Mar 17 2010 4:23pm

Firefly Re-watch: Calling all Browncoats.

So, has a lot of re-watches and re-reads, eh?  Well ain’t that just shiny.  Then along comes a bloke that is up and coming in the society.  A respectable gentleman, see?  And what does he see?  In twenty-one months of Tor-dot-comming, not a single post title has the word Firefly in it.  Well gorram the piece of gos se.  I says we have ourselves a re-watch of our own, eh?

So yeah, I’m starting myself a little Firefly re-watch and commentary.  The rules are pretty simple: I’ll do one episode a week in the DVD order.  After that, I will also look over the movie, possibly in multiple posts.  But, that is a wee bit in the future yet, and I’m still here on Earth-that-was. Posts will have an episode summary for if you can’t watch along with us, and then my thoughts in whatever format seems to work for me.

So, I guess I should qualify myself a bit.  Why me?  Not like I’ve really watched any other Whedon-verse things save for Dr. Horrible, nor have I actually ever dressed up as Mal at a con.  But I am still an adoring Browncoat and have a flair for analysis and long-windedness.  I’ve been blogging about various points of storytelling in all media over at my personal website for a while, so I have a bit of practice thinking like this.  Add into it that I’m a trained Computer Science Engineer who is probably more right brained than left, and you get someone who just loves to analyze the creative arts.  Also, I’m looking for discussion as much as a place to espouse my own ideas, so by all means, jump in and arguediscuss with me.

History wise, I only discovered Firefly about a year ago.  I had seen Serenity, but had no clue when I saw it that it was a continuation of something else (which I’ll get into that when we get there).  I watched the whole series online in less than a week, which granted isn’t saying much, but after that, I went out and bought the DVD set and a copy of Serenity to boot.  Since then, I’ve rewatched it three times, been to a Browncoat Ball at DragonCon, read through the FireflyWiki, and found myself humming the Ballad of Serenity at work, even when I haven’t watched the show for months.  That and I gave my Robot Overlord some of that good “organic” oil so he’d letting me do this.  So yeah, that’s why me.

I’ll be doing the whole of the pilot episode “Serenity” next week.  Until then, Burn the Land and Boil the Sea.

Richard Fife is an unabashed Badger fan, aspiring writer, and network engineer.  More of his ramblings and some of his short stories can be found at

Angel Banchev
1. Tiranas is just getting better and better. First ST:TOS, then a sprinkle of BSG,The Wheel, Cowboy Bebop and now Firefly ? Just shiny, sais i. :) Warm welcome to you, Mr. Fife and lets get on with it. Just hope you brought your shawl along for the ride, to complement Jayne's hat from " The Message".
John Massey
2. subwoofer

This is like calling "Avenger's Assemble"!

'K, here I am.

Joshua Evans
3. JoshuaEvans
I just rewatched the series probably a month ago. Happy to do it again! For me, it really ramps up after Jayne Town. Looking forward to this.

My wife made a Jayne hat for me, rocked it all winter long.
Jack Diamond
4. violetdancer
What a coincidence! About a month ago my interim DVD player gave up the ghost. On Sunday night, my DISH DVR crashed as well. It's been replaced, but I didn't have a back up of everything stored on it, including Serenity and all the Firefly episodes. Right now I am Fireflyless until I fork over big bucks for a new Blu-ray system. Talk about twitching!

I'm really looking forward to your comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
John Massey
5. subwoofer
And Fife?!

This is you again?

Dang... I'll have to give you your decoder ring back.

But you are still a schmuck for JordanCon.

6. Denari6

I shall have to polish off me old DVD set and join y'all.

I really enjoyed Firefly and still somewhere deep wishes some network *cough* SYFY *cough* would continue the saga. /sigh

Jennifer B
7. JennB
Only three times? Wow I need to diversify my intersts. I have no idea how many times I've watched Firefly but it is way more than three. The last time was a few months ago. I'm game for another go through.

