Apr 23 2010 12:57pm

Tor Books B-Day Giveaway: Box o’ Books

As many Tor folk observed, the Tor Books offices are full of, well, Tor books. Many of them stay politely on their shelves, alphabetical by author, but not all. Advance Reading Copies are  too cool to hang out with anyone else; they sneak cigarettes and beer behind the Publicity shelves and lounge attractively on the corners of desks. Bound galleys hide in piles in the corners, blushing and apologizing profusely when tripped over. And the rest of them are bloody everywhere—holding up people’s computer monitors, trysting behind the water cooler, piling up horizontally, vertically, and every which way—and have to be spoken to sternly by interns.

So that you may better get to know our little social sphere, the three lucky winners of this giveaway will receive a grab-box of books from the Tor offices. Winners should let us know their general likes and dislikes (only books with bare-chested men on the cover; no spaceships; only spaceships; looking for books for a twelve-year-old, etc) and we’ll put together a fun selection.

The Rules: All you have to to do be entered is comment on this post—once; duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Wednesday, April 28th. Winners will be chosen randomly. Please check your email on Wednesday or Thursday; if I don’t hear back from you in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

Image by flickr user austineven, licensed for commercial use under Creative Commons.

Frank Nagy
1. fjnagy
More books! One can *never* have too many books!
(That is until the floor collapses under the weight.)
Joel Halnan
2. mainphramephreak
Yay, first comment, ever! *happy dance*

Rob Weber
3. valashain

Anything to support my two books a week reading addiction ;)
Levi Stahl
5. Levi Stahl
How can I resist? Happy birthday!
Levi Stahl
6. Giuseppe Vittiglio

i can use some sf&f books seeing as i am new to the game! good luck everyone!
JP Frantz
9. jpfrantz
I like books. Especially science fiction books!
Levi Stahl
10. lordnaryb
ooh, books!!!
Rick Kersten
12. rkersten
Now if you could get me a box of books for my Nook, that'd be something.
Mahesh Banavar
14. maheshkb
The past few posts on Tor's Birthday have been very interesting. The idea that people stick to a company and stay happy is just unexpected (but very nice, indeed), and this, in my opinion, reflects very clearly in the quality of the output.

I consume books at an alarming rate, and more books are always good. Any books, really.
Levi Stahl
15. dreamysusan
I am quite fond of books.
Levi Stahl
16. Rummy
It's not a house unless it's a house full of books (and cats).
Nina Lourie
18. supertailz
I am *not* entering, but had to comment and say that this: "Advanced Reader Copies are too cool to hang out with anyone else; they sneak cigarettes and beer behind the Publicity shelves and lounge attractively on the corners of desks. Bound galleys hide in piles in the corners, blushing and apologizing profusely when tripped over" literally made me snarf my tea out my nose. Ow.
Levi Stahl
19. Daniele A.G.
Are we European people allowed to enter? If so, here I am!
Sam Mickel
20. Samadai
I would love to have some more books
Lena Vogelmann
21. kalafudra
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *drools*
Levi Stahl
22. Areteo
Giving away books is close to godliness.
Tom Knapik
23. tknapik
Grab box of books is an awesome birthday present!
Ben Gillis
25. AgingComputer
There is no real downside to used books. Also, I've just finished Dune for the third time and need some new material.
Levi Stahl
26. Rylie
I would love to have some more books too.
Levi Stahl
28. ldraconus
Books! I loves me a good book!

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Near Future, Far Future, Past, Alternate History, Urban Fantasy, you name it. Except romance, or urban fantasy romance (Twilight, this means you!).

Tor is great! Tor is Good! Let is thank them for our Books! Yay Tor!

(Sorry, had to do that!)

Tomas Gerst
29. IamnotSpam
I like Sci Fi and Fantasy.
Levi Stahl
31. mightymax
No one can have too many books!
This is a great giveaway idea.
Bonnie Andrews
32. misfortuona
Happy Birthday TOR. I could always use more reading material.
Levi Stahl
34. MountainMan
Tor books are the best.
Paul Weimer
35. PrinceJvstin
Books...Books...its all about the books! :)
Dru O'Higgins
36. bellman
I would absolutely love this! Happy Birthday!
Levi Stahl
37. cps2195
mmmmmm books
Levi Stahl
38. birdbrainbb
Another fantastic giveaway I have almost no hope of winning, lol. :D
Levi Stahl
41. PRT
Oh, man, books! Since this summer will be the first time I've really had to read fun stuff after finishing my dissertation prospectus, I really really hope I get this! =)
Michael Cummings
42. mcummings
If my wife knew I was entering to win yet more books to add to our home, I believe she would be sure to erect a tor (the stony kind ;) ) on my grave. But bloody well worth the try :)
Judith S. Anderson
44. jskanderson
Happy 30th! Welcome to the Middle Ages!

I love science fiction and fantasy, but alternative history, especially of WWII just upsets me waaaay too much. Also, please, no zombies.
Levi Stahl
45. snoopy369
Can you send me a box of eBooks? :)
Levi Stahl
48. CGK
Happy birthday & thanks for the books!
Joel Salomon
49. JCSalomon
The genre that includes Hamilton, Cherryh, Niven, & Pournelle is called “space opera”, right? I want a box of that.
Noneo Yourbusiness
54. Longtimefan
I only like very specific books: the kind with pages.

They fit so well between my hands and give my eyes something to roll across.
Rikka Cordin
55. Rikka
@1 well, technically then you simply have a basement for storing more books.

which is rather nice...
Levi Stahl
56. MFalk
Now this is a beautiful thing.
Levi Stahl
57. Papajack
Free books!!! Shiny!!
Levi Stahl
58. Fraser Ronald
Wow. This is great. Thanks Tor for getting some cool free books to some people. Hopefully me.
Levi Stahl
59. Magentawolf
Sweet! I'm with fjnagy there, except that my floors are already suffering!
Matthew Schmeer
60. mwschmeer
I'll take any books that seem battered and beaten and loved to death, as long as their pages aren't spilling out and their spines are in decent condition.
Levi Stahl
62. annexwcp
WOW. I'd love me some TOR books. I have almost no hope of winning, but I would love them if I did! LOL!!
Levi Stahl
63. tombreader
Books! Books! So magically tooled
The more you reads, the less you're fooled
Todd Johansen
64. Gher06
A box of books? Is there any greater prize?
Levi Stahl
68. Juxeman
Well done! See you in another 30 years!
Levi Stahl
69. trench
hey i like books, and winning stuff, its a match made in heaven
Levi Stahl
70. wireframe
Happy Birthday Tor!

It seems like only yesterday it when you first appeared.
Stephanie Swanson
75. Steph96
Sign me up please! Any books are welcome. And happy birthday!
Megan Messinger
76. thumbelinablues
This comment is also (clearly) not eligible, but I had to say sorry to supertailz @ 18 - I didn't know my making-tea-come-out-your-nose powers worked remotely! Um, I did it so you'll feel like I am near?
Levi Stahl
77. FaradoT
Me! Me!
And happy birthday Tor!
Levi Stahl
78. ScottScott
I love alternate history (except ironically by Turtledove), time travel, and getting off of Earth. However I really enjoyed the free ebooks Tor gave away last year, even though most of them didn't conform to my usual likes.
Sydo Zandstra
80. Fiddler

Could this be my lucky day? :D
Levi Stahl
81. saj14saj
I am a little worried about the books which have been spoken to sharply by interns....
Levi Stahl
82. Bodenkille
and us Swedish people
Levi Stahl
83. Fordy
Who doesn't need more books? (Well, my bookshelf may scream that it's full to bursting, but I'm sure there's room for some more)
Levi Stahl
83. Connie F.
This would be awesome :)
Levi Stahl
84. J. Mark Miller
Who wouldn't want a box o' Tor books?

Count me in!
Levi Stahl
85. Despotes
Yes. Free books are certainly a happy day-making thing.
Lexie Cenni
87. LexieGirl
I sincerely hope this is my lucky day, though no offense to anyone else I hope we can all win! :D

Levi Stahl
88. katiebabs
I will always take more books!
Gregory Heyer
90. gheyer
Happy Birthday Tor!

Love your books!
Levi Stahl
91. winterking
Books! Hooray!

Happy birthday, Tor!
Levi Stahl
92. slmorgan
Oh, so jealous of you having boxes of books! Thanks for sharing :)
Levi Stahl
93. AlmondJoy
happy birthday tor! I love all types of sci-fi!
Levi Stahl
94. AMakepeace
Happy Birthday Tor!!

My most read genres are Scifi and Fantasy, with a touch of Urban Fantasy too.
Levi Stahl
95. Chris S.
what would i do without books? but more importantly what would i do without TOR books? i shudder to think. 30 more years and beyond!
Ray Radlein
96. RayRadlein
I think this is my cue to jump in here with wholly sincere (if partially reward-motivated) birthday wishes.
Aaron Tady
97. apt2501
My wife already complains about the stacks of books in my closet, on my nightstand, in my office, and on the book shelves in the living room. There are no stacks of books in the kitchen, dining room, or den, however. Winning this contest could change that.
Levi Stahl
98. UtterInanity
Can't say no to free books.
Levi Stahl
99. Balefired_ash
Yeah ! Free books !
Levi Stahl
100. jtone
More summer reading would make my day!
Levi Stahl
101. earlgrey
I would be more than happy to accept your books.
Levi Stahl
102. pveljko
Happy Birthday Tor! Provided lowly Europeans can apply I'd love to feed my book addiction. As for preferences I'd appreciate most of all science fiction. The harder and, uh, sciencier (totally a word) the better.
Mike Dominic
103. MDominic
I'm in for any genre fiction, but please no bodice rippers. Happy 30th!
Jordan Dennis
105. jddennis
Hey, I'm always up for winning contests. Here's to random selection.
Ruth X
107. RuthX
*happy laugh* This is wayyyyyy too cool! I'll cross my fingers & think hard about what general kinds of books I want if I win.
Levi Stahl
108. seolmara (Jackie)
Hey! That's what my "library" looks like (also known as my bedroom, lol.) There's always room for more though....
Levi Stahl
110. AnotherPat
One can never have too many books. And some day I plan to read them all.
Levi Stahl
111. Rube Ambler
Boxes of books, who could resist. Found out about it on Twitter...hmmm.
Levi Stahl
113. Anotherevilbadguy
Free books are always good.
Levi Stahl
114. HRuthK
Another European here who loves books
Tranylle Simmons
117. tranylle
Yes! I've been dying because I've read and re-read all the books I own and need some new ones.
Levi Stahl
119. Ian Jeffries
Sci fi (leaning towards space opera) and fantasy.
Levi Stahl
121. Mattew T
Mooooore books my precioussssssssss
Levi Stahl
123. RJShirts
Hmmm... My wife would not be happy with a box of books arriving from Tor, but I know I sure would be. Preferences would likely consist of anything that isn't crap (I'll expound when I win). :-D
Levi Stahl
124. DRickard
Me me me!
Levi Stahl
125. Emily H.
Book contests are awesome, and my sagging shelves could always do with a few more stacks.

