw, that questionmark was a heart on preview!)
Melissa Shumake
245. cherie_2137
Oh my goodness, as each of these covers has come out, I have thought about how wonderfully beautiful they are, but did not buy them since I own all the books already and do not have an e-book reader. Making them into posters is an excellent idea and I would love to win them!
Mahesh Banavar
246. maheshkb
Happy birthday Tor! Now for more beauty on my walls...
Andrew Scott
247. ascott4321
nice! just finished rereading eye of the world!
A.B. Fenner
248. zomgjuju
OMG Such a great contest hope I win it! I want that Mat cover so bad!
A.B. Fenner
250. Logain74
Doesn't look like the Lord of Chaos poster will be the full panoramic image. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. I just hope the full painting is released someday.
A.B. Fenner
251. florencia
oohh I can has?
A.B. Fenner
253. Jon Carter 68
Blood & bloody ashes - good luck to all!
J Lip
254. Cadsuwallop
Please please please!!!

Happy Birthday Tor!
A.B. Fenner
256. RAbbott
I would give my soul to the Dark Lord for these posters.
A.B. Fenner
258. Travis L. Bingaman
A.B. Fenner
260. Great Scott
I'll bite!
A.B. Fenner
261. Alathel
I need something to decorate my new place with!
A.B. Fenner
262. Dagoth Grundz
Nice covers!
You should totally give them to me, you know you want to... ;)
jeffrey denzel
264. md9dme65
Twice and twice shall he be marked,
twice to live, and twice to die,
Once the heron to set his path.
Twice the heron, to name him true.
Once the Dragon for remembrance lost.
Twice the Dragon for the price he must pay.

Pick me, pick me.
Joshua Kube
265. jdkube
Yes, please. Each of these is amazing.
A.B. Fenner
266. Caitrin
Oooh I would love to win!!! These covers are GORGEOUS!
A.B. Fenner
267. onceler
Yes please
A.B. Fenner
270. RandyM
Happy birthday!

Randy son of a spavined goat
A.B. Fenner
272. ran2212
These are all amazing and can't wait to see the ones for the rest of the series
Kenneth Sutton
273. kenneth
This one is definitely worth a shot!
A.B. Fenner
276. Rudifrank
This stuff is great!
A.B. Fenner
277. Zidel333
Oh please pick me. I want a 2 foot picture of Rand strung up in ropes hanging in my bedroom. For purely platonic reasons of course. :P
A.B. Fenner
278. TheWeltner
The Wheel of Time = sex.
A.B. Fenner
279. Lirad
Wow, awesome!

Any high-rez ones available for desktops and the like, for all of those who don't win?
A.B. Fenner
280. TRibelin
Bring on the new book. Posters would be very cool.
A.B. Fenner
281. Evandrus
Those posters!
A.B. Fenner
282. Sarah-Wynne
Great and terrifying adventures! Fun stuff.
A.B. Fenner
283. LewsTherin
Posters are awesome!
284. mluchetti
Would really love to have those posters.
A.B. Fenner
285. WOTtwin2
Post for a poster, please! Is it in the Pattern?
Tammie Dillon
287. maccrazed
LOVE the series! Rereading entirely for 3rd time, before the next book is out in Nov!
A.B. Fenner
289. SteveO
These would look pretty awesome in our spare room/study/library!!!
A.B. Fenner
290. Larcykins
Better to have one woman on your side than ten men. :)
A.B. Fenner
292. Curtis Spevak
They look nice, I have never won anything, but there is always a first right?
Chris Hall
294. bookwormchris
Yes, I love these covers. No idea where I would put them, but I can figure that out later if I win :)
A.B. Fenner
295. Rebecca Lynne Pierce
I want to win! :) Comment #295 - one of the best series EVER!
A.B. Fenner
296. MashiaraDaiShan
wow, Those poster's look cool !! Happy Birthday TOR!!
I wouldn't Mind having them on my wall at all!
Matias Miguez
298. meiyas
is my bday on the 27th, it would be the best present ever, even better than my precious
Eigor Maldonado
300. e-mann
YES! I'm calling up all of my un-used luck for the year on this one. (Good luck to all, though)
A.B. Fenner
These are EPIC! I love the new style of art (better than the old ones...)
Especially love mat, and Dumai's Wells. No, I LOVE THEM ALL!!
A.B. Fenner
303. Ben Ben Davis
Awesome art! They make me want to buy a kindle just to read em.
A.B. Fenner
305. Mark Beadles
I like posters.
Aliel Izzu'ri
306. Aliel
I can't resist the chance to win one of those - the covers are fantastic, and posters would be even more so.