I also discovered Firefly after I watched Serenity. I was discussing the movie with a coworker and she told me about the tv show and loaned me her disks.

After watching, I immediatly bought them and the movie (which is rare, we don't own very many DVDs). Love them, they are definitely the most well watched disks in our collection. (Though our son's copy of Cars is very quickly catching up.)

Edit for spelling (I never spell that word right.)
Mike Conley
8. NomadUK
I saw Serenity, liked it a lot, and have Firefly on my rental list. Really looking forward to it. But maybe I should just buy it...
9. goodfellow_puck
...and my fav TV show. Seriously guys, there are not enough hours in my day to re-watch all this stuff at once! ;)
Kate O'Hanlon
10. KateOH
Brilliant. Any excuse to break out my Firefly dvds again.
Ruth X
11. RuthX
Shiny! I was just rewatching a few eps after I finally started ripping & archiving my DVDs, but there's no harm in watching again. :)
12. Moonsanity
Hell yes! I've watched them at least three times. I own the movie too, and was just commenting on a interview with a writer of YA Zombie books about River in the movie-- that scene at the end after the Reaver fight? Damn, she is the Princess of Kick-Ass. I personally think Reavers are scarier than Zombies!
Marcus W
13. toryx
Now this is shiny. I've enjoyed the Star Trek re-watches but this is the first one that I'm really gung-ho about.

Count me in.

As it happens, I did watch the series before the movie, but only just barely. I watched a couple of episodes a few months before the movie came out and realized that I was impressed enough to get the DVD set. So I did but never got around to watching them.

Then the day the movie was released came around and I decided to take the day off, watched the whole series and went to see the movie immediately after. Good times.
Kate Nepveu
14. katenepveu
Hm, maybe if I skip the bad episodes I can keep up with you without falling even further behind on _LotR_ . . .
15. James Jurack
Okay, guys, I would really (REALLY) like to follow along with all three of these re-watches, but that's just too much entertainment commitment for me. Maybe you should stagger these things out a bit?
Fake Name
16. ThePendragon
Oddly enough, I just began my rewatch of this series. Good times. A Babylon 5 re-watch would be awesome as well. One of the best sci-fi shows of all time, and deserving of the attention.
Rikka Cordin
17. Rikka
whooooweee, I'm excited!

I'm also a pretty recent Firefly convert, maybe a year and a half ago or so... but I'm learning how to knit a hat so I can make my brother Jayne's hat. Rewatch blog fo sho.
Mike Conley
18. NomadUK
I've enjoyed the Star Trek re-watches

Maybe you should stagger these things out a bit?

A Babylon 5 re-watch would be awesome as well.

Yeah, now, look, this is getting a bit ridiculous. How in hell is anyone supposed to get any work done?
John Massey
19. subwoofer
Heh- that would be funny if it were not so true. I am laid up this week with an injury, hence my prolific blogging, but when I'm back at it, this would be a massive distraction. It is almost like TOR is listening to us and acting on what we rant about. Hmmmmmmmm.

Still thinking about my dingle ball...

And Fifester- only jumped on the wagon as of 1 year ago? C'mon now, if you are a Whedon fan, Buffy would have been the start for you. Buddy of mine was telling me a rumor that the rights for the Firefly franchise was up for sale as of this year and Whedon was buying it back and relaunching the series later. Yay for us if true, hard luck for Castle fans...


And he's a hometown boy- yeah! Represent!

Alex Brown
20. AlexBrown
Squee and squee!!! I often drizzle Whedon-speak into my conversations, everything from "shiny" to "gorram" to "queen of all Londinium" (I modified it slightly...). I am also often found to refer to myself as "Captain Hammer" when attempting feats of great strength. Yes, I am a great big Nathan Filion dork.
21. LAJG
I'm looking forward to this: a rewatch of a series for which I've seen all the episodes of!

