Apr 29 2010 10:20am

Don’t want to be all by my Doctor-self

I’ve had Doctor on the brain (just finished the fourth episode this Sunday) in a bad way. I was listening to Carbon Leaf’s song “The Boxer” and in my head it became “The Doctor”. I was listening to the New Pornographers’ new song “Daughters of Sorrow” and I distinctly heard it as “Doctors of Soul” (Tell me that “We’d walk through the world as if by starlight/We’d be alright” isn’t about the Doctor and a companion?).

This Tenth Doctor: The Musical video has been going around the internets that I frequent and I’ve been slowly working my way through it (yes, it’s long). I think my favourite bit might actually be the “I’m a CHAV” Cassandra moment. Mostly though, I love the idea that 10—and a little 9—is, post-regen, sitting at home watching reruns of himself. (If I bring the popcorn, can I come snuggle on the couch? Please?) I’m particularly fond of some of the music choices and every time “All by myself” comes up I giggle.

It is distinctly possible that there is a slight fixation on Jack dying, but John Barrowman does it so very well.

Nina Lourie wants to know why you aren’t listening to the New Pornographers’ album, streaming at NPR through May 4th, yet?

Gary Schaper
1. Garyfury
As near as I can tell, there is not nearly enough good Who-related filk out in the world. This saddens me.
Ruth X
2. RuthX
Crap, that got me way too teary. I think having the 9th Doctor there didn't help, since I really miss him. I wish we'd gotten a couple seasons with him before Tennant (though I wouldn't change the good Tennant stuff either).
Elena Gleason
3. Elena Gleason
I love that video, especially the "Bonus Track" at the end. :)

Garyfury: Have you not heard of Chameleon Circuit and Trock (Time Lord Rock)? Check out their absolutely amazing album here: (you can listen to the whole thing there, then order a CD or buy on iTunes)
Nina Lourie
4. supertailz
@garyfury just you wait for my next vidpost:) It will have FILK like awesome things. Also I really really want to make filk of the "The Boxer" song. A lot.

@ruthx for grate srsness. I miss 9 so hard. Oh Eccleston and your kitty petting-ness! How I loved you, so much.

@elena man, as soon as I get home I'm listening to that. SO EXCITED.

Generally, why does Filk get a bad name? It seems entirely awesome. Am I allowed to admit that?
Angela Korra'ti
5. annathepiper
LOL! So I'm not the only one who did that to the Carbon Leaf song? Excellent! I haven't unfortunately got past the chorus yet, though the song seems to be about the Doctor and Martha specifically, in my head. ;)

"He is the Doctor, he knows when and where to fly / She is the doctor, she knows..."

Not sure how to finish it!
Chris Dearman
6. ChrisD
This needs to be adapted for the stage as a matter of some urgency. That is all I have to say about that.
Del C
7. del
I assume you mean a different song, but for a second there I thought you were talking about Paul Simon's song The Boxer:

"I am just a time lord, though my story's seldom told, I have squandered my resistance for a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises, all lies and jest..."
Nina Lourie
8. supertailz
@annathepiper Whomever you are, you are seriously my new best friend. GET OUT OF MY BRAIN. That's exactly what I was thinking! I will let you know as I get more!

@chrisd do eeeeet. I will SO be there. I will even play something. Donna? I WILL BE DONNA.

@del you are awesome. I need the rest of these. (Except maybe "pocketful of jellybabies"? I know the metre is off, but it's accurate...)

Seriously. I think maybe after next weeks' vidpost, I kind of might need a Doctor Filk contest. These are all kinds of fabulous.
Gary Schaper
9. Garyfury
Okay, I have finally had the chance to watch this, and it is Win.

If I had the editing skillz to do the Youtube mashup thing myself, I'd love to do one to the Moody Blues' "Gypsy (Of A Strange And Distant Time)", which is supposed to have been directly Who-inspired, way back when.

Speeding through the shadow of a million years
Darkness is the only sound to reach his ears
Frightening him with visions of eternity
Screaming for a future that can never be
Left without a hope of coming home.
Ursula L
10. Ursula
Mostly though, I love the idea that 10—and a little 9—is, post-regen, sitting at home watching reruns of himself.

I interpreted that as 9, post-regen, watching his life continue in 10's life, via the TV he's watching, and at the end being joined by a post-regen 10, to continue watching together. Not watching reruns at all, but watching his life go on without him.
Elena Gleason
11. NancyM
Trying so hard not to blub at work! My favourite bit is "Is this the real life?" over Human Nature, but it's all awesome.
Nina Lourie
12. supertailz
@ursula NOW YOU ARE MAKING ME SAD. Nononono. Please let it be fond memories of a happy life! ...cause your idea is horribly plausible and makes me kind of want to cry.
Ursula L
13. Ursula
Not sad, so much as bittersweet.

It is the logical combination of the idea that the Doctor truly "dies" at regeneration, plus the idea of an afterlife.

For people who believe in an afterlife that involves both retaining individual identity and (necessarily, if you're maintaining individual identity) maintaining a mental and emotional connection with the people you cared for in life, then there is necessarily the knowledge that the ones you love will continue living, and hopefully living well, without you.

How much more would that apply to the Doctor, dying at regeneration, continuing with a new body and new personality?

Nine would certainly appreciate knowing that his relationship with Rose continued and grew, that he could develop strong friendships with Martha, Donna and others, etc., yet the part that made Nine "Nine" would be passive, watching rather than being the controlling personality.

So it is not "memories" of a happy life, but rather watching himself continue with a happy life, (or at least, an exciting life).

And each of the Doctor-faces would join the others at regen, watching together as the new personality/face carried them forward, enjoying the joy and adrenaline from a half-step removal.

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