Happy birthday, Tor!
Levi Stahl
126. VMech
Bring on the books!
Levi Stahl
127. Dr Hoo
Happy Birthday Tor!
Levi Stahl
128. AmyV
Yay! Who doesn't love books?!?! Happy Birthday Tor!
Helen Wright
129. arkessian
There are never enough books in the Universe... At least, that portion of the Universe to which I have easy access.
René Walling
130. cybernetic_nomad
Nothing could go better with my boxes of books than another box of books.

Happy Birthday Tor!
Levi Stahl
131. All Purpose Monkey
“A house without books is like a body without a soul.” - Cicero

True dat.
Arthur Principe
132. speljester
A box of Tor books, yes please. Sci-fi, Fantasy, Alt History, steam punk. Nothing that would be sold in the Romance section.
Levi Stahl
134. mark-p
Happy birthday
Angela Korra'ti
136. annathepiper
I'm in! Preference would be to anything old enough to NOT be out in electronic form, since a lot of my book purchasing these days is digital. Chances are also pretty high that anything Tor's put out in the last 5-7 years, I already have a copy of anyway. ;)

If I'm selected I'd totally groove on several of the obscurer novels that Jo Walton's excellent review posts have been covering.
Levi Stahl
140. JonC
I would love to present no preference at all, and see what you hand out.
Jessica Reisman
141. jwynne
Sweet, lovely bookses, I will crawl inside you and emerge in some later life, well traveled beyond all.
Levi Stahl
142. SerhumXen
My boxes of books need more friends.
Levi Stahl
143. Darren A. Jones
This is a wicked cool idea! Thanks for the opportunity.

I like fantasy over sci-fi.
Adam Parsons
144. Belement
Comment! who wouldn't want to place an entry for free books, lol :P (I spend enough on books as it is.. prob no comparison to others, but my current 'to read' pile is 14 deep)
Lianne Burwell
145. LKBurwell
Books! And being recently out of work, I'm trying to avoid buying too many right now.
Ilya Veselov
146. l3xforever
So, is it worldwide or US/Canada only?
Levi Stahl
147. webbers
What a lovely idea. Happy birthday, Tor!
Levi Stahl
148. photon
more books please!
Levi Stahl
149. SirTomster
I like books, actually currently cleaning up my library since moving from one room to the other. So could always use some more :)

(Just don't tell my wife I said that)
Levi Stahl
151. entirelyalive
These "book" things sound like a fantastic idea. I would love to try them out.
Levi Stahl
152. cuviper
Yay for Tor books!
Levi Stahl
153. Jason (No, the other one)
AWESOME! The wife would kill me, but at least I'd die happy.
Levi Stahl
154. Tegan
Happy Birthday, Tor! Here's to another 30 years.
Levi Stahl
155. cheilman
Sweet, books!
Levi Stahl
156. DaveBakker
I love books, I can never read enough.
zaphod beetlebrox
157. platypus rising
Happy Birthday, TOR!

Another European salivating here...
Preferences ... no Paranormal Romance or Military SF, other than that I'd like a healthy mix.
Levi Stahl
158. moodymeow
Oh, this would be lovely. More books, please :)
Levi Stahl
159. mdunnbass
Ooh, goody! I love books, and I especially love free books!

I'm not picky - fantasy or sci-fi, any and all kinds.

Christine Evelyn Squires
160. ces
Happy Birthday!

Books I like are science fiction, including steampunk & alternate realities, and fantasy. No horror. No vampires. No "romance" novels.

Thank you!
Levi Stahl
161. ChaosDragon13
One can never have too many books. Of any and all genres
Levi Stahl
162. Stephanie in VA
I love any and all books. :-)

Happy B-Day, Tor!
Adam Mills
164. bearddevil
Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! My bookshelves totally aren't overcrowded enough already.
Levi Stahl
165. Moshiah
Happy birthday!

Books, books, and more books.
scott hhhhhhhhh
166. wsp_scott
I like books, I have some empty bookshelves that need books :)
Levi Stahl
167. Bill Fisk
Sounds like a great idea to me!
Happy birthday
Levi Stahl
168. Miriam R.
booooks *zombie voice*
Levi Stahl
169. Krock19
Because there is just no such thing as owning too many books.
Guy Burdick
170. CapEditor
I'd be more than happy to take books off your hands. If I don't read them all, my wife will.
Levi Stahl
171. James C. Wallace II
Matthew Hunter
173. matthew1215
Books are wonderful things to have.

Since we have the chance to specify a preference, how about... advanced reading copies, preferably prior to the official release date? ;)

Hey, it's worth a try.
Levi Stahl
174. Story Cottage
I pretty much a book whore - I'll read nearly anything. (And if I don't read it, I probably have a relative who will.)
Levi Stahl
175. The Literary Omnivore
A wonderful box full of books? Be still my heart.
Levi Stahl
177. Dr. Tucker
Please count me in - the pile of books on next to my bed doesn't reach the ceiling yet.
Levi Stahl
178. Silvertip
The old joke says that the most attention-getting possible tabloid headline, based on the three most attention-grabbing individual words, would be "Win Free Sex" -- it looks like, for some crowds, "Win Free Books" does every bit as well :-)

Azara microphylla
180. Azara
Happy Birthday! Another European hoping that entrants from this side of the pond are included in the draw.
Levi Stahl
181. Alden Ash
Luke M
184. lmelior

No short story collections, I think. Other than that I'm game for a bit of everything!
Levi Stahl
185. Estap
Happy Birthday!
Captain Hammer
186. Randalator
On Thursday I celebrated my 30th birthday, too.

It should be intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that I'm perfect for this gift.
Levi Stahl
187. Tuka Tales
Happy Birthday - and count me in!
Ben Warmuth
188. inevitabledoubt
I could totally use some more books to read, especially with me being jobless, I pretty much have all the time I need to just read, read, read, read and read.
Adam Shaeffer
189. ashaef
A box of Tor books? How awesome would that be?!?
Levi Stahl
190. jmd
I will happily take anything from those hallowed offices but usually prefer fantasy to hard SF. However, don't let that stop you from throwing and all books in a box for me! :-)
Levi Stahl
191. Lingeorge
I am not a great fan of YA books, I'm and adult and prefer that literature. I love Urban Fantasy - Science Fiction - Fantasy -- in other words, your books!
Levi Stahl
192. lateralus44
when selecting keep in mind please that my birthday just happens to be the closing date of this contest, April 28th :) coincidence? I think not.
Levi Stahl
193. Eye4books
How very hobbit-ish to give away gifts on your birthday. And my, how many friends you already have. I can't imagine the number of comments that this contest will have by the deadline.
Levi Stahl
194. stutterkat
Happy Birthday Tor Books. Keep them titles rolling of the presses. And thanks for all you've given us so far. :) (and a random box of books is great too)
Tess Laird
196. thewindrose
Happy B-day Tor!! And many more:)

Levi Stahl
197. SWS
Wishing I could take a field trip through Tor's offices . . . if there was room to walk through.
David Bishop
198. teancom
One *can* have too many books... but I'm not there yet.
Mike Conley
199. NomadUK
Funny, that looks a lot like my loft...

But, yes, please, more, more, more!
Levi Stahl
200. Petey
Science Fiction. Period
Levi Stahl
201. Alice E. Washburn
Consider it commented that I would love some books from the birthday Tor!
Levi Stahl
202. Ale-Tury
*FAINTS* A box of books you said? That is pretty much drool worthy for me! I (heart) books! Can I haz some Tor Books, please?
Levi Stahl
203. Thomas K Carpenter
I will give them a happy home. I
Barry T
204. blindillusion
I'm in.

Happy Birthday TOR.

Keep 'em coming.
Levi Stahl
206. Dawn the glass bead maker

(please enter me, too)
Levi Stahl
209. 117326
Guess I'll just have to MAKE more time if I win...I love to read!
Levi Stahl
210. abcrown
Pick me, Pick me! Pretty please?!
Levi Stahl
212. Chintzy Beatnik
One day I shall catch up on all my reading.

And the next day will most likely be the day I die.
Brian Kaul
214. bkaul
Following the hobbit tradition of giving things away on your birthday? I approve!
Levi Stahl
218. Daniel Alonso
I love free books, especially good ones.
Eve Black
219. manji2000
Just what I'd need to finish the second story on my Citadel of Novels. Thanks Tor and happy birthday!
Levi Stahl
220. jaysmith
Trying not to get marked as spam this time.
Elizabeth Coleman
221. elizabethcoleman
Happy Birthday, Tor! One can never have too many books.
Levi Stahl
222. OrganizedLightning

I particularly like crunchy-hard scifi (e.g. Bear's Darwin books).
Levi Stahl
223. Rory Martin
Though I don't really read purchased books due to my insatiable need to use the chicago public library, I'm pleased to be a part of this contest. Thx. Tor
Levi Stahl
225. Josh A215
Books please!
Levi Stahl
226. nicivy
I love me some books! I would even share with Betty, after teaching her patiently to read ;)
David Levinson
227. DemetriosX
If you'll deliver to Europe, then yes please!
Kyle Bass
228. SherlockTomes
I'm down with whatever you've got. Beggars mustn't be choosers, as my ol' Pappy used to say...
Levi Stahl
229. wenat
I'm so far behind on current SF/F that I would love any wide selection -- ooo, great contest!
Joe Terrenzio
230. Terren
Exams for law school are almost over, I can't wait to have some new books to read for fun!
Ashley W
233. a_neonta
My apartment already looks like that photo, but I'm still putting my name in. Need... more... books...
Levi Stahl
234. Medrith Nuttle
Oh me please!
Levi Stahl
235. C_Bartlett
Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.
--Groucho Marx.
Levi Stahl
236. Ragar
books a books a books...munch munch...never enough books to read
Levi Stahl
237. John D Sweeney
"Oh, nothing furnishes a room like books"