TOR, you just won plenty of awesome points for holding this giveaway. What a great idea.
larry shirk
307. lorenzo
Hmmm. Nice art. 307 sounds like a good number.
Ross Armstrong
308. SirRosstheWeary
I need them! I need them for the having and the looking!
A.B. Fenner
309. LachlanB
this is so awesome. gotta love tor
A.B. Fenner
310. Destrike
Me Wantssss them my preci.. wait.. wrong Fantasy Series. Those are seriously epic!

The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills (hopefully landing me with some shiny pretty new posters!).
A.B. Fenner
311. worthy
Ok, this would absolutely rock....
Julian Augustus
314. Alisonwonderland
I'll willingly buy the full-width LoC poster. It is the most awesome WoT poster ever!
A.B. Fenner
315. AliciaG
Maybe I'll actually win something for once in my life.... :)
A.B. Fenner
316. MichaelColwill
Count me in!
adrian bellis
317. Nilrem
Lovely art :)

Count me in if folks in the UK are eligible for entry.
A.B. Fenner
319. HHD
Wish there was a poster of Rand BF-ing that castle, but still awesome images.
A.B. Fenner
321. Kabishen
Almighty randomness, land on me if you would.
A.B. Fenner
322. Springer0428
that would be ideal as my birthday is actually the 28th of april
A.B. Fenner
323. Whomever1
It would be selfish for me to comment--I would be reducing the chances of someone more worthy than I.
A.B. Fenner
324. Dawn the glass bead maker
me, please :)
A.B. Fenner
326. MJane
My friend and I were discussing how much we'd like to be able to purchase these images as slip covers- to jazz up our books or for framing!
A.B. Fenner
328. KristenLee
I would love to buy a set and cover an entire wall. Love to Tor!
A.B. Fenner
329. CookieMonner
for gods sake if I don't win let me be able to buy them!
A.B. Fenner
330. Saioul Belthamez
These posters would look great on the wall with my dresden posters.
A.B. Fenner
331. Chelsea M. Schermerhorn
I think Robert Jordan understood the world in such a unique and true way, and the way it comes out in his storylines is superb.

I love the new artwork on the ebooks, and I would love to have poster forms of them. My favorite one is the scene with Nynaeve. She is my favorite literary character of all time.
A.B. Fenner
332. Daviddragon
Pick me.
Janet Hopkins
334. JanDSedai
You know, selling these posters would be a great revenue gernerator!
A.B. Fenner
335. the doctor
so let me get this straight? all i have to do is comment on this post and i automatically win? yes! send me some posters.
A.B. Fenner
339. CathyS
Beautiful! I'd love a set of the posters!
A.B. Fenner
340. Velius
Great posters.
341. Freelancer
Well, of course they should go to only a bona-fide WoTManiac. All entries that aren't participants in Leigh Butler's re-read should be excluded. Yeah, that's it...
A.B. Fenner
345. Slurpy
Because I need more nerd things to hang on my walls.

No, really, I do!
Eric Carlson
346. Tennerock
I have a wall just crying out for those posters.
A.B. Fenner
347. the poet sings
Ugh, so much want. They're all beautiful covers! I actually shrieked when I saw the one of Mat - I love it.
Michael Wood
348. dalekphalm
These E-Book covers look excellent. I cannot wait until they are all finished!
A.B. Fenner
349. urminator
I lack confidence in m chances of winning this, yet optimism beats statistics every single time.
A.B. Fenner
350. Kadere
Sweetness! Hope I win.
A.B. Fenner
351. Zarine
Awesome posters!
Thomas Keith
352. insectoid
Those'll make awesome posters! Kudos Tor!

YouDont NeedToKnow
353. necrosage2005
These amazing books have gotten me through some of the worst times in my life. I wish that I could have met RJ before he passed away so that I could have thanked him for them.
A.B. Fenner
354. DaveQat
Oh wow... Yesyesyes. I'd take down a lot of other art for these.
A.B. Fenner
356. JasonMic
This is awesome, good luck everyone
Nyna Derringer
358. nyna
Ooh, these are all so gorgeous. Awesome.
Justin Levitt
359. TyranAmiros
Thanks for running this and happy birthday!!
A.B. Fenner
360. Richard Eyres
Have started to read the books again, still really enjoying them.

