Mar 13 2010 11:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Runaway” and “My Friend is a Cloud”

Runaway, My Friend is a Cloud

Runaway: Another brilliantly comic movie from Cordell Barker. “Happy passengers are having a great time on a crowded train, oblivious to the unknown fate that awaits them around the bend. The ensuing crisis leads to a class struggle that is as amusing as it is merciless. Naturally there are victims, but in the end everyone is equal.” (9:10 minutes)

My Friend is a Cloud: A sweet and lonely dreamscape of pianos, puppies, and robots on a floating city. (4:30 minutes)

Cordell Barker

My Friend is a Cloud
Anton Octavian

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Irene Gallo
1. Irene
Whoops! I seemed to have embedded the trailer for RUNAWAY rather than the full movie. I'll fix that as soon as I can. In the meantime, check it out on the National Film Board of Canada site.

(Warning: Hours can be sucked away exploring their site.)

_UPDATE_ Runaway embed now fixed.

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