William Dean Howells 1837-1920
Penny Bennett
238. vavatch08
I love books :) all books :)

Let books be your dining table,
And you shall be full of delights
Let them be your mattress
And you shall sleep restful nights.
Levi Stahl
239. Erin R.
Ooh - I definitely want/need more books! Happy Birthday, Tor!
Levi Stahl
241. cosis
Happy birthday to tor! (and of course, yay for books!)
Levi Stahl
242. Sam Rolton
I love fantasy books! Woohoo!
Levi Stahl
243. liskev
Would love to win a box of books!!
Any science fiction fantasy will do.
Levi Stahl
244. Brian York
There's just no way I can stay away from this one.
Janet Hopkins
245. JanDSedai
More SF and fantasy, please! Or romance, or historicals, or non-fiction/biography; I'm easy!
Levi Stahl
247. INCyr
Happy Birthday Tor! You guys rock! Here's to another great year!
Levi Stahl
248. RDavid
Books good. Fire bad...
Lucas Vollmer
249. aspeo
I'd love to have a box full of books from Tor!
Levi Stahl
250. Eric Elliott
I'll take anything. Can't get enough books!
Levi Stahl
252. Terry Weyna
Books, yes! Books forever! I prefer fantasy and horror to straight SF, but basically I'll read anything that holds still long enough.
Michael Burstein
254. mabfan
I visited the Tor offices a few times. Yep, there are books everywhere.
Levi Stahl
255. Benjamin Wald
While I have no idea where I'd put them, I can never say no to more books!
Charles Knox
256. charleyknox
More books are good books. Hard Science fiction is my usual choice, but I am open minded on other sorts.

A very good tradition, that of giving presents on YOUR birthday. If it was good enough for Bilbo it should be good enough for anyone.
CE Petit
257. Jaws
Bookses, Preciousssssss. Thousands and THOUSANDS of bookses!
Holly Johnson
258. HollyAnn
Happy Birthday, Tor!

Books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, booooooooks, glorious books! (with a hat tip to Monty Python)
259. Joanne
Great Prize!
Happy Birthday Tor!!!

do you ship to Europe?
Levi Stahl
260. Ouranosaurus
I comment, therefore I am (hoping to win some books. Woohoo, books!)
Erika A.
262. brownjawa
Happy Birthday! You're as old as "The Empire Strikes Back." :D HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

I love books. I love book so much I've got a book blog (! If I win, I'll even advertise Tor and whatever lovely books you send my way by reviewing them! I do it anyway, so the pleasure's all mine. :) In fact, I'm getting ready to read and review some Tor books for my Summer of Series reading challenge! I'll all sorts of excited.

I'm not too picky. I love SF and F, don't like romance, westerns, or non-fiction books, but enjoy historical fiction. ;)
Levi Stahl
264. Traci Lopresti
any book is a good book!
Melita Kennedy
265. melita
Our new almost floor to ceiling bookshelves would love to welcome some more books!
Levi Stahl
266. geardrops
I shall toss my hat in the ring :)
Levi Stahl
267. Keslynn
What a great contest! It's great to see so many loving homes (mine among them) offered for the books.
Preston Willis
268. pskye
I will be squee-fully happy to help some of your spare books find a good home! It's the least I can do, really.
Levi Stahl
269. Stefan Llewellyn Smith
Yes please!
Levi Stahl
270. couchgirl
Ooh! Books!
Happy Birthday Tor!
Joshua Evans
271. JoshuaEvans
My wife will hate it, but I'd LOVE a box of books. I enjoy fantasy the most, but I'm sure I could ready anything you would want to send my way.
Levi Stahl
272. ComeComeCamalla
Never lend books, if someone lends you a book never return them.

I want a box :D
Sean Pratz
274. Galoot
I love the classics.
I love the hard Sci Fi.
I love space opera.
A Deepness in the Sky.
I love the Ringworld
'cause I loved Louis Wu.
Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da!

I love the heroes.
I love their sidekicks, too.
I love dystopias.
I love a new world view.
I love Bob Heinlein's
Young adult books, I do.
Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da!

I love Foundation.
And Niven's Neutron Star.
I love Han Solo,
But do not like Jar-Jar.
I love the Qeng Ho,
And all the trades they do.
Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da!
Levi Stahl
276. lightkeeper
I definitely need a box of these! Those! Whatever!
Levi Stahl
277. Barnum004
this is an awesome giveaway idea
Jamie Watkins
278. Treesinger
The best things in life are free but give them to the birds and bees -- I want money! (Or books)
Levi Stahl
279. MegViking
Always need new books!

Jeremy Glick
280. jjglick
Ooh, this sounds like fun. I like, uh, science fiction. And some fantasy. Not sure if you have any of that kicking around, though.
Luis Milan
281. LuisMilan
Science fiction. You can never have too many books!
Declan Ryan
282. decco999
Looking forward to the draw. Happy birthday and the very best wishes for the next thirty.
Brandy Thomas
284. Roese
I just finished unpacking all the boxes of books from moving. The house kind of feels weird without a random box of books so please give me more.
Levi Stahl
285. Leslie in CA
Ooh, books!

SciFi, Urban Fantasy, Alternate History -- but it's all good.

Happy 30th!
Levi Stahl
286. WesterosRising
Can't get enough books.
nicole rich
287. nrich
Oh man, I'm just moving into a new apartment and trying to build a new library. I would love to have these as the backbone!
Levi Stahl
288. RTaylor
It would be just like Christmas! Congrats on 30 years, Tor!
Mark Lambert
290. Ranbato
As long as they aren't romance -- though I could probably sell those...

I'd also take a couple of boxes of eBooks :)
Levi Stahl
291. David Earle
Why not? I can always use some quality science fiction.
Jon Freestone
292. jayowen
Fun, I love Space Opera, give me a big battle in space.
Levi Stahl
293. CindieLou
You're 30th? We should be showering you with Diamonds & Pearls!

Thanks for thinking of us on your big day :)
Levi Stahl
294. Glenn Lewis Gillette
Glenn Lewis Gillette
Writing Breakthrough SF
in Centennial, Colorado, USA, plus some pretty good mainstream stories
See my writing, long and short, on
Follow me on Twitter:
Adam Miller
295. AdamM
I'd totally be in for this . . . though I might need another bookcase . . .
Levi Stahl
296. Thea Hutcheson
Happy Birthday to you...and many more! Thanks,

Benjamin Wolfe
297. snarkywombat
I can never have too many books... even if I am moving 2300 miles for graduate school in less than four months...
Levi Stahl
298. Gregory Norman Bossert
me me me! pick me! pick me! (hmm, that never works...)
Levi Stahl
299. Mike A.
Thank you, Tor Books!
Paul Calabrese
300. SlugMan
I have a fever and the only cure is more books (either that or cowbell).
Levi Stahl
301. Job R Lawrence
Wow, a boxfull of books, that would be a highlight of my day. I'm always looking for something new to read.

Happy Birthday, thanks for putting out such great books for all of us to read. I really appreciate it.
Levi Stahl
302. WordTipping
One can never have enough books...its as good a reason any any to buy a bigger house!
Levi Stahl
303. Caitrin
Wow, look at all the posts already!

I am definitely entering :D I am much more of a fantasy fan, than a sci-fi fan and I love beautiful covers in general, like the cover for Warbreaker.

*crosses fingers!*
Wolf Bro Joe
304. Wolf Bro Joe
Count me in on the request for a free box of books!
Levi Stahl
305. rusty1957
Happy B'day, Tor! Thanks for offering free books.
Bruce Cohen
306. SpeakerToManagers
Books! One step closer to my goal of creating a supermassive black hole made completely of science fiction!
Levi Stahl
307. dcisko
Yes, what I need is to fill my house with more books. Just don't tell my wife...
Levi Stahl
308. Andrew Barton
Yay Tor!
Levi Stahl
309. OtterB
Yes, please.
Levi Stahl
310. Jocelyn Stengel-Ahern
High fantasy! Sci-fi with sound science!
Tomasz Galazka
311. tetrix
Me wanna me wanna me wanna me wanna me wanna me wanna...
Feed my habit, please!!!
Philomytha Blaise
312. Philomytha
I'm sure I can find a way to get four rows of books per shelf if I try...
Brenda Huettner
313. bphuettner
Love Tor books - just need more hours in the day to read them all.
Levi Stahl
314. Roy McMillion
Will Comment for Books.
YouDont NeedToKnow
315. necrosage2005
I love these giveaways. Too bad I never seem to actually WIN any of them. I'd really love to know the selection process. Do I have to be charming, witty, or just lucky? By the looks of it I'm 0 for 3. :(
Levi Stahl
316. Anthony Krilow
Tor Books B-Day Giveaway: Box o’ Books

WOW - Love this Post!!!

Murder Mystery and Spy novels are my favorites
Levi Stahl
318. Marlo Berliner
In my book, Tor rocks! What a great birthday gift. If I win, I'll take any YA you've got, any romances, and any mysteries!
Gabrielle Rashad
319. neverearth
Awesomeness~ :D

Can't wait to see who wins.
Levi Stahl
320. melabeana
Wahoo, i love Tor Books. Happy 30th.
Levi Stahl
321. Rebecca Zanetti
What a great post! LOVE free books!!! :)
Levi Stahl
323. MMD
Books! Pick me, pick me! Happy birthday, Tor. Carry on with the great work.
Levi Stahl
324. Renart
Excellent idea. I like good books, not bad.
Bret Scott
325. BlacksmithButNotEmo
Please, feed my addiction...

"Hi, I'm Blacksmith, and I'm a book addict."

"Hi, Blacksmith..."
Levi Stahl
326. omega_n
Books! Yay! Happy Birthday, Tor.
Levi Stahl
327. Linda Burke
Happy Birthday. Would love to have science fiction, science fiction romance, and fantasy. Don't want vampires, werewolves, or witches.

Hypatia James
329. hypatiajames
Lovely giveaway you're having.