The new artwork is awesome.

Oh, Happy Birthday
Francesco Paonessa
361. ErrantKnave
Happy Birthday, Tor. This is a fantastic idea for a giveaway :D
A.B. Fenner
362. Adam Epp
Since it's the ebook covers, me want.
A.B. Fenner
363. HeWhoComesWithTheNoon
You know, Tor, I turned 30 this week also.
A.B. Fenner
364. JacquesWessels
I'm lovin' the new covers. It was such a fanboy moment when I read that Dan Dos Santos did one.
Karen Simley
365. Simka
These posters are stunning. I would love them.
366. kilo
Want good cover pictures on wall.
Catherine Ford
368. KitFord
I have a bad case of the wants right now. I wonder if these will be available for purchase, for those of us who don't win the competition?
A.B. Fenner
370. Sitka
Ooh! OOOOH! Pick Me! Hot damn these are fabulous images and I want, nay, need them on my walls!

P.S. Thanks!
A.B. Fenner
371. shadowkiller
I need posters to turn my room back into a bastion of fantasy
A.B. Fenner
372. sirCharles
I like the new covers.
A.B. Fenner
374. eagleeye
Ooh, ooh...pick me, pick me...
Kent Aron Vabø
377. sotgnomen
Happy birthday, now gimme a present, hobbits that we are!
A.B. Fenner
378. Graendal's Pet
This is me commenting - would really dig those posters!
Birgit F
379. birgit
Can I get them in Germany? Will there be a calendar?
Craig Mulanax
381. amanfromuz
Tor = great = awesome Sign me up!
Logan Neufeld
382. Exgamer
I like the covers, I just don't want to buy the books again to get them. Are these posters for sale also?
A.B. Fenner
383. gravey
These would be fantastic. cross my fingers, hope to win!
A.B. Fenner
384. Aud411
Would absolutely adore getting these posters!!
Such a huge fan.
Happy Birthday!
A.B. Fenner
385. Brentus
What would be the consequence of parking in an Aielman's reserved parking spot?

You would have tow.
Karina Odde
386. avendesora
Wish the actual books had covers like these
A.B. Fenner
387. annhars
They are awesome! Hope I win!
A.B. Fenner
389. dconfer
Sweet, gentle Thor!
Penny Bennett
390. vavatch08
Pretty please for the pretty pictures :)
A.B. Fenner
391. Phandy
Man a lot of people want these posters!
Tim Cottrell
393. Wolfbrother87

this is officially a comment.

Wolfbrother Out!
A.B. Fenner
394. Frank Jr
how could i not enter?
Adam Miller
395. AdamM
Would look great, well, wherever they will end up in my house :)
A.B. Fenner
396. Erufailon
I guess this is worth a shot. Never won anything this way but... who knows?
Dorothy Johnston
397. CloudMist
Ooh! CloudMist wants the pretties. (I think TDR's cover is the best.
Abdel Masdoua
398. TheDarkOne
Gimme Gimme Gimme!

Pleaaaaase, they are so wonderful!
A.B. Fenner
400. Anne Marie Mills
Amazing work. Love the posters
socrate badeau
401. socrate
All I can say is WOW. ok maybe Please and Thank You.
A.B. Fenner
402. The Dork One
Those posters would indeed fit on my walls.
A.B. Fenner
403. Jeff Dougan
My birthday is next week, and these would make a fabulous present.
A.B. Fenner
404. Dreghren Al'Leigh
I've never been lucky, but I just have to say these posters look incredible! =D
Tina Pierce
406. scissorrunner
absolutely amazing artwork!!!!!

YES, I want them

(so where can the rest of us buy them?)
A.B. Fenner
407. vegetathalas
I want the ones with Moiraine and Nynaeve! They're my favorites.
A.B. Fenner
408. PhilSylvain
Great, want one!
A.B. Fenner
410. Cap'n Pike
Please, isn't that the magic word?
Patricia Lawlor
411. NearToothlessWilder
Please, please, please.....

