Apr 1 2010 12:11pm

Dell Announces the Delldo

Dell unveiled a tablet computer this week, under a large banner reading, “What Can Your New Delldo?” Joining the ranks of such controversial product name choices as the Wii, iPad and Palm Pilot, the Delldo sparked some confusion at the press conference. “We went through a number of names,” Dell spokesperson Dick Fitzer stated. “We nearly called it the Slablet, but that didn’t feel fun. The Delldo feels fun.”

Marcus W
1. toryx
I don't know...I'm not interested in it myself, but it might make a good gift for the wife.
2. RickC
Let's see, Delldo, Dick Fitzer...
April Fools Day!!!
3. Davebackagain
Is it THAT time of year already?? Awesome!
4. Julie Weathers
Rofl I love it. Really, I do. I just ordered one.
6. TonyAllen
I'm not so sure about the name. I have been in sales and marketing my whole life and I believe Dell could have done a better job with naming this product. Dell Xpert

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