Apr 26 2010 5:50pm

MoominWeek! Day 1

Welcome to the Moominverse! All week long, we’ll be celebrating and exploring the wonderful adventures of the internationally-beloved Moomin family and the books that made them famous. Today in MoominWeek:

  • Intro to Moomins: Gina Gagliano introduces Tor readers to the quirky world of Tove Jansson’s Moomins

  • Moominary!: a full list of all the Moomin characters, for you to reference and enjoy!

  • Moomin DeviantART: a look at and links to some of the many pieces of fan art created around the Moomin family.  

  • Comet in Moominland Re-read: Gina Gagliano rereads the first Moomin book in the series and shares her thoughts.

And for even more Moomins, visit our fabulous Moomindex!

Linda Taglieri
1. Linda
Wow! What a wonderful blast from the past! I remember reading these in the 5th grade.
John Massey
3. subwoofer
Come now Linda, you don't look a day over 29:)

And I have recollection of this, I consider myself much like Snork.

4. Bethanyfig
Loved the Moomins! Definitely due for a reread.

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