Arachne Jericho
1. arachnejericho
I love your illustrations. But it's not a bunny that's getting mugged by the facehugger. Is the bunny the guy getting mugged by the face hunter dressed in a happy rabbit suit before the... ah... incident?

I suspect I should just enjoy this, but it bothers me a little, which adds to my appreciation.
Karen Bovenmyer
3. maxmelig
I saw a rendition of this as a fabulous 3D sculpture at Anthrocon 09's art show. The spilled paint buckets and discarded Easter egg brush were just as priceless as the poor prone easter bunny being...er...violated.

Ruben Avila, "Easter Bunny Surprise"

I can't find a picture of it anywhere, but Ruben, if you're reading this: genius. Pure genius.

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