NomadUK: If you rent it, you may end up buying it anyway, so why not save a step :)

I lent my DVDs to my sister, who has yet to return them, although I know for a fact she's finished watching them.
22. Coaster
I'm in the same boat. I saw the movie in the theater with no clue that a series existed. Loved it and figured out pretty quickly by crowd response that the story was clearly a continuation (especially the Wash scene. Lady behind me was in shock and may have been crying. Dead giveaway). Watched the series on DVD and then went into a month long rage at the idiocy shown by the suites at FOX. Grrrrr...
23. Capper007
I am looking forward to this, but I always get a little melancholy after rewatching Firefly because it is so good and it ended too soon. Serenity was a great cap to the story, but I wanted to wallow in the show for years. To do a complete rewatch you should include the first few minutes of an October 2009 episode of Castle, where Nathan is dressed as Mal for a Halloween party -- it is classic (complete with Firefly music).
April Moore
24. aprildmoore
Wow, I feel so old! I caught the very first episode of Firefly that aired on TV and from the moment that, oh, wait...

****************SPOILER ALERT*****************
...just in case someone shows up who hasn't seen The Train Job - I guess it could happen? Maybe? ************************************************

Okay, from the moment Mal kicked that goon through the engines, me and Chip were totally not gonna miss an episode. And we never did.


Although of course, now, ALL of us miss all the episodes that never got filmed! *sniffle* But I'm not gonna rant about that TODAY. (But later, definitely later...)

As for how many times I've watched the whole series all the way through, I don't really know, but it's over 10 times. I have two sets of DVDs, one to keep and one to loan, all of the graphic novels and comics thus far, several posters, the RPG game book (which we play from time to time) and I also have autographs from about half of the cast. :-) Does that make me a Browncoat?

Anyway, guess that's a "count me in, definitely". You guys may have just made a terrible mistake - you brought me out of lurk mode. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

*Cry Baby, Cry! Make your mother sigh....*

You can just blame Richard for it later!

*Edit for a gorram typo - my apostrophe was snatched by hill people.
Karen Lofstrom
25. DPZora
We love Firefly because it died too soon, still full of promise and unfinished stories. But if it had gone on for seven seasons, like Buffy ... we would be arguing about just when the series lost its way and whether or not season seven constituted jumping the shark.

I would like to see Whedon given lots of money and a commitment to a set number of episodes. Story arc to be ended neatly in those episodes. Plus a clause in the contract requiring that there be NO FISTFIGHTS.

Nota bene: enough money to take his time and do some preliminary sketches. Whedon is very good at writing FOR his actors. Early episodes of his series are always a bit shaky, as he gets a sense of how the actors are fitting the roles. Shepherd Book, in the pilot, is a gentle, unworldly man. By the end of the series, he's a man of mystery with a violent past. A better fit for Ron Glass, who did the quiet authority very well.

Other roles were spot on from the start.
26. Christopher Byler
"Shepherd Book, in the pilot, is a gentle, unworldly man. By the end of the series, he's a man of mystery with a violent past."

Really? I thought his unusual background was telegraphed from the start, but I guess we'll find out in the rewatch.

It's too bad we never got to find out more about him.

Anyway, if Whedon had the kind of temperament to write like Straczynski, he'd be writing like Straczynski and not writing like Whedon. I think it would probably be futile and pointless to try to make him something other than he is.
27. cordarie4life
I am a huge fan and have been for a long time. I have a jayne hat, a small model of serenity, and rewatch the series about once a year. I cant wait for this to unfold. in the mean time...ill be in my bunk.
Mitchell Downs
28. Beamish
I, too, first experienced Firefly when "The Train Job" was the Pilot. There were several e-mails and even a hand written letter over at Fox from me once upon a time for all the good it did.