Can I invoke the luck of the Irish here? Where is Mat's luck when you really need it?
John Lofgren
413. JohnTheLurker
I could change my birthdate. I love this artwork.
A.B. Fenner
414. TheFiberArtist
Oh I want one of those! I'll even frame it and hang it on my bedroom wall like my teenage granddaughter.
A.B. Fenner
415. C4and13r
Now if only they were in a desktop wallpaper too,
ricardo perez
416. byzkitt
I love these new posters for the Wheel of time
Max Moseley
417. mmoseley
These artists are AMAZING. I'd love to win these. :)
David Siegel
418. bigscary
Our walls here are sadly bare, and would be spruced up by Badass Walkin' Mat.
A.B. Fenner
419. Strider
Sweet! Enter me up. :)
Travis Splawn
420. MoreBooksForMe
I love these pictures, it's always cool to see the different ways artists represent scenes that we all love.
A.B. Fenner
422. The Painted Man
this is as good as it gets.......i wish something like this was there in india..........
A.B. Fenner
423. rubydog
Love to win.
Please enter me.
Ken Stankiewicz
426. Kenjs
I need the posters to show me the the colors, as the covers show up in black and white on the Kindle.
James Butterfield
427. jimmyb
Post here
for post-er
Say what sir?
no toast-er?
A.B. Fenner
428. Denari6
Please enter me!
A.B. Fenner
429. Evelynne Robertson
Pick me! Pick me!
A.B. Fenner
430. Erphil
Lucky # 430?
A.B. Fenner
432. kathie loves fantasy
God bless RobertJordan! I love his books. R.I.P.
A.B. Fenner
433. Callandor
Would love to win these :). One of the best series Evah!
Chris Calabrese
434. CRCalabrese
Would look great in my office (yes I work in a cool place).
A.B. Fenner
435. Krisbjork
A.B. Fenner
437. monkeymonk
I would like a poster, please!
Pat Knuth
438. Laina
I'd really like to win these - please.
A.B. Fenner
439. jlaufe
They are brilliant posters!
A.B. Fenner
440. Vee Love
I'd be happy with just The Shadow Rising one
A.B. Fenner
442. Cyarger
Hope I win. Best of Luck to you all!
Brian Kaul
443. bkaul
Ooh, that'd make a great birthday present for a friend.
Kathy Keith
444. Babokathy
I love this Post; I'm proud to be a part of it; let's do this thing!

It's MY birthday this month too, and I would really like to have the posters on my wall, Prescious!

A.B. Fenner
447. lipfordb
I love these. I think it's great there is a redo of the covers.
Adam Parsons
448. Belement
Postage entered.. heh
oh btw, if the winner is OS, how are the posters to be sent to the winners location?
Heidi Byrd
449. sweetlilflower
Just making the odds longer for everyone... :)
A.B. Fenner
450. Dovile
Awesome! Count me in, please!
A.B. Fenner
451. edfk
My husband and I are huge fans of the series and this would make such a great gift for our 10year anniversary. Thank you Tor for this wonderful offer and good luck to all.
A.B. Fenner
454. SMaddy
I didn't want `this` to be my first ever comment on TOR.. but couldn't resist...
A.B. Fenner
456. hapax
Even without being a big fan of the series, I have been seduced by the sheer gorgeousness of these covers.

Curse you, evil purveyors of painted pretties!
Bill Reamy
457. BillinHI
These covers are indeed a delight, especially after suffering through the hardback covers.