Happy birthday, Tor!
Levi Stahl
330. thepossum
Wow! this would be oh so awesome!
Beth Armitage
331. kirilaw
A chance at free books? I'm in!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, too. :)
April Vrugtman
332. dwndrgn
I prefer dragons to half naked men (on book covers at least), swords and Gandalf wannabes are preferred over spaceships and guns; and if there is anything furry, fuzzy or cute on the cover it always grabs my attention.

Cool giveaway - Happy Birthday Tor and Happy Books-In-The-Mail-Day to the winner. Nice!
Evan Langlinais
333. Skwid
Eh, what the hell.

If Tor publishes it, I'd probably like a copy.
Tzut Tzut
334. WillieMcBride
Is the giveaway open to us European or is it for USians only?

Happy Birthday, Tor, and when will you publish Daniel Abraham's The Price of Spring in MMPB?
Levi Stahl
335. Badpenny
This Rocks! There is nothing better than a book, unless it's a box of them. Happy Birthday!
Levi Stahl
336. Jake DeGroot
Happy Birthday Tor!

Here's to the next thirty years. Keep the great books coming.
Pjotr Stam
338. TheTec
congratulations from The Netherlands!
Levi Stahl
339. Susann Elliott
I love Tor Books. Happy Birthday, Tor.
Levi Stahl
340. drunes
My books would like to have some new friends.
Tony Zbaraschuk
341. tonyz
I need to overload my bookcases some more.
A. L.
342. Rymenhild
I like: interesting women characters who talk to each other, characters with a range of genders and sexualities, histories, alternate histories, historical fictions, historical fictions with magic, fantasies of manners, creative worldbuilding and witty banter.
Levi Stahl
343. Bethanyfig
This looks magnificent.
Jeff Shreve
344. flotsamjeffsam
Squeee! I just got new bookends too! I would LOVE a horn o' plenty filled with Tor books.

As a guide: I love books that hijack my brain, whether they be epic fantasy (Goodkind) or mind-bending science fiction (Card, Scalzi, Effinger).
Levi Stahl
345. Carolyn Matkowsky
Yes, I love books, especially books with bare-chested men. No space stories, please.
Avi Schwartz
347. the1avi
Oooh, books, many books, me want books dearly!
I'd love getting a box of books so good luck to me.
Jay Frey
348. jayfrey2
All those books would look great to all my others!
Levi Stahl
349. JCHicks
I'm in. Happy birthday, Tor.
Levi Stahl
350. Hope Swann
Clifton Royston
351. CliftonR
Please please please! Anything for more books! (And ARCs? That would be so cool.)
Levi Stahl
352. Jonwings
Happy B-Day Tor!!
Levi Stahl
353. Peri Brown
This is such a great contest! Thanks!
Levi Stahl
354. ZafriM
Science fiction or fantasy are awesome (as long as it isn't too melodramatic). Gritty fantasy is my newest trend. Thanks TOR!
Levi Stahl
355. StephenWNagy
Count me in on the contest. Tor puts out a lot of good books. :-)
Levi Stahl
356. Vicky Burkholder
More books is always a good thing - especially TOR books! Can't get enough sf/fantasy. Thank you!
Mike Jackson
357. MRJackson
Throw my name in the hat please. And Happy BDay Tor!
Matt Wright
359. matty42
I don't think I stand a chance, but maybe that increases my chances? BOOKS!
Robert Horn
362. rjhorniii
Add my name to the hat. I prefer SF over fantasy.
Eric Greve
363. samalander
Go ahead, make my bookshelves crumble, I dare you!
Levi Stahl
364. S.F. Robertson
Great giveaway! Happy Birthday Tor!
Levi Stahl
364. AJM7100
This is a great little contest! Happy Birthday Tor!
Levi Stahl
365. Jimboweb
Happy birthday!
Levi Stahl
367. Alain Ducharme
Too many cooks spoil the broth.
Too many books spoil the... nah, that's impossible.
Ryan Gustafson
368. robotrevolution
Books! Yes! I was at a tiny library in a tiny town that sold old paperbacks for $0.10 a pop. Found some Alan Dean Foster, lots of Tom Clancy-alikes, and even some cool older pulps. Could always use more books!
Levi Stahl
370. lauraxt
Happy birthday! Anything with a romantic flavor preferred for me, should I be lucky enough to win.
Levi Stahl
371. Kevin Faulk
So cool!
Jacy Clark
375. Amalisa
Books! Yes, please! Fantasy is good. :)
Levi Stahl
376. DontDriveAngry
Happy Birthday!
Levi Stahl
377. joelbass
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!
Levi Stahl
378. Cpete1066
It's about time I qualified to win something awesome! Go books!
Sylvia Sotomayor
379. terjemar
Sure. I can find room for them somewhere...
Levi Stahl
380. Cirrmead
Happy Birthday Tor!
I loves me some books. Bring 'em on.
Levi Stahl
381. zxarien
Books too!
Levi Stahl
382. C4and13r
A great deal of books, I can always find time for books. :>
Levi Stahl
383. Michael A. Parker
Happy 30th birthday, Tor! I'd love to get some more Tor books. I love science fiction, especially those set in space and along the lines of Asimov, Pohl, Clarke, Niven, Card... hard sci-fi, space opera, robots, aliens...

I also like fantasy in the vein of George R. R. Martin, C. S. Lewis, LeGuin, Saberhagen, etc.
Levi Stahl
385. softfocus
I can never resist a chance at more books!

Happy Birthday Tor!!
Levi Stahl
386. brookie monster
i love fantasy books! i get giddy every time i put one of my new books onto my bookshelves. i like urban, steampunk, and epic/high fantasy.
Levi Stahl
388. grymwulf
Do I take this to imply that a publishing company has too many books? Perish the thought!

(Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Post-Apoc/Singularity Fiction - Preferably combined! )
Levi Stahl
389. Boone Brux
What's not to love about free books? The only thing better is if they came with a babysitter. I love all topics. Pick me and give me anything, I'll be deliriously happy.

Boone Brux
Levi Stahl
390. omerwo
ooooohhhh yes. Please.
Levi Stahl
391. GrimmGamer
Happy Birthday Tor!

Mostly interested in hard sci-fi and space opera, but heck, I'll read (and do) nearly anything.
Levi Stahl
392. GenEric Poster
Posted. Please.
Levi Stahl
395. Kira Riyu
LOL. I've decided it's okay for books to become a fire hazard (and I'm going to be drawing near that many soon--time to get a bigger house. ^_^ ) Great contest!
Samantha Brandt
396. Talia
Oh my goodness. Do want.

Please, O Gods of Random Selection, if you let me win I vow to sacrifice an invisible theoretical unicorn in your honor.
Trey Palmer
397. Pilgrim
What the heck, I'll name authors in the Tor catalog I know I like. Send me things in your judgement that you'd think I'd like. If that's ARCs of their stuff, that's cool too.

Charles Stross. Tobias Buckell. Karl Schreoder. Michael Swanwick. Peter Watts. Scott Westerfeld. Vernor Vinge. Charles Sheffield. S.M. Stirling.
Robert Reed. Ken Macleod. Jay Lake.
Levi Stahl
399. Shaun C. Kilgore
I'm joining the bandwagon. Love Tor books. Happy 30th. I'm big on most types of fantasy but especial epics.
AJ MacPherson
400. Mackey62
Happy Birthday. Would be happy with anything, need to expand the horizons.
Levi Stahl
401. Ryan C.
Tor Books FTW!
Levi Stahl
403. GQN
Free books! I'm so there. Romance, Sci-fi, Paranormal, spaceship, sexy hot men, bring it on! I love to help out and if clearing your office of extra books is helpful, count me in!
John Riggs
404. jmvreality
I like SpecFic and Hard SciFi.

Or, stuff that would be good for teenagers. Maybe, a combination of both.
Levi Stahl
404. Charles1234
I never win anything, but here's trying...
Levi Stahl
405. ARFunk
Mazel Tov on your anniversary, and thank you for publishing so many wonderful books!
Levi Stahl
406. sbents
A comment! For books! Because Tor is awesome!
Levi Stahl
407. MelissaT

I LOVE presents... Especially *receiving* them - and most especially when they're books.
Beverly F.
409. Rhapsody_Angela
I obviously need yet more books. Having them in piles on the floor and under the bed and in the bathroom and in dresser drawers......well anyway, I obviously don't have enough!
Eric Riemer
410. jester
So my wife may kill me, but a box of books would be great.
Levi Stahl
411. ninshark
This is awesome! Happy 30th Tor.

(I prefer sf, but anything with intrigue is fantastic.)
Wen Wen Yang
413. muteddragon
Um, my SO is going to kill me if I do win more books. I'd like to laugh, and violence is good too. Tor is awesomeness between covers. Um, covers of a BOOK.
Levi Stahl
414. Rob Slater
I would like some books.
Travis Ghent
415. Liar142
I totally need a big box of books. My 30th is this weekend. Since Tor and I practically share a birthday it just makes sence. Not that big of a fantasy fan more of a sci-fi guy when you send the books.
Levi Stahl
416. Agrajag
I'm in. Hooray books!
Levi Stahl
416. Tottakai
I'm a huge Tor fan...starting with Modesitt and more recently with Sanderson. Go Tor!
Levi Stahl
417. dharvey
Levi Stahl
419. tvguy
How nice of you!
Brian Dishaw
420. dishawbr
Happy Birthday TOR!

One can never have enough books. Can't wait to see who wins!
Angel Banchev
421. Tiranas
Comented. Box O' Goodys, Please Be Mine !
Levi Stahl
422. GaryPaulson
This will make my summer!
Levi Stahl
423. Giada M.
Thank you for this great giveaway! Please enter me, if it is international. I like to read many genres, but especially fantasy, adventure, historical, fiction, steampunk books! Thank you very much!

Giada M.

fabgiada @
Levi Stahl
424. Virin
My little library could certainly use a Tor pick-me-up.
Levi Stahl
425. Netrunnr
Happy 30th - keep on publishing!
Actually looking for a new house (with bigger library) at the moment...
Michelle Mulford
426. DervishJ
I loved Tor books even before I knew who published them. Thanks for the giveaway!
charlene barina
427. charlener0
Yay Tor! This website has been awesome :)
Levi Stahl
428. Joan K. Maze
Free books. That's music to my ears. I'm a bookaholic and nothing excites me moe than getting a book. I love mystery, romantic suspense, paranormal, fantasy, timetravel, gothic.

