Apr 22 2010 7:01pm

Drawn and Quarterly Moomin Comics Giveaway

Hey, people! D&Q is giving away 5 sets of the first 4 volumes of Moomin comic strips!

How CUTE are they?! Leave a comment and enter to win!

The Rules: All you have to to do be entered is comment on this post—once; duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Monday, May 3rd. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please check your email during the week; if we don’t hear back from you by noon on Thursday, another winner will be chosen. Good luck!

Kimberly B.
1. Kimberly B.
Oh, this sounds wonderful! I'm never even seen the Moomin comics, but I do love the books, especially the illustrations!
Kimberly B.
2. nin_shark
I've never seen these!
Kimberly B.
3. Teka Lynn
They sound lovely!
Kimberly B.
4. MBG1968
I've read only the first one, but would love to own any of the comics! It was graphically so beautifully done and had a lot more 'attitude' than the chapter books. I enjoyed the snarkiness!
Kimberly B.
5. MJane
This cover would make me buy the book.
Cathy Mullican
7. nolly
Hey, I'm not too late for this one!
Kimberly B.
10. a-j
My mother's got two and is not letting go.
Dru O'Higgins
12. bellman
Great! I've only been able to find the second volume at the library.
Kimberly B.
14. Bethanyfig
Those look amazing!
Kimberly B.
16. JE Molin
Looks great

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