Mar 23 2010 2:16pm

Chick Fight!

Last week I explained the concept of a fandom March Madness to a friend, whose response was “It’s taking a frat boy idea and making it as geeky as possible!” Well, yeah.

If you’re like me, you’ve been faithfully following the Suvudu fantasy character cage matches, and voting early and often to help Lyra Silvertongue defeat Cthulhu (hey, a girl can dream). Meanwhile, LiveJournal user strangerface (among others) was noticing that of the 32 original characters, only four were women, and two of those teenagers. So she’s put together an all-female fantasy/SF throwdown called Chick Fight: 64 characters from written speculative fiction in brackets Alice (young adult), Ripley (science fiction), Buffy (urban fantasy), and Xena (epic fantasy).

All four of the Suvudu femmes (Hermione Granger, Lyra Silvertongue, Anita Blake, and Polgara the Sorceress) are back, plus sixty others, from classic Mina Harker to modern Katniss Everdeen, from gawky Meg Murry to horsewoman Eowyn, from Lady Jessica on the spice planet to Eddi McCandry in modern-day Minneapolis. Will it be Elizabeth Bennet (the one who fights zombies, natch) or Elphaba? Alice Cullen or Alanna of Trebond? Verity Kindle or Valentine Wiggin? Vote and make your voice heard!

The first round of voting will be up through Wednesday, March 24:

A shout-out, too, to the Characters of Color March Madness, which ended over the weekend in a no doubt epic match in which Mulan triumphed over Zoe Washburne.

Ellen B. Wright lives in New York, where she works in publishing and takes an excessive number of pictures. She could probably take Meg Murry in a fight.

Rob Munnelly
1. RobMRobM
No WoT girls but they include Verity Kindle? Really? What's she going to do, throw a cat at her opponent?
Ellen B. Wright
2. ellenw
Rob @1: There were WoT girls in the preliminary round, but believe it or not, they were all voted out. I was surprised, too.
Rob Munnelly
4. RobMRobM
Ellen - I'm speechless. This is actually a pretty unimpressive set of contestants compared to the potential coolness that is out there. Great concept though. R
Gray Woodland
5. Greyhame
Rob @ 1: She's a Connie Willis character. She will cause misunderstandings ranging from the amusing to the catastrophic. Whilst her opponent is thrashing around in the resultant chaos, the cat will walk between her legs - the opponent's, not Verity's - and cause her to trip up and knock herself out on some cumbrous piece of furniture, waking only much later in a state of severe confusion.

I am not clear what, if any, defence prevails against this. But it is possible that the cat will accidentally trip up Verity instead. I mean that is an accident from Verity's point of view.

I say nothing of the cat.
Marcus W
6. toryx
I think general opinion toward WoT girls is they're too damned annoying to survive a cage match. Whether or not that's fair is another story. Ultimately this (and the Suvudu matches) is a popularity contest, after all...
Rob Munnelly
7. RobMRobM
@5. I'm a Connie Willis fan and am well aware of who Verity is (and why I referenced her throwing a cat as a weapon). I just didn't see how she would survive a cage match. She is an academic who happened to cause a time anomalie ... and then comedy ensued.
8. Fearthainn
RobM - the preliminary rounds were seeded and voted on by a pretty small pool, namely strangerface's LJ friends and friends-of-friends. If we'd had a wider group I'm sure the WoT ladies would have come up sooner and gotten more votes. Maybe next year. :)
Gray Woodland
9. Greyhame
RobM@7 - The identification was emphatic, not informational. I agree that there are unusually few opportunities for fatal miscommunication within the confines of a cage match, but my faith in the Willis plot field is great.

From which it may be seen that I give no love to the "And then Cthulhu eats everybody!" school of cage-match judging. Dearly as I like Lovecraftiana, I knew in my heart there that Lyra was going to kick him so hard that he'd disappear up right up his own patent irrationality. Million-to-one chance, don't y'know?

So I'm voting a mixed ticket of "Because I would rather they won", and "Because my visualization of their victory amuses my simple mind".

Have to agree with you @4 on the starting meh-level, though. And some of the in-world choices... 'Harmony Girl' Menolly over 'Stone Cold Psycho' Lessa? Oh, really? I guess Pernese musical tastes must diverge further from ours than we thought...
10. Christopher Byler
A lot of curious omissions from these brackets. Where are Torin Kerr, Pyanfar Chanur, Sgt. Taura, Delilah (the sword-dancer), Firekeeper, and Liathano, just to name a few? Most of those would be favorites against the majority of their respective brackets. (I mean, the Pevensies? Really?)

Oh well, it's just a bunch of silliness anyway :)

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