Zed Lopez
429. ZedLopez
I hate books, but what can I say? I love boxes!
Keith Kennedy
431. kennedki
Happy birthday TOR. (I NEED these books because I still have space in my bookcases.)
Levi Stahl
433. azmodean
Awesome, random box of books would be great.
Levi Stahl
434. Scott Ferguson
I could definitely use some new reading material. (My floor hasn't collapsed yet, and I can always reinforce it if necessary)
Other Alias
435. ghostcrab311
I think this might be a record breaking giveaway thread. :D

Many Happy Returns!
Levi Stahl
436. Nat (WLP)
Happy Birthing Day Tor!! Keep up the great work!
Chris Battey
437. DarthParadox
Because we just bought a new bookshelf - sure, why not!
438. cytherea
Happy Birthday to Tor! ?

Books are always the best. :D
439. cytherea
(Aw, that questionmark was a heart on preview!)
Levi Stahl
442. nlowery71
I could use more science fiction.
Alison Sinclair
443. alixsin
Zombie monotone: Booooooooks ...

Happy birthday Tor. Hope to see you at 50!
Levi Stahl
444. smbass
I can always use more books. This sounds great.
Wesley Osam
445. Wesley
Books are always nice. I may as well enter...
Sandi Kallas
446. Sandikal
I read 2-3 books per week. Free books are always good.
Levi Stahl
449. The Dreaded Night Turtle
I'd love a box of books. That would be wonderful. Here's hoping you pick me. :)
Levi Stahl
450. Robbooks
I want to win!
Levi Stahl
451. rmbellovin
I want books!
Seamus Cooper
452. Seamuscooper
I need books. How else will I get material to steal?
Levi Stahl
453. Graceo
This is a really cool prize
Morgan Crawford
454. Jenesis
Yeah! BOOKS!
Oh and Happy Birthday!
455. grilojoe77
just what I need. More books. (seriously).
Levi Stahl
457. nancileigh
Books, books, books! And congrats on the 30 years!
Péter Király
458. Dirky
Happy Birthday! I'd really like to get some books on birthdays other than mine.
Scott Wyngarden
460. SWyngarden
The best thing to do when you might be moving soon is accumulate more books.
Levi Stahl
462. RustyBadger
I live right behind the Door Into Summer.
Kristina Rice
464. kbellwether
As my 7 year old nephew would say...AWESOME! He'd just love the concept of getting a present on someone else's birthday. :)
Levi Stahl
465. Dean Laws
mmmmm.... books.
Levi Stahl
467. Sarah-Wynne
Everybody knows million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.
Levi Stahl
468. Latinguru
did someone say books?
Chris Hall
472. bookwormchris
Happy Birthday Tor Books! *raises mug* Here is to many more years!
George Baker
473. wraeththu
This is one of the coolest prizes you've offered to date. I'd really enjoy getting picked.
Phaedra Collins
475. phaerie
yay random box of books, that sounds awesome.
greg scott
476. worthy
random books to explore, new authors to try, new worlds to explore.....sign me up! :)
larry shirk
477. lorenzo
A whole BOX of books? Wowie. Zowie.
Levi Stahl
478. onceler
yes please
Levi Stahl
479. elfgrl2115
It's like Christmas!
Levi Stahl
480. Harry Connolly
Lucky 480! Good luck to me.
Levi Stahl
481. Bella Street
Need more books. Even if I have to duct-tape my bookcase to the wall to keep it from toppling over.
Levi Stahl
484. GBM
Yeah Tor! All books welcome to my shelves.
Levi Stahl
485. Kristen Wegert
Hurray for TOR!
Levi Stahl
486. FabioTola
hey hey hey. happy bday!
Levi Stahl
487. Springer0428
already in the running for the WoT posters, but i think i would get more use out of a giant stack o' books for by birthday
Levi Stahl
489. aoifeharper
I need more books!
Levi Stahl
491. MJane
Your celebrations are wondrous indeed.
Levi Stahl
492. Alan Lehotsky
Hard SF preferred; but Brust is always on my must-read list.
Levi Stahl
493. Michael Habif
why thank you i would love some
Levi Stahl
493. Russ D
Books are super cool! May I have some please?
Levi Stahl
494. Jeff Maxey
Happy 30 Birthdays TOR; Hard SF with rocketships sounds like a good plan to come together; second star to the right, straight on till morning!
Levi Stahl
495. Bethynyc
Happy birthday to TOR! Thank you for years of reading, and I'm looking forward to years and years more!
Levi Stahl
497. nother mike
Books are good. Books are even great. Books... sure, I'll take some more. There's always room for more books.
Levi Stahl
498. Necronian
I just donated a bunch of books so that my collection would fit on my shelves too.
Levi Stahl
499. Kifiria
Wow. If I won, I wonder how many of the books in the grab-box would be duplicates of what's on my bookshelf. Congrats Tor!
John Massey
500. subwoofer
Edit- WHOOT! 5 hunny! TOR rules! I'd like to thank the academy... :)

@TOR folk- yup, I already barked here, but I couldn't resist the post #. I gotta be me. 5 double O buck called my name. Couldn't resist;)

Levi Stahl
501. Leroy F. Berven
As one whose scope of book-collecting diverges from the modal level by several standard deviations, the thought of offering a warm refuge to additional volumes enthuses me. Especially if some of those refugees are the sort which, upon colliding with the outside world, stagger a bit and ask "What the HELL was that?" . . . while the outside world does the same.
Levi Stahl
503. Louisa Swann
I love the idea of keeping books in line and not just on the shelf! Happy Birthday, Tor, and thanks for sharing!
Levi Stahl
504. unhappybirthday
TOR rocks! Happy b-day!
Levi Stahl
505. GretchenStull
I would absolutely love to win a box of Tor books!

Congrats on the anniversary!!
(Sorry of this is a duplicate post, I'm having problems with the site)
Mark Stein
506. slanagat
I fear I shall be lost under a sea of comments merely because I was out all day. Much sadder than being lost under a sea of books, a fate to which I aspire....
Levi Stahl
507. Branflakes V
Sweeet! Count me in!!
a a-p
508. lostinshadow
happy birthday Tor!!!

If those of us currently outside of the US are allowed in,

me too, me too, me too...

do you know how expensive English books are, not to mention how difficult to find in a non-English speaking country?
Levi Stahl
509. Slurpy
We should have to go to *some* effort to win books.

Though I suppose unpacking them would count as effort.
Levi Stahl
510. musicalcolin
w00t w00t! or maybe b00ks b00ks!
Levi Stahl
511. urminator
free books please?
Levi Stahl
512. DaveQat
Hell yeah! More books! more books! More books! More books!
Levi Stahl
513. Aaron Singleton
I always want more books.
Levi Stahl
514. Marianne Oliva
Happy 30th anniversary!
Levi Stahl
515. Derek J. Goodman
There's always room for more books!
Cathy Mullican
516. nolly
Tor publishes many of my favorite authors. I'd love to win.
Catherine Ford
519. KitFord
How could I possible not enter this competition?
Levi Stahl
520. Ericalynn
I'm always up for free books! I'm sure I can squish another bookshelf somewhere in my tiny apt, right? I never use the kitchen table, they can go there!
Glenda Wilson
521. glinda
How could I not enter this one? I'm sure I could find shelf space, somehow!
Wesley Parish
522. Aladdin_Sane
And now know, the god's dimension's had a market square or piazzation. A lot for some hot concern.

"The months wore me. How I felt booked as cost. I a prisoner, grin to business, expect any such. Let groaning that does not that? I will grab me by the teeth - it's my teeth grounding option."

Kenagogue and Taugath, which was leprous as snot unto the Ness before me - shape middled me.

"My god! I mean, afterhaps she's nobody known, that you become parts of the river!"

"The meal, sweet girl," I hissed in his Human, " we are agreed hungry crocodile brought me!"


Nobody said what I wrote for this competition had to make any sense. :)
Adam Sampson
523. atsampson
I could certainly find a home for some more books. I'm afraid I only read books with vowels in the titles, though; I hope that's OK.
Levi Stahl
524. Smitty
I'm in the picture standing just behind the books.:)
mark harris
525. martianson
Mine all mine (maniacal laughter . . .) - I'd love them to be . . .
Levi Stahl
526. kridabo
I don't think it's possible to have too many books, haha word verification: neuroses. My neuroses make me collect books? o.o;
Levi Stahl
528. WesK
Commenting... Anything for free books...
Blake Reitz
529. brreitz
I have so many boxes of books, but I'll need more if I'm to finish my fort!
Jennifer McBride
531. vegetathalas
Or you could lob them at other people's forts. The pen is mightier than the sword...
Tina Pierce
532. scissorrunner
books - books are my friends!
and you can never have too many friends!!
Levi Stahl
534. Cap'n Pike
Did someone say books?
Levi Stahl
536. awkward
I always like books. :)
Levi Stahl
537. Rosemary Kirstein
Books! When I moved, I had to give away tons of books. Like, twenty boxes.

I am now underbooked. Need books!

Thank you.
Justin Unrau
538. jjackunrau
Whee books, even though I'm moving and will have to rebox them to take them with me.
Valerie Welbourn
539. Vhw
Please, please pick me. I love anything by A. Lee Martinez.
Isabelle Santos
540. RedFloyd
Books! And I don't even have to have any kind of imagination or do anything original to have a chance to get one! Yipee!
Levi Stahl
541. JeanW
Happy Birthday!! I laughed at the ARCs sneaking cigarettes and beer...too funny an image! I'm sure there is a story waiting to be told as they sneak off deeper in the shelves to do....

Send away. Always time to read!