I'm all in on the re-watch - and I suggest make it completely spoiler-ful. If anyone has not already seen it, then I really do not care for their opinion. ;-p

Just go watch it on Hulu already.
Fake Name
30. ThePendragon

They will be releasing a comic series that will be explaining all of Shepard Books backstory later this year. November I believe. It will be written by one of whedon's brothers. Don't recall who at the moment.
31. peachy
I'm still convinced that it would have survived if those purple-bellies at Fox had let Whedon kick off with "Serenity" (the episode) as he had intended - when I caught it at the end of the original run, I cursed for a week straight. It set everything up so perfectly... an absolute gem of a pilot.

By the way, Hulu archives five at a time, and I think the WB site carries several of the others.
will shetterly
32. willshetterly
Best science fiction TV ever.

Watched it from the beginning, but no one should feel bad for missing it when it was on the air, given the way Fox fumbled its launch.

I think it might've been good for seven seasons. It was a rich universe with a great ensemble cast. Even if it slid, it would've had a magnificent three seasons, and the occasional great show right to the end.
33. Qtip the Sixth
I am very sorry to hear from all of the people who started with the series following "Serenity". I know they exist, but if more of you had seen the series, maybe FOX wouldn't have canceled it.
@16 Pendragon
Also, you can listen to "The Babylon Podcast" where they dissected the episodes. You can find it here.
Maggie M
34. Eswana

Although, let's start a pool: how long will Fife last before he inserts a rickroll in the posts?

Shiny, indeed!
john mullen
35. johntheirishmongol
I am in as I have been a huge Joss fan since the first episode of Buffy. Firefly was a great start of a series but by no means was it the best scifi series ever. For one thing, it was much too short to fall into that consideration. Also, it wasn't really a groundbreaking series. And finally, the science in it was pretty weak, in just the base design for the universe.

In no particular order I would rank the top tv series as:

Twilight Zone - the original scifi tv series
Star Trek (TOS) totally groundbreaking in an era of med shows and westerns
STNG in many ways better than the original
B5 - the first scifi novel written with a beginning and end in mind, seasons 2-4 are incredible
Stargate- simply for longevity, if nothing else.

There have been other series that had promising starts..but scifi has always had an issue finding an audience to keep it long enough to consider them a great series. I did love Firefly and own it and Serenity (and Buffy and Angel...told you I was a huge Joss fan) but I wouldn't consider it above those others and theres probably several more I havn't thought of since it's late.
j p
36. sps49
Wait, we have to wait for the 1st one?

I guess I'll wait here with my favorite gun.

I am glad we have Adam Baldwin on Chuck; I get glimpses of Jayne every so often. And I'm glad I started watching Chuck before it was cancelled.
Ed Rafferty
37. BigBoy57
Well count me in!

I shudder to think how close I came to missing Joss Whedon's stuff altogether - if it hadn't been for my daughter cluing me in to Buffy (Buffy! - I mean how many 50+ year old men are missing some great TV because of that name?).

Now with my shiny collection of Buffy, Angel and Firefly DVD's of course I'm in.

I have to admit my favorite character is Jane - for some reason he just tickles my fancy.
James Goetsch
38. Jedikalos
Oh man, my two daughters and I loved that series so much, only finding it mid-season to see it canceled. Such sadness! But such happiness with that season (though I hated Whedon for a while after I saw the move--for killing off Shepherd Book and Wash--I couldn't go back and see the movie again and again as I had planned to support it because the series died for me there). Damn you, Whedon! Why did you have to kill them??:)
Sue Ferris
39. RiverSue
Another Fillion fan checks in. Plus Browncoat of the assistant organizer for CSTS locally kind. Bring it on, bring it on. Nothing shiner than time spent in the 'verse.
Nathan Martin
41. lerris
Got my introduction to Whedon when I moved into a house full of Buffy fans... the first episode I saw was "Once More With Feeling", which I thought was a stroke of genius.

Followed Firefly religiously during its run, bought the DVDs on release day, and custom silkscreened T-shirts with a Blue Sun logo on the back and a Serenity logo on the front for Serenity's opening night.

My favorite episode...

