Apr 16 2010 10:14am

Gargoyles, fonts, and anachronism, oh my!

I read and loved Gail Carriger’s Soulless almost a year ago now. I even read it on the subway, despite the fact that parts of the cover were bright, shocking pink! (Yes, it was still embarrassing. But totally worth it. It clashed with my hair. Oh, design woes.)

So, I was really excited to find this video on my internets (via @DelReySpectra):

And even more excited to find out that the next books were going to keep the awesome font, but not going to keep the colour which totally destroyed any chance I ever had of looking like a cool kid on the NYC subways.

Particularly, I snarfed my tea at 1:27, so watch out that you aren’t drinking when that comes up. (What do you mean, I should have put the warning before the video? Oops.) And if anyone can give me a gargoyle that looks like that I will love them forever. I would name it Fred and cuddle it. 

Feeling an intense desire to go reread Soulless now. Didn’t Changeless just come out? Must. Find.

Nina Lourie now has tea up her nose and is currently reading Spellwright by Blake Charlton, which is only fueling her gargoyle obsession.

Eugene Myers
1. ecmyers
What a terrific find! That's a fun and informative glimpse behind the scenes.
William S. Higgins
2. higgins
In the early Sixties, Ed Emshwiller set up a time-lapse camera and filmed himself creating cover paintings for science fiction magazines. I'd love to see these films-- I think they still exist.

This was the pivot between his career as an illustrator and his career as an avant-garde filmmaker.
Barry T
3. blindillusion
Very cool.

Question though. What program is being used there?
Gabrielle Rashad
4. neverearth
blind@3 -- That's Photoshop. And then Illustrator for the text.

Anyway, I liked this. It was cool to see.
Brook Freeman
5. longstrider
Yes Changeless is out, and it is wonderful. I devoured it in one day.

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