Pretty please, may I have them, sir?
Bill Bácsi
459. billbacsi
These would make a wonnnnnderful birthday present for my sister. I'm itchin!
A.B. Fenner
461. Michelle Diehl
Beautiful posters! Happy birthday, Tor; thanks for publishing my favorite books!
Ian Hannan
462. moobeep
It's pretty amazing that WoT has been around for two thirds of Tor's history.
Tim Clark
463. Gawken
Any chance these will be available for sale?
Poojitha Sitaram
464. sitarap
Me me me! * jumping up and down with my hand in the air *
Ciera B
466. LadyRoyale
Man, these odds are staggering, but the covers are soo beautiful... ah! I won't give up! Dovie'andi se tovya sagain!
A.B. Fenner
468. FunBob
Posting to win!
A.B. Fenner
471. Jmiller
Pick ME!! Pick ME!!
Tina A
472. Tinaa
Happy Birthday TOR! Please pick me, I really like these...
Alice Arneson
473. Wetlandernw
Count me in - I would love to have these!
Erik van der Meulen
474. brik
Although I own multiple copies of the books, having read them so many times the spines could not keep up, I am tempted to buy the ebooks just for these covers.
A.B. Fenner
476. Tenesmus
Happy Birthday! Please pick me!!!
ed t
478. edt
happy birthday Tor, and many, many more!
A.B. Fenner
479. AtheistSanta
Those would look good in my dorm.
A.B. Fenner
480. WarrenOatesLives
I want to win! I never win anything random except jury duty...
A.B. Fenner
481. GBrell
If I win, they're getting framed.
A.B. Fenner
484. Stygian2022
Hmm. Hope that if I don't win, they will be for sale at a later date. For whomever wins, congrats. :)
A.B. Fenner
485. NorthernGirl
Awesome! I love the artwork for the ebooks.
A.B. Fenner
487. SeaofStorms
i love these covers!!
A.B. Fenner
488. deterchick
I LOVE LOVE LOVE WoT! I can't even count how many times I've read each book over the years. They're fantastic! So well-written. :) Please, pretty please, pick me!
Jeff Weston
489. JWezy
Oooh! Oooh! Pick me, Mr. Cauthon!
Bonnie Andrews
490. misfortuona
Yeah, love these covers. Me please
A.B. Fenner
491. JCHicks
Love these covers.
A.B. Fenner
493. ValkyrieVance
This sounds great. Congratulations to whoever wins. :)
A.B. Fenner
494. Jackson R.
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain!
Kim B
496. Amaranthine
I love these covers so much... here's hoping I get one!
A.B. Fenner
497. Rossr
Absolutely amazing. I like the one depicting the battle of Dumani Wells the best.
Jason Whitaker
500. Whitaker77
These are amazing!! I would love to have them hanging in my room. Maybe if there is a great demand Tor may sell these.
A.B. Fenner
502. Patt0n
This would be extremely nice.
Eva Malc
505. EvaM
They are truly awesome. It can be seen even in that small version. Will there be a way to get the posters even if one doesn't win this contest? Although I hope to get lucky.
A.B. Fenner
506. DontDriveAngry
Consider me entered!
PatentlyO Obvious
507. PatentlyO
Burn you Tor for suckering me into posting. :P
A.B. Fenner
508. Alvarjuanca
Great artwork!
battle ajah
509. battleajah
Thanks in advance for picking me me me.
A.B. Fenner
510. Adele Dawn
Awesome covers! *crosses fingers*
A.B. Fenner
513. t0kengirl
Love them!
Joshua Patterson
516. Greenpat23
These would look awesome on the wall of my home in China!! Thanks!
A.B. Fenner
518. Xaris
Look great :)
A.B. Fenner
522. physicsdude88
Those would be awesome.
A.B. Fenner
524. Graendal77
So you have chosen the way of pain...
Scott Raun
525. sraun
Actually, I want them to give away - I know someone who would love to have them!
C Zirbes
526. Caillean
I love the new cover desings - great to geat a chance to see them really big.
Michael Mair
527. Nightwind
Well, there is nothing about US only, so I hope for the best.
Jeff Honeyman
528. twolakes
Love the WOT, looking forward to hanging posters and annoying my non-SF/Fantasy-reading family!
A.B. Fenner
532. mike87263578634756
These posters are really neat. I would be way enthused if I were to win
A.B. Fenner
533. MidnightTide
would love those posters
A.B. Fenner
534. cps2195
yeah free stuff
A.B. Fenner
535. Shadowrider
Hope this is open to eu readers as well!
A.B. Fenner
536. loneherodragon
If I don't win, will these be available to buy later?
A.B. Fenner
537. Jelsel
i believe i can find some wallspace for those :D:D
A.B. Fenner
538. Draconian Lover
Got a lot of white on my walls that these could cover.
Wendy Chua
539. wchua
These would look brilliant on my office walls!
A.B. Fenner
540. Kamikrazee
I'd love to have that!
A.B. Fenner
541. Rouxinol
Here's to hoping =)
A.B. Fenner
542. Sammy the Whammy
Happy 20th TOR! and kudos on the fantastic e-book covers!
A.B. Fenner
543. Grish
OOOO..! I know the chances are low... but a person can hope!
Kurt Lorey
544. Shimrod
The sheer number of entries is a great reflection of the overwhelming love fans have for this group of paintings!
Mike Foster
545. zephyrkey
Wow... this would be... wow! I love the cover from The Shadow Rising, would be wicked to own a big copy of it!
A.B. Fenner
549. DSkatter
My god, this would be amazing. I love all the ebook covers so far!
Morgan Crawford
550. Jenesis
I'm hyperventilating I want to win so much.