John Massey
42. subwoofer

All I got was a lunch box and matching thermos.

Alex L
43. Quercus
I saw the movie first, and when Wash was killed thought "oh...the sympathetic pilot bloke bought it. Well, that was a bit unnecessary".

Now I've watched the series (a lot) it's "He killed Wash! The b*****d! Sod the 'happy' River-is-the-copilot ending!"

Ok, I quite like Wash.
Alex Brown
44. AlexBrown
lerris @ 41: I do love Jaynestown...that song they sing in the bar is absolutely priceless! But I think my fave eps are Our Mrs. Reynolds (Joan!!!) and Heart of Gold (the Madame from CSI and the slutty mom from The O.C.!!!).

I just love how Joss creates this tough-as-nails chicks who can easily fight their own battles using both their physical strength and agility and their integrity - and a dash of feminine wiles. When I was growing up my heroines were always Queen Bess and Lois Lane because they were just so cool, and when Buffy came along she was added into the mix.

ThePendragon @ 30: There's a 3rd "Serenity" volume coming out? I don't see it listed anywhere...and the other 2 were written by Joss et al (unlike the "Angel" series which is mostly such crap because he isn't supervising the storylines...).
45. mama_nerd
Netflix has Serenity on the "instant watch" but alas, Firefly is the "home delivery" only... but I did plunk down for the Blu-ray just last month!!
Joanne Center
46. thegloop
Yes! This makes me very happy. I am really glad that I am not the only one to jump on the bandwagon late. I had seen only one or two eps before I saw Serenity in the theater (future husband took me on our second date) and didn't get around to watching the whole show till last year also. Now a HUGE fan. Would love to rewatch eps again. Serenity has been showing pretty much non stop on Syfy most weekends too.
47. Alfvaen
First time "Firefly" came out, I gave up halfway through episode 2. "The Train Job" annoyed me, and the second one didn't wow me, so...pfft.

At some point thereafter my wife and I decided to give this "Buffy" show a try on DVD. We kinda liked it, so when a friend offered to lend me the Firefly DVDs, I let him talk me into it. We enjoyed them much better this time, and I agree that the pilot made a much better starting point.

I'm still not the biggest fan of the "space western" furniture, but it grew on me. I loved the Saffron character, would've liked to see more of her.
48. LittleChickadee
"I am very sorry to hear from all of the people who started with the series following "Serenity". I know they exist, but if more of you had seen the series, maybe FOX wouldn't have canceled it."

QTip - you're totally right. And, as one of the latecomers, I'll forever be kicking my own ass for it. I can only grovel and beg for forgiveness :)
david leikam
49. kluelos
@JoshuaEvans, you're not allowed to say that without posting a pic.
50. cleopatra2525
Very exciting! I can't wait! (If you couldn't tell, Zoe is my favorite character).
51. Lily of the Valley
-cackle- Mine is an evil laugh!

-grabs cunning hat and Big Damn Hero shirt- Oh Lord, ya'll've really brought out the fangirl in me. First WoT, then Star Trek, then A:tLA, and now this? Really? Is it Christmas so soon?

Seriously, I just rewatched Jaynestown on Hulu with a friend of mine over Skype. We were laughing so hard we couldn't hear the show!

-bounces in seat-

Yeah, now, look, this is getting a bit ridiculous. How in hell is anyone supposed to get any work done?

"And in other news, the Center for National Productivity reported a 20% drop in worker output. Sources within the agency have named as the culprit, on the condition of remaining anonymous."

You're not supposed to get any work done; it's all part of the master plan!
52. Neon Sequitur
You Sir, are a Big Damn Hero.
April Moore
53. aprildmoore
RE: 51/Lily of the Valley --

LOL @ "20% drop in worker output..."

Really? Only 20%? Wow...You know what that means, don't you? We've gotta get a LOT more people on this thread! 8-)
John Massey
54. subwoofer
No worries, I can ramble on for many... unless I piss you off, then er... sorry.

