Feb 15 2010 12:18pm

Podcast: I Speak Fluent Giraffe: Gaul Deluxe Anti-Free Pairs

One ponce the clock comen to the bearhouse a girl all shimsy in the sparkle-locks. Slim of centerpiece, and not much ticking in the crain, she went a bit woodsy-where-am, not gnosting whence or thence, rift or light, soulther or narwhal. Sun shim nighty-mode, and the fordarkest. Creekle in the leavings, shadow jumpen and the frime darken and unwen.

Poor losty sparklehead.

This week’s I Speak Fluent Giraffe tells us a familiar story in a somewhat different tone. Gaul Deluxe Anti-Free Pairs.



Check back next Monday for our next installment. Remember, you can get this and all our other podcasts at the main podcast feed.

Podcast copyright 2010, Story copyright 2010, Jason Henninger. Narrated and produced by Mur Lafferty.

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Irene Gallo
1. Irene
Thanks for the reading, Mur. I'm guessing these are not easy to read aloud, but hearing them brings a whole new level of funny-absurd to them.
Jason Henninger
2. jasonhenninger
I didn't have the chance to hear this until this morning. I must say you did a marvelous job with a gaggle of unpronunununcible words. I'm very impressed!
Mur Lafferty
3. mightymur
Thanks Jason and Irene! The strangest thing was this was the easiest of the six to narrate. I think it's just a lovely tripping along of phonetic sounds (is that redundant?) The was definitely the most fun to read. I still find myself saying, "poor losty sparklehead" in a very sad voice.

Jason, it's a major pleasure to narrate your stories.

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