Mar 14 2010 4:14am

The π’d Piper of Hamelin

Pi Day, Scott Brundage

Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
We should honor this day be eating the most perfect of foods, which of course is pie. I'll take a pi of pie in fact if someone else will take the other pi. (trig nerd joke)
James C. Wallace II
3. James C. Wallace II
Everyone loves pie!!!!
James C. Wallace II
4. Jeff.S
In fact, we should eat Apple pie in honor of Isaac Newton and then eat the pie at 3:00 PM local time where you are.
Why you ask? Because 3:00 PM is 15:00 Military time so you would be eating pie at 3.1415

Why yes, I do feel like a tech geek at times...
James C. Wallace II
5. Jeff.S
By the way I'm on PST so I still have 20 minutes to get ready
James C. Wallace II
6. ofostlic
Jeff S.

At 3:29PM, surely?
James C. Wallace II
7. Jack Tingle
I'm looking forward to 3/14/15 and 3/14/16, depending on whether I feel like truncating or rounding.

Jack Tingle

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