So anyways, I have some things to say, and they are a little off tangent so please humor me.

I am currently doing a re-watch... I haven't seen this series in quite awhile. To the point where I have forgotten what made it special to me.

If you ask me what my favorite episode is, I'd say it's a toss-up between Mrs. Reynolds and Out of Gas. Mrs. Reynolds for the obvious one-liners, Out of Gas because it is an introductory to the microcosm that is Serenity and how it came to be. That episode made the show feel like family to me.

At first my wife didn't like the series, on the face of it she didn't even want to watch it, but as I am laid up and she is too lazy to watch the tube on another set, she was basically a captive audience. And as it turns out, she loves the show. And scratches her head as to why it failed.

Lemme start in on a bit about that. One of the guys that works for me loves Firefly, so does my admin asst. The thing about my co-worker is that he has issues with commercials and as a result, waits for shows to do their run and then buys the series on DVD after the fact. I have a feeling that in the modern era, many people who have TIVO or something can echo that sentiment. Which makes me think, if all these people are not watching the show is there any small wonder that things get canceled?

I dunno.

For me, I am die-hard in that I will make time to watch the shows I like. I have a ton of movies and shows on DVD(spent a small fortune on that stuff only to have to upgrade it to Blu-Ray now, grrrrrrr) but if a show I have comes on TV as the "network broadcast" or some such, like the 10 days of the Duke, I will watch it. Like when the complete "Rich Man, Poor Man" was rebroadcast or any other show, there is just a draw to me to see stuff on the tube and know that all across the world, other people are sharing this event with me.

The only thing that gets in the way is my super-power. My power is that if I like a show, a true 1 hour long format, it gets canceled. Be grateful I can't stand CSI, Heroes, Lost, or any other of those shows that have an inexplicable run because if I did, they would bomb. The only few shows that have managed to stay the course has been NYPD Blue and Third Watch. I could ramble down the list of shows I liked but it would read like a long list of fiery pilots. With the exception of some mindless sitcoms. But then, show me a sitcom with a mind, and I will faint from amazement.

So I am not exactly clear on what keeps a show going, is it production costs vs. commercial revenue? Is it pure ratings based? How are those ratings taken into account? I vaguely get Nielsen Ratings but there has to be something skewed there if a cult show like Firelfy gets cut but lives on years after its failed run. You would think that with all the outpouring of fandom, Firefly would have kept on going, beyond the making of Serenity. I think it deserved a proper run.

Some audiences are fickle though. They expect instant gratification and do not like a story to build, character development, plot layout etc. It is like- boom- the story has to grab you in the first five minutes or that is it. Heck, for some of us that like WoT, that series would be fried if it met the TV format. No one would have given it the time it needs to develop. The format of writing to show would either have to be really bastardized to meet studio execs criteria of stupidness- take The Legend of the Seeker for example- or somebody with a big bank roll and a lot of patience needs to produce said show. Some studio execs need a beating.

Firefly could have been a glorious thing. But what do I know? Currently I am into Human Target, but I am not holding my breath on this one.

Good times.

Adna .
55. Ms.A
It's about time you re-watched "Firefly"!
56. Bookczar
Love Firefox/Serenity. I'll be here and I aim to misbehave!
57. Calimac
I'm a huge Firefly fan - I consider it the best work Whedon has ever done, which makes it the best work on television that anybody has ever done - and so I'll be happy to read this, but only if you deep-space the smug in-jokes that litter your first paragraph. I get all your references, but I hate that sort of "only the squares don't grok this" thing. The advantage of these re-watching posts is that they enable us to stand back a little from work we've gotten close to because we love it so much, and get some perspective.