Happy Birthday!
Sarah Wilson
551. Wilson
Happy Birthday

They're beautiful and just what i need!
A.B. Fenner
552. Zorpisuttle
Wheel of Time merch! I am all about that.
Cassandra Cookson
553. cass
I've been reading these books since I was in grad school back in the early nineties. These are colorful, evocative scenes that really capture the spirit of the characters. Would love a set!
James Hogan
554. Sonofthunder
Oh gosh I got really excited for a second....then I saw the number of replies!! Lightning can still strike me...I'd love some of that gorgeousness!!
A.B. Fenner
555. detori
oh man, pick me!!
A.B. Fenner
557. ThaRuckus
comment the most
A.B. Fenner
558. Samantha R.
Awesome, thanks for the contest!
559. lpeers
They would look awesome on my wall!
A.B. Fenner
560. ROX27
My walls are too lonely, what better way to perk them up!!!!!
A.B. Fenner
561. kfish
Nice posters!
A.B. Fenner
564. Spenz
Here's to hoping :D
A.B. Fenner
565. Gunjan Andlay
The posters look great!! Please I want it!! :)
A.B. Fenner
567. joe heron
I think the cover for "the dragon reborn" is my favorite of the set.
A.B. Fenner
568. karanr
oh me gawd!
A.B. Fenner
569. revisionist
At last, a reason to stop lurking
A.B. Fenner
570. Shellin
Go go gadget posters!
Siv Ekman
571. Minnea
Oh, my! Anyone who doesn't want these?
I know I do!
A.B. Fenner
574. Josep Vila
This will be difficult with so many comments, but it is definitely worth trying!
Larry Mitchell Jr
576. wyldkat81
Sounds like a good b-day give away to me
Joel Salomon
578. JCSalomon
I like the posters, and I'll be watching my email.
Marcel xxx
579. lowlandr
the Wheel will wave them onto my wall!!!!
Jo Bloggs
580. Morgause
I would love a set of these beautiful posters. It's my birthday on Friday!
A.B. Fenner
581. Danvril Eastforrestor
Woohoo - Random post alert. Let's hope I have the Dark one's own flamin luck
Bouke de Boer
582. Bouke
Happy birthday, TOR!

It's time to toss the dice..
A.B. Fenner
583. Qtip the Sixth
"twould be a fine thing, to display these posters in my den. Thanks for the opportunity to sign up for this!
A.B. Fenner
584. Akallabeth
Love it! Especially the 4 first!
A.B. Fenner
585. Lrens
Hopefully, for once, lady Luck will be on my side.
andrew smith
586. sillyslovene
hmmm...wonder what the probabilities are...I'll put my name in that hat anyway...
A.B. Fenner
587. Demiandre
I love those images, and have them as posters would be really really great! It would be nice to gain something for once, and it seems a good thing to begin with no?

*Where did I put this flaming ter'angreal in the shape of dices!*
A.B. Fenner
588. GT Novack
Thank You Very much for the Most Awesome Posters Ever Created for a Series!!!!!
Marcus W
591. toryx
My, this is going to be a superbly popular giveaway. I'm in.
A.B. Fenner
592. Gingermagician
Excellent art and excellent series. Would treasure the posters.
Wolf Bro Joe
593. Wolf Bro Joe
I'm about to get a new office, and these would make a great start to my redecorating.
A.B. Fenner
594. Jake DeGroot
Happy Birthday Tor!

These new covers are amazing. I would love posters of them.
David Platt
595. The Not So Dark One
there was neither a beginning nor an end to the entry to win posters from the wheel of time e-book covers competition on, but it was a begining.
Rob Klingenberger
597. rsklinge
Awesome. So much effort was put into making each one of these. It'd be incredible to have posters made of the artwork.
Julia Nepper
600. andoran_g33k
Ah, I see I'm the 600th comment. That makes my odds of winning *counts on fingers* zero.

Matthew Smith
601. blocksmith
Please Sir, may I have another?

