Mar 10 2010 4:59pm

Superman in cartoon history

A great primer of Superman in animation from the good folks at Cartoon Brew. (8:30minutes)

Jerry Beck first provides a running audio commentary over scenes from the classic Max Fleischer Superman cartoons, then uses rare film clips to trace how the character was interpreted by other Hollywood animators—some authorized, others unauthorized.

1. zenspinner
I really enjoyed the effect of animating Superman whenever he flew, in those serials. Seems like something really cool in a stylized way could be done with that now. Not CGA, just plain old live-action to animation, same as in those shows. I so wish I had even a crumb of artistic talent!
Eugene Myers
2. ecmyers
This is brilliant. Thanks for the link! Seeing those old and rare animations is a treat.
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Zen - I agree. I love the no-apology switch. I also love the way he really swims to get going in that series -- like it's a physical effort to fly.

Eugene - glad you like it! It made me go back and watch a few of those Fleischer cartoons on Youtube. Great stuff.

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