Mar 3 2010 11:35am

Winter is SO TOTALLY Coming

Amazing news for George R. R. Martin fans and soon-to-be fans: after seeing the pilot, HBO has given the green light to A Game of Thrones, based on Martin’s bestselling Song of Ice and Fire series. The casting news caused a series of ripples last summer, and now period-film luminaries Sean Bean, Jennifer Ehle, Lena Headey, and Mark Addey will bring Martin’s books to life for ten episodes, which works out to about 70 pages of book per episode; I don’t envy screenwriters David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. (That is a lie. I envy them a lot.)

Above is a photo HBO just released of the pilot’s opening scene (hey, look—winter!), and here you can see pictures of the whole cast. The premiere date has not yet been announced.

Megan Messinger is a production assistant at, and she is already full of delicious dread for the first Big Martin-Style Spoilery Thing, You Know The One I Mean, Oh God Oh God.

Marcus W
1. toryx
Now this is some television news I can look forward to!
Rikka Cordin
2. Rikka
Saw this yesterday, geekgasmed all over the place. I'm a little hesitant about some of the casting but I think Sean Bean is a spectacular choice.

Also, at least it's a little something to keep up busy as GRRM writes the next SoIaF book.... which was supposed to be due out.... errrrr

yeah. HBO, grand.
3. jwdsixer
I tried to read the first book. Boring, shallow characters, not enough action. Dropped after 300 pages. YMMV.
Kate O'Hanlon
4. KateOH
Shallow characters? That's the last criticism I'd level against it. Oh well, different strokes.
I'm ridiculously excited about this.
Megan Messinger
5. thumbelinablues
jwdsixer @ 3, But hey, you might like the TV series! It'll have to be pretty fast paced if they're still trying to do one book per season.
6. C4and13r
Hope the casting director can keep up with all the deaths.
7. C4and13r
Ok, so reading my previous post it seems a little stark, but GRRM does have the habit of axing the main characters quickly.

On the other hand we will have to see if it goes the same path as the Legend of the Seeker.
Roland of Gilead
8. pKp

Great news.

re:Legend of the Seeker : that show didn't have the writer as an associate producer. Also, Martin has worked in film (and TV, IIRC) before, so he'll know what not to do (I hope).

And with any luck, we'll have Dance before the end of the year...or at least word that it's finished.
9. rDjSb
@pKp: If GRRM is an associate producer on this, then that just gives him another excuse NOT to finish Dance. Personally, I'm pretty fed up with him.
10. Jaquandor
I can't wait for the inevitable blooper reel, when we'll get to see whoever plays Hodor forgetting his lines.
11. Flawless Ego
@rDjSB: Sorry he hasn't worked his life around your schedule yet. Please let him know you demand faster work.

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