Awesome idea and congrats in advance to the winners...hopefully that's some self congratulation!

and 600, FTWP!!!
A.B. Fenner
603. earlgrey
My birthday is 5 May. Maybe...
Nathaniel Gulick
604. PresN
Commenting in a 600+ post thread
Bill Siegel
606. ubxs113
totally want those posters to rub it in my friends face!
Jeroen Teitsma
607. teitsjp
For these posters even I'll post a comment! :) Must be my first comment at, eventhough my account is about as old as the website.
A.B. Fenner
611. Mommai
Oh! Oh! I'd LOVE to have these! And I'm sure my husband would approve of me decorating the house with those, rather than other things. That or I'd give them to his brother, who introduced us both to the series and has been reading them far longer than us. Either way would be a win for us!
Sherry Marcolongo
612. Nynaeve60
These posters would look wonderful on the walls of my own little personal Tarasin Palace ;)
Kevin Persiko
613. lanistheman
These are so much better than the original covers.
Lynn McDonald
614. meal6225
April is my birthday month too! These would be so nice next to my WOT map poster.
A.B. Fenner
616. TheDragon19
sweet covers
A.B. Fenner
617. winterking
I believe the technical term is "squeee!"

For those of us who are not luck enough to win the drawing, will these posters be made available to purchase? I would happily fork over my grocery money for a set of these works of art.
A.B. Fenner
619. Gentleman Farmer
I would happily receive any of those posters, and all of them, better yet.
A.B. Fenner
620. Ditheca
where's the hi res images!?
A.B. Fenner
622. metalstorm
I'll throw my name into the hat.
A.B. Fenner
624. Will H.
I love the new covers. Having them as posters would be awesome!
John Pigott
625. AbEnd
I (would) keep your posters upon the wall
It hides a nasty stain that's lyin' there
So don't you ask me to give it back
I know you know it doesn't mean that much to me
I'm not in love, no-no
A.B. Fenner
627. cheilman
Woot, posters!
Sarah Peck
628. akacapa
Oh yes please. And ditto on the Q about the posters being available for purchase.
629. JQ
Here's my comment. Happy birthday, Tor!!
A.B. Fenner
630. Branwhin
Ooh, me, me! And indeed, happy Birthday, Tor!
A.B. Fenner
631. bauerfanatic
Please! I would really like to get them!!!
Sydo Zandstra
632. Fiddler
Good stuff. Would look good on my walls. ;)
A.B. Fenner
633. ChrisK
Can't wait to see if I win.
A.B. Fenner
634. snaggletoothed woman
I've been enjoying WoT for 20 years, these posters rock!!
A.B. Fenner
635. Martin White
635 entries... I'll never win.
A.B. Fenner
636. Fordan
Saw these at the silent auction at Jordancon, very nice.

And it's 636 entries now.
Brian Roloff
639. Ronin-alTyr
Sure it's a long shot, but gotta take it!
A.B. Fenner
640. Wonderandy
Woot! sign me up!
A.B. Fenner
641. Leagon
I won't win, but this is too sweet not to enter. Thanks Tor!
Skip Ives
642. Skip
Pithy comment to be added at a later date.
Brian Cavanaugh
643. jagahanas
May as well throw my hat into the ring...
A.B. Fenner
644. Loreniel
These are truly spectacular! I would love to win them :) Thanks for the opportunity.
A.B. Fenner
645. JZurcher
Much better odds than Powerball...
Clay Blankenship
646. snoweel
It's my birthday, this would be a good present! My preciousssss!
A.B. Fenner
647. Panagiotis L
Love 'em posters!
Happy birthday TOR!
Salutes from the GR
kevin smith
649. WoTaBoOk

I want the poster, it can be my precious.... :)
A.B. Fenner
651. booksarefun100
I like contests.
A.B. Fenner
652. Chris Mize
A.B. Fenner
653. Tyler Montgomery
656. Jastal
Please put my name in for the draw!
A.B. Fenner
657. Michael J Goodwin
I wonder if the winner will be able to find a way to make a complete set out of it, both over the next few months and in a couple years when AMoL comes out and gets its own ebook treatment :D

Still, imagine how awesome it would be to plaster your home with those gorgeous works of art?

I may have to print posters of them regardless, even if I don't win ;)
A.B. Fenner
658. WinespringBrother
Happy Birthday, Tor!
659. Braig
These are almost as cool as Mat's Hat!
660. ShadowbaneX
Happy Birthday Tor!