Levi Stahl
542. Marc Jacobs
This is a great idea! Especially if I win.
Max Moseley
544. mmoseley
More awesome books on my shelves are always a good thing. :)
Travis Splawn
545. MoreBooksForMe
My books have been looking for some more friends and those cool, smoking advanced copies sound like the perfect friends for them.
Levi Stahl
546. TheFiberArtist
I love books, reading, collecting, re-reading. The more the merrier, and all of my 5 children and 5 (and counting) grandchildren do too! I have seen to that. The only serious battles in my house is who gets the new bookcase.
Levi Stahl
548. Dan Hoyt
E-ARCs are better behaved. They smoke electronic cigarettes and drink iBeer!
James Butterfield
549. jimmyb
oooh, books
for free??
Rolf Laun
550. LeRat
More books is never an issue for me. There's always room for another row of books on the shelf.
Andy Leighton
551. andyl
My birthday is on the 29th of April although unfortunately I am older than Tor. Still more books are always welcome.
Levi Stahl
552. reattmore
Books? Books!
Levi Stahl
553. pmk
Well, I always need more books... Happy birthday!
Levi Stahl
554. DavidH
Who wouldn't want free books?
Levi Stahl
555. JoeNoir
Please. Thank You. Happy Birthday!
Levi Stahl
556. Anne Marsh
Happy birthday! Although it seems as if we should be sending you the books... Oh, wait. That's called the slush pile, isn't it? ;)
Chris Calabrese
557. CRCalabrese
wow this is a contest that I can get behind!
Levi Stahl
558. monkeymonk
Books, please!
Leigh Smith
559. LAR1975
Hi, and happy (un)birthday, Tor!

Just had to pop in and send happy wishes (or hippy wishes in my case, I guess) for many more TOR-iffic b'days! : )

Likes: Asimov, Herbert, Ellison, Tolkien, Clarke, Anthony, Orson Scott Card, Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Niven, Pohl, Fritz Leiber, Goodkind, Alan Dean Foster, and too many more to mention.

Thanks much!
Christian Decomain
560. Khryss
Good thing I just bought a new bookshelf... ;)

Likes: Far-future Hard SF / Space Opera; strange, unusual & genre-bending fiction
Levi Stahl
562. Judie T
Happy Birthday Tor
And many, many Mor
Levi Stahl
563. bwrighht
Free books? Thank you Tor!
Levi Stahl
564. bmeaker
More books are always a good thing.
Levi Stahl
565. krispymac
Hoppy boifday tor!!!
thanks for being awesome for so many years and we all look forward to many more!
Levi Stahl
567. seth e.
Happy birthday to Tor! I approve of this giving birthday gifts to other people.
Levi Stahl
570. Anassa
Ooh, books! From Tor! How I can possibly resist leaving a comment?
Levi Stahl
571. Alison D.
Happy Birthday, Tor!
Levi Stahl
572. Dovile
I love sci-fi (soft sci-fi usually), also media tie-ins to sci-fi shows (Battlestar Galactica, Andromeda, etc), and fantasy and humor books.

A few of my favorite authors: Issac Asimov, Peter David, Guy Gavriel Kay, Poul Anderson, Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, David Eddings, Raymond E. Feist... The list can go on and on:)

I'll keep all my fingers crossed!
Levi Stahl
573. hapax
and now my ambition is to have my house decorated *exactly* like Tor's editorial offices!

If I had my absolute druthers, any character driven sf or f is great, space opera preferable to sprockets-n-rivets, Alpha libertarian heroes with angsty backstories questing against Ultimate Evil need not apply...

... but really, all Words On Paper is good.
Levi Stahl
575. SarahT
Heavens, what a wonderful happy thought...all those books...:) Happy 30--you rock, Tor!
Levi Stahl
578. FyreInk
Happy Birthday!! Hope I win!!
Levi Stahl
579. Rowanmdm
Oh how I would LOVE more books :)
Levi Stahl
581. artspin
Books! Books! Books!
Levi Stahl
582. John P Murphy
Happy thirtieth!
Levi Stahl
585. FunBob
Posting to win!
Levi Stahl
586. specialduck
Huzzah! Free books! Happy birthday!
Levi Stahl
587. Anna Shah Hoque
Don't know if my first comment posted...errmm

well I just said I would love to win some great romances...

Thanks for the super awesome giveaway!
Levi Stahl
591. Qtip the Sixth
I love all manner of books, prefer sf to fantasy, not juvenile, and cannot think of a Tor book I have not thoroughly enjoyed! Mr. Doherty and everyone else at Tor has brought me many of my favorite authors and I cannot thank you enough.
Levi Stahl
592. lagina
love it! thanks for the lottery!
Nathaniel Frithiof
593. natfri
always in need of moore books!(DO you ship to Europe?)

Always in need of some quality science fiction or fantasy.

Happy Birthday by the way!
Levi Stahl
594. Donna the Reader
*drools* A box of books!! Count me in. :)

Happy Birthday Tor!!
Levi Stahl
595. dhenrickson
Please, please, pretty please!
Ryan Harrison
596. ryharr5
Sci-Fi and Epic fantasy! Free books are great for a college student!
Levi Stahl
598. Jackie B Central Texas
Epic Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Aliens, Shifters, anything out there not holding up a water cooler or computer monitor is fine by me. I am almost 50 but do not read books for "old folks" yet so something in the DUF range and nice colorful covers will be appreciated if this comes my way. Thanks much for the fun contest.

jackie b central texas
Levi Stahl
599. Kvon
I'd love to win. My usual source of ARCs just went under, arrgh. What a nice hobbit tradition, for the birthday boy to give away the presents.
Russell Kirby
601. russ22
All sci-fi books are awesome! I love tor!
Levi Stahl
602. Brodychips
Happy Birthday Tor!
Levi Stahl
603. chromiumman
mmm... free books...
Levi Stahl
604. Diane M.
Happy Birthday Tor!!!!
Levi Stahl
607. yvivilla
Happy Birthday!
Great idea to give presents on a birthday!
Love books and have passed on my love of science fiction and fantasy to my sons and grandchildren.
Congratulations on giving us the best possible gift: a good book/story, full of interesting and intriguing ideas to stimulate our imagination...
Levi Stahl
609. Corvus
Living-from-temp-job-to-temp-job book nerd here. I could certainly use some library enhancement!
Levi Stahl
610. Patt0n
Oooh, I could really use some of this.
Levi Stahl
611. Adele Dawn
Happy Birthday Tor! I love me some books in boxes.
Steve Burnett
613. steveburnett
I would love another box of books, please.
Levi Stahl
614. GeriDiorio
Spaceships, please!!
Levi Stahl
616. delitealex
Happy Birthday.

You can never have too many books.
Levi Stahl
617. Thaddeus Crow
Here's to another 30 years! Huzzah!
Alex Steinberg
619. Slartibartfast

As someone said above, the hobbit tradition of giving presents away on your birthday is a particularly good one.
Levi Stahl
620. donnas
Great way to celebrate a birthday!
Levi Stahl
622. YDC
i love books!!!!
Levi Stahl
625. Jonathan Perrine
Sign me up! Plenty of my favorites have come out of the TOR offices!
Levi Stahl
626. Draconian Lover
It's worth a shot.
Joshua Patterson
627. Greenpat23
I would enjoy a box of books written in the English language. Since I live and work in China I miss reading English, and I love a lot of TOR books already.
Levi Stahl
628. DragonRose
Books please! And Happy Birthday!(mine was sunday)
Levi Stahl
629. radagastslady
Books, yummy. I am an English/History teacher at a small high school with no library. Young adult, Heinlein reprints or that type please. Darkover type
Lackey type.
Alec Coquin
630. bloggeratf
I must win this. SF/F. No naked people on covers.
Levi Stahl
632. LouwW
Happy Birthday, Tor!
Scott Raun
633. sraun
Oh, my. Just what I need. My wife will kill me if I win. We'll have to buy more bookshelves. (We need to buy more anyway - after we find a place to put them.) Please?
Levi Stahl
634. jasonL
Happy Birthday TOR! Thanks for keeping my reading addition alive and well since middle school.

I suppose a Free Box of Books won't break my vow not to "buy" any new books till I've read everything on my bookshelf. :)
Michael Mair
635. Nightwind
Sweet Bookses.
Who could say no?
Certainly not I...
Levi Stahl
636. madalex
Happy B-day!
Levi Stahl
637. Neale Carter
Happy Birthday, Tor!
Levi Stahl
638. mbs18
i love fantasy books. pick me!
Levi Stahl
639. maxheadroom
¡Feliz cumpleaños!
Phil Sutherland
640. philsuth
Sounds good to me. Oh, and Happy 30th.
Levi Stahl
641. joe57
Wow, happy b-day. I pretty much love all fantasy and sci-fi.
samuel lightcap
642. lightcap
Well, I guess there might be a meter or so of floor not already covered in books here, so sure.
Levi Stahl
643. FlaminToast
Never mind that I can hardly get into my office as it is due to a book-alanche. By god, I could always use more books! Especially those of a fantasy/romance genre. Happy B-day Tor!
C Zirbes
644. Caillean
Happy birthday. I guess you can never have enough books. :-)
645. Beardmonger
There are some books that only a king can kill!
Levi Stahl
647. s3ntient
yay, books!
Levi Stahl
648. xak
A box of books sounds like a great party gift!!!
Levi Stahl
649. RuthlessIYLM
Here's to 30 more years Tor!
Anita Croft
650. AnitaCroft
Please support my four books a week habit!
Levi Stahl
651. steadygray
Can't get enough of the good stuff!
Levi Stahl
653. jkshiv
Happy Birthday Tor.
you have been a good friend;

you helped me get through highschool

you were in my dufflebag when I was in the war

stood by me when times were good or bad.

I have often shared you with friends

but sometimes I have kept for myself.

I wish you a great birthday and hope for many more.
Goetz Kruppa
654. goetznl
Ooh, this would be nice! For me the Science Fiction, please!
Thanks for your hard work that often makes my life better!
Levi Stahl
655. Big Joel
I love tor books! Grew up reading them constantly!
Levi Stahl
656. Fatboy
Free books! Cool! Happy Birthday!
Levi Stahl
657. Deb Salisbury
LOL! You have over 650 entries so far. Did you guess this post would be so popular?