It'd be very hard for me to name a favorite episode. Each one I re-watch (and I do fairly frequently), I say, "Ooh, that one!" Of the 14 episodes, I classify 5 as basically humorous, and they're all absolute charmers. The other 9, basically serious, episodes, include another 5 that are equally superb, and three of the others are not bad in any sense, they just don't shine quite as brightly. That leaves only one, "Heart of Gold", that's at all inferior, and only because it's so self-indulgent.
Alice Arneson
58. Wetlandernw
Calimac @57 - I'm a bit at a loss as to why you think Richard should "deep-space the smug in-jokes" as you call them. You read them as "smug" while I (for one) get a kick out of seeing how many he can cram in (used correctly, of course) without losing track of his sentences. From my POV, a) it's his blog and he can litter it with whatever he wants and b) anyone reading a re-watch blog has already watched the series and knows most of the references as well as you do.

Personally, I'm looking forward to reading the blog - while Mr. Fife and I have our (definite!!!) differences in perspective, I've always found his thoughts to be insightful, intelligent and well-written. They are also frequently humorous, not to say hilarious, and Firefly should provide some great opportunities to see all of the above in his blog.

Besides, I love to correct his spelling.

Look out, Richard, scary lady lurking.... Too bad I had to release the beaver back into the wild. Still have the taxi, though.
Debbie Solomon
59. dsolo
I mentioned this in the next post, but I will repeat it here. Firefly did not fail because people weren't watching it. Firefly was actually making money (counted by advertising dollars) and winning it's target audience (18-30). It was killed by a network exec who admitted that he didn't like it and didn't get it.

It was constantly pre-empted for baseball games and even a repeat of "A Very Brady Wedding". Episodes were shown out of sequence deliberately. I am not being paranoid, this is documented in the fan documentary "Done the Impossible", and confirmed by Joss.

I became a diehard Browncoat after watching the DVDs and went to my first DragonCon specifically to see Alan Tudyk and Summer Glau. I was sad when Wash died in the movie, but livid about it after watching the series.
60. Kevin Bachelder
Really looking forward to these. We'll also mention them on 'The Signal' podcast blog and forums.
April Moore
61. aprildmoore
@60 - Kevin Bachelder
Glad to see some of The Signal folks on board! Welcome!
62. Calimac
Wetlandernw@58: "it's his blog and he can litter it with whatever he wants." He can. And I am reading it and I can react however I want. This is irrelevant.

I doubt very much this blog is intended just for Firefly groupies who get all the injokes. First, not everybody who watched Firefly or wants to rewatch it will have absorbed it that intensely. Second, I note from the first episode summary that it's written so as to be clear to people who don't know it or the characters, full of stuff that anybody who'd get the injokes does not need to read. Oh, Wash is the ship's pilot? Yes, we all need to be reminded of that.

Besides being potentially irritating to people who do need to be told that Wash is the pilot, these kind of injokes irritate me by their frantic insistence of "look, we're the cool kids!" I dislike that when I'm the outsider, and it doesn't make me comfortable as an insider either.
63. sinfulcashew
Hi there? Is anybody out there?
I JUST found this site from another site.(mind gone, cant think of it and you know it is bad when it is the RJ BS book series.)
Anyway, my intro to (beloved)~Firefly~(beloved) is the same as RF!
The fans of the RJ BS reread are the ones responsible for my initiation into the browncoats!
They were talking about rewatching the episodes and I went to Hulu and watched all of them in one day!
I had seen the movie a few months or a year before and was unaware of the series. As I had no idea what the movie was about, except scifi, I went in 'cold'. Thought it was a pretty good movie even though I knew only 2 of the actors.
When finally getting it all together, I fell head over heels.!!!
Was able to purchase the whole thing, and have watched it numerous times since.
Out of Gas is one of my favorites also.
After watching the series and the movie, I feel that the movie was too 'dark' compared to the weekly runs. A lot of the humor from the shows was-were missing. And poor Wash, my shock at his demise was almost as bad as Zoes!
The advertising for the show on TV must have been really bad, as I usually try new scifi shows and had never heard of "Firefly".
Really disappointed that I missed it!

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