Apr 9 2010 3:44pm

Instructions: Charles Vess from pencil to paint, Neil Gaiman from words to reading

Fans of Charles Vess (like me!) have been seeing bits and pieces of this come together over the past year. The paintings are amazing — add a reading in Neil Gaiman’s mellifluous voice and I’ve got this on repeat half the day.

3. TheSilverFish
Any ideas on the track playing in the background.
Teresa Jusino
4. TeresaJusino
I've always loved this poem! So glad it's been made into a book.

I love this video! "Follow your story." Indeed. :)
Alex Brown
5. AlexBrown
So glad this is finally coming out! Neil Gaima's been blogging about this for ages now...can't wait :) Such a beautiful video.
7. umbi bonci
Thank you for posting. Today is my birthday and I loved it.
8. a-j
umbi bonci @ 7
Mine too. Happy birthday.

Saw this on Neil Gaiman's site yesterday. Love Vess's illustrations. He is the new Rackham, no doubt.

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