I saw these at JordanCon and they're awesome!
A.B. Fenner
661. Niterunner
Soooo much better than the original cover art! I LOVE them!
A.B. Fenner
664. HJaw
My walls are naked! They could use a... shift...
A.B. Fenner
665. aweguku
This would be great to win!
A.B. Fenner
666. Kilvain
Looks good
A.B. Fenner
670. Druugan
It's time to roll the dice!
A.B. Fenner
673. Dave A
Fantastic contest.The covers are awesome.
Derek Law
675. DerekL
Hey, I need something to look at whilst I wait for the eBook version of The Gathering Storm. A year after hardback? Really?
Curtis Buttler
676. Caedn_of_the_Taardad
Light, those are some nastalgic images... Great job on all of them...
A.B. Fenner
677. Noarden
Just a comment
A.B. Fenner
678. Band of The Red Hand
These are so much better than the original covers
April Moore
679. aprildmoore
Wow - that rocks. I'd love to win all of the covers thus far - I got the first two in the charity auction at Jordancon 2010 this past weekend, but more would be good.....:-)
Rich Bennett
680. Neuralnet
is that a poster in your pocket or.......
A.B. Fenner
681. MrPogi
Love to have these.
A.B. Fenner
685. Cantseemtoavoidspamfilter
...maybe if I write enough stuff here...
Ian Brown
686. RunawayPenguin
These are beautiful, and would look splendid on my empty walls. Sign me up for awesome free stuff!
A.B. Fenner
Those are great images I would love them!
A.B. Fenner
689. alligator
WOO! It'd be pretty nice.
A.B. Fenner
690. aetherical
I've been reading Jordan since the early 90's and these covers are gorgeous!
A.B. Fenner
691. Amadine
I have been reading WoT for nearly 20 years, my very favourite series ever! The pics for the eBooks are just stunning!!! I will be jealous forever of whoever wins this comp!!
A.B. Fenner
692. Adella
They are beautiful, I have to give this a shot :)
A.B. Fenner
697. Ellianora
I might as well give this a go. I'm sure I'll find the wall space somewhere for these posters. :D
A.B. Fenner
698. LukeG
Love the one of Matt with his ashandarei.
A.B. Fenner
699. Kellynn
*delurks and posts in fervent hope* :)
A.B. Fenner
700. Scott Romanski
Count me in. they all look fabulous
A.B. Fenner
701. Erich Beyrent
Been reading WoT since book 3 first came out - would love these posters!
A.B. Fenner
702. Mochila
It's my birthday today, too! Hooray for us!
A.B. Fenner
704. Maid Mirawyn
They're so pretty! Now I know what everyone was talking about at JordanCon…
A.B. Fenner
705. JR D.
these would look great in the new office I'm setting up; definitely a conversation starter with customers. :)
Anthony Aziz
707. aaziz
THESE I want! Didn't have any money to bid on them at JordanCon :(
A.B. Fenner
708. Lawrence Walton
Love the artwork!
A.B. Fenner
709. Erin E. Kelly
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain! Many happy returns Tor!
Jennifer Liang
710. JenniferL
We had these at JordanCon for the charity auction. They all went for about $100 apiece.
A.B. Fenner
712. HonorGod
I would love to see any of these on my wall... Thanks in advance
A.B. Fenner
713. tbrickey022
I want these so bad!
A.B. Fenner
714. netrunnr
Very cool - they look great!
Andrew Curran
715. jaguar1759
I love the new covers, can't wait to see the rest!
Dan Vega
716. bigdtv71
i love these covers i would love to put these up in my man-cave. hope i'm one of the lucky ones. good luck all ;-}
A.B. Fenner
718. Ryan D. Cox
Awesome, would love to have these!
A.B. Fenner
719. S Mcpeters
Thanks Tor :)
A.B. Fenner
722. willouj
Odds are, I'm not as lucky as Mat.
A.B. Fenner
723. Randolph Cutter
Great redux series so far. Thanks Tor.
A.B. Fenner
724. kkaatttt
Can we have all of them!
A.B. Fenner
725. Rhiadon
If one doesn't win, can one just buy posters. I like these covers so much better than the print covers that I'd be willing to pay some good money for them.
Michael Carter
726. jmcarter
I would second the buying of the prints for all of the books when they become available. I would not mind having these as posters!
A.B. Fenner
728. Fred Bannister
Fantastic! Anxious to see these for sale as well, beyond the HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOR!!
Jenna Nylund
732. aurinkoinen
Now that I think of it, there's lots of free space on my walls...
Alice Arneson
735. Wetlandernw
Y'all do realize, don't you, that this was posted April 23, 2010? And the "contest" was over almost a year ago?

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