Apr 27 2010 6:11pm

MoominWeek! Day 2

Welcome back to the Moominverse! Today in MoominWeek:

And for even more Moominmania, visit our fabulous Moomindex!

Tranylle Simmons
1. tranylle
ooooh new books! And a new series for me to read :)
Bart Croonenborghs
2. BartC
Did you notice that in our brand new mobile magazine (also available on iPad) The Frontiersman inaugural issue is an interview with Paul Gravett who curates the Moomin exhibition currently running in Brussels, Belgium?

You can download the magazine right here

Press release for The Frontiersman

friendly greetings
Wesley Parish
3. Aladdin_Sane
Ah, the Moomintrolls! One of my teachers at Pillans Point Primary read that to us one day, c. Sept 1974, and never went further than the first chapter. Consequently I have an undiminished and as-yet-unfulfilled desire to find out what happened to the Moomintrolls, what they did about it, and what happened then ...

I also intend one of these days reading it in the original Finnish ... they were one of the best books I've never read. (I did give my youngest sister a copy of one of the later books in the series - I wonder if she ever read it to her daughter ... I should've asked.)
Gabriele Campbell
4. G-Campbell
I remember my mother brought one of the books home, and then I wanted the rest. That must have been in the late 60ies.

Boy, now I feel old. ;)
April Vrugtman
5. dwndrgn
I had never heard of them before today. Now I'm interested! Count me in!

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