Feb 26 2010 11:32am

The Philip K. Dick Covers of Antonello Silverini

Antonello Silverini's PhillipKDick cover art

One of our editors, David Hartwell, just sent me a link to these great Italian Philip K. Dick covers by Antonello Silverini. Silverini created 28 covers in all, each one of them a bit whimsical and a bit creepy.  It must have been a dream project.

Check out his blog and his Philip K. Dick gallery.

Irene Gallo is the art director for Tor Books and

Patrick Garson
1. patrickg
Perbacco! Wow those images really capture the alienated, literally non-sensical side of Dick. I can feel the fear, emptiness and confusion spreading out from them like a hoar frost.
3. Catsongs


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