Mar 18 2010 1:38pm

Eine Kleine George R.R. Martin Fix

Over at Suvudu, a series of fantasy cage matches have pitted the epic against the awesome and the dreadful against the fell. The first round is done—you can see the results here—and the second round is on. In one of the most exciting battles, everyone’s favorite sister-loving snarkmeister Jaime Lannister faces off against the great and powerful Cthulhu.

To support his creation, Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin has provided us with a lighthearted look behind the scenes as Jaime and Tyrion hash out a battle plan. How, exactly, do you fight a mountain with tentacles, the sight of which drives men insane with terror? If anyone can figure it out, it’s the brothers Lannister. Warning: contains mild spoilers through Storm of Swords but, as far as I can tell, none for Feast of Crows.

Megan Messinger used her big girl blogger voice to write this post; her fan voice is just saying “OHMIGOD SQUEE” over and over again. Go, Jaime!

Dave Fried
1. Dave Fried
It's an interesting idea. Too bad you can't view any page on Suvudu for more than a few seconds without it asking you to register or log in.

I had to use adblock to kill the offending script.
( for anyone who is having the same problem).
Marcus W
2. toryx
I can't wait to check that out tonight. Much as I admire Jaime's battle prowess, however, I can't quite see him taking on Cthulhu.
Rob Munnelly
3. RobMRobM
Toryx - as you'll see, your comment turns out to have a false premise. R
Gabrielle Rashad
4. neverearth
Indeed. I found it utterly hilarious that the battle is turning out the way it is.

The other battles are really good too. Aslan and Kvothe have been going back and forth all day, and most of the other battles are pretty much evenly matched.

I must say, much more exciting than Round 1.
Marcus W
6. toryx
RobM @ 3:

I finally read it this morning. You're right; GRRM convinced me. It was a bloody awesome passage, though I'm sure there are hundreds of angsty readers who are all angry at him for "wasting" time writing that.

I think it's pretty cool that he's having such a good time with the cage matches.

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