We all love Tor books!
Levi Stahl
658. Readosaurus
Happy Birthday Tor!
Levi Stahl
659. Trilliumgrl
One can never have too many books. Happy birthday Tor!
Levi Stahl
661. Hobo
I hope I win. Happy Birthday!!
Cassandra Cookson
662. cass
Would love a diverse selection of new titles. I'll read almost anything except urban fantasy. Just bought Stross's _The Trade of Queens_ from Amazon. Great book!
663. dheersink
Wow, who wouldn't want free books?? especially from Tor. your books are always good! Happy Birthday!
Sol Diaz de Leon
664. Elennor
Yey many books!!
Happy Birthday Tor and thanks!
Levi Stahl
666. cronan275pep
Happy Birthday and may your books multiply!
Levi Stahl
667. royalwaterbird
A single message as to why I deserve free books. “Books” sang to the meow mix tune? A recording of my loving husband complaining about “..these damn books” as he builds yet another book shelf? The chorale work of my teenagers groans from the last time we moved due to the lugging of mom’s books? I KNOW!!! Give me books!!!! NOW!!! ( Insert image of hopping up and down.) Give me!!! Give Me NOW!!!!! By the by, Happy 30th. Here's to 30 more!
Brit Mandelo
668. BritMandelo
Oh man, I love free books. (Have a preference for fantasy, but anything is good!)
Levi Stahl
669. EdificeComplex
Hey, Tor's almost as old as I am! Happy Birthday!
Levi Stahl
670. Chris Mirell
Happy Birthday Tor! It's been a good 30 years!
Sarah Hale
671. rocketshale
Happy birthday indeed! I've loved Tor books of all sorts for years, and look forward to years more.
Books to read, books to share, books of allll kinds. Yay Tor!
Scott Hartup
672. bookluvr
Happy birthday to my favorite publisher!!! I have more Tor books than any other company, and would love more,(hint, hint). Just moved to California and couldn't bring my library with me, only a handful of books, so I'm missing my babies. (Pick me, pick me, pick me)!!!!
Levi Stahl
674. Koryn
Count me in!

If you have any Merceedes Lackey laying around, it would be greatly appreciated! XD
Levi Stahl
675. murfman
Gimme gimme ;)
Jonathan Chen
677. jonc
Another one in the long queue.
Levi Stahl
678. SFunk
Happy Birthday Tor! Here's to many more years.
Levi Stahl
681. MrProven3
Books = yes, please
Levi Stahl
683. CaptainHowdy
Book giveaway? Gimme. Tor books should incorporate Tor Johnson in their logo.
685. somewheresouth
If you'd like to post a heavy box to Australia, I have a flat full of hungry students to feed books to :)
Levi Stahl
686. area53
A book is a man's best friend. Tor books are the bestest! :)
nadav shner
688. nadav1
I'll clean your book where-house for free.
I wanna the box 'o books too
Erik Salminen
689. Jubelsalami
*random comment containing the words; books, free and mine*
Levi Stahl
690. GrivasGiorgos
Do you take readers for adoption in your offices? Any selection of books will be awesome. Happy birthday!
Levi Stahl
691. Lrens
One can only hope to win.

Anything sci-fi or fantasy is a good read.
Levi Stahl
692. Pat McKinney
Happy Birthday, Tor. Here's to many more.
Levi Stahl
694. Scott Cupp
I recently celebrated 30 years of marriage and you're having a 30th birthday! Why, ... you could be my kid!
Levi Stahl
695. Gerald Brandt
I'll read just about anything from Tor!

Happy Birthday.
Levi Stahl
696. jammer
Happy Birthday Tor.
Can't wait for the next 30 years !
Levi Stahl
697. MacElla
Hey a home without books is a body without a soul.
Levi Stahl
698. BenFred
Happy B-D!!!

More books please!
Levi Stahl
699. nebka
More books! One can't have too many books! Well except for you guys since you make them! Thanks
Levi Stahl
702. Dadawa
Gimmie gimmmie books!
Happy B-day TOR
Levi Stahl
705. kdcollins
Free books? I think I'm drooling. I read absolutely everything so no real prefrence though I do love urban fantasy or anything with a romantic bent (even if its a subplot.)

You guys are awesome!
Gary Young
707. Gary
Now that I have reached the last comment and can add my own...

Once, many years ago, we had a clean up day at the office. We all came in one Saturday in November and cleaned out file cabinets, desk drawers, bookshelves, and bankers boxes. There were many tons of paper for recycling, and we were urged to take the now-empty three ring binders home with us.

...but it took us years to recover. It turned out that a lot of that paper had never made its way into the official filing system, or at least no-one could find it in the files when we needed a copy.

So, make sure you really don't need that ARC or bound galley, before you box it up and send it to ME!!!

Levi Stahl
708. frequentflier
*fingers crossed*
Levi Stahl
I can always find room for more books.
Scott Taylor
710. izzylobo
Count me in - and Happy Birthday, Tor!
Levi Stahl
711. Terri Cullen
A random book .. that seems cool enough..
David Miller
712. Dimitrii
Love to have more books. I love alternate histories, Hard SF, comedies especially work well, Fantasies are also great. I also have a couple of boys in the young teen/tween age range that would love to share in the bounty.
Kristin Reed
713. k_reed
Dear Tor,

We shared a birthday weekend! It's a pleasure to grow old with you. Happy Birthday.

Levi Stahl
716. AndreaLib
Happy Birthday, Tor!

I love strong female characters, alternate histories, dystopias, and fantasy.

Thanks for all you've done!
Levi Stahl
717. Amanda M.
That would be so lovely to win, and an excellent way to declutter around TOR, I must say!
Levi Stahl
718. Beth D.
I'd love more books! Woo! I really like female authors. : )
Sherry Marcolongo
719. Nynaeve60
Can one truly ever have too many fantasy books? I think not.
Levi Stahl
722. Brenda H.
Happy b-day! It's strange to think it's been 30 years.
Levi Stahl
724. Will H.
Free books! Yay! I would love some new material to read.
Jody Crocker
725. Jei
Sounds absolutely wonderful! I love books. Preferences are something with a bit of mystery or history (real, parallel, or imagined). I know I'll read them all regardless. I like anthologies too. Zombies are probably on my least liked list - but I've even read a few of those types of stories and my son-in-law would like them.
Just don't tell my husband I'm looking to add to my library!
Levi Stahl
726. GalMontag
My library needs new tomes. Yes, please!
Karen Jacobs
727. KJacobs
Ah! So many books, so little time :)
My favorite would be Sci-Fi/Fantasy, heavy on the fantasy.
If I win, I'll even share with Leigh's Legions on the WOT re-read :)
Jeff Weston
728. JWezy
I am an omnivorous reader, long-time lover of both fantasy and sci-fi. Lean toward the adult, though, hence the "long-time"...
Sarah Peck
729. akacapa
Enter me. Because I can never say no to new books (even though I have no more shelf space).
Levi Stahl
730. philolexian
My studio apartment needs even more books!
Levi Stahl
732. rrmm
Books! Books!
Levi Stahl
733. KarmaKat
Books books books!!
Ray Pratt
734. raypratt
Free books! Space opera greatly appreciated, but go ahead and surprise me. Being a confirmed biblioholic, I need another enabler.
Levi Stahl
737. Sandy Conson
I read about a man who died during one of the California earthquakes because all his books fell on him- at the time, I thought "that's the way to go if you had to die in an earthquake!" If my books fell on me, I might be quite hurt but I think I need more to reach the man in California. Science fiction is my favorite!
Levi Stahl
739. Landro Gaidin
Free books sounds great.

I'm currently waiting with impatience for Towers of midnight (Wheel of time). Would like anything that comes close.
Levi Stahl
740. MVE
Free books! I am drooling. Fantasy is preferred, but all books are loved.
Levi Stahl
742. aleistra
I can haz books?

Prefer to avoid "urban fantasy" in its current definition and epic fantasy.
Levi Stahl
743. Amy Plunk!
Books books booksssss
Agnes Kormendi
746. tapsi
Happy Birthday!

How come I'm always late with birthday wishes...
Levi Stahl
747. Salt-Man Z
Very cool! Happy birthday, Tor!

(I personally enjoy well-written, character-driven sci-fi/fantasy.)
dave t
748. dave_t
...does math... yep, still worth entering.

Happy Birthday Tor!
Twila Price
749. anderyn
Boxes of books. Good things.

Is compelled to enter.....

Happy birthday from a happy reader of Tor books!
Chuk Goodin
750. Chuk
Neat contest. Ooh, lucky #750?
Levi Stahl
751. metaphor
FOR GREAT JUSTICE--er, for a copy of my lost favorite R. Garfinkle's "Celestial Matters"...
Levi Stahl
753. heatwave16
Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

I would definitely be looking for adult books with paranormal/sci-fi, and I love my comics and superheroes too.
Levi Stahl
755. Panagiotis L
As far as they are from your Forge imprint, I don't care. Happy b-day Forge :)))
Levi Stahl
756. Razoky
Happy Birthday to Tor!

Thanks for many great reads. And if I win, I plan on serious sci-fi binge courtesy of Tor, too.
Levi Stahl
758. Chris V.
thanks and heres hoping i win
Levi Stahl
759. jerryp
happy birthday tor
walter tingle
760. wjtingle

Please enter me in your event, and thank you for the chance. For me, more sci-fi than fantasy, please, and I tend to avoid horror. But really, anything is good. If I don't love it and squirrel it away in my cubby, it will go into the next shipment for the local public library, where someone who might love it can find it.

Jack Tingle
Levi Stahl
762. Ruskin Drake
I would appreciate a box of books very much, thank you. Any books will do.
Levi Stahl
764. Evil Tortie's Mom
Free books? A box o' books that are cooler than I could ever hope to be?

It's a hobbit birthday, where you give us presents! And no mathoms!
Levi Stahl
765. Clnaval
Happy birthday, Tor! I have one just around the corner, and a box of books would be a terrific gift!
Levi Stahl
766. JasonJ
I just finished off my last batch and could use a box o'books.

Happy birthday TOR. Win or lose, awesome contest.
Brian McCullogh
767. webmccullogh
Happy birthday Tor! Thanks for the opportunity.
Levi Stahl
768. JacobP
I haven't been able to spare much money for science fiction or fantasy books, so a box of them would really brighten my days.

Happy Birthday!
Levi Stahl
769. HeatherS
Hipy papy bthuthdh!
Levi Stahl
770. Tyler Montgomery
David Fowler
771. model217
Could always use more books.Thanks for the chance.
Levi Stahl
772. servo2k
Sounds great! Have my fingers crossed.
Levi Stahl
773. Lindarama
Guess what I've been installing in my home all weekend? Floor to ceiling bookshelves! Yay!
Levi Stahl
774. Jeanette Jackson
My favorites are ones with creatures in them... kind of scary ones
James Kehr
775. Jammrock
I give my wife two months to read every book in the book. It will take me twenty. Bring it on!
Levi Stahl
777. SMD
Happy freaking birthday, Tor! That's a long time to be around...
Levi Stahl
778. Chaos337
skoob (books)
Kevin Hogan
779. dromedan
This is some clever ploy to get an accurate reader count, isn't it? If so, it works!
Levi Stahl
781. HJaw
I'll take the books AND the shelf please
Levi Stahl
782. Danvril Eastforrestor
Sexy ladies and swords always rule on book covers!!!
Levi Stahl
783. Kilvain
You can never have enough books
Levi Stahl
786. Shireling
Great idea. Hope I win!
Levi Stahl
787. PatrickM
Shiny comment.
Levi Stahl
788. TessaS
That photo looks like my bedroom. And my study. And lounge...

