Apr 22 2010 5:55pm

Moomin Books Giveaway

Digging all of the Moomin madness, or do you think its a bunch of Moomin mumbo jumbo? Either way, we want you to take a look at the set of books... Leave a comment below and enter to win the first four books in the reissued set of Tove Jannson’s Moomin series!

The Rules: All you have to to do be entered is comment on this post—once; duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Friday, April 30th. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please check your email over the weekend; if we don’t hear back from you by noon on Monday, another winner will be chosen.

Moominweek Index

1. MoominAndrew
I love the Moomins so much! (Fiancee gave me a beautiful plush Moomintroll for Christmas.) I love the new designs for the books, and it would be awesome to win a set.
Liza .
2. aedifica
These are Moomin books I don't have! I'd love a set.
Dru O'Higgins
3. bellman
My old books are falling apart, I'd love these.
4. Teka Lynn
Hurrah for the Moomins and their friends in Moominvalley and beyond!
5. MJane
I first ran across these book by accident. I'd become hopelessly lost in some library stacks...not that I really minded of course.
6. Akheloios
I get all Hemulen over the Moomins. I watched the TV series as a child and have never forgetten how happy it made me to get home in time from school to watch such a wonderful family. So accepting and warm to everyone they came across.
8. jandore
I've been itching to actually read the strips ever since I first saw pictures of the Moomins six months ago.
10. leprechaun42
I had never heard never heard of these before featured them. Now that I've heard of them, I'm intrigued.
11. hellolunchbox
I'd love the set! Big Moomin love :)
Morgan Thomas
12. morganova
I would love to be more fully introduced to the world of the Moomins! pick me!
13. Stefan Llewellyn Smith
I haven't read these for years. It would be good to read them to my children now.
14. Kimberly B.
Oh, I love this series, and I've never had copies of my own!
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
15. ChrisB2
As someone who more or less grew up with the Moomin family (Finn Family Moomintroll first published in English in 1961, when I was 15) I'd have to advise new converts to go through the series backwards, starting with Moominpappa at Sea and ending up with Comet in Moominland, because that way you become steadily more cheerful. The first four books are happy; after that they beome steadily more, well, realistic, not to say Scandinavian - Moominland Midwinter cried out for realisation by Bergman. All worth reading, but not, in the later volumes, as thoughtlessly cheering.
16. Silmarien
Moomins! Yay!
19. CGK
Never heard of these before, but I would love to read them to my daughter.
Tex Anne
20. TexAnne
I always got these from the library. I'd love to have my own set.
nadav shner
21. nadav1
The moomins are one of my earlier TV memories.
And I missed them. I'd like to have the books open and read at my bedside
22. Danvril Eastforrestor
Moomin love all around
23. DRickard
I've got nieces I want to give these to--pick me!
24. PersiaRose
I first saw these in Sweden I'd love to read the rest of them.
25. tomchaps
I just finished reading Moominvalley in November to my 4-year old son. Okay, that was kind of an odd one, I have to admit. A kids book about prickly loners trying to build a community in the absence of the only thing that brings them together. Oh, and no Moomins in it.

He loved it. Weird kid.
Edyta Jurkiewicz
26. editinko
Moomins were the inevitable part of my life since I remember. My parents were reading Moomin-books to me when I was small,each tuesday there was Moomins in the TV finaly I started to study finnish & went to Finland for my exchange. Now I'm just making coffee I store in the Little My can, drink it from the Snufkin mug and translate and read a book about philosphy in Moomins Valley into my language. Soon I leave to Finland again....
27. a-j
I've got a niece too.
Strangely disconcerting to find that my childhood favourite, The Exploits of Moominpapa, is now Moominpapa's Memoirs. Odd
Brandon Eaker
28. bmeaker
These look like some great books, I'd love to have them.
29. ElianaRus
I am so glad these are being reissued...too many of the books I read as a kid are hopelessly oop.
32. Toby Speed
Oh, so cool, so Moominally cool! I have always loved the Moomin books, and my old ones are falling apart as well!
33. AJackson
How did I miss these books? I would love to read them to my children!
34. TomAngleberger
Snuffkin and Shadow are the favorites around here!
Zed Lopez
35. ZedLopez
I've wanted to read the Moomin books ever since Leggy Starlitz failed to secure the merchandising rights to them (so he could sue the existing manufacturers of unauthorized knock-offs.)
Joe Pettit Jr.
36. jepbass
I've been a fan of the Moomins since I discovered "The Exploits of Moominpappa" at a school book fair when I was ten years old. Recently, I've introduced my seven year old son to the books, and have rediscovered that the stories are as entertaining, strange and wonderful as I remembered them being.
37. Limertilly
I'm totally going to get the reissued versions whatever happens. they're lovely and it'd be really nice to have a whole set that match - my current, battered, much loved copies are on their last elbows.
Martin Watts
38. Martinus
Marvellous books. The joys of bringing up a child include catching up on the books I missed when I was a kid.
39. hihik
i love these stories. please, consider me too.
Cathy Mullican
40. nolly
I've never read them, but I've been hearing about them for years. I'd love a set!
Cathy Mullican
41. nolly
And...I just saw that I missed the deadline. That's what I get for getting behind on my reading. :(

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