Mar 18 2010 4:51pm Story Podcast 014 - “The Next Invasion” by Robert Reed

The assistant is a thin, plain woman named Molly. She has big eyes and a tiny crooked mouth and an elegant, ill-suited nose that isn’t quite three years old. Tattoos of black anchors cover her body, each anchor dipped in blood. Her forearms are sprinkled with burn scars. What might have been a bullet hole forms a crease on her long neck. Everyone who knows Molly has a favorite story about her wild past, but even the true stories fail to capture the magnificent awfulness of her first thirty years. The last four have been better, if only by comparison. Her present employer is a difficult, arrogant man who loves making impossible requests, and while she hasn’t done her present job cheerfully or perfectly, she’s proven a neurotic capacity to try almost anything to make her boss smile.

We have two treats for you this week: a new story, “The Next Invasion” by Robert Reed, and an interview with short fiction editor Ellen Datlow about her upcoming anthology, Darkness.

Promo: The Empress Sword by Paulette Jaxton

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Theme music is “Clockworks” by Beatnik Turtle, used with permission. Visit for more of their music. Podcast copyright 2010, Story copyright Robert Reed. Art copyright Chris Buzelli. Produced by Mur Lafferty.

Wilson F
1. Wilson F
Technical question: on the Podcasts page, the Geek's Guide podcast has individual episodes listed (including episodes that haven't come out yet!).

However, only the first episode of this Story podcast is given. Is there a page where all the episodes are listed?
Pablo Defendini
4. pablodefendini
Thanks for pointing that out—the Podcast page has been updated.
Wilson F
5. Wilson F
My pleasure. Now, all I wonder why I don't see comments 2 and 3...? :)
Joan Mitchell
6. dragoness
@ #5: "I wonder why I don't see comments 2 and 3."

I don't see comments 2 and 3 either. Chances are good that, if it were my computer or yours, the other of us would see the missing comments. I can't say why the comments are not visible to us, but I do know that my not seeing them and you not seeing them means that whatever the cause, it's not my computer, nor yours. Therefore, I'd suspect those comments were suppressed by the moderators or possibly have been deleted by the original commenters.

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