There is always space for more books :)
Levi Stahl
790. CassR
Hells to the YES, count me in.
Levi Stahl
792. dbdon
I live for Tor books. Thank you for the opportunity.
Levi Stahl
793. Elfgirl
I love all books scifi/fantasy. And when I think of scifi/fantasy, I think of Tor. :)
Levi Stahl
794. WinespringBrother
Best. Offices. Ever.
Levi Stahl
795. TolkienAdvocate
Happy birthday! There is nothing better than a birthday box of free spec fic books. Unless they are media tie-ins. Ick. I love both sci-fi and fantasy, and prefer a classic feel in both. Tolkien is my favorite fantasy (obviously)and Octavia Butler my favorite sci-fi. Fewer laser guns, more amazing what-if scenerios, but I have nothing against spaceships.
Paul Eisenberg
796. HelmHammerhand
TOR Rocks! Thanks for the opportunity to win books!
Matthew Smith
797. blocksmith
Books are good and no where near over-rated!

Sounds repetitive, but thanks for the opportunity.
Bradley Baetz
798. bbaetz
*comment*. As long as you ship overseas, that is....
Levi Stahl
799. Barin Grey
Hmm, technically still first page :) Bring forth the fantasy novels, probably the ones in the corner drinking Coke and eating Doritos.
Levi Stahl
800. Arref
Good gosh. This is like another birthday in the same year. Thanks for all the lovely chance at more books.
Levi Stahl
801. Gentleman Farmer
I love books, and could never turn down the opportunity to get more. My greatest difficulty will probably be coming up with good criteria for a fun selection.
Levi Stahl
802. Panda Girl
Wow, this would be fantastic! I love all kinds of fantasy!
Levi Stahl
803. mkh
This is very cool, great idea. Thanks!
Levi Stahl
804. Theresa622
It's like a second Christmas!!!
Levi Stahl
805. Bandrade75
pick me, pick me!
Levi Stahl
806. HMuse
Happy Birthday, TOR!
Ian Brown
807. RunawayPenguin
Great way to celebrate a birthday! I like books. I like Tor. I like giveaways. Sign me up!
Levi Stahl
808. Draken
I'm an aspiring writer. Anything Fantasy; anything Epic. Epic Fantasy: these stories are the ones I enjoy most, the ones I wish to emulate, the ones I wish to build up from and supercede.
Such a giveaway would go a long way in helping me to achieve my goals, and if I am one of the lucky few, Thanks.
Levi Stahl
809. Kiriana
I'm much older than Tor but TOR BOOKS keep me young and fascinated with the worlds I am allowed to visit.

Happy Birthday Tor
Levi Stahl
810. Drole
I was almost late to the party, but I particularly love social science fiction and alternate histories. Oh and epic fantasy too! Well, lets be honest, I'm up for anything and free books are always good because I always end up spending way too much at the library.
Levi Stahl
812. R. Emrys
Ooh, books!
Levi Stahl
813. aetherical
I love Tor's books. And I'm not picky -- I read most anything. Happy 30th birthday!
Levi Stahl
814. renjen
*bookcase lust*
Levi Stahl
818. SandyG
Free books are always good. I read pretty much anything except romance with peferences toward fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi and horror.
Levi Stahl
819. Christine Hirth
I'd love to win a box of books. I'd prefer half naked men on my covers. :)

Thanks for the awesome contest!
Levi Stahl
820. Lanae T.
Very cool to help find these poor books new homes.

Any variety of books would be welcome to sneak around my house or pile up on the floor, or even sit nicely on a shelf. The only thing I ask is this, don't drink all my beer and pick up your butts!

Levi Stahl
821. Estarian
Thanks TOR!!
Levi Stahl
822. Vasilly
I would love to win a box of books!I read Boneshaker and loved it so something similar would be great though I'm open to reading anything.
Jason Lyman
823. jlyman
This sounds pretty cool! Count me in... at the last minute!
Levi Stahl
825. Christa Holland
Yes, please enter me. ; ) Boxes of books are wonderful.
Levi Stahl
827. Erich Beyrent
With 4 hours of commuting every day, I need as many books as possible!
Levi Stahl
828. Mochila
Happy birthday Tor!
Levi Stahl
829. christine (booktumbling)
Please count me in!
Levi Stahl
830. Scott Frederick
Ooh, I've been a huge fan of Tor for years
James Jones
832. jamesedjones
Would be incredible to win this. 'Course, it could also be the first few books in any number of unfinished epics. :D
Levi Stahl
833. WMLCataloger
This is cool! I so Love Books!
Levi Stahl
834. RobertB
Yay, books! Happy b'day, Tor!
Levi Stahl
835. Stacy @ Wicked Walker
Wow! Gotta love a box o' books! I read mainly YA and adult paranormal/fantasy/UF.
Levi Stahl
836. Scott Romanski
i like Sci-Fi/Fantasy, dragons, vamps Werewolves, space ship stuff. :)
Levi Stahl
837. JR D.
i go through a box o books a week or so, throw them at me i could use a different selection to read on. i read everything from Heinlein and the WOT to nonfiction.
Levi Stahl
838. Brad Marks
I think back to the great stories I have read and how many had the Tor imprint.
Levi Stahl
839. ElizaTheGreat
Under the wire! This is exciting. :)
Levi Stahl
840. Melissa (My World)
Tor books! Those are the stuff. :) Thank you for this chance. Always love books.

Do have to say, holy comments! Awesome!
Levi Stahl
841. MichelleB
I just saw this! Wow 840 entries. Oh well I still have a chance :)
Levi Stahl
842. Muerandah d'Acre
Books..... yeahness
Levi Stahl
843. Shell C
Happy Birthay Tor! :)
Levi Stahl
844. Erin E. Kelly
Many happy retruns of the day Tor!
Levi Stahl
845. Andrew L.
I'd love to win some books! Thanks for doing this!
Levi Stahl
846. Matt Brier
Happy Birthday and I must say you look good for your age.

Always looking for ways to feed the book reading monkey.
Levi Stahl
847. Jmpgray
Books, books, BOOKS!
Happy Birthday to Tor!
Levi Stahl
848. Lawrence Walton
Tor makes some great books, it's true!
Levi Stahl
849. rndm_poster
Levi Stahl
851. Raelena
Great giveaway!
Levi Stahl
852. Dani Smith
Our whole family loves books, but summer is coming. Books for 10-14 year-olds would occupy some summer hours. Thanks for the great contest! :)
Levi Stahl
853. Jessica Marshall
Happy Birthday Tor, thanks for hosting the giveaway!
Levi Stahl
854. Alicia K.
Happy Birthday Tor! This giveaway is epic! :)
Levi Stahl
855. broncofashion
A box of books from you will mean a new bookshelf for me...and I love new bookshelves almost as much as I love new books!
Poojitha Sitaram
856. sitarap
I'm going to give this a try :D Fingers crossed!
Levi Stahl
858. tbrickey022
I'd love some books!
Levi Stahl
859. HonorGod
I would love to get something new to read while I'm awaiting ToM... Thanks in advance.
Levi Stahl
862. zsaz1029
Who doesn't love books?!?
Andrew Curran
863. jaguar1759
Free stuff is always the best, especially when it comes to books!
Levi Stahl
864. Deborah J. Brannon
Books, glorious books! I'd like a chance to win, please.
Levi Stahl
865. LittleMiss
This is wonderful. I can't believe I've just now heard about this giveaway!
Levi Stahl
866. ninefly
I'd love to have a chance to win please!
(hoping this is open to Canada...)
Levi Stahl
867. finberg42
Nice giveaway. Yes please!
Levi Stahl
868. Spav
Great giveaway.
Levi Stahl
869. Leslie's Psyche
I would be more than happy to take some of those books off your hands. Thanks for the chance!
Levi Stahl
870. PersiaRose
OHHH Box of Books! It's like Epic Christmas in April!
Dan Vega
872. bigdtv71
would love to win some books reading with my two little ones is fun. if i win i would like some young readers they are six(girl)and seven(Boy) and we are reading the lightning thief.
Levi Stahl
873. Remaindered
Yay for extra books!

Thanks, and happy birthday!
Jon Szewczak
874. szewczakj
I would love to win some books off of your shelf!
Levi Stahl
875. annammcc
Did I make it by the deadline? Sure hope so. Great giveaway.
Edward Greaves
876. temporus
Books? Probably missed the deadline, but trying anyways.
Levi Stahl
877. ReadingwithTequila
I would LOVE to win some books!
Levi Stahl
878. IndianaPwns
Sure would love those books.
Levi Stahl
879. jenny_t
Not sure if I'll make the deadline - I keep getting bounced because of the anonymous post rate - but I have to try!
Levi Stahl
880. BlackRose
Fantasy. I love fantasy. And if that fantasy is about a dragon, all the better :). And I'm getting my grandsons to read the genre, too, so a mix of adult and YA would be incredibly wonderful.
Levi Stahl
881. benmesman
Happy birthday Tor! Great giveaway too :)
Levi Stahl
882. Katie A
Did I get in time? I love space opera, urban fantasy that's original, and fantasy!
Levi Stahl
883. Kathee Jones
Happy Birthday, Tor!
Levi Stahl
884. John d. Sloan
Book of boxes
Levi Stahl
885. Meli33a
Books, books, books!
Levi Stahl
887. B. Johnson
Ohh! Ohh! Please, books! Booksbooksbooks! Love me some books!
Levi Stahl
888. B. Johnson
Argh, I was dumb and used the wrong email address in the last comment (#887)! Whoops. :(
Levi Stahl
890. Traelyn
Steampunk is my favorite Genre at the moment... i will read almost anything as long as it is interesting to me ... thanks for letting me enter ! !
Levi Stahl
891. psychickwarrior
HOORAY FOR TOR BOOKS!! MY kids would love to share them with me!!

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